ed with them between his fingers after waking up.

“….” Bai Lixin said, “I’ve seen it.
It’s in that cave.”

Liang Xi spoke excitedly, “Great, it’s this herb that can save them!”

“According to you, the back of the mountain is safe during the day and those monsters only appear at night,” the blacksmith from earlier spoke, “I can see that the waste beauty is still of some use.
Then we’ll go pick the herbs tomorrow during the day.”

Liang Xi spoke nervously, “We can’t wait for tomorrow.
The fever has reached over 40 degrees.
They won’t survive the night if it doesn’t go down in a few hours.
We have to go now!”

With Liang Xi’s words, the atmosphere immediately became a little delicate.
Even the blacksmith, who was ill-intentioned a moment ago, kept quiet.

The sun was going to set in less than three hours.
If they went to the back of the mountain now, they might not be able to get back down before it gets dark.

Not going to the back of the mountain meant giving up on the lives of those female players.

Just when the atmosphere was once again sinking into anxiety, the blacksmith spoke up, “Let’s give up on saving the people.”

“24 hours is one day, and the sun had just set when we came.
This means that the sun would not yet have set by the time the 72-hour deadline is up and the monsters won’t come out.
So the mountain will be safe.”

“The game is 72 hours long, and the River God’s curse will be triggered at the 71st hour.
The flood will engulf this village and there will be a time difference of an hour to pass this round.
That means surviving the last one hour is the key to passing the level.”

“The flood is actually not that scary.
All we have to do is stand on high enough ground so that the flood can’t catch up with us.
We can just climb up the mountain during the daytime on the last day.”

“The village is also safe.
The monsters didn’t even chase us down yesterday; they only moved around the back of the hill.” The blacksmith thought for a moment before adding, “From the way it looks, instead of killing people, these monsters are just a means of forbidding us from going up the mountain late at night.”

He then slapped the table, “Of course, we want to save people, but who let the waste beauty come down this late? The copy alludes that we can’t go up the mountain at night, and now we’re still being headstrong about going up the mountain.
Aren’t we courting death?”

“I don’t think so.” Zhou Guang suddenly spoke, “I don’t think the trial task will be so simple.
Besides, the sick players are all female, don’t you think it’s strange? It might have something to do with the River God’s curse.”

The blacksmith didn’t care, “Since you want to save people so much, you can just go by yourself.
In the end, it’s this little beauty who is to blame.”

The blacksmith pointed at Bai Lixin, “If he hadn’t come down from the mountain too late, we would still have had the chance to save people.”

Zhou Guang gritted his teeth and wanted to say something, but was held back by Liang Xi’s discouragement.

The blacksmith’s team had a female player, and seeing them give up on her, the captain of the other team spoke up awkwardly, “Actually, we are not that familiar with that other girl.
We’ve spent a few hours together in the warm-up game at most.”

“So, I’m sorry, we’re not going to go to the back of the mountain either.
He’s right; this isn’t the time to look for danger, it’s how you should survive the 72 hours safely.
I’m sorry, too many people died yesterday.”

“Since no one wants to go, I’ll go to the back of the mountain once again.”

A lazy voice suddenly rang out.
Everyone looked over in unison, and they found that Bai Lixin had stood up at some point and was leaning against the wall.

A few rays of sunlight cast in, wrapping the dust floating in mid-air with a milky golden glow and also gilding Bai Lixin’s hair with a faint golden light.

The crowd looked a little stunned for a moment.

Liang Xi frowned and said, “No, you’ve just come down from the mountain and you haven’t had a rest yet.
It’s too dangerous.”

Xia Chi nodded hard.

Yes, brother, you only have 5% life force value left now and can hardly walk.
Don’t make it hard on yourself.

Bai Lixin, “Don’t worry, Xia Chi said he’d accompany me.”

Xia Chi’s nodding stopped abruptly, and he looked at Bai Lixin with a horrified expression.

Brother, what did you just say?!

Say it again?

Who will accompany you?!


“Brother, be careful with your feet.”

The sun in the distance had already begun to move westward, and the dense branch-covered woods were gradually becoming darker.

Xia Chi carried a loop of rope, a satchel on his shoulder, and a hammer in his hand.

In contrast, Bai Lixin had it much easier.
He only had a cane in his hand.

The sun was setting as fast as the eye could see, and Bai Lixin looked through the overlapping foliage to the horizon, where a heavy scarlet color filled the sky.

Bai Lixin, “Xia Chi, do you know what time it is?”

Xia Chi, “I don’t know.
I looked around but couldn’t find any clocks or watches.
This village is quite backward and relies on the crowing roosters to determine the time.
But looking at the sky, I guess it must be four or five in the evening.”

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