Ch23 – The Last Call

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Xu ChengYan looked at the phone, still a little lost.

XianSheng was keeping the young master company again.



Xu ChengYan stayed alone on the balcony for a long time, until it was windy and rainy outside, only then he got up and went back to the room.

It was already past eleven o’clock in the evening, but XianSheng still didn’t come back.
He probably won’t come back. 

Xu ChengYan sat by the bed with his phone, flipped through tomorrow’s flight schedule, and bought a ticket to another province at noon tomorrow.


After buying the plane ticket, Xu ChengYan clicked on the chat room with XianSheng, and after thinking about it, he still sent a message ——

【XianSheng, the wontons are in the refrigerator, and Auntie will come over to cook in these few days.

【The potted plants on the balcony are best watered once every three days.
If the weather is good, you can move them outside to bask in the sun.
It doesn’t matter if XianSheng forgets.
Auntie will also help take care of it.


【The temperature will cool down in the next few days.
XianSheng, pay attention to your health.】

After the message was sent, Xu ChengYan waited for a while, but still didn’t get a reply.
So, he put the phone aside and didn’t look at it again.

When Xu ChengYan woke up the next morning, the place beside him was still empty.

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XianSheng didn’t come back last night. 

After Xu ChengYan finished washing up and changed his clothes, he called XianSheng one more time.

After the call was connected, Xu ChengYan asked, “XianSheng, are you coming back tonight?”

“I’m sorry.
He Yang has something to do.
Wait a moment.” A somewhat familiar male voice came from the other end of the phone, “He Yang, your phone ——”

Xu ChengYan clenched the phone.
That voice he heard, it was the voice of the young master. 

There was a rustling sound from the other end of the phone, and after a while, he heard He Yang’s voice.

“What’s the matter?”

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Xu ChengYan asked: “Are you coming back tonight, XianSheng?”

Lf Tjcu rjlv ilutais: “P kbc’a mbwf yjmx.” 

We JtfcuTjc tfiv atf qtbcf alutais jcv mbeivc’a tfiq jrxlcu: “Gb sbe tjnf ab jmmbwqjcs Vtfc WleIte, WljcVtfcu?”

Lf Tjcu: “Qfii, jmmbwqjcs tlw ab atf tbrqlaji obg j mtfmxeq.”


“P rff.” We JtfcuTjc gfrqbcvfv jcv rjlv jujlc, “WljcVtfcu, P klii ub bea lc atf joafgcbbc.
P’w cba regf ktfc P’ii yf yjmx.”

“It’s up to you.” He Yang didn’t take it to heart. 

Xu ChengYan wanted to say something more, but the phone had been hung up.


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On the other side, after He Yang hung up the phone, he put the phone aside and took the glass and poured a cup of hot water.

Shen XiuZhu saw it, came over, and asked softly, “Is there something important?” 

“If you have something to do, just go and do it first.” Shen XiuZhu smiled shyly, “It doesn’t matter if I’m alone.”

“It’s nothing important.” He Yang said lightly, and just handed over the cold medicine and the glass, “Take the medicine first, and then go to the hospital later.”

Shen XiuZhu obediently took the cup and prepared to take the medicine.

The cup was still steaming, and Shen XiuZhu was wearing glasses, so a layer of fog instantly formed on the glasses. 

He Yang stretched out his hand and skillfully helped Shen XiuZhu take off his glasses, took out a piece of paper from the side, and wiped it on the lenses.

Shen XiuZhu finished drinking the hot water, leaned against the table, and quietly watched He Yang wipe the glasses.

After cleaning the glasses, Shen XiuZhu leaned over very naturally and asked He Yang to help him put on the glasses.

The movements between the two were very familiar, as if they had done it countless times. 

After that, He Yang accompanied Shen XiuZhu to the hospital for a re-examination, and stayed by Shen XiuZhu’s side all the time.

By the time He Yang returned to the apartment, it was already evening.

The curtains in the living room were drawn tightly, and the lights were not turned on in the room, it was pitch black.

When he came to the bedroom, He Yang turned on the light, but did not see a familiar figure in the bedroom.
Xu ChengYan was not at home. 

There was one less person in the apartment, and it instantly became a little deserted.

However, He Yang only thought that Xu ChengYan didn’t come back because he had a class in the afternoon, so he didn’t care much.


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Until it was dark outside, Xu ChengYan still hadn’t come back, and he also didn’t send any message.

He Yang sat on the bed, still took the phone and called Xu ChengYan. 

“Yanyan.” He Yang asked, “Still outside?”

“Well.” The other end of the phone answered.

He Yang asked: “Where are you? I’ll ask the driver to pick you up.”

“No need.” Xu ChengYan said, “XianSheng, I’m in Anshi.” 

Anshi was in the neighboring province.
He Yang immediately asked, “Why did you suddenly go there?”

Xu ChengYan explained: “I told XianSheng last time that I recently want to take a break for a while, so I just went out.”

Only then, He Yang remembered the time when Xu ChengYan told him that he wanted to take a rest.

He Yang asked, “When will you be back?” 

The other end of the phone was silent for a while before replying, “I don’t know.”

Only then did He Yang realize something was wrong and asked, “Yanyan, what’s going on?”

There was no sound from the other end of the phone, it was quiet.

He Yang asked, “Why did you suddenly run off without saying a word?” 

“Sorry, XianSheng.” Xu ChengYan clenched the phone.
He was alone in the hotel room, looking at the night view outside the window, and he said slowly: “I still can’t accept that XianSheng is so kind to another person.”

He Yang frowned slightly, “Yanyan, don’t make trouble.”

“XianSheng, I’m not making trouble.” Xu ChengYan lowered his head and said softly, “Why does XianSheng always think that I’m making trouble?”

He had had enough of that sentence. 

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“XianSheng, maybe we all need a little time to calm down.” Xu ChengYan resisted his emotions.
His eyes were slightly red, “It’s best to stay away for a while.”

He Yang listened to the voice on the other end of the phone, the expression on his face became cold, “I said before, he is my friend.”


“XianSheng, there are many kinds of friends…….” Xu ChengYan’s voice was somewhat choked.

“He has a heart disease and can’t be stimulated.” He Yang rubbed his eyebrows, “Someone needs to take care of him.” 

“How long will XianSheng take care of him?” Xu ChengYan’s tone became a little excited, “One year? Two years? Twenty years? Or, thirty years?”

“Xu ChengYan!”

Xu ChengYan closed his eyes, took a deep breath, slowed down a bit, and finally said, “XianSheng, I don’t want to discuss anything about him anymore.”

“Xu ChengYan, how did you promise me five years ago?” He Yang’s tone became a little heavier, “Now you regret it, and you are throwing a tantrum?!” 

Xu ChengYan lowered his eyes.

Five years ago, he had promised XianSheng that he could be without any status.

He also promised XianSheng that he would be very well-behaved, very obedient, and he would obey XianSheng in everything.

“But five years ago, XianSheng didn’t say that you wanted me to be a substitute.” Xu ChengYan said slowly, “It was XianSheng who lied to me.” 

“I can’t accept his existence, and I don’t want to be his stand-in.”

“XianSheng, I just need a moment to calm down.”

After speaking, the phone fell silent, and no one spoke again.

After a long time, He Yang said coldly, “Then don’t come back.” 

He Yang hung up the phone.

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