every country have the obligation to attend school for nine years, parents have a duty to make sure their children receive an education.”

“For nine years? That’s a great system, I’d like to take a look at it in this world.”


Mintz is curious about the compulsory education system.

Let’s talk in more detail if there is an opportunity.


“After that, it’s optional but there will be three years of higher education and a few more places to learn specialized knowledge, I studied for six additional years.
Doctors study for six years because there’s so much to learn.
After that, I took a test set by the country and obtained a medical license.”

“You have been studying for 18 years, amazing….”


There seems to be no concept of compulsory education in this world, It seems that there are only a few schools for the children of rich families and nobles to attend, and some academies to become military members.


“Yes, So there is a lot of knowledge about medicine, so it may be a skill.”

“I see, I understand.”

“Um, I want to ask you some questions about this world is that ok?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

“In my original world, there was no human with ears of the beast or a tail, and only human beings of the same race as me existed, the stories I heard when I was a slave was that in this world a tribe like me is rare.
Are there very few?”

“Oh, about that……”


Douglas has a face that seems that it’s hard to say.


“People like Chika, because of the ease with pregnancy and sexual intercourse up until several decades ago…..
have been hunted by beastmen like us, who wanted the strongest pleasure.
There are also many sex slaves, I heard that they’re treated like a tool to make a child by force.
That’s why they’re on the verge of extinction, they were an object of heavy protection originally, but are often enslaved in the black market.”


Gail answered instead.


“Well, the fact that it feels good to have sex with a human tribe is…… I have heard it when I was a sex slave, but what does it mean that it is easy to get pregnant?”

“Beasts like us are less fertile the stronger the beasts are, it is not possible to have children among strong beasts.
The human race has much more magical power than the beast, right? So, it’s easier to make children with strong beasts.”

“Gail is saying like it someone else’s problem, You and Branch Master are one of those strong beastmen.”


I see, that was the reason.

But how do you get pregnant in this world where there is fundamentally one sex?


“Um, It is very difficult to ask, but how is it done in this world, making a child? It seems to be fundamentally different from my world…”


Even if I explain the mechanism of breeding in my world in a world where there is no woman, it will not be understood.


“Well, first of all, humans in this world have two distinctions, in addition to tribes, either animas or animus.
Of these, it is the animus that can be pregnant.”

“How is that decided?”

“I do not know the principle, but it seems to have already been decided at birth.
It is mostly anima if the animal is strong, on the contrary, high magic means a herbivore beasts are often animus, but this can not be universally said.”

“In this, I and Gail are the anima.
Mintz and Chika, are also animus.
It’s written in your information, right?”


I look at my information screen surprised by Mr.
Douglas’ words, Race: Human (Animus body) it is there.

I am overwhelmed by the fact that I can get pregnant and have children in this world.


“And, by Anima and animus having sex, the child is born……”

“From this point on, it’s hard for Gale, so I’ll explain.
If you go to the temple you will get the nucleus you need to make a child, when having sex, its put it in the animus’ ass and then an anima gets stuck and creampies.
If you do that, the seeds of Anima will stick to the nucleus and the fetus will grow, I’m not sure I’m ever gonna do this.
The higher the magical power of the Animus, the higher the probability that the seed will settle in the nucleus.
Once it becomes established the place to raise the child is in the belly of the animus, where the child grows up and then is born from.”

“Nucleus… child… creampie…”

“That’s a little vulgar, Branch Master!”

“It’s fine right, wasn’t it easy to understand? By the way, the number of animus is extremely small compared to Anima, so you can have more than one companion, Mintz also has two companions.”


Two companions!?I looked at Mr.
Mintz surprised.


“Yes, I’m with two partners reluctantly.
It’s been said that I’ve sometimes been overwhelmed by emotions……”

“What are you talking about, you guys are [ban]. Those guys are saying that you’re flirting with strangers.”

“What? I wasn’t flirting!! It’s a misunderstanding! That’s impossible!!”


I don’t know why Mintz is panicking like I’ve never seen before.


“All right, all right.”

“Um [ban] what’s that?”

“Oh, you don’t know that either. [ban] is, It is difficult to explain with a mouth, but I wonder what I should say, or a person who would instinctively seek, it’s about a person who is so attracted to things that it can’t be explained by reason.
It may not be so obvious to humans like Chika, but for us beasts, [ban] is a truly irreplaceable defensive presence.
By the way there’s only one [ban] for an Anima, but Animus has more than one.”

“Is… that so, It’s so different from my world that I was confused but I understand better now.
I wonder if there are people who will be the “ban” for other worlders as well?”

“Don’t you have one there?”


Also, Mr.
Douglas had a nasty smile with a smile on his face.


“More than that everyone, would you like to take a break? There was a lot of things and you want to sort them out don’t you Chika?”

thank you for doing that.”

“Okay, then I’ll make lunch I’ve bought a lot of things from the market.”

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