Ch5 – Cover the Eyes

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It was very late when He Yang came back.

Xu ChengYan was practicing in the piano room, and when he heard the movement outside, he got up and came out.



He Yang saw the young man in the corridor and asked softly, “You haven’t slept yet?”

“Waiting for XianSheng to come back.” Xu ChengYan smiled, his beautiful peach blossom eyes were slightly curved. 

“Don’t wait too late next time.” He Yang said, and put the dessert bag in his hand on the table, “Midnight snack.”


Xu ChengYan walked over to open the bag and saw pieces of sweets and cakes inside.

He knew that bakery which was a bit far from XianSheng’s company.
If XianSheng wanted to buy cakes from the bakery, he would have to make a detour before returning.

“XianSheng, eating sweets at night will make me fat.” Xu ChengYan was a little helpless.


In fact, he didn’t like sweets very much, but XianSheng always thought he liked sweets and often brought desserts back, so he just accepted them all.

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As long as it was bought by XianSheng, he liked it.

Even if he didn’t like sweets, he would like it.


“Not fat.” He Yang came over and half wrapped his arms around the young man’s waist from behind. 

The young man in his arms was indeed not fat, even if he was a little fatter, it didn’t matter.

He Yang rested his head on the young man’s shoulders, and because the two were relatively close, he could smell the faint scent of cedar on the young man.

He Yang asked, “Did you use the perfume?”

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“Yes.” Xu ChengYan responded and replied, “It was the Snow Season Forest that XianSheng gave last time.” 

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He Yang sniffed the cold fragrance, and his eyes gradually darkened. 

The heating was turned on in the room, and the young man in his arms was only wearing a thin shirt.

He Yang raised his hand and stretched it out and got under the (young man’s) shirt from the hem of the shirttail very easily, putting his palm on the young man’s waist.


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The two had been intimate many times and were familiar with each other’s bodies.

He Yang just lightly touched the young man’s waist a few times, and the person in his arms was weak in the knees already. 

Xu ChengYan rested his hands on the table, lowered his head, and his breathing became a little messy.

The shirt buttons on his body were unbuttoned one by one.
Xu ChengYan closed his eyes and felt the movement of the man’s hand.
He did not refuse, but just asked, “XianSheng, can we go back to the room?”

He Yang reached out his hand, easily picked up the young man and walked towards the bedroom, putting the person on the bed.

Xu ChengYan propped up his body slightly, and saw that the person in front of him had already held him down. 

He Yang leaned on the young man, and met the young man’s gaze.
He raised his hand unconsciously, and touched the corner of the young man’s eye with his fingertips.

He had to admit that the young man in front of him had a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes.

It was said that men with peach blossom eyes are the most unfaithful in love.

But the black-haired youth in front of him had absolutely nothing to do with the word “unfaithful”. 

The young man was always smiling and never angry, as if he could tolerate and forgive everything.

He Yang looked at the pair of peach blossom eyes, then slowly reached out and untied his tie.

And then——

He covered those peach blossom eyes with the tie. 

Xu ChengYan opened his eyes; his field of vision was almost dark, only a faint light appeared in the gap of the tie.

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The ambiguous air in the room became more and more intense.

Xu ChengYan stretched out his hand and hugged the man’s shoulder tightly, his fingertips unknowingly leaving scratches on it.

Even if he couldn’t see it with his eyes, as long as he smelled the familiar breath on the man, he would feel at ease. 

Xu ChengYan closed his eyes, felt the man’s movements, and suddenly he made a sound and called out: “XianSheng ——”

“Can the tie be taken off?”


He Yang stopped.
Without speaking, he just leaned over and untied the tie.

Xu ChengYan opened his eyes, and because his eyes were covered all the time just now, he was not used to the bright light in the room for a while, so he could only see a blurred figure of a man. 

And Xu ChengYan didn’t have time to adapt to the light, his body was turned over.

He Yang pressed against the young man’s back, lowered his head and bit on the young man’s shoulder.

Until the end of the affair, Xu ChengYan was still lying on his stomach.

Xu ChengYan buried his face in the pillow, and was still breathing slowly. 

There was a rustling sound next to him, Xu ChengYan looked over and saw that the man was wearing his clothes.

He Yang casually put on his shirt, got up and left.

Xu ChengYan looked at the man’s back and listened to the footsteps that were getting further and further away, and then he slowly got up, went to the bathroom, and cleaned up by himself.

He’s used to it. 

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He was used to XianSheng who always liked to cover his eyes, and he was also used to the fact that XianSheng never stayed warm or affectionate after the affair.

It’s been like this for the past five years, it didn’t matter.

It was only occasionally that when the two were intimate on the bed, he would also want to take a look at XianSheng.

He wanted to see XianSheng’s face. 

A very simple little wish, but from the beginning, it was impossible for this wish to come true.


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