you have a good rest.”

Xu ChengYan nodded with a smile, and went downstairs and left first.

And just when Xu ChengYan returned to the apartment, a message notification sounded suddenly from his mobile phone. 

Xu ChengYan took a look at the phone and found that it was XianSheng’s message.

Xu ChengYan clicked on the dialog box, and saw that XianSheng sent a location, it was in the bar.


Apart from the location, there was no other content.

Xu ChengYan took the car keys and had to go out again. 

When he came to the bar, Xu ChengYan smelled the alcohol in the room and felt a little uncomfortable in his stomach.

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The heating was turned on in the room, and it was a little stuffy, and the lights were flickering, making Xu ChengYan even more uncomfortable and dizzy.

Xu ChengYan rubbed his brows, walked through the crowd to the second floor, and found the box.

When he pushed the door and got in, Xu ChengYan saw the man on the sofa at a glance. 

There were already several empty wine bottles on the table, He Yang half-leaned on the sofa, squinting, as if he was drunk.

Besides He Yang, there were three other people in the box.

Chi Yi was also in the box, and when he saw Xu ChengYan coming, he smiled and said, “Is Yanyan going to drink?”

“I came by car, I won’t drink.” Xu ChengYan replied politely. 

“It’s such a disappointment not to drink!” Chi Yi looked at Xu ChengYan with a faint smile.

Xu ChengYan ignored it, just came to He Yang’s side and asked softly, “XianSheng, are you going back?”

He Yang looked over, he responded, put the wine glass in his hand on the table, and said to the others, “I’ll go first.”

“Good bye, Young Master He, and let’s make an appointment next time.” Chi Yi smiled, “At that time, I’ll call XiuZhu too and everyone will gather together.” 

“Yes, yes, yes.
Let’s ask XiuZhu to come out for a drink.”

“XiuZhu hasn’t come back for several years, right? Let’s call and play with him then.”

He Yang frowned when he heard the conversation between several people and interrupted aloud.
He said: “He’s not in good health, don’t take him to drink.”

“Don’t take him to play in messy places.” He Yang said slowly. 

“Yes, yes, yes! Listen to Young Master He!”

Xu ChengYan on the side listened and lowered his eyes.


It turned out that XianSheng would also care about a person like this.

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Xu ChengYan lowered his head, the expression on his face did not change, and he turned and left the box. 

The car was parked outside; Xu ChengYan got in the car and remained silent.

He Yang came out of the bar, he didn’t speak after getting in the car.
He leaned back in the seat and rested with his eyes closed.

It wasn’t until after returning to the apartment that He Yang made a sound, he asked, “Are there any wontons?”

Xu ChengYan was a little tired, but he still walked towards the dining room and replied, “There should be.” 

Xu ChengYan came to the refrigerator to have a look, took out a package of wontons and went into the kitchen.

After the wontons were cooked, Xu ChengYan called out to the living room, “XianSheng.”

He Yang got up and came to the dining room.

Xu ChengYan was still a little dizzy, so he prepared to go back to the bedroom to rest first. 

But when Xu ChengYan passed by the man, he suddenly smelled the faint scent of perfume on the other party’s body.

Xu ChengYan withdrew his gaze, pretending that he didn’t notice anything, and he also didn’t plan to ask.

It’s just, he’s a little tired.

Back in the bedroom, Xu ChengYan took a shower, lay down on the bed after taking the medicine, and fell into a deep sleep. 

Xu ChengYan fell asleep and had a dream.

He dreamed of the scene where he confessed to XianSheng when he was eighteen years old.

He!” Eighteen-year-old Xu ChengYan gathered up his courage, stretched out his arms to hug the person in front of him, and quickly let go, “I like you!”

Feelings were so strong when he was young. 

Never care if there’s no way out, and also not afraid of getting hurt.

Eighteen (years old) is great.

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