lton West District


Vitality: F

Magic: SSS

Strength: F

Durability: F

Agility: F

Intelligence: SSS

Possessed skills: Healing  Strengthening Magic   Medical Knowledge Medical License   Cooking Housework

Titles: Lost child in another world   Supreme Healer Conductor of knowledge   Weak constitution Sex Slave

State: Curse of sex slaves





“Mintz, is your mouth stiff?”

“Yes!! It’s okay! My mouth is very stiff!”

“Really… good, I don’t have to seal your mouth here.”

“St, stop saying such scary things please.
And Gail, why are you putting your hand on your sword?!?But, that is certainly bad.”

“Yeah, it’s really bad.― Hey, Chika, what the hell is this?”

I was surprised to hear that from Mr.
Douglas, and looked at the screen again.

I do not know the status columns very well but in the title [Lost child in another world] is not good…..

“Oh, well, I….”

I don’t know what to say, I’m stuck for words.

“Will you explain what’s strange? First of all, it says body age instead of just age, I’ve never seen anything like that before.
Next is the rank for intelligence and Magic.
Normally, the best human being with genius ability in the field is SS, and the rank that says SSS is a rank that exists only in the legend.
The gap is too wide.
Other than that, I haven’t heard about medical knowledge and skills such as doctor’s license.
And the last thing is [Lost Child from the Other World] [Supreme Healer] [Conductor of Knowledge] these three titles.”

I feel overwhelmed by the upset temperament, that’s not the usual atmosphere of Mr.
Douglas who has been calm so far.

“Doug calm down, you’re gonna have to calm down.”

Gail holds my hand tightly and stares at me.

“That Mr.
Gail, I….”

“Chika, did you really lose your memory? Or is it something you can’t tell to us?”

Gale has a serious expression.

I don’t know what to do if you stare at me with those clear, emerald eyes.

“Uh- sorry Chika, you showed us something that exceeded our expectations.
It’s you who are puzzled by being shown such a thing…… or Chika, do you have any about this? Whatever it is, is fine.
If you have any idea, could you tell me?”

I scratched my head, and look at Mr.
Douglas who had a sour looking face.

“Chika, if there is something you are holding in alone, why not lay it down here? All the people here are reliable, right?”

Mintz has on an enchanting smile.

I – – what should I do? You want me to tell you all the truth? But will you really believe it?

However, it is not possible to hide everything, as it’s been shown in a very visible way.

“Chika, please trust in us.”

“Well, I don’t understand everything.
But, I’ll tell you everything I know currently…… I think it’s going to be unbelievable, but I really don’t intend to deceive you.
I beg of you, to believe my story.”

“Yeah, talk about everything you know Chika.
We’ll accept it all.”

“Th, Thank you.”

And so, I began to talk about myself and what happened to me.

To be a human in a world called Earth that is not this one.

Where I lived for nearly forty years, most of which working as a doctor.

When I realized that I was in this world, I was in this form.

I was caught by Bandits and sold as a sex slave.

At first, I was kept in a noble house, but after some time I was sold into prostitution.

I fell ill and sold by a hooker to a slave dealer again, there was a comfort there.

And, then I was bought by Mr.

When I finished talking, I shed tears, and I thought that I made a very strange face, but the tears did not stop by any means.

I was finally able to tell someone the secrets that were too heavy for me to hold on to by myself.

I was sad that I was thrown into the world alone, it was hard, it hurt, I wanted to die, I think I wanted to ask someone to listen.

Such thoughts mingled in, as I continue to shed tears without fail.

The three of them looked at me seriously and listened without saying anything until the end.

I was really thankful for that alone.

When I was wiping my eyes to stop the tears somehow, Mr.
Gail grabbed both my hands.

“You’ll hurt your eyes, you don’t have to endure.
Just keep crying until nothing comes out.”

After that was said, I was rotated on Mr.
Douglas’ knees and held in such a way as to press my face against his thick chest plate.

Then I couldn’t stop tears from falling, and it was a long time before they died down.

I felt like I was doing something similar just the other day, but I was also comforted by Mr.



Even though I finished the chapter in two days, I had stuff to do for mother’s weekend, so… sorry ‘bout that.

-Dream Demon

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