Ch42 – A Boring Banquet

The Steward came over.
He saw the invitation letter, and asked, “Is Young Master He going?”

He Yang: “No.” 

The Steward picked up the invitation and had to put it away temporarily.

He Yang was drinking wine alone on the sofa.
After the wine glass was empty, he put the glass aside.
He leaned back on the pillow, habitually touched his left hand and rubbed the ring.



The villa was very deserted.

Although the Chinese New Year was approaching, there was no Chinese New Year atmosphere in the villa at all.
It was still about the same as usual. 

He Yang got up and went back to his room on the fifth floor alone.


It was snowing outside.
He Yang sat by the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the courtyard outside.

QiQi ran to the snow to play, running around with a Frisbee in his mouth.

QiQi was very energetic.
Even if there was no one to accompany him, he could entertain himself and had a good time.


He Yang touched the ring on his left hand and sat on the chair for a long time.

Outside the window, day and night were constantly changing.

The Spring Festival Gala was still on the TV, and along with the host’s excited countdown, bursting sound of fireworks came from the TV ——


Another new year had come. 


After the New Year, He Yang was invited out by a friend.

This party was not at a bar, but at a private club.

Shen XiuZhu also came to this party.
He came earlier, and sat quietly with a cup of hot milk. 

Before He Yang came, the people in the box chatted more casually, chatting unscrupulously.

One of the young masters was still browsing Weibo when he suddenly exclaimed, “Eh, eh, eh?”

That young master stared at the photo on the screen, then handed the phone to the person beside him, and said in surprise, “Look at this man.
Doesn’t he look like Yanyan?”

The man next to him came over to take a look, and was also surprised. 

However, the stars in the entertainment industry were all packaged.
Plastic surgery, makeup, retouching and other things were very common.
So, that person said: “I guess they just look alike.”

“But it’s too similar!” The young master went to search again, and said: “This person is an actor.
Do you want to invite him over?”


“Don’t do that.
Chi Yi has found someone who looks like him before.
Do you want to go to the hospital like him?”

“But this person, he really looks like Yanyan, just like the twins!” 

Shen XiuZhu, who was not far away, heard it.
He narrowed his eyes, and asked aloud, “What twins?”

The man hurriedly handed over the phone and said, “It’s this person.
He and Yanyan look exactly the same!”

Shen XiuZhu took it and frowned when he saw the photo on the screen.

The photo was a photo of a little star.
After makeup, the little star looked like Xu ChengYan in seven or eight points, but his facial features were more aggressive, which was different from Xu ChengYan’s gentle personality. 

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The man said again: “They’re too similar.
Do you want to invite him out for a look? Just show him to Young Master He.”

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‘Also, don’t mention the dead.’ 

“Yeah.” The man nodded.

At this moment, the box door opened from the outside, and He Yang walked in.

The other people in the box greeted him, and tacitly did not mention that little star.

He Yang was sitting on the sofa, and someone asked, “Where’s Jiang Lin? I haven’t seen Jiang Lin for a long time.” 

He Yang: “He ran out to play.”

“Yes, Jiang Lin seems to have been out of town for the past six months……..
Is he in love?”

He Yang took a sip of wine and said casually, “He ran outside to chase stars.”

When that person heard this, he immediately laughed, “Jiang Lin is chasing stars?!” 

The other person was also a little surprised and sighed: “If he likes someone, why doesn’t Jiang Lin bring people back to play?”

He Yang: “I don’t know.”


He Yang didn’t care much about Jiang Lin chasing stars.
He hadn’t seen the photo, and even forgot the name ——

He only remembered that that person was an actor. 


After the party, He Yang returned to the apartment.

But the apartment was very deserted, even more deserted than the main house.

He Yang didn’t live in the apartment for a few days before returning to the main house. 

“Young Master He has been back more frequently recently.” The old Steward sighed and took the coat from He Yang’s hand.

After He Yang came back, he went back to his room on the fifth floor to be alone.

The old Steward looked upstairs, but in the end he didn’t follow him.
He just sighed.

After that, He Yang also lived in the main house. 

Every day was very dull.
Just like the master, he was either staring out the window in a daze, or playing chess alone.
No matter how one looked at him, the whole person looked lifeless.
He was like a cold robot.

The old Steward stood outside the study, looking at the figure in the room, and finally knocked on the door.

The man standing by the window finally looked back, but his face was calm and emotionless.

“Young Master He.” The Steward stepped forward and asked, “Are you going to prepare for the Yuan family’s birthday banquet?” 

He Yang retracted his gaze.
He didn’t make a sound, and continued to look outside the window.

The Steward persuaded: “Young Master He, you should go out for a walk.”

After a long time, He Yang responded: “M-hm.”

He Yang: “Go prepare it.” 

Only then, the Steward breathed a sigh of relief.
He relaxed and hurried to go prepare the suit.

There were spare suits in the closet and gifts in the warehouse.


The Steward prepared gifts and arranged for the travel.

On that day of the birthday banquet in March, He Yang got in the car and came to the venue. 

The car was parked outside.
He Yang got out of the car and went to the banquet hall.

There were already quite a few people in the banquet hall.
Some of them recognized He Yang’s identity and came around to say hello.

Yuan Lie, who was receiving guests in the banquet hall, also saw He Yang.
He smiled and greeted him, sighing, “I thought you were not coming.”

Yuan Lie took He Yang to the lounge on the third floor, “I know you don’t like too much noise.
The upstairs side is quieter.” 

Before the banquet started, He Yang came to the balcony of the lounge and looked out at the garden.

Yuan Lie came over with the red wine he had collected and said, “By the way, Jiang Lin will come too.
Do you want me to call him over?”

“No need.” He Yang sat on the chair, his right fingertips rubbing that ring on his left hand.

Seeing that He Yang was touching the ring again, Yuan Lie said, “Young Master He, if you need psychological counseling, I can take over private work at any time.” 

He Yang didn’t answer, just sat on the chair and watched the guests coming and going in the garden.

Yuan Lie didn’t bother anymore.
He turned around and left the lounge.

He Yang was the only one left to stay here, his fingertips resting on the armrest and tapping carelessly.

A boring party. 


Outside the venue, a black Maybach stopped.

In the car, Su Tang held a mirror and was still arranging her hair.

“Brother Jiang Lin is really capable…….” Su Tang sighed, “I can actually get an invitation letter.” 

Qin Zhou sat down and sorted out his cufflinks.

Su Tang looked down at the haute couture dress on her body, and couldn’t help but say, “It’s the first time I’ve worn such expensive clothes, taken such a nice car, and stayed in a high-end hotel……”


This time they came to attend the banquet in Nancheng, it was all arranged by Jiang Lin.

From the dress to the hotel, including the stylist, all appointments were made in advance. 

Su Tang: “Brother Jiang Lin is so nice.
A trip to Nancheng is actually all-inclusive.”

Thinking of Jiang Lin, Qin Zhou had a smile unconsciously on his face.
He said with a smile, “He is very good.”

Qin Zhou sorted out the suit, and seeing that Su Tang was almost there, he said, “Let’s go.”


Qin Zhou got out of the car first and reached out to the person in the car.

In the car, Su Tang put her hand on Qin Zhou’s hand and slowly got out of the car.

There was a long red carpet outside the venue, and there were also some media reporters around the red carpet, carrying cameras and the flashing lights did not stop.

Su Tang held Qin Zhou’s arm with a gentle smile on her face. 

The temperature in March was still a little cold.
Su Tang who wore only a thin red long dress, with her shoulders and arms exposed, stretched out her hand and it was too cold.

However, Su Tang still smiled and walked up the red carpet step by step into the banquet hall.


In the lounge on the third floor, He Yang was still sitting on the balcony, blowing the cold wind. 

Yuan Lie had already received many guests on the first floor, so he came to the third floor to find He Yang.

Yuan Lie smiled: “It’s boring just staying inside.
Why don’t you go out and have a look?”

He Yang didn’t respond, as if he didn’t hear it.

The wine glass on the table was already empty.
Yuan Lie poured He Yang wine and said, “I heard that you have a good relationship with the young son of the Shen family.
He is here today too.
Do you want to go and see him?” 

“And, Jiang Lin is also here.
Would Young Master He like to get together with your friends?”

He Yang didn’t speak.
He took a glass of wine and drank, and finally he got up and left the lounge.


Passing through the corridor, He Yang came to the railing.
He looked at the banquet hall below, and did not go down.

Yuan Lie accompanied him and said gently: “Young Master He won’t go down? The first floor is very lively.” 

He Yang: “It’s boring.”

Yuan Lie couldn’t help laughing, “I’m curious.
In the eyes of Young Master He, what kind of thing is called ‘interesting’?”

He Yang ignored him and continued drinking.

When Yuan Lie saw it, he took the opportunity to sell it: “Young Master He, like I said, if you need psychological counseling, you can come to me at any time.” 

“No need.” He Yang’s voice was very cold as he looked at the banquet hall.

The banquet hall was very warm, and the guests all laughed and gathered together to chat.

He Yang’s eyes swept around the banquet hall at will, and when he inadvertently glanced at the entrance of the banquet hall, he suddenly stopped.

At the entrance of the banquet hall, a young man in a black dress walked in, next to a gorgeous young woman. 

The young woman took the young man’s arm, turned her head sideways, and said something to the young man with a smile.

The young man also lowered his head patiently and listened to the conversation of his female companion.

The distance between the two was very close, and their posture was also very intimate.

He Yang stared at the young man’s figure, frowning tightly. 

Yuan Lie on the side noticed something was wrong with He Yang.
He followed He Yang’s line of sight, but he didn’t find anything unusual.
The banquet hall was full of guests.

Yuan Lie called out: “He Yang?”

He Yang became clear-headed.
He looked away, and stopped looking at that young man.

It’s just an illusion. 

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