Bai Lixin held his breath.

In the darkness in front of him, a translucent blue teleportation array appeared untimely, and something came out of it.

Bai Lixin and that something locked eyes in the faint glow of the teleportation array.

Four eyes met each other, and the air stagnated.

It was a bat with a pale white body.

The bat was clearly confused, and its red eyes blinked twice, staring at Bai Lixin in a daze.

Bai Lixin: “….” This little albino-looking thing is quite unique.

The fluff on other bats is usually a dirty grey color that alternates between long, short, uneven and bald.

This bat’s fur was more like that of a cat, and even its face resembled that of a Persian cat.
However, the wings folded on either side of its body and the sharp hooked claws showed it was a bat.

The dark blue transmission array slowly disappeared, and the last bit of light pulsed twice before dissipating into the air.

The coffin went dark again.

Bai Lixin: [System, is this True Ancestor’s mascot? Where’s the True Ancestor? Is he not coming?]

Two seconds later, the system sent back a sentence: [He’s in your arms!]

System: [I reminded the player before the game started that the Advent Card is only for summoning.
Once the True Ancestor is successfully locked, he will be immediately teleported.]

Bai Lixin wore a simple white shirt that was buttoned up to the second button.
The bat in his arms moved and burrowed down Bai Lixin’s neck and into his shirt.
The soft fluffy fur brushed across the neck, and two claws grabbed the ends of Bai Lixin’s “V” shaped neckline, poking its head out and lying with its back on Bai Lixin’s chest.

Bai Lixin: […Okay.]

You call this thing the “True Ancestor”?

It’s outrageous.

But a bat in such a narrow coffin was better than a humanoid True Ancestor.

A faint sound came from outside the coffin, and Bai Lixin hurriedly pricked up his ears.

First came the rustling of fabric, but then the sound gradually became something else.

The creaking and shaking of a bed’s boards, mixed with the man’s low growl, squeezed into Bai Lixin’s ears, “Rose, my favorite Rose…”

Bai Lixin held his breath, “….”

Why on earth did he have to suffer this torture?

The ear-killing ordeal lasted for half an hour before it stopped, and because of the coffin’s barrier, Mr.
Mo’s voice was as inaudible as if it were wrapped in a layer of plastic.

Bai Lixin heard the rustle of fabric, the sigh, the gentle sound of riding boots on the carpet and the opening of the door.

Live broadcast room.

[True…True Ancestor? Is that thing True Ancestor?]

[ It looks pretty good.
I must have been single for so long, I can’t even look at a bat without feeling it’s pretty.]

[You’re not alone! It really looks cute!]

[Uh, you guys seem pretty calm.
Shouldn’t you be shocked by Mr.
Mo’s heavy taste?]

[Ah, it’s because I’m shocked by the discrepancy between my expectations and the reality of the True Ancestor.]


[I originally wanted to see the True Ancestor stick it to the beauty, wuwu.]

[Upstairs is a standard *lsp, but yes, so did I.]

*someone who focuses only on the sexual side of something. 

[I feel sorry for my beauty Bai Lixin, he actually entered a peerless death copy this time.
I’m not sure how this is going to go as the survival rate last time was 0.
Can I expect a miracle?]

[Is this probably the strength of an F- in luck?]

The live feed abruptly cut to the other teams.

[Ahhhhh, why did the screen cut?!]

[I still want to see my beauty Bai Lixin!]

[Official addiction is the most deadly.]

Mo appeared to be leaving, but Bai Lixin still did not relax.
He listened to the sounds outside vigilantly, and it was only when he heard the sound of feet fading away in the corridor that Bai Lixin exhaled a long breath.

Mo’s combat strength was unknown, but judging by the force value displayed by those guards, their heads could only be higher, not lower.

He was not sure whether the current him was strong enough to kill Mr.

Bai Lixin quickly got over the shock of what he had just heard.
There was still so much in this room that he had not investigated, and he could not afford to waste any time.

Just when Bai Lixin was about to open the coffin and leave, a broad hand abruptly grabbed his wrist!

At the same time, Bai Lixin felt a weight on his body as something quickly stretched out on his chest and filled up the already cramped coffin.

A cold, chilling oppression instantly filled every corner of the coffin.

It was a viper-like gaze, sharp, cruel, with scrutiny and killing.

The sharp fingertips over Bai Lixin’s hand were embedded deep in his skin, and they could easily pierce him with just a little more force.

Bai Lixin’s body stiffened.

In the cramped space, Bai Lixin and the man were pressed close together without a single gap between their bodies.
With one hand, the man grabbed Bai Lixin’s hand that was about to push the coffin open and pulled it back to his ear, while with the other hand, he subconsciously grabbed Bai Lixin by the throat.

The man leaned down to gaze at Bai Lixin in the darkness.
His shoulders were wide, his slender legs pressed into the gap between Bai Lixin’s legs, and he coldly looked down at the young man close at hand, his blood-red pupils filled with curiosity and doubt.

“Oh, where is this?”

The voice was like gravel sliding across a soft sandy beach.
It was hoarse with laziness and the feeling of having just woken up.

Bai Lixin froze slightly at the sound of the voice, and his tense shoulders steeply relaxed.

He thought for two seconds and answered seriously, “We’re in a coffin.”

The man frowned and looked at the young man before him.
The Blood clan’s sight gave them the ability to see clearly at night.
In the coffin, which Bai Lixin thought was pitch black, the man could see anything in front of him.

A leather collar was wrapped around the neck of the young man beneath him, the exclusive sign of Blood food.

Whether it was his sudden appearance or the release of his murderous intent to oppress the young man, not even a hint of fear appeared in the other party’s gaze from the start.
Bai Lixin slightly tensed his body vigilantly, and he was making small movements to get out of the way.

The man’s legs pressed hard, holding the restless legs firmly in place.
His eyes slid over Bai Lixin’s cheeks and fell on the other man’s neckline.

The milky white skin of the young man appeared to be the one he had been sleeping on in his daze.

Sharp nails rolled across Bai Lixin’s cheek and landed on his neck.
With a slight hook, the belt easily broke down the middle, revealing Bai Lixin’s long, slender neck.

Because his head was raised, Bai Lixin’s neck stood straight up.
His skin was so delicate that the man could even see the blood in the veins.

He slowly leaned down and sniffed at Bai Lixin’s neck.
In an instant, the sweet smell of blood rushed into his nostrils.

The man gulped, “Why am I here? Did you summon me?”

Bai Lixin’s throat rolled, “Sort of.”

The man slowly opened his mouth, his sharp teeth grinding back and forth against Bai Lixin’s neck, as if looking for the most convenient place to put them.

He had been anorexic since birth, so he had not eaten for a thousand years, and his strength had gradually drained from his body as a result.
It became so severe that his body even developed an albino appearance, so he kept himself locked up in the old castle for all these years.

The blood that smelt so sweet to other Bloods was only the stench of a decaying corpse to his nostrils.
Unexpectedly, the blood of the young man in front of him gave him the urge to eat.

He had been suffering from hunger, so he could not guarantee the survival rate of this youth if he were to eat this time.

The odds were he would suck him dry.

But he was intrigued by the eyes that were as brilliant as stars in the darkness of the night, and he did not want to kill him for now.

The True Ancestor shuddered as he pinned Bai Lixin down heavily, every cell in his body screaming.

Bite on it!

Bite on it quickly!

With just one bite, he could instantly drink in this irresistible delicacy that could fill his empty taste buds and restore lost strength!

The True Ancestor let out a long, hard sigh, fighting the urge from his body for appetite.
He carefully withdrew his sharp fangs and kissed the youth’s delicate swan neck.

He wanted him frantically, but not now.

He wanted to savor the delicious food in a moment of sufficient restraint rather than plunder everything like a beast controlled by appetite.

He would keep the young man in his own cupboard, garnish him with the most beautiful decorations, and make him his own exclusive food.

Ten fingers tightened around Bai Lixin’s wrists, and the man restrained his appetite and spoke with difficulty, “So what do you want from me?”

Bai Lixin clearly felt the desire in the other man, and he took a deep breath, “True Ancestor of the Bloods, I want to make a deal with you.”

True Ancestor, “What kind of deal.”

Bai Lixin, “I want to kill Mr.

A sneer escaped the True Ancestor’s lips, “Kill him? Impossible.”

Bai Lixin, “Why?”

True Ancestor, “A Blood is given a new name when he is first *embraced, and that name is his origin.
The origin name is the Blood’s only weakness and vulnerability, and the constraint by which the higher Bloods control the lower ones.”

*Being turned into a Blood.

“The only way to kill this Blood is to know his name.
If you don’t know his origin name, he will quickly come back to life even if you kill his body.”

“To kill Mr.
Mo, you need to find his origin name first.
However, the third generation of Bloods who know Mr.
Mo’s origin name have all died, all killed by Mr.
Mo himself.”

“Do you understand me when I say that?”

Bai Lixin’s expression suddenly became somewhat subtle as he nodded in the narrow space, “I understand.”

As Bai Lixin spoke, the sweet smell of blood intensified.
The appetite that had just been suppressed by the True Ancestor was instantly and easily awakened again, and with a stifled grunt, he once again extended his fangs.

His blood-red eyes shone in the darkness as he greedily looked down at the young man before him.
He struggled for a long time with the art of food and appetite before finally kissing him heavily on the lips.

At least let him quench his thirst and suppress this primal desire that comes from being a Blood!

Bai Lixin’s pupils shrank and his jaw was cupped by a pair of bony hands.

The obsession for blood screamed long and hard, and he licked every nook and cranny in a frenzy.

During this time, the True Ancestor kept his teeth carefully tucked away, fearing that if he accidentally bit through the skin, the taste of blood would shock his sanity and the consequences would be truly overwhelming.

It was after a long time that the True Ancestor finally released Bai Lixin.

But the repression he had originally envisaged had not worked at all.
He had gotten a taste, and the shallow taste could not quell the constant flow of greed in his chest.

Reason had faded from his eyes and kisses fell thickly on Bai Lixin’s face, sliding down his cheeks to his neck.
The sharp teeth gradually revealed themselves and bit into the blue veins that flowed with blood.

The sharp teeth had already pressed a shallow crater into the skin, and with just a little more force, he could taste the delicacy.

Bai Lixin’s slightly hoarse voice rang in his ears at that moment, “You are the true ancestor, the first generation of the Bloods, right? To whom do you owe your name?”

Knowing that the guttering desire could no longer be suppressed, the True Ancestor withdrew his fangs and patiently satisfied Bai Lixin’s last curiosity.
His cold, strong hand grasped Bai Lixin’s wrist and placed it on his chest, “My name belongs to me alone, and no one knows it.”

Bai Lixin, “If someone knew your name, could they also control you?”

True Ancestor, “In theory, yes, but it’s impossible.
No one knows my name.”

Bai Lixin coughed lightly and spoke slowly, “Uh, Dijia?”

The True Ancestor’s teeth froze on Bai Lixin’s neck,”….”


Afraid that the True Ancestor hadn’t heard him, Bai Lixin repeated, “It’s Dijia, isn’t it?”

True Ancestor’s fangs had retracted back into his mouth, “….”

Shit, he had no more appetite.

The cramped coffin was suddenly silent.

What nonsense appetite and primal desires! Everything vanished in an instant!

The True Ancestor looked at the young man before him in shock! His cheeks were a little red from the kiss he had just given, but his eyes shone with brilliant stars, stars that were still wrapped in cunning and triumph.

A white ray of light suddenly burst from the chest of the True Ancestor, and the white thread spun in the air, as if to mock the True Ancestor’s conceit.

It finished spinning and slowly fell to the youth’s wrist and wrapped around it, transforming into a chain-like black tattoo.

[Ding! Contract reached.
Congratulations to the player for successfully subjugating the True Ancestor of the Blood Race!]

This is so cool! Bai Lixin’s eyes grew disdainful, “Heh!”

Dijia, “…” I don’t understand.

Bai Lixin, “It’s quite crowded here.
Why don’t we talk outside, okay?”

Dijia, “Okay.”

What’s the word for “bad”?

Dijia gave a gentle push and the coffin was opened.

The room was dark because there were no lights on.

Bai Lixin glanced to the side.
Lady Rose was still in her exquisite attire, with her blonde hair meticulously tousled and her gorgeous red princess dress spread out to fill almost the entire bed.

Only the overly pale face was very eerie in the darkness.

The coffin opened and Bai Lixin finally saw the true face of the “True Ancestor” before him.

His body was tall, his skin glowed white, his lips were red, and his blood-red eyes were both enchanting and cold.
His already handsome features became a little more refined because he was of the Blood clan.
He wore a white gown devoid of wrinkles, and his curly blond hair fell down his shoulders, giving him the appearance of *Sven scum.

*A man who looks gentle and elegant but is in fact dark and sinister. 

At that moment, the True Ancestor was still staring at Bai Lixin with an incomprehensible gaze, his eyes full of alarm and shock.

“Why do you know my real name?”

Bai Lixin’s lips were slightly swollen, “Who knows?!”

Bai Lixin’s eyes scowled at Dijia in a very unfriendly manner.
“Let me ask you, do you also kiss people when you drink their blood?”

Dijia hesitated but opened his mouth, “I have a cleanliness problem and have never eaten in a thousand years.”

Bai Lixin, “You mean you haven’t sucked other people’s blood? Then where did the second generation of Blood come from?”

Dijia: “I am the originator and I have the power to give absolute names.
I only need to bestow the name to complete their transformation, but the Bloods after the second generation are not as powerful as me.
They must inject their own blood into their dependents when bestowing the name to assist them in completing the first embrace.”

Bai Lixin’s anger died down a little.
“So that is how it is.”

Dijia, “You talked about a deal….”

Bai Lixin, “You want to talk to me about a deal? Are you still worthy?”

Dijia: “….”

I’m now a bit unworthy.

The live broadcast room

[Oooh, thankfully the camera cut back.
So this man is the little chic bat from earlier? So good looking!!! I’m unilaterally announcing that I’m going to ship a CP online!]

[Take me as one of those shipping the CP.
True ancestor bully vs Human beauty, it’s so touching..]

[I’m laughing my ass off.
The food becomes the master in seconds.
Is that okay?]

[ As expected of God Xin.
“Talk to me about a deal.
Are you still worthy?” Hahaha, well done!]

[Ah, ah, why aren’t Beauty Bai’s buttons fastened properly? What did the two of them do in the coffin just now?!]

[Officials, don’t treat us like outsiders; we’re gamers too; please broadcast everything next time!]

[Have you noticed that Beauty Bai’s lips seem to be swollen?]

[F*ck, it’s true.
I’ve got a picture!]

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