Ch27 – Wait for me to come back

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In the end, Xu ChengYan and Qin Zhou sent grandma back together.

Qin Zhou’s house was not far away, and he lived in an old house outside the entrance of the village. 

Qin Zhou helped grandma back to the room, and hurriedly brought a chair over, “Little boss, sit down.
I’ll pour the water!”

Xu ChengYan sat on the chair and looked at the house.



The house was a bit old, and more than half of the walls were dusty.
Because of the small space, the sundries were densely piled together.
There were many plastic bottles in the corners, which should have been picked up by grandma.

Qin Zhou also poured water and brought the cup over.
He was a little embarrassed and said, “The hot water has already been boiled, but I haven’t reboiled it yet.
So, I could only bring the cold water first…….” 

Xu ChengYan held the cup and looked at the bedroom on the side again, he asked: “Is grandma at home alone?”


Qin Zhou nodded, and said helplessly: “I don’t have money.
I have to go out to pick up work during the day, so I don’t have time to take care of grandma.”

“No one else at home?”

“There is no one else, just me and my grandma.” Qin Zhou shook his head and said lightly: “My mother ran away with another man after I was born.
After that, my grandfather fell ill and died, and so did my father.”


Qin Zhou’s tone was very flat, like talking about something that had nothing to do with me.

“Sorry.” Xu ChengYan lowered his eyes.

“It’s okay.” Qin Zhou waved his hand, as if it didn’t matter.

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Xu ChengYan asked again: “Are there any relatives who can help?” 

“I don’t have any relatives either.” Qin Zhou said, “My grandmother and I were from another place, a small village in the north, and we later moved to Anshi.”

“It’s fine after I get used to it.” Qin Zhou smiled, “I am very happy every day now.”

Xu ChengYan also quieted down and stopped talking.

At this moment, there was a sound of movement from the bedroom. 

As soon as Qin Zhou heard this, he had to get up and go into the bedroom, where he saw grandma standing in front of the cabinet, rummaging through it.

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“Xiao Zhou……” Grandma hurriedly came to Xu ChengYan’s side, took out all the money in the envelope, and stuffed it into Xu ChengYan’s hand.

“Grandma saved it all for Xiao Zhou…….”


Xu ChengYan looked down, and there was all the change in his hand.
Most of which were one yuan and five mao(coins).
And these changes were not very new; it seemed that they had been saved for a long time.

“It’s all for Xiao Zhou……” Grandma held Xu ChengYan’s hand, “Xiao Zhou buys more and eats more, Grandma is not hungry…….” 

Xu ChengYan suddenly felt that the change in his hand became heavy, and when he looked up at Qin Zhou, he saw Qin Zhou with red eyes, turning around and wiping his eyes.

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After a while, Qin Zhou came over and helped grandma up, “Grandma, you go and rest first.”

This time, grandma didn’t resist, and was sent back to the bedroom by Qin Zhou.

Xu ChengYan put the change back into the envelope and also came to the bedroom. 

As soon as he entered, Xu ChengYan saw the posters of a star on the wall, so he stopped and took a few more glances.

All of these posters were of the same person.
Most of them were one-man promotion posters for movies, and some personal photos or something.

Qin Zhou had already helped his grandmother get into bed, and when he noticed Xu ChengYan, he came over and explained, “These are all Pei Yuan’s posters.”

Xu ChengYan looked at the various one-man posters on the wall and nodded. 

He knew that Pei Yuan was the top film emperor in the entertainment industry, with a high popularity and a good reputation.

Qin Zhou looked at the poster on the wall and said excitedly, “I like the boxer he played the most! He’s so handsome!”

When talking about his idol, Qin Zhou’s eyes were full of stars.

Xu ChengYan said, “I haven’t seen this one…… Is it good?” 

“It’s good!” Qin Zhou nodded quickly, wanting to praise more, but he couldn’t think of words to praise, so he had to say: “It’s really very good! I’ve watched it dozens of times!”

Xu ChengYan couldn’t help but look at a movie poster on the wall.
It was a bruised boxer standing on the ring, with his back to the camera, unable to see his face.

Qin Zhou raised his head and sighed a little: “I also want to be an actor.
If only I could act with Pei Yuan……..”

But Qin Zhou just said casually, and then he turned to Xu ChengYan and said: “Little boss, I will send you back.” 

Xu ChengYan asked, “Is it okay for grandma to be at home alone?”

“It’s okay, grandma still stays at home most of the time, and even if she runs out, she won’t go too far.”

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Qin Zhou said, preparing to send Xu ChengYan back to town.

Before leaving, Xu ChengYan returned the envelope and ginger candy that grandma gave him to Qin Zhou. 

The old woman had forgotten everything, but only remembered her little grandson.

When he got back to the inn, it was already evening.

Xu ChengYan was lying on the bed, flipping through the map of the town while looking for an itinerary on the Internet.

But there were too many itineraryies, Xu ChengYan felt a little dizzy, and finally gave up looking for itinerary and fell asleep on the bed. 

In the middle of the night, it was raining lightly outside.

Xu ChengYan woke up disturbed by the sound of rain, and suddenly he was unable to sleep after listening to the sound of rain.

By morning, the rain stopped.

It was gloomy outside.
Xu ChengYan didn’t go out and stayed in the room to rest. 

Xu ChengYan leaned on the bed, holding his phone, opened the contacts, and looking at the phone number of XianSheng, he was a little lost.

After hesitating for a long time, Xu ChengYan finally did not dial the number, but just called Jiang Lin.

The phone was connected at once, and Jiang Lin’s voice came.


Xu ChengYan said, “I saw the weather forecast.
It’s going to be cooler over there, so be careful to wear more clothes.”

“Got it!” Jiang Lin responded and asked again: “When will Sister-in-law come back?”

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“It’s hard to say.” Xu ChengYan was still a little unsure.

He still remembered the last words XianSheng said to him, telling him not to come back. 

He hadn’t contacted XianSheng these days, and XianSheng hadn’t contacted him either.
The two seemed to have completely cut off their relationship.

Maybe, XianSheng really didn’t want him anymore.


Xu ChengYan lowered his head and took a deep breath.
After adjusting his state, he changed the subject and said, “There is a stockade village of ethnic minorities here.
I’m going to rent a driver tomorrow and go to the stockade village to have a look.”

“Sister-in-law is having a good time.” Jiang Lin said, “My brother will go to the houseboat with Chi Yi and the others tomorrow and they still invite me to go with them.” 

Xu ChengYan took advantage of the situation and asked, “Then, are you going?”

Jiang Lin replied, “No.”

“Chi Yi and the others always speak ill of you.” Jiang Lin’s voice was a little muffled, “I don’t like them.”

Xu ChengYan lowered his head, his fingertips hooked on the quilt unconsciously, and did not speak. 

The gap between him and XianSheng was too great.
He would never be able to integrate into XianSheng’s circle, nor would he be recognized by XianSheng’s friends.

He and XianSheng had no future.

In a split second, Xu ChengYan had thought a lot.

But in the end, Xu ChengYan didn’t say anything, just said to Jiang Lin, “Have a good rest at home and wear more clothes.” 

“Got it!” Jiang Lin smiled, “If Sister-in-law goes to the stockade village tomorrow, remember to bring me a souvenir!”

“Okay.” Xu ChengYan agreed, “Wait for me to come back.”

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