Chapter 58 – What a thoughtful, and considerate son.

The two men returned to the cabin with four fish.

The old man directed them both to put the fish into the basket, and threw it on the old-fashioned weighing scale at the door.
15 pounds, more than enough to complete the task.

According to the rules of the program, they can receive the key if they pass.

The old man started reciting his lines again: “You are tourists from out of town, right, have you thought about where to stay tonight?”

“Not yet, do you have a recommendation?” Qin Ke asked.

The old man fished out three keys from the drawer, seeing that Song Yunran was closer to him, he directly handed them over: “My family has many houses in the village, these three suites are all vacant.
The keys are labeled with door numbers, you can take them and choose at will.”

Since they were given three keys, it means they were the first group to complete the task.

Song Yunran’s heart was very happy, after accepting the keys, he didn’t rush to leave, because he still had something important to do.

He peeked at Qin Ke, who didn’t seem to notice the keys, and was hanging their used fishing rods on the wall, as if he had completely forgotten that there was still a competition to be settled between them.

Song Yunran approached the old man: “Can you help me see how much the biggest fish weighs? It’s very important to me.”

The old man gave him a “I understand” look.

He had seen too many customers who came fishing, and when they finally caught a big fish, they had to find out how much it weighed so that they could brag about it in the future.

“Come on in.”

The old man took Song Yunran away from the door and threw the greenish fish out of the basket onto the scale, adjusted the weights, and squinted his eyes to determine, “Yoo-hoo, seven pounds and two taels, a big guy!”

Song Yunran heart is cold.

The three fish that Qin Ke caught combined are heavier than his!

This game, he still lost in the end!

“I know, thank you, you keep your voice down, don’t let anyone hear.”

Song Yunran hastily instructed the old man to keep quiet, but when he turned around, he saw Qin Ke leaning against the doo.
His handsome eyebrows were lazy and flirtatious, and he was just staring at him.


A large flipping scene.

Song Yunran’s heart was like ashes, ready to meet the ridicule.

However, it seems that Qin Ke did not care about winning or losing, but rather he came over and looked at the key in his hand: “Go to choose a house?”

Song Yunran was stunned, just now the old man’s voice so loud, did Qin Ke not hear?

It shouldn’t be, I’ve never heard of Qin Ke having any ear problems in his two lifetimes.

He walked forward in a daze and finally came to his senses when the cameraman could not hold back.

This is a variety show, their every word and action is being recorded honestly by the camera.

If he wants to muddle through, what will the netizens think of him then?

They will definitely think that he is a dishonest individual.

Thinking about it this way, Qin Ke’s reason for avoiding this topic is understandable.

After all, it was an employee who caught his boss attempting to break his promise on camera, and if he were to reveal it, it would inevitably tarnish his father’s shining image.

What a thoughtful, and considerate son.

Song Yunran was touched by this filial heart and took the initiative to confess: “I lost the fishing competition.
If the crew makes things difficult for us next, you can sit by the side and let me do it.”

Qin Ke said, “It’s okay, let’s see the situation then.”

It was a very sensible conclusion, because although the fixing band on his shoulder was removed a long time ago, according to medical advice, he should still try to avoid strenuous exercise and overexertion in recent future.

In case the program team is impractical and asks the guests to carry the stone lion at the entrance of the village all around the field, then it is a fact that only Song Yunran will be allowed to participate.

“Oops, willing to bet and accept defeat.”

Song Yunran felt that they would be a family soon, and Qin Ke didn’t need to be polite to him at all, “Besides, we are a travel and leisure variety show, so there shouldn’t be too many tricky parts, right?”

He said the last two words to the cameraman following the shooting.

There is a bit of seeking spoilers in it.

The cameraman didn’t say anything, only squeezed out a meaningful smile and let him figure it out for himself.

Song Yunran: “……”

He began to feel uneasy.

Feeling apprehensive, Song Yunran successfully found the first apartment according to the house number pasted on the key.

Room 1 is at the deepest part of an alley.

The gray brick wall revealed traces of age.
A few clumps of moss curved along the wall and guided them to push open a vermilion-painted wooden door.

Several large trees were planted in the courtyard, and a lush canopy covered them, blocking out most of the light.

Restricted by the area, the house is not large, a very ordinary one-bedroom layout.

The living room does not even have a sofa, only two or three wooden chairs, the bedroom has a double bed, but the window next to it is broken and is leaking wind to inside with a whirring sound.

As for the separate utility room next to the house, forget it, forget it.

“Let’s go see the next one.” Song Yunran raising the other two keys, “anyway, there is still plenty of time, we will take our time to choose.”

Qin Ke nodded: “Okay.”

The two of them walked out of the alley and before they could tell the direction of the next house, Song Yunran suddenly froze.

Not far away in a vacant lot, Shao Qian and Wan Yuzhe were wandering around with fans in their hands, like two lambs that had wandered into a wolf pack, surrounded by a dozen aunts who were also holding fans.

It seems that this fan really does belong to the square dance.

Song Yunran is dumbfounded, and more and more he feels that Shen Yiyi is very talented in business.

The top stream love beans learn to do square dance, a once-in-a-lifetime scene.
It is simply a scheduled hot search.

But compared to the hot search, he is still more concerned about the way this father and son get along.

In an instant, the remaining two houses disappeared in his mind.

Song Yunran stopped in his tracks: “Actually, the house just now was pretty good.”

Qin Ke: “?”

Song Yunran said nonsense in a serious manner: “Didn’t you see, how nice the greening in the yard is.
We usually live in the city, and it is difficult to have the opportunity to get close to nature.”

Qin Ke raised his eyebrows: “So?”

“So just pick it and stop messing around.”

Song Yunran looked at the square dance class that was about to start teaching, and solemnly announced the president’s decision.

Qin Ke followed his gaze and vaguely guessed the reason for his temporary change of mind, so he smiled and said, “Okay, then choose it.”

Song Yunran was very satisfied with his cooperation, and happily borrowed two stools from the villagers next to him, ready to let Qin Ke see on the spot how other people’s children are filial to their fathers.

The cameraman following was speechless to the extreme.

He knows the three suites in good and bad order, and also knows what the task corresponding to each suite will be.

Seeing that these two people had a good hand of cards but gave up halfway, he really wanted to violate the rules and go up and remind, didn’t we all hint at you, still not rushing to find the best suite?

No one cared about the poor cameraman’s psychological activities.

On the contrary, Shao Qian looked up and saw Song Yunran, who had been staring at him in the car, with his artist, sitting on a bench a few meters away, and then couldn’t help but shiver.

What is this?

He has been forced to dance in the square dance, but how come the guests of the other groups are still in the front row watching them?

Shao Qian forced his mind to stabilize, waved and greeted: “Qin Ke, Mr.

Qin Ke nodded lightly as a greeting, while Song Yunran smilingly waved in response, “Don’t call me Mr.
Song, just call me by my name in the future.”

Shao Qian did not dare, he wisely dropped the title and directly asked, “Did you get the keys?”

“I got all three of them.” Song Yunran said, “I chose a set at random and didn’t look at the other two sets.”

Shao Qian was numb, listen to these saying what kind of words?

Would you rather give up the chance to choose from the rest, and come to see us making a joke?

He took a deep breath and went around behind Wan Yuzhe: “Not good, I’m nervous now when I see Song Yunran.”

Wan Yuzhe also finished greeting the onlooker duo, turned his head and said, “Don’t look at them, focus on your own house.”


Shao Qian sighed again, a great deal of headache.

They found the location corresponding to the props, but omitted the time on the back of the wrapping paper accordingly, so that as the second group to depart, they could only wait in place for the late arrival of the aunties.

Shao Qian is usually good at picking up the dance, just after learning for a few minutes, he almost comprehended the essence of this square dance.

But Wan Yuzhe is a very partial vocal, and the biggest black spot in his life is the stiffness of his limbs.
When he arrived in Tonggu Village, he couldn’t keep up with the teaching progress of the aunts.

This is one and two, I’m afraid I will be dragged around and they will overtake the progress.

Shao Qian thought about it and decided to focus on selling rot.

He tried to ignore Song Yunran’s gleaming gaze and squeezed out a smile to comfort him: “It’s okay, let’s try again, I believe you can do it.”

Wan Yuzhe had a clear heart: “Then I’ll follow the aunties again, you help me check.”

Soon, the extremely brainwashing music sounded again.

Song Yunran frowned and opened his eyes wide against the spiritual pollution, not wanting to miss out on every single one of their movements.

As he watched, he vaguely understood what was going on.

Whenever Wan Yuzhe forgot the movement, Shao Qian would personally demonstrate.

Whenever Wan Yuzhe was embarrassed by the laughter of the aunties, Shao Qian would gently say you are great.

Whenever Wan Yuzhe accidentally tripped over himself, Shao Qian would nervously reach out to hold him steady.

With such meticulous care, no one would say a father’s love is like a mountain after seeing it.

Song Yunran has learned and decided to use it now.

He mobilized his whole body’s acting skills, pretending to be just what he thought of, he slowly and methodically turned his face sideways, and his eyes met a pair of pitch black eyes that were like ink.

Qin Ke was beside him, looking at him quietly for a long time.

Song Yunran was shocked, his brain jerked and he said angrily: “What are you looking at me for?”

He regretted his words as soon as they left his mouth, and urgently adjusted to a gentle tone, “What’s wrong, are you hungry and want to eat?”

That’s good, that’s it, he encouraged himself in his heart.

Starting from the most routine things like food, clothing, housing and transportation, be a good father as warm as the spring breeze, by myself.

Qin Ke was stunned for a few seconds by his sudden change of tone, and was quiet for a moment before asking back, “Fine, are you hungry?”


Song Yunran was asked by him and couldn’t help but touch his stomach.

The open space they were in had a village snack bar right next to it.

Now it is the time for children to come out of school, and everyone with backpacks are buying snacks at the store.
The aroma of grilled sausages, fried potatoes and scallion cakes wafted in the air, making Song Yunran, who had been busy for most of the day, inexplicably a bit jealous.

“Hungry but not hungry,”

He pursed his lips, and said in a small voice, “just a little greedy.”

Qin Ke gave a “hmm” and got up straight away to go to the snack bar.

Song Yunran stared blankly at his distant back, and after a while he watched blankly as Qin Ke walked back with a bowl of fried potatoes.

Qin Ke handed over the plastic bowl: “Eat.”

Song Yunran: “???”

The show’s crew forbade guests from spending money during the recording, right?

Qin Ke glanced at him, as if guessing his thoughts, explained: “Did not spend money, swiped my face.
I’ll pay the bill when I get my phone after the recording.”

It is not against the rules of the program.

Song Yunran put his mind at ease and picked up the potatoes with a toothpick and tasted them.

The potatoes were fried crispy and coated with a layer of chili peppers and sesame seed, and the slightly spicy taste blossomed on the tongue, followed by the mellow aroma of sesame seeds, leading to a large appetite.

Without paying attention, Song Yunran ate half of the bowl.

Fortunately, he came back to his senses in time and remembered what he had just learned, so he chose the best-looking piece of potatoes and turned around to hand it over, “You should eat some too, dinner is still a long time away.”

Qin Ke was just about to reach out to pick up the toothpick when Song Yunran stopped him and said, “Don’t use your hands to take it, be careful of dropping it.”

Qin Ke lowered his eyelashes, looked at the wobbly potato slices on the toothpick, thought about it and held Song Yunran’s wrist to help stabilize it.
Then he lowered his head slightly, opened his lips and bit down.

The cameraman’s hand shook next to him, and the lens suddenly went out of focus.

Wan Yuzhe, who had just danced the square dance once, staggered.

He pressed Shao Qian’s shoulder, like a warning of the enemy in a low voice: “Nope, we have to work harder.”

The author has something to say:
Love beans group: Introversion, is it introversion?

T/N: My first language isn’t English, and there may be some grammatical errors.
But I try not to deviate from the author’s narrative.
If there are any errors or nonsensical sentences, feel free to comment.

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