indeed very inappropriate, and the school will definitely deal with her.
You should return to your classroom now and leave the rest to me, okay?”

Jiang Li nodded, “Thank you, Teacher Li.”

After leaving the surveillance room, Jiang Li was on the way to return to the classroom when she bumped into Shen Mian on the first floor of the faculty building.
Shen Mian was also taken aback upon seeing Jiang Li, but she was slightly relieved when she saw that Jiang Li’s expression was normal.

Shen Mian put on a cold face and bypassed Jiang Li without a word.
She went directly to the surveillance room and found the teacher in charge, then asked permission to see the surveillance record under the pretext of looking for her lost wallet.

The teacher glanced at Shen Mian and asked nonchalantly, “Did you lose it at the race track during the P.E.

Shen Mian nodded, “Yes! I have my ID card and bank card in my wallet, so I must find them.
Oh, and you also don’t have to accompany me, Teacher.
I can look at the surveillance record by myself.”

“No need to look.
Go back and wait for your punishment!”

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Seeing Shen Mian’s dumbfounded look, the teacher snorted coldly, “Instead of studying well, you waste your time playing tricks on your classmate.
Even if she lost two exam points, what’s on it for you?”

Shen Mian: …

She… had been exposed.

Shen Mian left the faculty building totally freaked out.
She went to look for Jiang Ruo, wanting to discuss countermeasures, but couldn’t find her best friend.
In extreme anxiety, Shen Mian finally received the verdict: A major demerit in her school record, a compulsory self-reflection in front of the school, and voiding the score of the long-distance run exam.

Shen Mian’s sky was suddenly falling on her — she understood only too well how important these 15 points were in the high school entrance examination.

When she learned that Ruoruo had applied for the exemption before, she felt regretful on her best friend’s behalf.
The full total score for the P.E.
exam was 50 points.
According to the rules by Minjiang Education Bureau, except for the disabled, students who applied for exemption would only receive a passing grade of 30 points.

But Ruoruo didn’t seem to care much, because in Ruoruo’s opinion, she might not be able to even get 30 points if she did the exam normally, so it was better to directly ask for a dispensation.
Besides, Ruoruo’s family was rich and powerful.
Even if Ruoruo didn’t perform well in the high school entrance examination, Uncle Jiang surely could find a connection to send her into the talent class.

But she was different from Ruoruo.
Her family background was ordinary.
Her parents were just ordinary staff at a state-owned enterprise and had no such connections.

—Her future could only be won by her effort.

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Although Shen Mian seemed to be carefree, she was actually ambitious.
She knew her grades in class were not as good as Ruoruo’s, but fortunately, she had advantages in sports.

But now, reality hit her hard.
Without the 15 points from the long-distance running, let alone the talent class, it was hard to say whether she could even enter the experimental class at Minjiang First High School.

If her parents knew why she lost these 15 points, they would definitely scold her furiously.

Shen Mian stumbled to the faculty office, found her homeroom teacher Mrs.
He, and begged with red eyes, “Teacher He, please help me.
I promise I will never do this kind of thing again.”

Teacher He frowned and rubbed her temples, “I don’t know what conflict is between you and Jiang Li, but no matter what, what you have done today is unacceptable.
Not only did you trip her to fall, but you also did that during an important exam whose score is included in the high school entrance examination, and you also know it.”

“I… it was just a momentary confusion.
Teacher He, please help me!” Shen Mian cried.

Teacher He sighed, “Your punishment is decided by Director Li; I can’t help you.”

Seeing Shen Mian was still unrepentant, Teacher He became annoyed, “You should first go to apologize to Jiang Li, then stay well-behaved during these last few months.
Your focus now is to work hard to erase that demerit from your school record before graduation.”

As for the matter of voiding the 15 points, there was no room to turn back.
Otherwise, Director Li wouldn’t be nicknamed ‘Hades Li.’ Everyone knew that Director Li was fond of students with good grades, but he put even more emphasis on students’ conduct.
For this reason, anyone who helped Shen Mian intercede would only draw Director Li’s ire, so Teacher He refused promptly.

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