What does this mean, are we dealing with something suspicious! I wonder if it is okay to be in a shop with this atmosphere?

Douglas opens the door first and walks in, followed by Master.

“I’m intruding.”

“Oh, is it isn’t the guild master, it’s unusual for you to visit such a place.
Here to buy something?”

In the shop there was a calm old gentleman with glasses.

He had black bat-like wings on his back.

“No, that’s not it.There’s something I want to ask a person who knows a lot about magic tools.
I thought you’d be okay.”

“Please leave it to me about the magic tool.
Can I ask you for more details?”

“Ah, do you know how to remove the curse that was put on a slavery collar?”

“The magic on the slave collar.
Yeah, of course I do.”

“Thank goodness.
Can you tell me right now? If you can get rid of it, could you get it off now?”

“Now……is it? Does that mean the one that Gail is holding in his arms now?”

“The reason being, I bought a slave from the city, but it seems like he’s forbidden from saying a word with the tool.”

“I understand.
First of all, can I check the type of magic tool and the curses applied?”

The store owner (Is the name Maldo?) came close to me, glanced at the metal collar attached to my neck, and when he muttered something, the collar flashed for a moment and settled down.

“This is, there are a lot of constraints put on this……It is also unusual to be so strict with the magic seal of disobedience prohibition, suicide prohibition, and speech prohibition so far.”

“So, can you remove it?”

“Yes, no problem.
Do you have the slave contract?”

“It’s here.”

Master handed something like a piece of parchment to Mr.

“I see, it’s a sex slave of the human tribe, that explains why the curse is so strict.”

“Sorry could you pry further?”

“Of course, this business is the first.
To get rid of the curse on the slave collar you have smear a few drops of blood onto the magic contract, if you would?”


When master receives a knife from Mr.
Maldo, he slides his thumb over the blade without hesitation.

The blood that overflowed from the wound seeped into the contract.

I felt sorry that he would do such a thing for me, so I lick the damaged thumb of master into my mouth with the blood.

“Don’t worry, this little cut doesn’t hurt.”

“Tch, Gale’s gonna be fine.”

“Then I will remove the curse.”

When Mr.
Maldo finished chanting something like a spell toward the contract, it made a pa-tan sound, and the metal ring that was on my throat shattered and disappeared.

“Yes, with this all the curses that were contained in the slavery collar were dissolved.”

Maldo was smiling towards me.

“Hey kiddo, can you speak?”

Like Douglas said, I try to speak.

“Ye…s, …th…a…nk…you.”

My voice is hoarse because I haven’t spoken for many years, and although I feel a sense of incompatibility I seem to be able to do it somehow.

Above all that, the joy of being able to speak at all is great.

“Good, I’m glad kiddo.
We can talk slowly like this, but I think it’s better to leave first.
Maldo you saved us, will the money be billed together with the other things later?”

“No, no, I can’t afford for you to pay for this.
I always receive patronage from the Guild Master and Mr.
I’ll make it a service.”

“Sorry, Maldo.
Really thank you.”

While lightly holding me in his arms master said so in a friendly tone to Mr.

We were about to leave, so I hurriedly bowed in thanks to Mr.


Maldo gave me a gentle smile.

Then, Douglas was stopped by Mr.
Maldo who was talking about something with a serious face.

After leaving Mr.
Maldo’s store, we’re apparently going to the guild as promised with Mr.

Along the way, Douglas bought a variety of things, and on one arm was a paper bag stuffed with bread.

“I bought a lot of things we need, especially a boy who will talk for the first time in a while, so I also have a nice drink for his throat.
Here, let him drink this.”

Master is handed a water bottle like thing that was made of knitted plants and he grabs the top of it.


My voice remains faint, but the sense of discomfort in speaking is almost gone.

Master held out the spout of the bottle to my mouth and pours the juice inside.

Drink it…myself.”

“It’s okay, just open your mouth and drink.”

I don’t know if it’s really alright but I drink what was kindly offered, I swallowed the liquid as it is poured.

In a gentle honey-like sweetness, a slight herb-like taste and a refreshing citrus-like liquid permeates my throat and seems to come back to life.

I kept drinking what was my pouring into my mouth.

“It’s a herbal drink that’s used when the throat is hurting, it sounds like you liked it.”

“It was…delicious.Thank you.”

The hoarseness of my voice is almost gone, and the utterance is also no longer a problem.

“All right, you’re in better shape.
I’d like to ask you a few questions, but I’m afraid to make Mintz wait.”

After that, we walked silently for a while and arrived at a relatively large three-story building.

“This is where we work the guild, and I’ll show you around but I’ll show you later.
Mintz will be waiting, so let’s go to our office.”

As we entered the guild, there was a lot of different races of beast people, and some of them are armed with swords and armor, and are often consulting in groups.

The staff were very friendly and helpful, keeping the room clean and comfortable.

“If it isn’t the assistant branch master, is it not your day off?”

“No, I’m just here for something, could you tell Mintz to come to my room?”

“I will.”

After lightly exchanging greetings, Master and Douglas went up the stairs to the third floor and proceeded to the innermost room.

It was like a reception room where you can greet people and there was a desk and a chair which were prepared for office work.

Master sat on the sofa in front of the room and, as usual, sat me on his knees, while Douglas sat across from us.

“Um, Master….
I feel sorry for you having me on your knees I can sit alone…”

“No, there is no problem with your position here.”

I don’t know what you mean.

“No, but… That…… I don’t think I’m the right age for you put me on your knees.”

“How old are you kidddo?”

A knock sounded at the door of the room the same time Douglas asked that question.

“Branch master, it’s Mintz.
May I come in?”

“Yeah, come in.”

“Excuse me, him being in here means that the curse has been safely solved!”

While saying so, Mintz sat on the next sofa to me and checked my neck.

“Oh good, it came off cleanly.”

“Yes, thank you for everything.”

I was really grateful for his help so I bowed my head down.

“Well, we got off course, so kid.
How old are you?”

“Oh yes, I don’t remember what happened before I became a slave very well.
It may not be accurate as I do not know exactly how long it has been while I was in slavery.
Maybe, 16 or 17 I think.”

When I came here, I was about to be a junior high school student, so I suppose I have been in slavery for about four to five years.

I knew that there was no choice but to answer my actual original age.

However, all of them were completely frozen for some reason.

“That, may not be really accurate, but it’s about the time I’m aware of.……”

“I can’t believe It……”


“A lie…..”

Douglas murmur something, Master had on an grim face, and Mintz was looking up at the ceiling.

“Um, I’m sorry.
How old do I look……?”

“Hm – 10 years old or something?”

“I can’t really see you being of age.”

“That’s right…….
I have the same opinion.”

“Ah, how old are adults in this country?”

“It’s 15.”

Although I indeed have a baby face, it is unexpected that I was seen as so young.

But, if that’s the case, I’m convinced by the attitude Master and Douglas treat me like a child.

“Um, I’m very sorry…..”

“No, it’s not that bad….
Yeah, it’s convenient like this.”


“Well, that’s my story, my exact age can be determined when I make the guild tag, so I’m relieved.”

“Well then, can you tell me your name?”

Master asked such, and I realize that I didn’t even name myself even though I after I could speak again.

“I’m sorry, my name is Shinra Chikayuki.
Master, Mr.
Douglas, thank you for buying me.
I was prepared to die as it was, so I am really grateful not only for the treatment but also for feeding me and a warm bed.”

I bow my head deeply with the intention of introducing myself and expressing my gratitude.

On Master’s lap…..


Finally, it took me awhile to mtl this chapter.

Sorry for the delay hope you enjoyed.


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