Ch50 – Compensation

The first floor fell silent for a moment.

Everyone looked in the direction of the stairs and watched the man go downstairs step by step. 

The man was dressed in black with a cold expression on his face.
He glanced around on the first floor, and frowned when he saw the fragments of the vase on the ground.

No one in the hall made a sound, and no one dared to take the blame.



The man looked at the debris on the ground, and the air pressure around his body was getting lower and lower.

Qin Zhou stood beside the vase, bowed his head slightly, and held a fragment of the vase in his hand, which he held tighter and tighter unconsciously. 

The director on the side smiled and said cautiously, “President He, I’m sorry……..”


“He couldn’t control his hand and accidentally broke the vase…….” The director was cautious.
He then looked at the little star beside him, and scolded hurriedly: “Still not come to apologize quickly!”

The man ignored the director, just looked at Qin Zhou and asked again: “What’s going on?”

Qin Zhou raised his head and replied: “The vase is broken.”


“This is my favorite vase.” The man frowned slightly, “You broke it.”

The man’s voice sounded a little displeased, as if he was dissatisfied with the vase broken.

“I don’t know.” Qin Zhou looked at the shelf next to him, and said lightly, “But I didn’t do it.”


There were many people at the entrance of the stairs just now.
Maybe someone accidentally hit the shelf and broke the vase. 

It’s just that, unfortunately, the vase just fell next to him, and it was not clear with just some explanations.

Qin Zhou: “It should be that someone accidentally touched the shelf, and the vase fell off.”

But when the director heard it, he immediately scolded: “Why don’t you admit that you broke it! I think you just can’t control your hand!”

Apart from the director, the crowd around also echoed in a low voice: “Qin Zhou was standing there just now.
It’s him who touched it…….” 

“I also saw that Qin Zhou stretched out his hand, and then the vase fell…….”

The director looked at the man again, and said with a low attitude: “President He, don’t be angry.
This newcomer is ignorant, and for the vase, we will definitely——”

It’s just that the director was interrupted by the man before he could finish speaking.

He Yang: “Cancel the shooting.” 

“Huh?” The director was taken aback for a moment, and then said, “President He, but this time it was President Yuan who asked us to come……..”

“I will tell Yuan Lie about it.” He Yang’s tone was cold, “This shooting is canceled.”


The director wanted to say something else, but was pulled away by the assistant director.

“Let’s go.
Let’s go.” The assistant director sighed, and commanded the staff to start packing up the things. 

The settings and equipment that were just arranged on the first floor had to be dismantled again.

Qin Zhou also turned around and planned to leave with the shooting team.

Just as Qin Zhou started walking, he heard a man’s voice ——

“I didn’t say you could go.” He Yang looked at the young man and said calmly, “The vase is broken.
You have to compensate.” 

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Qin Zhou could only stop, holding the fragment of the vase in his hand and waiting aside.

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Ktf rajoo jcv atf jgalrar gfaegcfv ab atf mjg, jcv atfgf kfgf ralii qfbqif lc atf mjg mbwqijlclcu: “Pa’r gfjiis jccbslcu.
Qf mjwf tfgf fjgis lc atf wbgclcu, jcv cbk kf mjc’a fnfc rtbba……”

“It’s all because of Qin Zhou.
The rural people have never seen the world, so he had to touch the vase.
And now, he got us into trouble and the shooting is canceled……..”

“President He said it just now.
It’s his favorite vase.
It should be quite expensive…….”

“This time Qin Zhou is miserable.
He has offended President He.
It is estimated that he will be banned…….” 

Several people in the car immediately gloated and waited to see Qin Zhou’s joke.

Outside the car, people from the logistics team were still carrying things into the car.

A girl from the logistics team put away the equipment, and inadvertently looked back at the villa, and then she saw the owner of the manor and the little star standing together.

Immediately afterwards, the cold-faced man slowly leaned over and pulled the little star’s hand. 

The girl from the logistics team was stunned for a moment, thinking that she had seen it wrong.
She just planned to take a closer look.
However, the servant had already closed the door and she couldn’t see anything.



In the villa, He Yang pulled the young man’s right hand and took out the shards from the young man’s hand.

The edges of the shards were a bit sharp, and the young man had just been holding the shards.
His palm had been cut by the shards, and there were several small cut marks. 

He Yang frowned when he saw the marks in the young man’s palm.

Qin Zhou also pulled out his hand, looked at the blood stains on the vase fragments, and said in a low voice, “Sorry, I stained your vase.”

The servant had already brought the medical kit.
He Yang took it and took the cotton swab out.
It seemed he wanted to help the young man treat the wound.

However, Qin Zhou remained distant and polite.
He said respectfully, “Thank you, President He.
I’ll do it myself.” 

Qin Zhou took the cotton swab and cleaned the wound little by little.

He Yang watched the young man’s movements, and only after the young man wrapped the gauze did he say, “You have to compensate for the vase.”

Qin Zhou was quiet for a while, and finally, he followed the man’s words and asked, “How much is it?”

Anyway, that vase was only a few dozen Yuan, even if he had to pay for ten of it, it’s not expensive. 

But He Yang just said, “Fifty million.”

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment, then looked down at the debris on the ground, and confirmed that he was not mistaken.
This vase was the one he bought for dozens of Yuan.

Qin Zhou raised his head and said patiently, “President He, are you sure this vase is 50 million Yuan?”


Qin Zhou laughed angrily, “President He, I’m curious which master’s work is this?”

The vase he bought from a roadside stall with dozens of Yuan turned into a 50 million antique in a blink of an eye.

“Can such an ugly vase be worth fifty million? President He, you can’t deceive people.” Qin Zhou smiled.

He Yang: “It’s not ugly.” 

This vase was very precious to him.

It was a priceless treasure.


“That may be because President He has a unique aesthetic.” Qin Zhou said.


“Sorry, President He, I don’t have 50 million.”

“Then compensate with another one.”

After he said that, He Yang came to the side and took a light-colored vase from the decorative shelf.

He Yang handed over the vase, “Paint another one on it.” 

Qin Zhou didn’t take it.
He just looked at the vase.

If he remembered correctly, this vase was a real antique.
It was bought by He Yang at the auction after spending tens of millions.

Qin Zhou: “President He, I don’t know how to paint.”

“Just paint casually.” 

“You have antiques that are worth tens of millions here, and I don’t dare to paint.” Qin Zhou’s tone was very respectful.
“If I accidentally break it again, I can’t afford it.”

He Yang looked at the vase in his hand and put the antique vase back in its original place.

However, He Yang took another vase from the shelf again, “It’s not an antique.
You can paint it.”

Qin Zhou was cautious and he did not take it, but first observed the vase. 

He had never seen this vase before.
It should have been bought by He Yang later.
It looked like a modern handicraft, so it shouldn’t be too expensive.

Qin Zhou asked: “President He, my painting is ugly.
Are you sure you want me to paint?”

“M-hm.” He Yang responded and said slowly, “Either pay fifty million, or paint a new one.”

Qin Zhou had no choice but to take the vase and go to the study with He Yang, ready to paint a new one. 

There was no paint in the study, but there were brushes.

The servant grinded (the ink?) on the side and put the tools on the table, and then left.


Qin Zhou stood in front of the desk, holding a brush and casually painting on the vase.

The vase originally had a layer of shallow patterns, but now Qin Zhou had repainted it to cover up the original patterns. 

Qin Zhou painted the bottle randomly, and noticed that there was a gaze falling on him.
So, he turned his head and met the man’s gaze.

Qin Zhou asked, “President He, is there something on my face?”

He Yang looked at the young man in front of him and said in a low voice, “No.”

It’s just that he hadn’t seen him like this for a long time.
So, he wanted to keep looking at him more. 

“But you kept looking at me.”

“Sorry.” He Yang looked away.

Qin Zhou didn’t pay any more attention, and continued to paint patterns with his head down.

But when Qin Zhou lowered his head, He Yang turned his head again and looked at the young man’s profile. 

The young man was still wearing makeup, and the mole under his right eye was slightly covered, so it wasn’t very obvious.

The curtains in the study were open, and the sun fell on the young man.
From He Yang’s point of view, the young man was still glowing with a golden halo.

The young man in front of him was still the same as he remembered.

As long as he stepped forward, he could hold the other party in his arms. 

He Yang raised his hand slightly and stretched it out towards the young man.

But just as he was about to touch the young man’s back, He Yang’s movements stopped.
He Yang slowly withdrew his hand without disturbing him.

He Yang leaned against the desk and continued to watch the young man.

And Qin Zhou had finally finished painting the patterns, and put the vase on the table: “Okay.” 

Only then, He Yang looked over and glanced at the vase.

The vase was full of messy ink marks.
He didn’t know what it was painted on.


He Yang picked up the vase, looked at it carefully, and then said, “There is still a poem.”

Qin Zhou had to pick up the brush again and write a poem on the vase. 

However, when writing it, Qin Zhou changed to a scribbled style of handwriting.

After writing, Qin Zhou put down the brush and asked, “President He, can I go now?”

The room was very quiet, and no one made a sound.

After a while, He Yang said, “Can we start over?” 

He Yang looked at the young man, “Get to know each other again.”

Qin Zhou lowered his head, looked at the vase on the table, and said softly, “President He, we are not from the same world.
Why do we have to know each other?”

Qin Zhou: “Just let it go.”

After speaking, Qin Zhou walked past the man and was about to leave. 

But Qin Zhou just walked to the door of the study when the man suddenly spoke.

“It’s very late.” He Yang came over and asked in a low voice, “Can you stay and have dinner together?”

The man’s tone was still a little cautious, but Qin Zhou still refused after hearing it: “I won’t disturb President He.
I’d better go back first.”

Qin Zhou grabbed the door handle and wanted to go out. 

Seeing Qin Zhou’s movements, He Yang subconsciously reached out to hold the young man’s wrist, not wanting to let the other party leave.

Qin Zhou looked over, “President He?”

He Yang lowered his eyes and wanted to say something to keep the young man.

But in the end, not a single word of those retained words could be uttered. 

He Yang let go of his hand and just said, “Take care of yourself.”

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