urned around and saw that the person who had come was one of Lu Dao’s raw illustrators, and it seemed that this was her seat.

Song Yunran likewise turned his head, pointing to the plump and handsome picture of an ancient warrior on the table and asked, “Did you draw this?”

The girl nodded her head in embarrassment.

She usually liked ancient novels and TV dramas, but as an raw illustrator for the company, she had to spend her days drawing big, muscular men she didn’t like.

She also drew that wallpaper on her weekend break to satisfy her craving.

Song Yunran asked, “Have you made any other drawings like this?”

“Yes, I did.”

The girl was still in a state of shock, but Song Yunran’s appearance and attitude were so friendly that she took out her phone and showed him the pictures she had on file.

Song Yunran’s eyes lit up when he saw the last of the drawings.

Although he had never made a game, he had discovered during his research at home over the past few days that for a female-oriented romance game to be successful, each male character available to the player had to be handsome in their own way.

The drawing of the girl in front of him fit the bill perfectly.

And most importantly, those costumes and props she designed were quite good looking.
It could even be said that they were on par with the level of the stylists in the crew.

Song Yunran handed the phone back to the girl, “For the meeting later, you come and join us too.”

After that he turned his head and instructed his Assistant Tang, “By the way, give Zhong Xiaofeng a video call, he’s the chief scriptwriter and should be involved.”

Once in the conference room, Song Yunran handed the main stage over to the staff under him and asked them to have a detailed discussion with Lu Dao.

When the meeting started, the game producer in charge of research and development said, “If you want the game to go live at the same time as the TV series next year, it would be best to give us the full script as soon as possible.
It is convenient for us to do the setting based on the plot right from the start of the game system.”

Zhong Xiaofeng on the other end of the phone trembled as he listened.

Assistant Tang was totally oblivious: “OK, are there any other requests?”

Game producer: “Since it’s a female-oriented romance game, it has a different focus from the TV series.
Each raiding character needs to have its own branch plot, do you think we should directly write it, or will your chief scriptwriter give the outline first?”

Assistant Tang turned his head to ask Song Yunran for his opinion.

Song Yunran thought for a moment that it was better to play it safe.
He raised his eyes and looked at Zhong Xiaofeng on the phone, “Why don’t you do it?”

Zhong Xiaofeng spoke dryly, “Can I ask what’s going on here? The Legend of Nan Hua is being adapted into a game?”

Song Yunran: “……”

Oh, I forgot to give Zhong Xiaofeng a head start.

He cleared his throat and said, “It’s not just the game, there might be a novel and a comic that will follow.”

He said and pointed to the original girl who was temporarily called in, “I think her drawing style goes well with your story and I want her to take charge of the main character design.”

The reason he was so excited just now was that the girl’s style was, unintentionally, actually similar to the stylistic design of the previous life’s The Legend of Nan Hua.

Perhaps this was the good fortune that belonged to a supporting character.

Song Yunran thought smugly that while he was working so hard for Qin Ke’s endorsement, the heavens couldn’t help but give him more golden fingers.

The girl who finally understood the situation was overjoyed: “Can I do female-oriented games already?”

Zhong Xiaofeng, who also came back to his senses, was terrified: “Chief Song, this is different from what was promised.”

It was clearly agreed that it was just a TV series, but suddenly a whole IP chain development plan had appeared.

Zhong Xiaofeng couldn’t foresee the future.
He didn’t know how successful his script would be, and only felt that this was not supposed to be the fantastic start that a salty fish should have.

He couldn’t imagine if he would be burned to ashes by Xiao Song’s anger should ‘The Legend of South China’ end up poorly.

Song Yunran, however, misunderstood: “Don’t be nervous, I understand what you mean.
The copyright fee for the game adaptation will be credited to you.”

Zhong Xiaofeng: “……”

He thought in despair, ‘No, you don’t understand.’

After the meeting was over, Song Yunran left Lu Dao Technology satisfied.

He completely missed the fact that Zhong Xiaofeng had ended up shivering in his screen, but he was instead proud of the significant progress he had made today.

“I have helped you to complete the most important step.”

Sitting in the car, he said to Assistant Tang, “I’ll leave the details of the cooperation with Lu Dao to you, remember to negotiate a higher percentage.
In the end, I have to make money.”

Assistant Tang agreed, and asked, “Can we go back to the company now?”

“Well ……”

Song Yunran hesitated, just now during the meeting he was sitting still, his legs which had been deserted for too long were not satisfied at all.

After a few seconds of silence, he asked, “Isn’t there any outdoor work today? I’d like to walk around, I’ve been sleeping at home for too long lately, and I’m lacking exercise too much.”

Assistant Tang steadied the frame of his glasses and answered back with difficulty, “How long have you been sleeping at home, these past few days?”

“I don’t know.
Every day I was either lying on my back or lying on my stomach, and I was so worn out that my back was sore.”

Song Yunran didn’t know what had occurred to him, but he followed up with, “That day, Qin Ke he ……”

” Xiao Song!”

He didn’t want to hear about the particulars between his boss and the company’s artist, so he said in a hurry, “I remembered, Qin Ke is shooting a men’s wear commercial today, why don’t you just go and take a look!”

Song Yunran was startled by the other party’s sudden, loud movement and froze before saying, “Ah?…Oh okay, let’s go then.

He slowly leaned back in his chair, his gaze surveying the movement of Assistant Tang as he raised his hand to wipe his sweat, wondering in his heart.

Strange, was Qin Ke filming a commercial a particularly scary thing?

What was Assistant Tang so nervous about, for no good reason?

T/N: My first language isn’t English, and there may be some grammatical errors.
But I try not to deviate from the author’s narrative.
If there are any errors or nonsensical sentences, feel free to comment.

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