Ch35 – Every day is April Fool’s Day

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The doctor asked: “How important is he?”

“Very important.” He Yang lowered his eyes, “I like him very much.” 

Doctor: “Then does he like you?”

He Yang held the ring and said nothing.



He knew that Xu ChengYan liked him.

So, on the phone at that time, he told him not to come back. 

Because he knew that no matter what, Xu ChengYan would come back in the end.


And he did wait until Xu ChengYan came back ——

But what he had waited for was a corpse.

Too late.


Everything was too late.

He Yang put the ring back in the box, then got up and left the psychological clinic.

After returning to the apartment, He Yang turned on the light and habitually came to the balcony.


The balcony was still full of potted plants.
The flowerpots were still the same as before, but the plants in the flowerpots had been changed. 

It turned out that the flowers planted in the pots had long since died due to long-term lack of water, so they had to be replaced with new ones.

He couldn’t take care of the potted plants, and the housekeeper aunt only came here once a week.

After a long time, the newly planted flowers in potted plants were still short of water, and they couldn’t be raised for too long each time.

They could only clean the pot again and again and replace it with a new one. 

He Yang closed his eyes and half leaned on the recliner, holding the wooden tag in his hand and stroking it.

When he was half asleep, He Yang heard a familiar male voice behind him ——


He Yang slowly opened his eyes.
But he did not look back. 

He knew there was no one in the apartment.

He was having hallucinations again.


He Yang opened his eyes and looked out of the window in a trance.

Time passed very slowly. 

It slowed down in every day, every minute, every second……..
It was very tormenting.

Then, time passed quickly again.

It was almost until he could not even remember what Xu ChengYan looked like, and even the memories of the two of them getting along became more and more blurred.

The last memory left in his mind was his long wait in this apartment alone. 

It was as if every time he turned his head, he could still see the young man behind him.

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But he waited for nothing, and miracles won’t happen.

Every day is April Fool’s Day.


Outside the room, the seasons changed.

The leaves on the tree turned from green to withered yellow, and then fell from the heights to the ground, leaving only bare branches ——

Another winter was here.


A week before the New Year, He Yang returned to the main house.

QiQi was still the same as before.
When he saw He Yang’s car approaching, he rushed over to look for Xu ChengYan.

QiQi circled around He Yang and saw no one, so he ran to the car door again.

He Yang ignored the big dog and just entered the villa and came to the recuperation room. 

Father He was still in a wheelchair, playing chess alone at the table.

In the corner of the table, there was a photo frame ——


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In the photo, a young woman in a bright red cheongsam was smiling at the camera.

Lf Tjcu kjixfv bnfg rafq ys rafq.
Mjatfg Lf jirb tfjgv atf wbnfwfca jcv ibbxfv eq. 

“Tbe’gf yjmx……” Mjatfg Lf cbvvfv jcv jrxfv jujlc, “Tbe mjwf yjmx j ofk vjsr jub, kts jgf sbe tfgf jujlc abvjs?”

Lf Tjcu rja bqqbrlaf Mjatfg Lf jcv rjlv ilutais, “P mjwf yjmx ijra wbcat, jcv cbk P’w yjmx obg Jtlcfrf Rfk Tfjg.”

“It’s going to be New Year……..” Father He’s expression became a little dazed.
He shook his head and said, “I am old.
I can’t remember……”

Father He looked over again and asked, “What about that child?” 

“The child you brought back before, didn’t he come?”

“He seems to be a piano teacher.
What’s his name? Can’t remember…….”

Father He frowned slightly, still recalling.

But He Yang just said coldly: “He’s dead.” 

“Dead?” Father He then reacted, “Yeah, he’s dead……”

Father He couldn’t help looking at the photo frame on the table and lowered his voice.
He said: “Maybe A Ruan wants to see him……”

“He went to see A Ruan……” Father He picked up that photo frame, his eyes were a little red, “I also want to see A Ruan……..”

“Why didn’t she take me away with her…….” 

Father He was immersed in his memories, feeling a little excited.

He Yang just stayed by the side quietly, and only got up and left when Father He was emotionally stable.

The Steward stayed outside the recuperation room, and when he saw He Yang come out, he followed behind He Yang.

The Steward said, “Master is still confused recently, and he can’t remember a lot of things.” 

“M-hm.” He Yang was a little cold.

The Steward looked at He Yang’s back and couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master He, will you be sad?”


He Yang stopped and asked, “Why should I be sad?”

Like his father, he should cry beside the corpse for days and nights before being admitted to the hospital? 

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Steward: “Madam, she’s already ——”

Before the Steward could finish speaking, He Yang interrupted: “I’m not sad.”

He won’t be sad.

He Yang turned around, went back to the room alone, and sat on the sofa. 

On the table next to it, there was an old photo album.

He Yang looked at that album, and after a long time, he finally reached out and took it, slowly opening the first page of the album.

He Yang flipped through the album page by page and quickly finished it.

Only half of the photos in the album were put in, and there were still many empty pages behind. 

He Yang picked up the phone and called Jiang Lin.

After the call was connected, He Yang asked, “Are there any photos of Xu ChengYan?”

Jiang Lin: “What’s wrong?”

“His photos.” 

“What do you want his photos for at this time?” Jiang Lin on the other side of the phone frowned, “You didn’t ask for it before, so why did you come to ask me now?”

But He Yang just repeated: “His photos.”

Jiang Lin became a little irritated.
He scratched his hair, but he still replied: “I’ll bring it to you in a few days.”


In the next few days of Chinese New Year, Jiang Lin came to the main house.

The main house of the He family was very deserted.
All the servants had left, except for He Yang and Father He, only the Steward was still there.


QiQi was still quite energetic, running around in the yard and rolling on the snow.

Jiang Lin walked across the yard with the gift box, and after entering the house, he glanced at the man on the sofa. 

“My dad asked me to come over for New Year’s greetings.” Jiang Lin put the gift box on the table.

But the man didn’t look up.
He just looked down at an old yellowed album.

He Yang said, “Photo.”

“Got it.” Jiang Lin took out a few photos from his bag.
All of which were taken when his sister-in-law was in college. 

There were photos of the sports day, photos taken during club activities, and photos taken in graduation uniforms……

There were not many photos left by Sister-in-law.
He had been looking for these photos for a long time and got them from Sister-in-law’s college classmates.

Jiang Lin handed over the photos.
He glanced at the photo album on He Yang’s lap casually, and saw the photo of Shen XiuZhu at a glance.

Jiang Lin frowned slightly.
He looked away and didn’t look any further.
He just sat on the sofa next to him and played with his mobile phone. 

The living room was very quiet, and occasionally there was the sound of flipping through albums.

The two of them did their own thing without saying a word.

When Jiang Lin raised his head inadvertently, he saw He Yang turned to a blank page of the album, holding a photo of Xu ChengYan and slowly put it in.

When Jiang Lin saw it, he immediately said, “Putting his photo together with Shen XiuZhu, what do you want to do?!” 

“You asked me to find the photos, just because you want to put his photos with Shen XiuZhu’s?!” Jiang Lin exploded instantly, “If you like Shen XiuZhu, just go after Shen XiuZhu! Don’t pretend to be affectionate here!”

Jiang Lin: “Putting the photos of them together, who do you want to gross out!”

“Jiang Lin.” He Yang’s face sank.

“I really don’t understand what the hell you are thinking!” Jiang Lin got up and said coldly, “I’m going back.” 

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Jiang Lin didn’t want to stay any longer, so he turned and left.

The Steward on the side came over and sent Jiang Lin away.


But when they arrived at the gate of the courtyard, the Steward suddenly said, “Young Master Jiang, that album was left by Madam He.”

In the past, the He family and the Shen family lived very close together, and the young master of the Shen family would run over from next door to accompany Mrs.
He every time. 

He liked the young master of the Shen family very much.
Every time there was something fun and delicious, she would leave one for the little young master.

Young Master He’s personality was relatively dull.
He preferred the lively temperament of the little young master.
She often took two children out to play together.
She also specially asked the V brand’s master designers to make some children’s clothes, and dressed up like the little young master as a model.

Young Master He didn’t like to be a model, so he always watched from the side, while Mrs.
He was tossing the little young master, choosing clothes from a lot of children’s clothes to match, and letting the little young master change them.

Gradually, the two children grew up, and Mrs.
He always accompanied them. 

He also took a lot of photos of the two children, and put the photos of He Yang and the little young master into the family album.

But before Mrs.
He could fill up the family album, she left suddenly.

The Steward recalled the past and explained, “Young Master He is looking through that album because he misses Madam He.”

He had passed away for nine years. 

When Mrs.
He had an accident back then, Young Master He was the calmest one among all of them ——

He didn’t make a fuss; he just came to the hospital bed very calmly and took a look at her dead body.

Even on the second day of her death, Young Master He still went out as usual, and could not see the impact of his mother’s death on him at all.

But nine years later, Young Master He still hadn’t moved on. 

Every time he had to look through the albums left by Mrs.
He for a long time, but he had never added a photo.

Until today, Young Master He finally added a new photo.

And that album was used by Mrs.
He to record her family.


After Jiang Lin left the He family’s main house, he went to the psychological clinic.

And because of the Chinese New Year, the streets were a little deserted.


Jiang Lin came to the clinic and saw that the doctor was already waiting inside.

Sitting across from the doctor, Jiang Lin couldn’t help but ask, “You guys don’t go back for the New Year, and you still open for business?” 

“You called and said you’re coming here, so I just ran out of the house.” The doctor smiled.

“Ah?” Jiang Lin was stunned.
He suddenly felt guilty, and whispered: “Actually, it’s nothing……”

“It’s okay.” The doctor’s tone was very gentle, “You can tell me anything.”

“It’s nothing……” Jiang Lin was a little confused, and whispered: “It’s my brother who’s weird…….” 

After the doctor heard this, the expression on his face became more serious, “Mr.
He’s situation is more serious.”

The doctor then added, “But it looks like Mr.
Jiang should be fine by now.”

Jiang Lin nodded, “I’m fine now.”

He was doing fine now. 

Jiang Lin took a deep breath and said, “I will be looking for a job in a few days.”

After graduation, he had been traveling outside to relax, and he had no job.

His family couldn’t stand it anymore and kept urging him to go to work.

But he didn’t want to go to work in his family’s company, and he always felt like he was being watched.
So, he told his family that he would look for a job himself. 

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“What direction are you going to take?” The doctor asked.

“Anything is fine.” Jiang Lin didn’t care, “Anyway, I’ll try it first, and then change it if it doesn’t fit.”

The doctor thought about it, and said, “If you don’t mind, you can come to my family’s company.”

“Your family?” Jiang Lin was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously said: “Is it a clinic?” 

“No.” The doctor laughed.
He then opened the drawer, took out a business card and handed it over, “It is an entertainment company.

Jiang Lin looked at the business card.
Although he didn’t know anything about the entertainment industry, he had heard the name of this entertainment company before, and it was quite famous.


“Is this real or not?” Jiang Lin was a little stunned and asked, “Aren’t you a doctor?”

“I’m a doctor.” The doctor sighed, “If I don’t work hard, I can only go back and inherit hundreds of billions of property.” 

Jiang Lin hesitated and said: “But my major is not suitable for the entertainment industry……”

“It’s okay.” The doctor smiled, “I’ll open the back door for you, and you can be airborne.”


In the end, Jiang Lin went to the entertainment company of the doctor’s family. 

Jiang Lin was too embarrassed to be airborne, so the doctor arranged for him a temporary job as an intern in an office.

The work of the interns was very messy, running around in the work every day, and there were a lot of documents to sort out.

The office was very busy.
Colleagues check the artist’s work on the computer every day, arrange schedules, etc., as well as planning publicity and such…….

Some messy and trivial things were all handled by the office. 

Jiang Lin was running around.
Just after checking the process with the next department, he returned to the office a little tired and ready to take a rest.

There were two other girls in the office, discussing something together.

“How long does it take to finish filming this drama? Can the publicity be prepared?”

“Wait, I’ll tell Qin Zhou’s side to let him cooperate……” 

“It’s a pity that the crew is too poor.
The rented suits are too cheap…….”

Jiang Lin listened to the discussion and walked past the two girls.

But when Jiang Lin inadvertently looked at the computer screen, he was instantly stunned.

On the screen, a black-haired youth in a suit leaned against the railing and turned his head to look at the camera. 

And the black-haired youth’s facial features were very familiar, with a smile in the pair of peach blossom eyes, and a small mole under the right eye.

Looking at this photo, Jiang Lin couldn’t help but ask aloud, “This man…….
Who is he?”


Jiang Lin’s voice trembled a little, staring at the photo closely, refusing to let go of every detail.

The girl at the computer desk looked up, then looked back at the screen, and said, “He is Qin Zhou.” 

Jiang Lin opened his mouth, but his throat was a little hoarse, and he couldn’t say a word.

In the end, Jiang Lin just went back to his work place.
Then, he went through the company’s artist list again, and found Qin Zhou’s name.

Qin Zhou……

Jiang Lin hurriedly searched for the name on the Internet, and in an instant, he found a lot of information. 

Jiang Lin couldn’t wait to open the photo albums, and looked at them one by one, his heart beating faster and faster.

It was so similar.

Almost exactly the same as Sister-in-law.

It was as if Sister-in-law was still alive in this world. 

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