as smells like a very sweet ripe fruit.

There’s no way…….


“Oh, I was confident but it was good to make sure.
I’m also Chika’s [ban].”


When I look at him Mr.Douglas is staring at me with a very happy face with his eyes lowered down.


“The Branch Master too!? The [banof the branch master, called the guild’s stallion, with his lower body maneuvering and the opponent being Chika…..
Chika are you okay? Please tell me as soon as the branch chief asks me to do something intangible!?If, please tell me as soon as the branch master asks you to do something deplorable!”

“Don’t tell Chika about unnecessary things Mintz, What’s with the way you see me…..”

“Well, that aside Chika, being those two [ban], these two people are difficult in a certain sense for Chika, but speaking conversely, these two people are super excellent prospects.
They have status, they have fortune, they have weapons, they are the best bodyguards.
Use them well!”

“Um! Please wait a moment!”


I let out a loud voice.


“What’s wrong?”

“Well, as I said earlier, [banis very important existence right? Is that really okay with me? I’m a person from a different world who’s contents and age appearance do not correlate.
Besides…., ever since I came to this world… that… I was a sex slave.
I was violated by countless men…… I have a very dirty body that has had such things done to it that can’t be said by mouth….
For me to be you two’s [banI can’t…..”


Even though it isn’t their choice what’re the feelings of these men who have been forcibly made my [ban]?

Today has been really confusing.


“Uh well…… Chika, indeed I was confused with your status information just a while ago, I wanna ask you a question.
I think it’s really bad.
However, caring about this different world is what you’re concerned about it right? It’s rather funny, I’ve liked you since I first saw you.
Talking to you has me falling in love all over again like I’m drowning.
Not missing the depth of your nostalgia baby, we were really happy to hear that you were an adult, right?”

“Chika, I feel the same as Doug.
I think it was because I felt something like fate that I took you from the slave shop in the first place.
And also you said that you are dirty, but you never were, rather we think that we have to compensate you for the treatment of this world’s men against you.
Still, If you can’t forgive yourself rest assured, I will use any method to search for those who made you feel like that, and I will kill them myself.”


Both Mr.Gail and Mr.Douglas look at me with serious expressions, and said words I never imagined.

The last words Mr.Gail said with a very nice smile was a bit of a concern but how gentle are these two people ……


“Really, are you really sure it’s me……?”

“The one who has the choice whether or not to, isn’t it Chika’s? Well, I’m not going to let you leave anymore.”

“Yeah, I like Chika.”


So very happy.

There are people who want me, who needs only me in this world.

This is, It may be dependent, but it was still good.


“Uh, [ban]’s meaning, I just don’t understand the role of my partner or anything in this world…… I think I’m going to trouble you.
But, I will do whatever I can to help.
So … please, Ibeg you, let me be by your sides.”


I lower my head.


“Don’t think so hard, It would be good if Chika were next to us.”

“Thank you very much, I will do my best!”

“So it would be fine to say that Chika has agreed to us being his companions.”


Suddenly, Mr.Douglas lifts his hand to my jaw.

Mr.Douglas’s face was in front of my eyes when mine was made to tilt up.

And, he put his own mouth over my mouth.

He covered mine with his much larger one, and a thick tongue crawls in my mouth.

The tongue moves freely from my upper jaw to the lower and slowly licks my teeth, then gets entangled with my tongue.

Too much shock and pleasure made strength leave my waist and hands.

When I forget how to breathe and was distressed, Mr.Gail’s big arms grab me from behind, I was pulled away from Mr.Douglas.


“What are you doing!? This is not the place!”

“No I think that he’ll feel more relieved if I let him know with my body rather than saying various things by mouth right?”

“After all branch master was branch master……”


I was so embarrassed with too much affection so I tighten my body squeezing and getting smaller.


“Well, isn’t it strange being able to stand it seeing at such a cute Chika?”

“I usually stand it.
Chika, don’t hesitate too much.”


Stant it? What does it mean? I can’t think.


“Little Chika.
Perhaps, you’re not aware but your appearance is very attractive.
When your huddled up like that and shaking, It’s like saying to these two beasts beasts ‘please eat me’.”

“Is- is that so…… I didn’t know that it’s attractive I’ll be careful.”



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