Ch45 – Filming the kiss scene in front of him

 The white petals were still stained with dew.
Qin Zhou looked at the white roses in front of him, but he didn’t move.

He Yang: “I’ve seen the interview, and you said you like white roses.”


“Thank you, President He.” Qin Zhou smiled, “But I can’t accept these roses.”

He Yang still maintained the posture of handing the flowers.
He frowned slightly and called, “Yanyan.” 

“President He, I’m Qin Zhou.” Qin Zhou’s tone was polite and distant.


“Yanyan.” He Yang stretched out his hand, wanting to touch the tear mole on the young man’s face, “Just because you changed your name, you can’t pretend like we don’t know each other.”

Qin Zhou took a step back after seeing the man’s action and said patiently, “President He, you’ve really mistaken the wrong person.”

Without waiting for He Yang to speak, Qin Zhou said again: “President He, thank you for your kindness.
I should go back.”


After speaking, Qin Zhou turned around and entered the hotel, ignoring the man behind him.

After returning to the room, Qin Zhou came to the window and opened the curtains.

When Qin Zhou looked out the window inadvertently, he saw that the car was still parked outside the hotel and did not leave, but there was no sign of He Yang nearby.
Maybe he had already left.


Qin Zhou retracted his gaze, sat on the recliner with the script in hand, and read it slowly. 

After a while, the assistant came back after buying dinner.

“Brother Zhou!” The little assistant was very excited, holding a large bouquet of roses in her arms, “The roses were sent by the front desk just now! They said this was given by a fan!”

“But the front desk didn’t say who sent this.” The little assistant was a little puzzled.
She stretched out her hand to arrange the bouquet, and muttered: “It shouldn’t be Jiang Lin……..”

After all, when Jiang Lin wanted to send flowers in the past, he would ask her in advance. 

The assistant held the rose and looked around.
Still, she came over and put the roses on the small table next to Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou was half lying (on the recliner) and looked at the roses beside him.

During the interview, he did say that he liked white roses.
Later, when Jiang Lin came to visit the crew, he also gave him a lot of white roses.

Qin Zhou raised his hand slightly and touched the rose leaf, feeling the soft touch on his fingertips. 

Actually he didn’t like white roses.

It was another person who liked white roses.


Qin Zhou looked at the rose petals and was a little lost for a while.

After a long time, Qin Zhou took out his phone and logged in to Weibo.
He skillfully searched for a certain Weibo ID, and clicked on the homepage. 

【I’ve watched ‘The Boxer’ again! I really like Pei Yuan! ! ! I’m going to buy him white roses! ! 】

【Today there are white roses outside the flower shop! When I make money in the future, I will buy a lot of roses! 】

【Grandma recognized me today! ! ! She even bought me the seeds! ! ! I’m gonna start growing roses today! ! ! 】

Most of the posts were the records of daily life.
Even if there was no one to interact with the blogger, the blogger was very happy to entertain himself every day. 

It’s just that this Weibo stopped forever three years ago and had never been updated.

Qin Zhou put down the phone.
He looked at the roses next to him, and said, “Throw the flower away.”

“Huh?” The little assistant was taken aback.

“Throw it away.” 

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Vb, rtf abbx la bea jcv rjlv: “Dgbatfg Itbe, atfgf lr j mjgv.”

Hlc Itbe abbx la jcv rjk obeg kbgvr bc atf mjgv ——

【May you have peace year after year.】

Qinzhou put the card back into the bouquet and said faintly: “Throw everything away.” 

Qin Zhou: “From now on, never accept anything from strangers.”

“Okay.” The little assistant nodded and went out first holding the flowers.

The roses were too big to fit in an ordinary trash can.
The assistant had to run outside the hotel, found a larger trash can, and put the roses in it.

Putting fresh white roses and garbage together, the little assistant looked at the petals and felt a little regretful. 

The assistant turned around and was about to go back to the hotel when she noticed a black car parked not far away.

The assistant didn’t know much about cars, but seeing that the license plate number was a special serial number, she couldn’t help but take a few more glances.


In the car, He Yang looked at the roses in the trash can and lowered his eyes.

The driver was in the front seat and felt the depressed atmosphere in the car.
He didn’t dare to make a sound. 

The car was parked outside for a long time.
He Yang touched the ring on his left hand and said, “Go back.”

The driver started the car, thinking that He Yang was going back to the hotel where he was staying, and then he heard a man’s voice ——

“Go back to Nancheng.”


After returning to Nancheng, He Yang went to the Yuan family’s company to find Yuan Lie.

In the office, He Yang sat on the massage chair, tapping his fingertips on the table casually.
He didn’t speak.

On the opposite side of He Yang, Yuan Lie in a suit sat upright and said to the man, “Young Master He, you came to see me specially.
It shouldn’t be that you just want to sit face to face with me in a daze?”

He Yang ignored him. 

“Being the CEO is very busy, and every minute is precious.” Yuan Lie smiled, “Young Master He, you should be able to understand my troubles.
Time is precious.”

He Yang looked down at the ring in his hand, a little lost, as if he remembered something from his memories.

Yuan Lie also noticed He Yang’s gaze and said, “But if you need psychological counseling, I don’t mind taking over a private job during working hours.”

After speaking, Yuan Lie got up and went to the lounge next to him. 

When Yuan Lie came out of the lounge again, he had already put on a white coat.

Yuan Lie sat back on the chair again, still the same as before, and he asked, “Young Master He, do you need a chat?”

He Yang noticed a flash of white in his field of vision, only then did he look up at Yuan Lie.

“I went to find him.” He Yang finally opened his mouth. 

“And then?” With a gentle smile on his face, Dr.
Yuan encouraged the other party to continue.

“I gave him roses.” He Yang frowned, “He threw it away.”


“Young Master He, I have already told you before that Qin Zhou and Xu ChengYan are two different people.”

“He is Xu ChengYan.” He Yang’s voice was very soft, “He just changed his name.” 

Doctor Yuan frowned and reminded: “Young Master He, Mr.
Xu has passed away.”

He Yang corrected: “He is still alive and changed his name.”

Yuan had to find a document on the table and hand it over, and said, “This is Qin Zhou’s information.”

He Yang took the document and looked at it.
It was full of Qin Zhou’s detailed information.
On top of it were his two years of experience after entering the entertainment industry. 

“The car accident happened three years ago, and Qin Zhou only appeared two years ago.” He Yang put down the documents, “The time is right.”

“Their ID information is completely different.
How do you prove that they are the same person?” Dr.
Yuan was very patient, waiting for the man’s answer.

But He Yang just said: “No need to prove.”

No matter what, he could recognize him. 

Doctor Yuan: “So, are you looking for a substitute during the third anniversary of Mr.
Xu’s death?”

“He’s not a substitute.
“He Yang frowned.

“But you have indeed regarded him as a stand-in now.” Doctor Yuan sighed softly.

He Yang: “He is the same as before.
He has not changed.” 

“Young Master He, memory is not necessarily accurate.” Dr.
Yuan explained, “The brain may deceive you, and it will give you the illusion that they are the same person.”

Doctor Yuan suggested: “It’s better to treat Qin Zhou as a stranger and start getting to know him from scratch, so that you can gradually distinguish the two people.”

The office fell into silence, and after a while, He Yang then said: “How to get to know?”

Doctor Yuan smiled. 


The next day, He Yang went to the crew again.


And this time along with He Yang, there was also Yuan Lie.

When the two arrived at the crew, it happened to be noon. 

The director hurried over to greet them: “Hello, President Yuan! Hello, President He!”

Yuan Lie nodded and said casually, “President He recently intends to invest in the entertainment industry.
It just so happens that your crew is close, so we come and have a look.”

“No problem, no problem!” There was a smile on the director’s face, “I’ll take you to see the crew! They’re still filming!”

The director brought two big bosses to the crew. 

The crew was still filming, and when He Yang looked over, he noticed the young man at a glance.

The young man was wearing a Chinese tunic suit from the Republic of China, and beside him was a young woman in western clothes.
The two were walking around the lake.

The young woman was smiling and talking to the young man, and the young man also listened and turned sideways from time to time, with a gentle smile on his face.

He Yang glanced at the actress and recognized that this person was the female companion the young man brought at the banquet. 

The director on the side hurriedly asked the staff to bring two lounge chairs over to give the two bosses a rest.

The arrival of the two big bosses did not disturb the shooting of the leading actors.

He Yang quietly watched the young man filming, until the young man took the actress’s hand, He Yang suddenly frowned.

He Yang stared at the clasped hands of the two and stood up slightly, as if he wanted to interrupt the shooting. 

Yuan Lie was always paying attention to He Yang’s expression, and when he noticed something was wrong, he quickly pressed the person back to the chair and persuaded: “Young Master He, he is Qin Zhou, not Mr.

He Yang calmed down a little and returned to the chair.


At the shooting scene, Qin Zhou took Su Tang and walked around the lake. 

Assistant Director: “Cut!”

Qin Zhou let go of his hand, and the assistant on the side came over with a coat and put it on Qin Zhou.


The assistant director came over, patted Qin Zhou on the shoulder, and said, “The kiss scene will be filmed later! Come on!”

Su Tang laughed and said to Qin Zhou: “Zhou Zhou has never filmed the kiss scene, right? This big sister will carry you through later!” 

“I’ll have to trouble Sister Su Su.” Qin Zhou responded.

Su Tang took out the mirror and looked at it, and then said, “I’ll go get some makeup first.
I’ll find you later.”

After that, Su Tang went to the dressing room first.

Qin Zhou walked towards the room and suddenly noticed something.
When he looked to the side, he saw a familiar figure. 

He Yang sat on the lounge chair on the set with a cold expression on his face, as if he didn’t care about everything around him.

In addition to He Yang, President Yuan was also beside him.

Qin Zhou asked the assistant director, “Why is President Yuan here?”

The assistant director took Qin Zhou’s shoulders and explained in a low voice: “President Yuan brought the big boss over to watch the filming! If he finds it interesting, maybe the big boss will invest in us!” 

Assistant Director: “You guys have to shoot the scene well later! Act a bit better!”

Qin Zhou responded to him and went back to the lounge first.

And because the next scene was going to be a kiss scene, Qin Zhou went to rinse his mouth first and read the script carefully again.

Su Tang went to touch up her makeup and returned to the lounge.
Seeing that Qin Zhou was still reading the script, she leaned over with a smile: “Are you nervous acting the kiss scene for the first time?” 

“A bit.” Qin Zhou nodded.

“You’ll get used to it in the future.” Su Tang said, “Try to let go of it later, or if you don’t pass it, you will have to retake it all the time.”

Qin Zhou listened carefully and nodded cooperatively.

Su Tang: “You don’t need to stick your tongue out anyway.
It’s okay to just kiss the lips.” 

“I’ll do my best.” Qin Zhou was not sure.
He had never filmed a kiss scene before, and the largest scale he had ever filmed was just a hug with the opposite sex.

The two stayed in the lounge for a while, and then went out to continue filming.


The lighting engineers and the cameramen were already in place.
Qin Zhou stood by the lake and held Su Tang’s hand.

But when Qin Zhou inadvertently raised his head, he suddenly met a very aggressive gaze, and found that He Yang was looking at him. 

Qin Zhou lowered his eyes and retracted his gaze.

“Three! Two! One!” There was the sound of the clapperboard hitting.

Qin Zhou got into the mood.
He calmly looked at the young woman in front of him, raised his hand unconsciously, and touched Su Tang’s face.

Gently rubbing his fingertips on it, Qin Zhou’s voice was hoarse: “I don’t want to be separated again.” 

Qin Zhou leaned over and slowly approached.


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