Ch22 – Yanyan, don’t make trouble

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The next morning, Xu ChengYan woke up, disturbed by the movement next to the bedside.

Xu ChengYan opened his eyes half asleep, and when he looked beside, he saw the man sitting beside the bed, whispering something to the person on the other end of the phone. 

“Remember to take your medicine.”

“Well, I’ll go there now.”


“What do you want to eat in the morning? I’ll take it with me.”

After the call was over, the man got up and walked towards the dressing room. 

Xu ChengYan lay on the bed for a while, but finally got up and came to the dressing room.


The man had already changed his shirt.
Xu ChengYan walked over, took out a tie from the drawer, and came to the man’s side.

While helping the man to tie his tie, Xu ChengYan asked, “XianSheng, are you going to see Shen XiuZhu?”

“He hasn’t recovered from the cold, so I’ll go check him for a while.” He Yang said casually.


Xu ChengYan lowered his eyes, smoothed the small wrinkles on the man’s shirt, and said slowly, “XianSheng, I’m actually not that generous.”

“I don’t want to see XianSheng together with another person every day.” Xu ChengYan’s voice was very soft.

“Yanyan.” He Yang lowered his head slightly and put his palm on the back of Xu ChengYan’s head, “Jealous?”

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Xu ChengYan didn’t answer directly, he just said, “XianSheng, I’ve been feeling very bad these days.” 

He Yang sighed and explained: “He has always been in poor health.
Someone needs to take care of him.”

“But, even if he needs to be taken care of, XianSheng doesn’t have to go there in person.” Xu ChengYan raised his head and met the man’s gaze, “XianSheng can hire a caretaker or find a nanny aunt.”

He Yang looked at those affectionate peach blossom eyes, rubbed the young man’s head, and coaxed: “Yanyan, don’t make trouble.”

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“Be obedient.” He Yang leaned over slightly and left a soothing kiss on the young man’s forehead. 

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“P kjca ab ajxf j ygfjx obg j ktlif gfmfcais.” We JtfcuTjc rjlv. 

He Yang didn’t care much, he just responded casually, and after he finished wearing his clothes, he turned around and left.

Xu ChengYan returned to the bedroom, sat alone on the bed and was thinking for a long time.
In the end, he still got up and went to wash first.


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After changing clothes, Xu ChengYan went out.
He went to the cram school, found the boss of the training institution, and chatted with the boss for a long time.

After chatting with the boss, Xu ChengYan returned to the teacher’s office and started to clean up the things on the table. 

There was also a young female teacher in the office.
Seeing Xu ChengYan coming, she asked casually, “Teacher Xu has no class today, right? Why are you here?”

Xu ChengYan packed his things and replied, “I’m here to resign.

“Resign?!” The other party was surprised and asked quickly, “What’s wrong? Why so sudden?”

“It was decided only two days ago.” Xu ChengYan smiled and explained: “I haven’t been in a good state recently.
I want to take a break first.” 

Xu ChengYan packed up the desk, wrote down the students’ progress in the notebook, and left.

After leaving the training class, Xu ChengYan went to buy wonton wrappers and returned to the apartment.

However, when Xu ChengYan returned to the community, he happened to see Jiang Lin coming back from outside.

“Sister-in-law!” Jiang Lin greeted, and seeing Xu ChengYan carrying a bag of wonton wrappers, he said, “Buying wontons for my brother again?” 


“That’s great! My brother is blessed with good food!” Jiang Lin was a little envious.

“By the way, do you want to come over for dinner tonight?” Xu ChengYan asked.

“Really?” Jiang Lin was instantly overwhelmed by an unexpected favor. 

“What do you want to eat? There’s still time, I’ll go buy it later.”

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Jiang Lin: “I want to eat fish! My friend just gave me one! I’ll go back and get it now!”

“Okay.” Xu ChengYan smiled and went back to the apartment first.

Jiang Lin also hurried back and brought the fish over. 

Jiang Lin brought a live fish.
Xu ChengYan went to the kitchen to process the ingredients.
Jiang Lin sat on the sofa and waited for dinner.

After dinner was ready, Jiang Lin came over and found that there were only two sets of bowls and chopsticks on the table, so he asked, “Brother is not coming back?”


Xu ChengYan: “Not coming back.”

In the afternoon, he called XianSheng and XianSheng said that there was something to do at night and would not come back. 

“Is that so…….” Jiang Lin nodded, though not quite understand and then he began to eat.

Jiang Lin liked the dishes made by Xu ChengYan very much.
After eating, he quickly boasted: “Sister-in-law, I think the dishes you cook are better than those in the restaurants outside!”

Jiang Lin was a picky eater.
He complained: “I’ve been eating outside these days and I’m getting a little tired of it! The dishes made by auntie are not delicious, and they taste bad every time!”

After Xu ChengYan heard it, he said: “Why don’t I make a few more dishes (for you)? You can bring them home to warm up and eat them tomorrow?” 

“Sister-in-law is so nice! “Jiang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Xu ChengYan went to the kitchen to re-cook a few dishes, put them in a thermal lunch box and gave them to Jiang Lin, and couldn’t help but persuade: “I see that you are still posting posts in the middle of the night these days.
Don’t stay up late in the future.”

“It’s okay! I am young and in good health!” Jiang Lin grinned cheekily.

“Even so, pay attention to your health.” Xu ChengYan urged, “The temperature will cool down recently, so remember to wear more clothes.” 

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“Sister-in-law! Why do you make it look like I’m about to leave!” Jiang Lin said quickly, “I’m not going back yet.
At least, I have to play for another month!”

“It’s okay, I’m just reminding you in advance.” Xu ChengYan sent Jiang Lin to the elevator entrance and watched Jiang Lin enter the elevator.

After Jiang Lin left, Xu ChengYan went to the kitchen, took out the wonton wrappers, and started wrapping the wontons.

After wrapping the wontons, Xu ChengYan went back to the bedroom and started tidying up the room. 

There were not many things to pack.
Xu ChengYan took out the suitcase, put in a few changes of clothes, and was almost ready.

In addition to the bedroom, Xu ChengYan also cleaned up the potted plants onthe balcony, moved them to the balcony of the living room, and watered them again.

After cleaning up, Xu ChengYan sat alone on the balcony, looking at the river scene in the distance, took out his mobile phone and called XianSheng.

The call was quickly connected, and Xu ChengYan said slowly, “XianSheng, I bought wonton wrappers today, and I have already made wontons and put those in the refrigerator.” 

“Well.” The voice on the other end of the phone was as cold as ever.

Xu ChengYan continued: “I moved all the potted plants on the balcony to the balcony of the living room.
I may have to trouble XianSheng to take care of them in the future.”


As soon as Xu ChengYan finished speaking, he suddenly heard a faint voice from the other end of the phone ——

“He Yang, I can’t seem to find my last checkup list…….” The young master’s voice sounded a little anxious. 

“Where did you put it?” He Yang slowed down his tone, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you find it.”

After comforting the person beside him, He Yang said to Xu ChengYan, “If you have something, we’ll talk about it when I get back.”

Immediately, He Yang hurriedly hung up the phone.

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