ng and remained silent for a while, Gu Yanshen put away his phone and turned to Lu Wenxing.




    “I booked another room for you, later I’ll tell my assistant to help you pack your things, you can go to the fifth floor.”




    The fifth floor had a different elevator, there were security guards sitting at the door, and they needed a room card to enter the corridor, the security factor was more than twice as high as the fourth floor.




    “That’s fine, Gu Yanshen.” Song Jiajia gave him a thumbs up, not even calling him ‘Brother Shen’, she directly said his name in admiration.




    “Brother Shen’s image in my heart instantly became taller.”





    “I thought Brother Shen is a high cold movie emperor, it seems he’s actually a warm man?”





    “Get out, warm, what warm? Does Brother Shen seem warm to you?”




    Lu Wenxing didn’t reject Gu Yanshen’s kindness, “Thank you Mr.
Gu, then I’ll go to the front desk to make up the fee.”





    Gu Yanshen: “Make up for what? Find the crew for reimbursement.”









    “At this moment, director Wang still doesn’t know what’s happening.”




    “The stingy director Wang silently weeps.”




    Out of the hotel entrance, several people entered the crew’s car and were driven to the set.




Two or three days had passed since he was blocked by Jiang Zhengqin, and Lu Wenxing almost forgot.
He hadn’t met Wen Zheng again, so he concluded he had gone back.




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    When he entered the hotel lobby, he ran into Wen Zheng who was waiting for the elevator.




    Lu Wenxing took the lead and greeted him, “Good evening Mr.




    Wen Zheng nodded and responded, which he rarely did, “I heard from my assistant that you’re shooting a movie around here?”




    “Ah yes.” After meeting again, Lu Wenxing seemed to be able to greet and chat with Wen Zheng with ease, “Mr.
Wen doesn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry, right?”





    “Well …… I’m a little face blind.”





    Lu Wenxing: ????





    Wen Zheng’s expression didn’t change half a bit, so much so that Lu Wenxing doubted whether he had heard wrong.




    Who would have thought that the high-cold boss Wen Zheng would be face-blind?




    The new stars in the entertainment industry were especially numerous, and the routes they took were more or less the same, their height were about the same, their face value were about the same, it was normal for Wen Zheng to be face blind.




    Lu Wenxing was so surprised that he couldn’t hold his expression for a while, and Wen Zheng looked at his confused expression and felt… it was a bit cute.




    “I am not face blind to you.”




    Lu Wenxing’s eyes curved, and his long eyelashes looked like two butterfly wings.




    “I know, otherwise Mr.
Wen wouldn’t have responded just now.”





Wen came here for business?”




    “We’re preparing new investment projects here, so I came over for inspection.”





 When Lu Wenxing knew that Wen Zheng had made a good investment, he immediately showed an envious expression.
If he had money to invest a little, he would buy a house in full!




    Forget it, envy wasn’t becoming.





 While Lu Wenxing was thinking, Wen Zheng suddenly spoke.




    “Jiang Zhengqin won’t bother you again.”




    Lu Wenxing thought Jiang Zhengqin was threatened, so he didn’t ask detailed questions, he just thanked him again,  as the two walked out of the elevator together, Lu Wenxing said goodbye, but was called by Wen Zheng.




    “Which movie are you filming?”




    Lu Wenxing didn’t expect Wen Zheng to be curious about this, “A Hundred Ghosts.”




    “I’ll go see it when it’s released.”




    Wen Zheng himself couldn’t explain why he had such a highly favorable opinion of someone he had only met once.





    Although when he wasn’t busy with work all day, in his spare time, he went to the movies.




    But he had never gone because of someone.




    Lu Wenxing had been on the set for almost two weeks, and a large part of his scene had been completed.




    During the first few days, Lu Wenxing’s shooting progress was a little slower, but compared to other newcomers, Lu Wenxing was considered extremely talented.





  After a week of adaptation, coupled with Lu Wenxing’s diligence, his progress rate was staggering.


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    There was no imagined delay in progress, it wasn’t only faster than expected, there were many scenes that were done in one take, Director Wang was sure he had found a treasure.




    Two or three days had passed since Wen Zheng left E City, and Lu Wenxing hadn’t taken it to heart until he saw the Weibo hot search list.








Lu Wenxing went in and found that all personal information such as Jiang Zhengqin’s photos had been uploaded, and the whole network was scolding Jiang Zhengqin.





    It turned out that after Jiang Zhengqin was sent to the detention center that day, someone sent new evidence.




    The same as the recording in Lu Wenxing’s hand, there were several anonymous witnesses.




    They accused Jiang Zhengqin of s-exual harassment, se-ducing and manipulating actors by deceitful means.




    Those artists who were forced by him before, went to the police station to send evidence, Jiang Zhengqin couldn’t argue and was directly sent to the court trial.




    The victims took so long to report the case, naturally it wasn’t a coincidence, someone contacted them and asked if they were willing to produce evidence or be witnesses to bring Jiang Zhengqin to justice.




    The comment section was invariably full of abuse, after reading the long post, Lu Wenxing was quite shocked, he should have known that Jiang Zhengqin had done so many bad things.




    It was surprising that the scum got away with it for so long.




    But the good thing was that the victims were brave enough to come forward, it was Jiang Zhengqin who was to blame.




    After reading the post, Lu Wenxing also finally reacted to what Wen Zheng said to him that day, ‘Jiang Zhengqin won’t bother you again’.




    So, Wen Zheng actually collected the evidence and didn’t give Jiang Zhengqin a chance to get out of the detention center and sent him directly to the jail.




Lu Wenxing really didn’t expect that Wen Zheng not only helped that time, but also checked it so carefully that he felt a little curious about Wen Zheng.





    It turned out that the big boss was quite…approachable.





    As he was swiping through Weibo, a phone call came in from Ms.




I’m not disturbing your filming, right?”




    “No, I’m taking a break now that others are shooting.”




    “That’s good.” Ms.
Lu was silent for a moment before she said, “Wenxing, I got a message from the police station, can we meet?”





    Back then, Lu Wenxing had a high fever after being rescued by Xie Nian, woke up and didn’t remember anything, he didn’t know where he came from, didn’t know who his parents were, he only said his name was ‘Xing’.




    Xie Nian immediately went to the police station to report the case, before finding his biological parents, in order to prevent Lu Wenxing from being sent to an orphanage, Xie Nian and Ms.
Lu decided to keep Lu Wenxing at home until he found his biological parents.




    Because he needed to go to school, Ms.
Lu gave Lu Wenxing this name, ‘Xing’ from the nickname, ‘Wen’ means ‘hear’, the implication was that they wished Lu Wenxing could be found soon. 




    A few years after the report, people came to the door one after another, but the results were disappointing.





Lu couldn’t bear to let Lu Wenxing experience disappointment again and again, so every time after experiencing disappointment, Ms.
Lu would hug Lu Wenxing and comfort him.





   “Your parents must love you very much to give you the name ‘Xing’, because the star is the most dazzling existence in the sky, so your existence is also the most dazzling to your parents.”





    Lu Wenxing wasn’t afraid of disappointment, as long as he thought of Ms.
Lu’s gentle comfort, all the disappointment would turn into hope for the next time.




    “Wenxing?” Ms.
Lu’s voice came again.




    Lu Wenxing looked calm, “I want to see them.”



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