Ch8 – Shen XiuZhu

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Fake goods.

He was… a copycat? 

Xu ChengYan looked at the strange young man, and the more he looked, the more he felt that they were very similar.

If they cover their face and look only at body shape and dress styles, they were almost identical.



The biggest difference between him and that person was the face.

The strange young man’s facial features were very delicate, like a pampered young master, and his every move was very elegant. 

Xu ChengYan turned his head to the side, looked at the cabin window on the side, and saw a pair of peach blossom eyes reflected in the window.


Compared with that young man, his facial features were a little bit sharp, but because he wore the thin gold-rimmed glasses, he looked a little softer.

Xu ChengYan slowly raised his hand, almost trembling, and took off his glasses.

Even if he didn’t get to the bottom of some things, it didn’t mean he knew nothing.


He would rather pretend to deceive himself than break the peace.

Chi Yi, who was beside him, drank leisurely and sneered, as if he was laughing at the embarrassment of a copycat.

“Counterfeit products can’t compare to genuine products……” Chi Yi sighed as if he was talking to himself, but the volume of these words was just enough to be heard by Xu ChengYan.


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Holding the wine glass, Chi Yi turned and walked towards He Yang. 

“XiuZhu!” Chi Yi greeted the young man, “Why are you here so late?”

“There was a traffic jam on the way here, so it was a little delayed.” The young man smiled softly and looked at He Yang next to him, “But fortunately, I made it to the birthday (party).”

Xu ChengYan looked at that strange young man, his mind was almost blank.


Shen XiuZhu……

Xu ChengYan withdrew his gaze, turned around, looked at the blue sea, and forcibly shifted his attention.

‘Calm down.’

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‘P cffv ab mjiw vbkc.’ 

Vtfc WleIte kjr pera jc biv oglfcv bo WljcVtfcu, jcv tf tjvc’a mbwf yjmx obg wjcs sfjgr.

Vb cbk atja WljcVtfcu jcv Vtfc WleIte wfa jujlc, la kjr ecvfgrajcvjyif atja WljcVtfcu tjv j rilutais rqfmlji jaalaevf abkjgvr Vtfc WleIte.


After all, they were childhood friends.

Pa’r YB. 

We JtfcuTjc mibrfv tlr fsfr jcv abbx j vffq ygfjat.

It just happened that he and Shen XiuZhu were accidentally similar in the style (of dress).

‘It doesn’t matter.’

‘It doesn’t matter…….’ 

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The sea breeze blew Xu ChengYan a while and he gradually calmed down.

Jiang Lin was not far away, looked at He Yang and Shen XiuZhu, then looked at Xu ChengYan who was standing alone by the railing blowing the cold wind, and finally walked towards Xu ChengYan.

“Sister-in-law?” Jiang Lin came over and asked cautiously, “Are you alright?”

Xu ChengYan collected his thoughts and with a smile on his face, “I’m fine.” 

Seeing Xu ChengYan like this, Jiang Lin was still not at ease, and asked again: “It’s windy outside.
Sister-in-law, why don’t you go inside and take a rest first?”

Jiang Lin really regarded Xu ChengYan as one of his family, but now that Shen XiuZhu was back, he didn’t want his Sister-in-law to be stimulated.

“It’s okay.” Xu ChengYan held the glasses and put them into his coat pocket.

After adjusting his state, Xu ChengYan turned around and walked towards He Yang step by step. 

In any case, Shen XiuZhu was the guest of today’s birthday banquet, and he was going to receive the guest.

Xu ChengYan walked over step by step and shouted, “XianSheng.”

He Yang turned his head and met Xu ChengYan’s gaze.

Xu ChengYan came to He Yang’s side with a polite smile 

And when Xu ChengYan came over, he could still feel that all kinds of eyes around him were falling on him.

There were those who were gloating, those who were watching a good show, and those who sneered……


The young masters who were watching the fun with relish all quiet down, their eyes swept between the three of them vaguely, waiting for the good show to start.

Xu ChengYan controlled his emotions, with a polite smile on his face; he came to He Yang’s side.
Then, he looked at Shen XiuZhu opposite, and greeted him: “Hello.” 

Shen XiuZhu also noticed Xu ChengYan.
He smiled and nodded, “Hello.”

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Shen XiuZhu extended his hand, “Shen XiuZhu.”

“Xu ChengYan.” Xu ChengYan also extended his hand.

And at the moment when the two shook hands, Xu ChengYan suddenly saw the watch on Shen XiuZhu’s wrist —— 

It was exactly the same as the watch on his wrist.

Xu ChengYan lowered his eyes, and after withdrawing his hand, he asked the man beside him, “XianSheng, are you going to cut the cake?”

He Yang didn’t answer.
He just looked at Shen XiuZhu opposite and asked softly: “It’s Mr.
Zhou’s cake.
Do you want to try it?”

Zhou still makes cakes?” Shen XiuZhu’s eyes lit up, “I must try it.
I haven’t had it for a long time.” 

The cake table was on the other side of the deck, and several people walked towards the cake table.

Shen XiuZhu was walking on the left of He Yang, while Xu ChengYan was on the right side of He Yang.

Xu ChengYan held the wine glass and quietly observed the two people beside him.

The wind started to blow in the evening, and it was a little cold on the deck. 

Shen XiuZhu was originally in poor health, so he lowered his head and couldn’t help wrapping his coat a little tighter.

He Yang noticed the young man’s movements, leaned slightly to the left, and helped the young man on the left block the wind.

Seeing He Yang’s movements, Xu ChengYan’s face still did not change, as if he didn’t care at all, he took a sip of red wine.

It’s OK. 

Xu ChengYan forced himself to calm down and came to the open-air restaurant on the other side of the deck.

The long table was filled with various desserts, and the cake was placed in the middle of the table.


As the birthday star, He Yang held the cake knife and came to the cake.

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However, He Yang did not cut it, but handed the cake knife to the person beside him. 

“You let me do it?” Shen XiuZhu was a little surprised.

“Don’t you like it?” He Yang said lightly.

“So you still remember……” Shen XiuZhu’s tone became a little melancholy; he took the cake knife and made the first cut (on the cake).

Not far away, Xu ChengYan watched this scene, and suddenly, he only felt cold all over. 

Obviously he was the person next to XianSheng, but XianSheng let another person cut the cake first.

Xu ChengYan looked at the man’s profile, and suddenly felt that the man in front of him was very unfamiliar.

Because he had never seen such XianSheng.

It was as if in the eyes of XianSheng, there was only that person, and XianSheng didn’t even notice his existence at all. 

Obviously he was near XianSheng, but XianSheng did not even turn to glance at him.

Xu ChengYan couldn’t help but look at Shen XiuZhu again.

Shen XiuZhu had already started to share the cake, and the group of young masters came over with smiles and chatted with Shen XiuZhu from time to time.

It could be seen that Shen XiuZhu was very popular in the circle of rich second-generation (young masters). 

After all, Shen XiuZhu was once the young master of the Shen family.

Even if the Shen family had fallen, and the little young master had fallen, now the young master had returned to China and he still had not lost his original charisma.

It was lively around the cake table, and almost everyone surrounded Shen XiuZhu and He Yang.

Xu ChengYan was the only one who was quiet and alone, and was excluded by these young masters, intentionally or unintentionally. 

Xu ChengYan couldn’t stay any longer, so he turned around and left, staying alone in the corner to breathe.

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