th her beloved question banks again.

For the next two days, Jiang Li’s school life was pleasantly peaceful.
Probably because her behavior of shutting Shen Mian out of the back door had shocked her two roommates, but they behaved very well after that and didn’t bother her anymore.
As for Jiang Ruo’s friends and admirers in the class, they seemed afraid of Tong Yi and didn’t even come to throw her sarcasm.

No one was causing her trouble, which pleased Jiang Li.
But the monotonous yet peaceful days only lasted for two days before the P.E.
exam was ushered in.
This exam was very important; except for a few who applied for exemption or postponement for special reasons, all students had to take it, because the result of the P.E.
exam would be added to the total score of the high school entrance examination.

Jiang Li’s body seemed to be adept at sports, and she easily cleared both the long-distance jump and gymnastics, scoring two perfect scores.
When it came to the 800-meter run, Jiang Li realized that she was far ahead of others in the same group and thought she was also talented in long-distance running.

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But after running for a lap and a half, Jiang Li began to feel exhausted.
After two and a half laps, her stamina was obviously running out, and others began to catch up from behind and surpassed her.
Only then did Jiang Li realize that others were saving their stamina before, but unfortunately, she had little to no experience in sports and had no idea.

After thinking about it, Jiang Li decided to stop aiming for ranking.
Instead of chasing the students in front, she adjusted her rhythm to avoid fainting due to severe physical exhaustion.
Still, Jiang Li couldn’t prevent her already scarce stamina from decreasing.
Her body felt heavy, she was sweating all over, and her breathing became heavy and painful.

When they were about one-fourth to the finish line, Jiang Li found that everyone else was still sprinting, but it took her all just to keep moving forward.
Yet, Jiang Li maintained her rhythm and moved slowly and steadily.
As for how much she would score in this run, it was up to her luck.

When she finally was about twenty meters, Jiang Li sighed in relief.
Feeling the victory in sight, she let her guard down.
It was at this time that a foot suddenly stretched out from the aside.
Jiang Li saw the foot in advance, but she was not used to moving her body and failed to react in time.
Unable to avoid the trip, all she could do was adjust her posture in time to prevent injuries when falling.

The girl’s long-distance run was done in a group of sixteen.
After Jiang Li fell, two girls quickly passed her.
The moment Jiang Li raised her head, she saw Shen Mian, smiling provocatively at the finish line while giving her the middle finger.
Intuition told Jiang Li that the person who stumbled on her and caused her to suddenly fall was probably Shen Mian, but she had no evidence now.

Jiang Li was about to get up when a girl suddenly stopped to help her, whispering, “Don’t give up,” in a small voice.
Before Jiang Li could see who was helping her, the girl had already let go of her hand and rushed to the finish line, followed by a few others who came from behind.

Because her sight was blocked and everyone was wearing the same P.E.
uniform, Jiang Li could not pinpoint the girl who had helped her just now.
Still, Jiang Li rushed to the finish line with all her strength.
It was already certain that she couldn’t get a full score, but she didn’t want her points to be deducted too much.

The full score of the 800-meter girl’s long-distance running was 15 points, which was gotten upon finishing the full run within the time requirement of 3 minutes and 40 seconds.
Because of the fall, Jiang Li’s time was 3 minutes and 48 seconds, resulting in 2 points penalty.

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