Ch36 – The Warm Hug

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Jiang Lin looked at Qin Zhou’s photo and was in a trance.

Would there be two strangers who look exactly the same in this world? 

Jiang Lin sat on the chair dumbfounded, but couldn’t recover.

If he hadn’t seen his sister-in-law’s dead body with his own eyes that time and watched the cremation of the body, he might have thought that the person in the photo was Sister-in-law.



Jiang Lin sat at the desk for a long time, looking at Qin Zhou’s photo, but the more he looked, the more he looked like (Sister-in-law).

The only difference was that Qin Zhou and Sister-in-law had different temperaments. 

Maybe because Qin Zhou was an artist, his facial features were more impactful after makeup, while Sister-in-law was an ordinary piano teacher, with a softer temperament.


However, Jiang Lin still couldn’t help but ask his colleague, “Will there be two strangers who look alike in this world?”

“Yes.” The colleague on the side nodded, took the advantage of the topic and said, “There are many stars that are the spitting image of others in entertainment circles, and they look alike so much.
So, it’s always easy to confuse them.”

Jiang Lin also suddenly realized that Qin Zhou was an artist and had makeup on.


Maybe Qin Zhou just looked like Sister-in-law after putting on makeup, but not after taking off makeup.

Moreover, the artists’ photos were all to be refined; maybe Qin Zhou himself and Sister-in-law were not alike at all.

Jiang Lin comforted himself in this way, and went to the Internet to search for news about celebrities who looked alike with each other.
He really found a lot of celebrities who looked exactly the same with each other, and there were even amateur celebrities who copied the looks of the stars.



It’s normal to look alike.
Qin Zhou just happened to look like Sister-in-law. 

Jiang Lin calmed down a little and continued to work.

Just when he was working, Jiang Lin would still get distracted from time to time, and he would always think about Qin Zhou unknowingly.

Jiang Lin ran over and asked his colleague, “Where is Qin Zhou filming?”

“North District Film and Television City.” 


In the North District Film and Television City, a small black car stopped.

Jiang Lin slowly got out of the car and came to the scenic spot alone.

In the scenic spot, many crews had already started work, and many people came and went, which was very lively. 

Jiang Lin went inside and found Qin Zhou’s crew.

A shed was set up over there by the crew, and some staff were busy coming and going.


It’s just that this crew was a little shabby and miserable compared to other crews.
The crew was very small.
Most of the actors didn’t even have a place to shelter from the wind.
They all sit on stools blowing the cold wind.

It’s March then, and the weather had warmed up a bit.
However, the actors in the crew were wearing thin clothes, and some girls were wearing skirts, they seemed to be shooting a summer scene. 

Jiang Lin looked around and didn’t see Qin Zhou.
Maybe it was still not his turn to act.

Jiang Lin stood far away near the crew, hesitating.

In fact, he didn’t know when Qin Zhou would appear, because he didn’t have a schedule of the crew.
Maybe Qin Zhou would not have a scene in today’s shooting, so he wouldn’t come.

At that time, he just asked about the filming location, and then he was impulsive, he just drove over. 

But now that he really came over, he then didn’t dare to go there.

Even if he really sees Qin Zhou, what’s the point?

Sister-in-law had already left the world.
Even if there was a stranger in this world who looked a lot like Sister-in-law, it’s just a coincidence.

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Jiang Lin lowered his head and blew the cold wind for a while, and his brain calmed down a little. 

Qin Zhou was just a stranger, and after putting on makeup, he looked like Sister-in-law.

People who had passed away would not be resurrected, and seeing Qin Zhou would only remind him of Sister-in-law, making him even sadder.

Jiang Lin figured it out a little and didn’t plan to see Qin Zhou.

However, just as Jiang Lin turned around and was about to leave, he suddenly heard a voice behind him —— 

“All units prepare!”

Jiang Lin turned his head subconsciously and saw the director shouting with a loudspeaker.

In the lounge not far away, a figure slowly walked out.

Jiang Lin looked at that figure and was stunned for a moment. 

The young man in the white shirt smiled and walked towards the set step by step, turning his head from time to time and talking to the people beside him.

Jiang Lin stopped on the spot, staring at the young man, motionless.


The figure in his field of vision was really too familiar, and it gradually overlapped with the figure in his memory——

It’s almost exactly the same. 


When Qin Zhou finished filming this scene, it was already an hour later.

The little assistant hurriedly handed over the coat and thermos mug, “Brother Zhou!”

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Qin Zhou put on his coat and drank hot water, which made his body feel a little warmer. 

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Hlc Itbe tjv cb qjga lc atf rmfcf, rb tf gfaegcfv ab atf ibecuf.

Although it was said to be a lounge, it was actually more like a utility room.
There were many messy things in it, and even the windows were not airtight.

The assistant took a blanket from the side and handed it over, gossiping: “Brother Zhou, I just saw a luxury car parked outside!” 

The assistant was a twenty-year-old little girl.
She stuffed a hot-water bottle into Qin Zhou’s arms, sitting on the side, and said excitedly: “I heard from them that it seems to be a limited-edition car.
Anyway, it is quite expensive…… I don’t know who it is!”

“It may be an investor who came to visit the crew.” Qin Zhou didn’t take it to heart.
He took the script next to him and read it slowly.

The little assistant took a look and asked, “Brother Zhou, didn’t you already read this yesterday?”

“Review it again.” Qin Zhou laughed. 

This was his first time acting as the second male lead, and the role was very heavy, so he still wanted to do it seriously.

Although this drama was only a low-cost web drama, it had been considered very good for him.

He was just a low-level actor in the circle, and there were not many choices.

Qin Zhou slowly flipped through the script, and then got up and went out when his scene was about to start filming. 

It was very windy outside and the weather was overcast.
It looked like it was going to rain.

The director was also in a hurry, fearing that it would rain, and hurriedly urged the staff to prepare.


Qin Zhou took off his jacket and handed it to the assistant, and suddenly noticed something.
He looked to the side subconsciously.

It’s just that Qin Zhou just looked up when the staff just walked past with a piece of equipment, blocking his sight. 

After the staff carried the equipment and left, when Qin Zhou looked over, he could only see a hurriedly leaving back not far away.

The back looked a little familiar.
Qin Zhou looked at the back and was a little lost for a while.

“Brother Zhou, it’s time to go!” The little assistant urged on the side.

Qin Zhou retracted his gaze and went to film first. 


By the time the crew finished work, it was already night.

Qin Zhou didn’t have a night scene at night, so he packed up and went back with his little assistant.

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The hotel he stayed in was near the Film and Television City, but because of the limited budget of the crew, even the rooms allocated to the actors were cheap single rooms. 

Qin Zhou, as usual, went to bed early after washing up and reviewed the script before going to bed.

When it was ten o’clock in the evening, he turned off the lights on time to go to bed, and woke up on time at six o’clock the next morning.

His daily routine was very stable, going to bed early and getting up early to maintain health.

Qin Zhou brought his assistant to the crew and went to do makeup first. 

It’s just that before the shooting, there was a temporary problem with the props team, so Qin Zhou could only go back to the lounge first.

“I’m so sleepy……” The little assistant on the side yawned and couldn’t help saying: “Brother Zhou, I’m going out to buy breakfast…….”

“OK.” Qin Zhou replied.

So the little assistant got up and went out to buy breakfast, and when she came back, her face was full of excitement. 

“Brother Zhou, Brother Zhou!” The little assistant ran over excitedly, “I saw that luxury car from yesterday again! He’s such a handsome guy!”

“It shouldn’t be an actor.
I don’t think he didn’t come to film!” The assistant analyzed seriously, “I guess he’s a fan of a star, and he came here to visit the crew…….”


The little assistant thought for a while, then frowned: “But our crew is so poor, it shouldn’t be us…… So, who is he looking for?”

Qin Zhou didn’t know who the assistant was talking about, so he just said, “Maybe he’s just curious about filming, so he came and had a look.” 

The assistant nodded and didn’t mention it again.

Qin Zhou waited in the lounge for another half an hour, until the staff came to call him, and then he got up and went out.

Qin Zhou left the room and walked towards the set.

But just halfway through, the assistant on the side suddenly said, “Brother Zhou, Brother Zhou! It’s that guy!” 

The assistant tugged Qin Zhou’s sleeve secretly and whispered, “That super handsome little brother in a luxury car!”

Qin Zhou turned his head to the side and looked in the direction of his assistant subconsciously.
After seeing a figure not far away, he was stunned for a while.

And that person also didn’t seem to expect that Qin Zhou would look over.
For a split second, he lowered his head in a panic, avoiding eye contact.

Qin Zhou stared at that person for a while, and finally retracted his gaze. 

Qin Zhou went to film first, and when the filming was over, he glanced at the periphery of the set.

It’s just that that person seemed to have left.
There was no trace of that person near the set, only some supporting actors and staff were still there.

And those supporting actors and staff were holding a cup of milk tea in their hands, and it looked like someone’s treat.

When Qin Zhou returned to the lounge, he saw a few cups of milk tea on the table. 

The assistant hurriedly handed one of them to Qin Zhou: “Brother Zhou, drink milk tea!”

Qin Zhou took the milk tea and asked, “Who brought the milk tea?”

“It’s that handsome guy in a luxury car!” The assistant was a little excited.
“He said that he came to visit the crew, so he bought it for everyone in our crew! He’s so generous!”

Qin Zhou’s hands stopped.
His eyes lowered, and he didn’t speak. 

“But the luxury car little brother doesn’t seem to say whose crew he came to …….” The assistant became a little puzzled, and asked again, “Brother Zhou, do you know him?”

Qin Zhou held the cup of hot milk tea, and after a long time, he slowly said: “I don’t know.”


“Then he’s probably a fan of Sister Su Su!” The little assistant nodded, “Sister Su Su is so beautiful!”

Qin Zhou sat on the sofa, took the script and opened it, ready to review. 

It’s just that Qin Zhou stared at the first paragraph of the script for a long time without turning over a page.


In the afternoon of the next day, another milk tea was delivered to the set.

It was still the fan who came to visit the crew and invited the whole crew. 

“Wow——” The little assistant was very excited, “That handsome guy in the luxury car is sending giveaways again!”

“Free milk tea for two consecutive days!”  The assistant was already bought completely.
“I declare, from now on, he is my blood-related brother from different father and mother!”

“This brand of milk tea is so expensive.
I usually can’t bear to order it!” The little assistant felt distressed for a while, and was reluctant to drink.

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Qin Zhou didn’t speak.
He just sat quietly by the window and looked at that figure outside. 

Jiang Lin was still on the set, standing alone silently.
He looked a little lonely.

The sky was still overcast outside, and it looked like it was going to rain.

Qin Zhou looked at Jiang Lin’s figure in a trance, but finally retracted his gaze and ignored it.

After a while, the assistant came over and said, “Brother Zhou, the filming is about to start!” 

Qin Zhou got up and left the lounge.

But when Qin Zhou came outside, he noticed that raindrops fell on his head.

Qin Zhou stretched out his hand and felt the slightest coolness in his palm.

Qin Zhou called his assistant and said, “YueYue, you ask him if he wants to come in to rest, so he can hide from the rain.” 

“Huh?” The assistant was stunned.
She still didn’t know who he was talking about.

Qin Zhou: “The fan who sent milk tea.”


“Oh, OK!” The little assistant nodded quickly.


Qin Zhou went to film first.

Although it was raining, the crew built a shed for the actors to shoot inside.

The assistant walked towards the periphery of the set, came to Jiang Lin, and said, “Little brother, I have seen you come to visit the crew in the past two days!”

The assistant said again: “It’s going to rain.
Why don’t you go to the lounge? It’s very windy outside.” 

Jiang Lin recognized that this assistant was the one following Qin Zhou, and suddenly, he became a little cautious.
No word could come out from his throat, so he just nodded.

So the assistant took Jiang Lin to the lounge and poured Jiang Lin a cup of hot water.

“Our crew is a bit poor, so please put up with this first……” The assistant was a little embarrassed.

Jiang Lin sat on the sofa, holding a cup, feeling more and more nervous. 

He knew that Qin Zhou rested in this room every time.
After the filming was over, Qin Zhou might come back.

Now Jiang Lin’s mind was in a mess, and he couldn’t think at all, so he could only drink hot water to try to ease his mood.

It wasn’t until after the filming of a scene on the set that Jiang Lin heard the noise outside, and his body suddenly became tense.

Also, because the filming was over, the staff started walking outside, and the set was a little noisy. 

In the chaotic sound, Jiang Lin heard the footsteps ——

The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer to the room, and Jiang Lin became nervous when he heard the sound.

The footsteps finally stopped outside the room.
Jiang Lin couldn’t help but look up and saw a familiar figure pushing in the door.

The young man was wearing a black coat and holding a hot water bottle in his hand, which seemed to be a little cold. 

The young man closed the door, looked up, and met with Jiang Lin’s gaze, and he still had a gentle smile on his face.

Jiang Lin stared at the figure of the young man and couldn’t help getting up.


“That …….
Hello!” Jiang Lin stumbled a bit, “I…….
I’m your fan…… I like your acting very much!”

“Thank you.” The young man walked over with a smile. 

Jiang Lin suddenly became more nervous and couldn’t help but secretly glanced at Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou sat on the sofa, took the cup from the assistant’s hand, and drank hot water.

Jiang Lin looked at Qin Zhou’s profile.
This was the first time he had observed Qin Zhou up close, and he suddenly felt he looked very similar to Sister-in-law.

Although Qin Zhou had makeup on his face, his facial features looked more refined. 

But if Sister-in-law also wears makeup, he should be similar to Qin Zhou……

Qin Zhou and Sister-in-law were just like twins, they looked exactly the same, even the tear mole under the right eye was exactly the same.

Jiang Lin’s breathing became a little faster, and he couldn’t help but say, “You look like a friend of mine…….”

Qin Zhou put down the cup and looked sideways. 

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Jiang Lin also realized that he had said something wrong, and said quickly, “I don’t mean anything else, it’s just you are really similar……..”

The more Jiang Lin said, the more confused he became.
He found that he couldn’t explain clearly and suddenly lowered his head in annoyance, he had to say: “I’m sorry! I’m not very good at speaking……..”

“It’s okay.” Qin Zhou still smiled, as if he didn’t mind.

Jiang Lin looked at the person in front of him and suddenly felt they were very similar. 

Qin Zhou, like Sister-in-law, was so gentle, even their voices were similar.

He was now with Qin Zhou, and it felt like he was having a conversation with Sister-in-law.

But Sister-in-law had been gone for almost two years, and the person in front of him was Qin Zhou, not Sister-in-law.

Jiang Lin couldn’t help but whisper: “My friend………..
It’s all my fault, I killed him.” 

Qin Zhou’s expression was a little surprised when he heard it, and he asked, “Why do you say that?”

“It’s my fault……” Jiang Lin bowed his head in remorse, shook his head and said, “Forget it.
Let’s not mention it.”


He and Qin Zhou were only meeting for the first time, and they were not very familiar with each other.
It was inappropriate to mention this kind of thing.

Jiang Lin fell silent, sitting on the sofa without saying a word. 

Several times he wanted to speak on his own initiative, but he didn’t know what to say, and he was restless.

Qin Zhou saw Jiang Lin’s discomfort and said, “I have to film later, I’ll read the script first.”

Jiang Lin breathed a sigh of relief and nodded quickly: “Okay.”

Qin Zhou took the script and looked down. 

The two sat on the sofa together without disturbing each other.

Not long after, a staff member came knocking on the door.

“Brother Zhou! You can go and prepare!”

Qin Zhou got up, put down the script and prepared to leave. 

Jiang Lin looked at Qin Zhou’s figure and suddenly shouted: “Qin Zhou!”

“Can I……… hug you?” Jiang Lin was a little awkward, “Just a hug……..”

Qin Zhou stopped in place.
He didn’t turn back.

Jiang Lin could only see Qin Zhou’s back, and he didn’t know what Qin Zhou’s expression was.
He was afraid that the other party would misunderstand, so he quickly explained: “I don’t mean anything else.
I just like you so much……..
I want to hug………” 

“It’s the kind of hug between idols and fans……..” Jiang Lin became a little incoherent.
His voice became smaller and smaller, his head lowered, and some did not dare to look at Qin Zhou’s reaction.

In the end, Jiang Lin gave up.
With a smile on his face, he waved his hand pretending to be calm: “It’s okay! I just said it casually!”

But as soon as Jiang Lin finished speaking, he saw the young man in front of him move.

Qin Zhou turned around and came to Jiang Lin step by step, reaching out to hug him. 

Jiang Lin opened his eyes and felt the temperature falling on his body.
He reached out his hand tremblingly, and tentatively hugged the young man back.

The hug was very warm, just as he had imagined.


It was so warm that Jiang Lin’s eyes were red.
He couldn’t control his emotions any longer, sobbing on the young man’s shoulder.

Countless nights, he would wake up from the nightmare of a car accident. 

Because what he was waiting for in his dream was a cold hug.

In the dream, he would never be able to save the car accident, so he could only hold Sister-in-law’s stiff body, which was bleeding all over the ground.

He thought about whether Sister-in-law hated him all the time.
That’s why every time he dreamed of his sister-in-law, Sister-in-law would not let him hold him, and only let him hold the dead body.

But now, he finally hugged a warm body. 

Even if he knew that the person in front of him was not Sister-in-law, he would still feel at ease when he was being hugged ——

It was as if Sister-in-law was holding him.

He’s been waiting for this hug for too long.

For a long time..…… 

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