Bai Lixin looked at the monsters that suddenly came from all directions and squeezed a word out of his throat with difficulty.


He swept the corner of his eyes over the monster that had fallen to the ground and saw the monster flashing a mocking smile at him.
Without another word, Bai Lixin carried the monster on his back and began to run wildly after shaking off his tingling legs.

The monster was clearly not expecting this and struggled in terror, only to be rewarded with another heavy blow from Bai Lixin.

The monster shook its head a few times, and with a roll of its red eyes, fainted completely.

All the players stopped moving, staring dumbly at each other as they wondered where the monsters had gone.

“What just happened?”

“They were probably called away by that cry.”

Everyone gasped for breath in the aftermath of fighting for their lives.

“Anyway, thank God for that shout.
Let’s get back to safety!”

The players didn’t dare to stay much longer and rushed towards the safety point.

At this moment, Bai Lixin, who had pulled away all the hate value and deserved the most thanks, was still running wildly through the dense forest.

Sweat drenched his back, and the wisps of hair on his forehead were tied in a knot.

Behind him was a long line of monsters scrambling to catch up with him.

As he ran, Bai Lixin yanked the monster’s tongue out of its mouth, gripped a handful of sticky saliva, and wiped it into his clothes without hesitation.

Only when he was sure that his scent was completely covered by the monster’s did he stop the action.

The monsters that were desperately pursuing him behind also seemed to have lost their target.
Their steps gradually became sluggish until they came to a halt.

They stopped in the middle of the forest in confusion, tilting their heads to smell the scent.

Bai Lixin also stopped.
The monster on his back weighed three hundred pounds, and he had almost exhausted himself carrying it.

He threw the monster to the ground and panted heavily with one hand on the trunk of a tree.
He decisively hid behind it and watched the woods vigilantly.

Because of the change earlier, all the other players should have taken the opportunity to leave.

But there was no way for him to get down the mountain just yet.

Although these monsters had lost their prey, they were not blind.
They were coiled up in various parts of the woods at the moment, and he would be locked in again if he was not careful and revealed his position.

Bai Lixin slid to the ground and sighed as he looked at his arms and thighs, which were physically convulsing from the extreme exercise.

Never in a million years did he imagine that he, a Lord God, would have the day to cut his number and retrain!

Millions of years ago, he was a tasker who crossed between worlds.
He had become a god after clearing a dimensional quest against all odds.
He had also become Lord God Dijia’s lover, and they managed billions of realms together.

Not long ago, they found an unidentified energy body at the edge of the Blue Star realm.
Just when his lover, Dijia, was analyzing the energy body’s composition, the energy body suddenly exploded, and his lover disappeared.

He followed the last energy vortex into this world in search of his lover’s whereabouts.

He could sense that this world contained great energy, only that it was full of malice and bloodshed.

This world was attached to the Blue Star realm, and it seemed that the players who had entered this world were all from the Blue Star.

He needed to find Dijia and correct this force as soon as possible.

Otherwise, if these energies were allowed to expand unchecked, they would not only cause distortion and turmoil in the universe but might even form an explosive circle that would destroy all the dimensional worlds.

Unfortunately, he had tried to feel Dijia after coming to this world to no avail.

Either Dijia had not come to this game world, or he had appeared in this world in some other way.

Bai Lixin rubbed his face out of habit, only to stain his face with a handful of sticky saliva.

Sweeping a disgusted glance at the monster, Bai Lixin picked at the fluff in annoyance.

In his concern, he had even forgotten to change into his pajamas in the panic of the moment.

Probably because he was a stowaway, he had just entered the warm-up game and found that he had less than a tenth of his force left, and he was unable to use his divine power at all.

Combined with the “Lingering Sickness” buff, he now had only 0.5% of his force left.

With his life force plummeting, he was too tired to lift a single finger from his body after the extreme actions he had just taken.

It was already good enough that he didn’t collapse on the ground, let alone go down the mountain.

It seemed that he could only find a safe place to rest on the mountain tonight, and then leave after he had recovered his strength.

His eyes brightened as he looked around.
Not far from him was a cave.

Bai Lixin stood up with his exhausted body, not forgetting to drag the monster to the entrance of the cave step by step.

The cave entrance was pitch black, so he could not see inside.
To be on the safe side, Bai Lixin first picked up a stone from the ground and threw it in.

The stone rolled on the ground with a “ping” before finally falling into the water with a “droop”.

There was no other sound coming from inside the cave after waiting for a few more seconds.

In the distance, the monsters were slowly approaching.
Bai Lixin did not delay, so he dragged the dazed monster directly into the darkness of the cave.


In the live broadcast room, the viewers held their breath and waited to see Bai Lixin enter the cave before someone left a message in the barrage.

[Holy shit, that was exciting.]

[My heart almost jumped out of my throat just now.
Really worthy of the beauty I’ve been eyeing.
He’s capable of fighting and is smart.
The most important thing is that he’s good looking.]

[What kind of earthly Vajra Barbie is this little beauty? If the force value of that punch hadn’t been weakened, it could have claimed world domination, right?]

[Strange, why is the little beauty’s live screen blacked out?]

[Maybe the cave is equivalent to a private space like a bathroom by default, so the system automatically blocked it.]

[Then there’s nothing to see.
I’ll go to another live stream first.
The high-end game next door is also a thief’s delight.
Comrades, please kick me when the little beauty wakes up.]

[Me too, see you tomorrow.]

One by one, the viewers left the studio, and only a scattered, two-digit number remained eventually.

And while they weren’t paying attention, the monsters were slowly approaching the cave entrance on the screen.

The monsters were circling the entrance of the cave, but none of them dared enter the cave.
There seemed to be something in it that made them rather wary.

Suddenly, a mist of water flowed out of the cave entrance and spilled out.

The monsters that had just frightened the players immediately ran away in a panic, as if they had seen a ghost.

The people in the studio didn’t notice this, and neither did Bai Lixin, who had walked into the cave.

The cave did look small from the outside, but to his surprise, there was more room inside.

The stone walls here were wet, and the top of the cave had occasional drops of water falling on or into the puddle below.

At the end of the cave was a bright light.
Bai Lixin dragged the monster along for a few minutes, and there was a flash of amazement when he finally saw what was in the distance clearly.

The cave was similar to an “” shape.
There was a narrow canal in front of it and a large circular space on the inside.

The top and the four walls of the circular cave were inlaid with crystals that emitted a faint, soft light, and it was from these that he saw the light just now.

In the middle was a circular hot spring, and a dense mist was rising from the surface of the water.

Bai Lixin was already dirty and smelly from the monster’s saliva, and he immediately threw the monster aside when he saw the spring.
Without saying a word, he took off his shoes and stepped into the hot spring.

The hot water immediately wrapped Bai Lixin in it like a pair of warm palms, dispelling most of his fatigue.

Bai Lixin sighed and sank into the hot spring, resting only his arms on the wall.

Under the dense mist, his rosy cheek rested lazily on his arm, and the tiredness of his body was swept away.

Sleep came over him, and Bai Lixin yawned comfortably as his eyes slowly closed.

In the quiet cave, a stream of water seemed to come to life.

The warm current clung to the youth’s back and wrapped its arms all over the other man.

The water flowed backwards and slid down the youth’s back to the long white swan-neck.
Skin that should have been as soft and white as suet jade was now tinged with pink.
The other party was like a peach blossom in spring, pink everywhere.

The ends of the eyes, the cheeks, the corners of the lips, the shoulders, the collarbones…The stream of water licked greedily, not sparing any place before finally stopping by the soaked collar of Bai Lixin’s shirt.

The current slowly caught the button.

Its movements were slow, gentle and tender, as if it was unwrapping the most precious gift…

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