Liang Xi, “Because… of the poison?”

Zhou Guang, “What God damn poisoning?! Who has been poisoned and their bones blackened? That is not drinking poison, it is soaking into the poison jar.”

Liang Xi used a healing spell on the skeleton.

Xia Chi was shocked, “Brother Liang Xi, what are you doing? Do you want this skeleton to stand up on its own and scare us to death?”

Liang Xi: “.…” Uh, sorry, occupational hazard.

[Ding! Congratulations to the player.
You have unlocked 5% of the truth about the River God’s Curse.
(Current progress: 95%/100%)]

A system alert sounded in Bai Lixin’s mind.

Xia Chi’s eyes snapped open, ‘’95% now? Great, just 5% more to go and we’ll win.”

The two skeletons were tangled up on the ground.
They were not like any other normal skeletons, but were greenish-black in color.

Dijia whispered in Bai Lixin’s ear, “These two skeletons have a very strong aura of resentment attached to them.”

Bai Lixin stood up, “Anyway, let’s first send the two skeletons to Grandma Sang.
It’s getting late, so let’s hurry up and finish up, then go back to rest.”

He opened the task bar.
It had taken them more than three hours just to salvage the corpses.
Coupled with the intense work in the morning and the running around in the afternoon, everyone was already exhausted.

The two skeletons were hugging each other tightly, and their weird bones were extraordinarily hard.
The group couldn’t separate them even after a long time of trying to break them.

It took them half an hour to carry the skeletons to Grandma Sang of the Coffin Home.
Grandma Sang slid up to them in small steps, looked at the skeletons for a few moments, and then jumped straight on them.

“Bao’er, that’s my Bao’er all right!”

“Thank you for helping me find Bao’er.”

“Help me put them on the shelf and come in with me.”

The group looked at each other and placed the two skeletons on the shelf before following Grandma Sang into the room.

After rummaging around the room for a long time, Grandma Sang came up with a wooden box.

She opened the wooden box and took out something wrapped in yellow cloth from inside.

She pulled up a corner of the cloth and opened it bit by bit, revealing the real face of the object inside.

It was a dagger with a circle of yellow paper charms wrapped around it.

Grandma Sang, “More than ten years ago, a gentleman came through here and said that an evil spirit had come out of our village and gave me this dagger.
That gentleman said he was not strong enough to destroy this evil spirit, but that a man who would be able to do so would appear in the future.”

“He will help me find Bao’er’s body and free the village of River God from the curse.”

“I only have to give him the dagger when the time comes.
If you pierce the evil spirit with this dagger, the evil spirit will disappear and the River God will be freed.”

“You are the ones who helped me find Bao’er’s corpse, so I will give this dagger to you.”

“Huang Youcheng may be overbearing, but he saved the people of River God Village after all.
Bao’er married him but did not behave herself, so it was Bao’er who wronged Huang Youcheng.
They were entangled in this evil relationship when they died and refused to let go of each other even after death.”

“I originally didn’t believe that Bao’er had turned into an evil spirit, but I can’t help but believe it when I see their skeletons.”

“If the evil spirit is really Bao’er, and if Bao’er is the root cause of the River God’s curse, I beg you to let her be freed.”

“It was our Bao’er who wronged Huang Youcheng, so I will help him with his funeral.”

Grandma Sang put the dagger back into the box and handed it over to Bai Lixin.

In everyone’s mind, the system sounded.

[Ding! Congratulations to player Bai Lixin for obtaining the Demon Breaker Dagger X1.
Using this dagger can break the evil spirit curse.]

“There’s one more thing…” Grandma Sang frowned and thought for a long time before tapping her head, “I remember, that gentleman said that the evil spirit was so powerful that the power on this dagger could only be used once.

Bai Lixin held the heavy box in his hands, “So it must be used once? What happens if it fails?”

Grandma Sang’s eyes snapped wide, “Once it fails, there will be no way to stop the evil spirit ever again.
The River God’s curse would not go away unless you sacrificed the pure maiden! Either that or wait for the flood to overwhelm the village and everyone will die!”

Bai Lixin was silent for two seconds, “If that’s the case, Grandma, come here…”

Xia Chi: “??!”

Li Cancan: “??!”

Those words gave them goosebumps!

Bai Lixin spoke slowly to her, “How about we take Bao’er and Huang Youcheng’s corpses away?”

Grandma Sang: “.…”

* Empty-gloved white wolf?

*Deception used by liars who didn’t put in any investment but want to cheat.*

Half an hour later, Xia Chi returned to the residence, pushing a crate covered with a white cloth.

He ran head-on into five players blocking the door to their room.

The blacksmith at the head of the group glared at Bai Lixin with anger, his head clenched tightly and his veins bursting out.

But in the end, they were worried about the system’s punishment and still held on to their last shred of sanity to not make a move.

“Bai Lixin! Three of my brothers who went up the mountain are dead! Did you do that on purpose?!”

Xia Chi directly went in front of Bai Lixin, “It was your people who played the rascal first.
We warned them when we left, but they insisted on messing with those NPCs and said something about ‘not fighting for buns but fighting for breath’.”

“We are all players.
You should have pulled them away if they didn’t leave.” The blacksmith’s voice was a little lower, but his tone was still very unkind.

Zhou Guan, “So we pull them and then get judged as attacking players? We all know what you guys had in mind when you went up the mountain.
Those three people only have themselves to blame for having that end.”

The blacksmith was rendered speechless.
His breath choked in his chest with no place to vent it.
He finally turned red and glanced at the two men who had gone up the mountain, “A bunch of waste, all of you go in!”

The five men slunk into the house with their tails between their legs.
Before entering the house, the blacksmith looked at the cart.

Xia Chi was strong, so he alone carried the two skeletons into the house.

It was now a room with five people, a monster, and two skeletons.

Li Cancan felt that most of his phobias had been cured.

Thank God Xin!

Zhou Guang was the cook among the five of them.

After an hour, the group had enough to eat and drink.
After finally catching their breath, they began to fret over the two skeletons.

Zhou Guang, “So which of these two skeletons is the evil spirit?”

Liang Xi, “It must be Sang Bao’er, right? She gave up her happiness to save the villagers, only to be insulted by them and controlled by Huang Youcheng.
She died in anger at both ends and turned into an evil spirit after dying.”

Zhou Guang, “Why do I think Huang Youcheng is more likely to blacken? He spent a lot of money to get a beautiful woman, served her with good food and drink, only to have her give him a big green hat.
Bao’er killed him even though she was a cuckold.
Don’t you think he feels it’s unjust and is angry? Wouldn’t he turn into an evil spirit?”

Li Cancan spoke weakly, “I have a question.”

Zhou Guang: “What kind of question?”

Li Cancan, “Uh, if one of them was to turn into an evil spirit, would they have let us drag their corpses away?”

Everyone else: “….”

That’s a good question!

Xia Chi, “So that means the evil spirit could be someone else? Who else could it be?”

Several people frowned, and Liang Xi spoke hesitantly, “The village head is also very suspicious.”

“He’s been whitewashing himself this afternoon, portraying himself as a good and righteous character, but who knew that he was just a hypocrite.”

Xia Chi, “According to what you say, Grandma Sang is also suspicious.
She loved her daughter so much and the villagers drove her to her death, making *a white-haired person to send a black-haired person.
She must have resentment because of it, so it is likely that she might have become an evil spirit.”

*Grandparents or parents mourning their grandchildren or children.*

Zhou Guang, “Then let me ask you, if Grandma Sang was an evil spirit, how could she have given us the dagger?”

Xia Chi: “.…”

Another good question!

Li Cancan, “So who exactly is it?”

Liang Xi, “Isn’t there a possibility that Grandma Sang is trying to *borrow a knife to kill? She may have led us to believe that the village head was the most suspicious and wanted to use us to kill him.”

*Making someone do your dirty work.

Others: “…”

It’s so distressing.
She looks so foolish.
Who would get suspicious?

Dijia’s laughter echoed in Bai Lixin’s ears, “Heh, stupid.”

Bai Lixin: “…” Go ahead if you’re so good.

The monster that Bai Lixin had punched unconscious was still in a coma, and several people had thought their hair bald in trying to figure out who the evil spirit really was.

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