rious it will be.” 

“But it’s itchy!” Jiang Lin not only felt itchy on his face but also on his arms.

After finally arriving at the hospital, Xu ChengYan hurriedly registered Jiang Lin and took Jiang Lin to find a doctor.

The two were busy in the hospital for a while in the evening.
Jiang Lin had the allergic reaction for the first time, and the symptoms became more and more serious.
They could only stay in the hospital and put on an IV first.

Jiang Lin lay on the bed with a sad face. 

Xu ChengYan was by his side, and he had to prevent Jiang Lin from scratching himself.

But Jiang Lin kept saying that his face was itchy, so Xu ChengYan had to buy a towel from the supermarket in the hospital, wet it with cold water, and apply it to Jiang Lin’s face.


After being busy for a while, it was already past ten o’clock in the evening.

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Xu ChengYan had been applying cold compress to Jiang Lin’s face, but the cold compress was only effective at the beginning, and then it didn’t work.
Jiang Lin was still itchy. 

Xu ChengYan had to go to the doctor and prescribed an ointment for external use.

Jiang Lin was getting an IV on the third floor, and where he had to get the medicine was on the first floor.

Xu ChengYan took the list and went upstairs after getting the ointment from the (dispensing) window on the first floor.

And just when Xu ChengYan came to the second floor, he inadvertently glanced, and suddenly saw a familiar figure in the hall on the second floor. 

The man in the black coat turned his back to Xu ChengYan, held a thermos mug in his hand, lowered his head and was sending a message on his mobile phone.

Xu ChengYan looked at the figure, slightly surprised.

Why was Mr.
He in the hospital?

Was he feeling unwell? 

Xu ChengYan walked towards the man subconsciously, and before he could get close, he saw the man put down his phone and raise his head.

Xu ChengYan opened his mouth, “He——”

But before Xu ChengYan finished speaking, he saw the man walking towards a certain place on the right.

Xu ChengYan followed the man’s line of sight and saw Shen XiuZhu walking out from the corner. 

Xu ChengYan was stunned for a moment, and then stopped.

Not far away, Shen XiuZhu came to the man with a checkup list in his hand.

The man handed over the thermos mug, took the checkup list from Shen XiuZhu’s hand naturally, he looked down at it seriously, and talked to the person beside him from time to time.

Shen XiuZhu stood quietly beside the man with a shallow smile on his face. 

The young master of the Shen family was originally very good-looking, and when he laughed, his eyes were bright.

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There were people coming and going in the hall, and many people came to the hospital with their family members or loved ones.


And the two of them stood together like a couple ——

It was beautiful just like a painting. 

Xu ChengYan looked at the young master, and saw the coat that the young master was wearing.
He recognized that he also had one in his closet, which was bought for him by XianSheng.

Even the scarf that the young master was holding, Xu ChengYan remembered that during the New Year, XianSheng gave him the same style with the same check pattern.

He and the young master really looked alike.

It turned out that XianSheng said he had something to do tonight; it was because he needed to accompany the young master. 

Xu ChengYan stood alone in an inconspicuous corner, and suddenly he didn’t dare to go forward.

He didn’t dare to go over to say hello, and also didn’t dare to ask XianSheng why he was here.

He was very timid.

He was afraid that if he asked, he would hear an answer that he did not want to hear. 

It’s like as long as he didn’t go and ask, he could pretend that he hadn’t found anything and continue to deceive himself.

Xu ChengYan took a step back, not wanting to stay here any longer.

And just as Xu ChengYan was leaving, Shen XiuZhu, who was not far away, seemed to notice something and turned his head to look over.

Even He Yang noticed this and saw Xu ChengYan. 

It was too late for Xu ChengYan to leave, but he forced himself to calm down and walked over.


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