Ch48 – Roses can’t be accepted

Qin Zhou changed his clothes, and when he came out of the lounge, he saw a black car parked near the studio.

The serial number plate of that car was so special that it could be recognized at a glance. 

The director on the side noticed Qin Zhou’s sight.
He leaned over and whispered: “The big boss is in the car, and he’s going to watch us shooting.
You guys should do better.”

“Okay.” Qin Zhou nodded and walked towards the studio.



Because of the new script that was temporarily changed, the screenwriter had not finished writing the script, so the crew would shoot the first episode first, and write the rest of the content while filming.

The new script was still the same as the original, with 30 episodes planned.
The first episode opened with a murder case, and the deceased was the male lead’s uncle, who was judged to commit suicide.
But the male lead did not believe that the uncle would commit suicide, and insisted on solving the case by himself. 

There was also this case in the original old script, but the old script took only one episode to explain the truth.
As a result, the screenwriter has now expanded it into six episodes, forcibly burning his brain, and dragging things that could be explained clearly in one sentence into several episodes.


However, Qin Zhou was not picky about the script, and the investors were free to change the script as they wanted, as long as his salary was still paid as usual.

Qin Zhou came to stand in place, handed the phone to the assistant, and prepared to shoot.

It’s still mid-March and it’s very cold outside.


Fortunately, the crew changed the cast’s styles again, and they wore more clothes than before, at least it won’t be too cold when filming.

Qin Zhou finished filming a scene, but his hands were still a little cold.
So, he took a hot water bottle and took a rest.

The assistant also handed over a bowl of soup and said, “Brother Zhou, drink the soup.”


Qin Zhou took the soup and drank it slowly.
His body gradually warmed up. 

Qin Zhou then looked at the packaged box again, feeling like it was an ordered takeout, and asked casually, “Who bought it?”

“Ah?” The assistant was stunned.
She asked, “Brother Zhou, didn’t you buy it?”

Qin Zhou was somewhat surprised and said: “I didn’t buy it.”

The assistant didn’t know either.
It was the logistics staff who found her and said that it was Qin Zhou’s takeout, so she brought it over. 

The assistant explained: “I took it from the logistics side, and they said it was Brother Zhou, your takeaway……”

After Qin Zhou heard it, he looked down in the box to check and found the order receipt inside.

The price of this bowl of soup was not cheap.
Qin Zhou looked around again and found that he was the only one who had soup.

Qin Zhou frowned slightly.
He then suddenly thought of something, and looked up at the direction of the car. 

The limited edition car that was unique in the world was still parked in place, but the people in the car had not come down.

Qin Zhou withdrew his gaze and said, “I will tell you in advance if I order takeout.
If I don’t say it, don’t take it.”


“Oh, okay.” The little assistant nodded quickly.


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By the time the crew finished work, it was already night.

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“It’s just he looks very aloof that I don’t even dare to talk to him…….”

Su Tang chattered all the way, curious about the legendary Young Master He.

Qin Zhou listened quietly to Su Tang’s words, and the two returned to the hotel.

After entering the elevator, Su Tang suddenly said, “Are you still picking up jobs? I have a friend who is a singer, and the new song MV lacks a male lead.
He said that he wanted to find a good-looking boy to shoot.” 

“It’s just that the price may be a little low.
One thousand a day, and it is estimated that the filming will be completed in two or three days.” Su Tang sighed, “He is also poor and cannot afford much money.”

The price of 1,000 a day was actually a bit low for them, but Qin Zhou didn’t mind.
He was very short of money now and was not choosy about anything.

Qin Zhou: “What are the specific requirements? It’s fine if the time is right.”

“Then I’ll make a chat group, and you guys can have a chat.” 


After getting out of the elevator, Su Tang directly opened the three-person chatting group.

Su Tang’s singer friend was named Lin ChiXiao.
He had been in the music industry for more than ten years.
Although he was not very popular, he still insisted on making music.

Lin ChiXiao planned to release a new song this year, but the MV for the new song had not been able to find a suitable male lead.
He always felt that the eyes of those male actors were not suitable, and he did not want to find a random male actor, so it was delayed for a long time. 

At that time, when Su Tang heard Lin ChiXiao’s requirements, her first reaction was to think of Qin Zhou.
After all, Qin Zhou’s peach blossom eyes and tear mole were quite distinctive.

Later, Lin ChiXiao went to search for photos and thought it was just right, so he asked Su Tang for help.


Qin Zhou and Lin ChiXiao chatted for a while in the chat group.
Qin Zhou read the outline of the MV and the time was right.
Lin ChiXiao was willing to wait for him to finish shooting the drama before shooting the MV.

So Qin Zhou agreed. 


Early the next day, Qin Zhou came to the crew.

Qin Zhou went to do makeup first.
When he changed his clothes and came to the lounge, he suddenly saw a large bouquet of white roses on the table.

Su Tang was still reading the script in the lounge.
She noticed that Qin Zhou had come in, and said, “It was delivered by the flower shop just now, and it should have been bought by the fan.” 

Qin Zhou walked over and saw a card in the roses.

【May you have peace year after year.】

Qin Zhou looked at the card, looked out the window, and saw that limited edition car parked near the studio.

Qin Zhou looked at the car and pondered for a while, and finally, holding the bouquet of roses, he turned to leave the lounge and walked towards the car. 

In the car, He Yang kept paying attention to the movement in the lounge, and when he saw Qin Zhou came over with the flower in his arms, he got out of the car.

Qin Zhou came to the man and asked, “President He, are these flowers from you?”

“M-hm.” He Yang responded.

“Sorry, President He.” Qin Zhou handed over the roses, “I can’t accept the roses.” 

He Yang didn’t take it, and said, “It’s just the flowers that a fan gave to an idol.”

“President He, you are not my fan.” Qin Zhou frowned slightly and said, “You haven’t seen my work.
You didn’t know me before, and you’ve even mistaken me for another person and called my name wrong.”

He Yang lowered his eyes, and after a while, he slowly said, “I have finished watching your dramas and the interviews.”

Only after watching all the videos, he was more certain that he had not mistaken the wrong person. 

But Qin Zhou just said: “President He, whether you are my fan or not, you should stop sending this.”

“It’s easy to be misunderstood by other people, and I don’t dare to accept it.” Qin Zhou’s attitude was very tough.


He Yang looked at the bunch of roses, and finally reached out to take it, “Okay.”

“I’m sorry, President He.” Qin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief and turned to leave. 

He Yang looked at the young man’s back, and did not withdraw his gaze until the young man returned to the lounge.

The white roses in his arms were still fragrant.
He Yang walked towards the roadside and threw the roses into the trash can.

He Yang turned around and went back to the car, leaning back in the seat and closing his eyes.
There was still low air pressure all over his body.

Yuan Lie was still in the car, and just saw the scene of He Yang being rejected for sending flowers. 

Yuan Lie warmly said: “Young Master He, I have reminded you many times that you should distinguish Qin Zhou from Mr.

“Even if you are chasing stars, you should not chase them like this.” Yuan Lie smiled, “Or you can learn from Mr.

He Yang frowned.
He did not speak, and continued to look in the direction of the lounge.

The limited edition luxury car was parked outside the studio, and the staff who came and went still glanced there from time to time. 

But in the afternoon, another luxury car drove up.

Jiang Lin parked the car outside the studio, held a large bouquet of white roses, and walked inside.

Jiang Lin was already familiar with this place.
Just as he was about to go there, he suddenly noticed another car parked not far away and stopped.

The model of that car was very familiar.
It was a limited edition car that he had been eyeing for a long time and couldn’t get it.
Even the license plate number was very familiar.
It was a serial number plate that he couldn’t get. 

Jiang Lin stared at the car for a long time, and finally walked over and knocked on the window.

The car window slowly lowered.
Jiang Lin looked at the man in the seat, and suddenly said: “Brother, why are you here?”

He Yang casually said: “Come and have a look.”

“What’s there to look at?” Jiang Lin suddenly frowned. 

He Yang: “I invested in this drama now.”

“Invested?!” Jiang Lin’s eyes widened immediately.
He suddenly unlocked a new star-chasing skill?


However, Jiang Lin still said to He Yang: “Even if it is an investment, you can also go to other dramas!”

Jiang Lin became vigilant, and he was afraid that He Yang would go crazy and pester Qin Zhou.
So, he quickly said: “Brother, he is Qin Zhou.
Don’t mistake the wrong person.” 

He Yang became immediately agitated when he heard this, and said coldly, “Jiang Lin, you don’t even recognize Xu ChengYan?!”

“He is Qin Zhou!” Jiang Lin was a little inexplicable, “Is it so strange that the two people look alike? In the entertainment industry, there are many Internet celebrities, and they all look alike!”

Jiang Lin was too lazy to explain to He Yang.
He walked towards the studio with the flower in his arms.

Shooting was still in progress on the set, so Jiang Lin waited quietly on the side. 

And the staff of the crew were already very familiar with Jiang Lin.
They even brought a chair over for Jiang Lin, a local tyrant fan, to sit.

Jiang Lin sat in the chair, watching Qin Zhou filming, and occasionally lowered his head to organize the bouquet in his arms.

After Qin Zhou finished filming this scene, Jiang Lin quickly stood up and looked at Qin Zhou excitedly.

Qin Zhou also saw Jiang Lin and walked towards Jiang Lin. 


On the other side, He Yang was still sitting in the car.

He Yang looked out the window and saw Jiang Lin holding the big bouquet of roses and handing it to Qin Zhou.

Yuan Lie stared at this scene with some curiosity, and said, “Young Master He, just like you, Mr.
Jiang also gives roses.” 

He Yang didn’t say anything.
He tapped casually with his fingertips on the car window, and didn’t care.

Him sending flowers would also be rejected anyway.

Outside the car window, Jiang Lin held the roses and said something to the young man with some excitement.

However, He Yang was not interested in Jiang Lin’s affairs.
So, he glanced at him casually, then looked away and continued to look at the young man. 

Then, He Yang saw the young man rubbing Jiang Lin’s head with a smile.

He Yang stared at the hand that fell on Jiang Lin’s head, his brows furrowed more and more tightly.


The next second, the young man accepted that bouquet of roses.

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