Ch15 – Run away in defeat

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At noon, Xu ChengYan was at home and received a call from XianSheng.

He Yang: “There is a document on the desk in the study.
I asked Uncle Zhang to go back and get it.
You can give the document to Uncle Zhang later.” 

“Okay.” Xu ChengYan went to the study and saw the document on the table.

Xu ChengYan picked up the document and thought that it was already noon, so he asked, “Did you have lunch, XianSheng? If not, shall I make wontons?”



“M-hm.” The one on the other end of the phone answered.

After hanging up the phone, Xu ChengYan went to cook wontons and packed them in a lunch box. 

Before long, the doorbell rang.


Xu ChengYan went to open the door and saw Uncle Zhang outside the door.

Uncle Zhang was a middle-aged man in his 40s, and he worked as a driver under He Yang.

Xu ChengYan gave the document to Uncle Zhang, and then handed over the lunch box, “Please, Uncle Zhang, bring this too.”


Uncle Zhang nodded, took the document and the lunch box, and left.

Uncle Zhang drove to the company and came to He Yang’s office.

The door of the office was tightly closed.
Uncle Zhang was about to knock on the door, but was stopped by the secretary next to him.

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The secretary said, “President He has something to do inside.” 

So Uncle Zhang gave the document and the lunch box to the secretary and said, “Mr.
Xu asked me to bring this lunch box.”

Knowing Xu ChengYan’s existence, the secretary nodded, put the things aside, and continued to work.

Until there was movement from the office, the secretary quickly got up and saw the man come out.

And next to the man, there was an unfamiliar young man. 

The secretary couldn’t help but look at the young man a few more times, and then withdrew his gaze.

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Just half an hour ago, President He left in a hurry after answering a phone call.
When he came back, he had this person beside him.

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Shen XiuZhu picked up the lunch box and looked at it, and said softly, “Is that the one who was by your side?” 

“Speaking of which, when I saw him, I was a little surprised.” Shen XiuZhu said calmly, “I thought I saw myself.”

Shen XiuZhu opened the lunch box and saw a bowl of wontons inside.

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“So, it’s the wontons……..” Shen XiuZhu smiled, “Aren’t you always picky about things? I thought you wouldn’t eat this kind of thing.”

He Yang said lightly, “I’m used to it.” 

“Lunch has already been delivered.” Shen XiuZhu put the lunch box back on the table, looked at the man beside him, and smiled, “Then do you still want to go out to eat with me?”

“Yes.” He Yang responded.

The two walked towards the elevator together.

The secretary saw it and looked at the wontons on the table again and hesitantly said: “President He, then this bowl of wontons——” 

He Yang stopped and said casually: “Throw it out.”

In the end, the secretary still did not throw the wontons away, but just handed them over to Uncle Zhang.

When Uncle Zhang drove the car back to the apartment at night, he went upstairs and gave Xu ChengYan the lunch box.

As soon as Xu ChengYan took the lunch box, he felt that the weight was wrong, and opened it to see that there were cold wontons inside. 

Uncle Zhang said, “Sir went out at noon, so he didn’t eat.”

“M-hm.” Xu ChengYan didn’t care much; after all, when XianSheng was busy sometimes, he would forget to eat.

Xu ChengYan put the lunch box back in the kitchen, cleaned it up, and went out.

There was a piano class in the evening, Xu ChengYan went to the training class, and prepared to teach the students. 

This time, the student he had to teach was a little girl who looked seventeen or eighteen.
She was sitting on a piano chair with a cake in her hand, and eating it.

Xu ChengYan reminded: “It’s almost time for class.”


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“Three minutes left! I can finish it!”

Xu ChengYan sat on the chair next to the sheet music, and couldn’t help asking: “You like it so much? I see you bring cake every time.” 

“It’s delicious!” The student nodded, “As long as it’s sweet, I won’t get tired of eating it.”

Xu ChengYan looked at the student eating the cake, and unconsciously remembered XianSheng, who often bought cakes for him.

Sweets… are they that delicious?

Xu ChengYan still didn’t quite understand it.
After all, cream or something, it’s very easy to get tired of it. 

But after class, Xu ChengYan did not go home, but went to the commercial street.

The bakery that XianSheng often went to was over there.
Xu ChengYan walked towards the bakery, ready to try the cream cake again.

And just as Xu ChengYan turned the corner, he saw the sign of the bakery.
When he was about to walk there, he suddenly saw two figures walking out of the shop ——

A tall man and a slightly shorter young man were walking together, and the young man also held dessert bags in his hand. 

And because the wind was blowing outside, the young man lowered his head and coughed.

The man leaned over slightly, comforted in a low voice, and patted the young man on the back, almost hugging the young man in his arms.

After a while, the young man gradually calmed down, raised his head, and smiled a little embarrassedly at the man.

“This store is still open, I miss it so much ——” 

“The old menu of the store is still on sale, and I thought I would never be able to eat them again.”

“In the past, my parents didn’t allow me to eat too many sweets, I still asked you to buy it for me every time…….”

The young man muttered, recalling the past, while the man just listened to the young man quietly.

But just as the man was about to leave with the young man, he turned his head inadvertently and saw a figure not far away. 

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Xu ChengYan held the sheet music and met the man’s gaze from a short distance away.

Xu ChengYan couldn’t help but looked at the young man beside the man again, and saw that the coat on the young man’s body was exactly the same as the coat he was wearing ——


He and Shen XiuZhu, they were wearing the same outfit.

Obviously there were so many clothes in the closet, but today he bumped into the same one. 

The sheet music was clenched and crumpled, Xu ChengYan looked at the man in front of him, and for some reason, he wanted to escape from here.

It was just that his legs seemed to be rooted to the ground, and he couldn’t move at all.

Seeing Xu ChengYan, He Yang came over and asked, “Class is over?”

“Yeah.” Xu ChengYan lowered his head and slowly smoothed the creases on the sheet music, “Came here to buy a cake.” 

He just didn’t expect that he would meet XianSheng and little young master here.

Shen XiuZhu also came over and greeted Xu ChengYan with a smile: “Good evening.”

Shen XiuZhu saw the clothes on Xu ChengYan’s body and smiled: “The clothes fit well.”

Shen XiuZhu had a gentle smile on his face, gentle and cultivated, as if he didn’t mind them wearing the same outfit at all. 

With the attitude of a winner, he stood in front of Xu ChengYan confidently.

Xu ChengYan couldn’t take it any longer, “I’ll go in first.”

After speaking, Xu ChengYan hurried into the store.

He ran away in defeat. 

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