Chapter 29 I won’t let you kneel down and beg Chairman Bai…

After the video call, Song Yunran decided to take a little stroll around the house.

He came out of his bedroom and stood on the first floor watching the sun set through the 6 meter high floor-to-ceiling windows, and was in a particularly good mood.

It was like a martial arts practitioner who had finally opened up his two meridians.
This was the first time he had thought of a new way to make money without relying on his ‘precognition’.

Although it was twice as risky, the feeling of being able to strategise made him feel the joy of being president.

Song Yunran’s thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell downstairs.

The aunt who had just finished cleaning the kitchen opened the door and quickly came into the living room: “Yunran, there’s a Mr.
Qin looking for you.”

Song Yunran couldn’t go downstairs: “Let him come up.”

By the time Qin Ke went up to the first floor, Song Yunran had already gone back under the covers.

He is sitting on the bed, a laptop on his lap, his brow furrowed and his fingertips tapping on the keyboard every now and then.
The image of a good CEO who is still working despite his illness.

However, it’s only if you look past his soft hair, loose cotton pajamas and snacks on the bedside table.

Qin Ke held back his smile and knocked on the door: “Xiao Song, can I come in?”

“Yes?” Song Yunran looked up, “Oh it’s you, come in.”

Qin Ke met Xiao Song’s expectant eyes and made his way to stand by the side of his bed.

He waited calmly for about ten seconds, waiting until Song Yunran’s CEO’s presence was about to collapse, before asking, “Are you busy?”

Song Yunran quickly turned his laptop screen around: “Look at the plan I wrote.”

His tone was full of pride, “I thought about it for a long time after you left last night, and as soon as I woke up today, I put this thing together.
I just finished a meeting with Assistant Tang, and he very much approved of my idea.”

Qin Ke bent down, slowly scanning his eyes over the contents of the document, and only after a long time did he say, “Very impressive.”

Song Yunran originally only wanted to show off the fruits of his work today.

He didn’t expect Qin Ke to look so closely, and even that brief praise seemed too sincere, and he subconsciously asked, “Is it really that good? Don’t lie to me.”

Qin Ke said, “I’m not lying to you.”

Before he was reborn, he was already a top tier artist and had been involved in many investment fields.

The plan in front of him was rather crude, but it was enough to show that the person in charge of the plan had a keen business sense.

Song Yunran lifted his chest: “You have a good eye.”

He said and threw his laptop to the side, “A mere five hundred million is nothing, watch me make a billion in a minute.”

Qin Ke raised his eyebrows, “Now you’re not afraid of being sent for marriage?”


Song Yunran choked for a moment.
He was actually still a bit afraid.

After all, this time there was no original work for him to refer to, and no one could determine the ending until the end.

But he didn’t want to show his fears and pretended to be indifferent, “It’s just a marriage, it’s not a big deal.”

A chill that he didn’t even notice appeared on Qin Ke’s face: “Really?”

The air around them seemed to drop a few degrees.

Song Yunran tightened the blanket, “I’ve thought about it, if Xinghe really can’t meet my mother’s demands, then ……”

He paused for half a beat and said with a straight face, “I’ll get down on my knees and beg her.”

The ice in Qin Ke’s eyes abruptly dispersed.

Instead, the corners of his mouth held a very light smile: “Well, that’s good.”

Song Yunran, however, felt he was being undermined.

Everyone knew that kneeling down and begging for forgiveness was particularly cowardly.
But the other party was the chairman of the Ning Dong Group, and as the chairman’s son, he was not ashamed to kneel down before his mother.

He unwrapped a lollipop and put it in his mouth, tilted his head and asked, “What do you mean, do you really want to see me kneel?”

Naive, too naive.

Do you know that you are the one who will end up on your knees, Mr Qin?

Qin Ke did not answer, but took out a small paper bag and handed it over, “I bought it on the way, please see if you need it.”

The paper bag was about half the size of the palm of your hand, and it was so light that one would suspect that it was empty.

Curious, Song Yunran opened it and found a beautiful and delicate amulet inside.

When he turned it over to the back, he found that the building embroidered on it was a temple in Yan City that was rumoured to be particularly spiritual.

It happened to be the same one he was going to find time to pay his respects at when he was in the hospital last night.

Song Yunran licked his lips, and the tip of his tongue tasted the sweetness of a lollipop.

He froze and asked, “Did you see that I’ve been too unlucky lately, so you purposely helped me ask for it?”

Qin Ke nodded his head.

Song Yunran was overjoyed.

Heh, this silly son, and said something about buying it on the way.

Doesn’t he know where this temple is?

He bought it today and sent it to the home with his eyes wide open.

But then Song Yunran quickly became alert.

He cautiously asked, “Are you sure this is a protection talisman and not a matchmaking talisman?”

What if Qin Ke had made a wish in the temple for a hundred years of marriage with him and sent it to him secretly?

Qin Ke was quiet before he said, “There are words on it, have you read it?”

“…… oh.”

Song Yunran cleared his throat awkwardly, not wanting to admit that he had almost become blind, and said, “Then I’ll accept it reluctantly.
But you shouldn’t believe in this too much, you have to be scientific in everything and rely on your own efforts.”

As a person who had returned from rebirth, he said the word “scientific” rather sheepishly.

Qin Ke, who had the same experience, thought that it was unscientific enough just to say that he had been reborn.

But he continued to take it in good stride: “Well, I know how to work on things.”

The light from the sunset outside the window reflected on his face, making the contours of his features deeper and deeper.

Qin Ke smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you kneel down and beg Chairman Bai.”

After Qin Ke left, Song Yunran got up from the bed with a snap.

The movement was so fast that he almost pulled his injury.

He let out a cry, slowed down and walked over to the sofa, picked up the phone he had left there before, put the amulet in front of him and looked at it through the picture frame.

The amulet’s silk threads swirled with light in the half-light, half-dark evening.

Song Yunran kept adjusting the angle and pressing the camera button one after another.

He took a dozen photos in one go before slowly selecting the one he was most satisfied with and carefully adding a filter to it.

After all this, Song Yunran felt embarrassed as an afterthought.

Where should he send this photo?

But this was his first gift from his cheap son, and the small number of people in his circle of friends would not be enough for him to show off.

Song Yunran hesitated for a day and decided to register a new Weibo account.

Then he sent a message to Assistant Tang: [Quickly notify everyone in the company to follow me.]

Assistant Tang was confused as he passed on the president’s order.

By the time a few hours had passed, the clever netizens had already discovered the Weibo.

With the mentality of watching the fun, everyone clicked on the follow button in passing.

At the same time, they secretly guessed that Song Yunran, who had been quiet for a long time, had finally opened a Weibo account, so could it be that something big was about to happen again?

With Chu Xiao Chen’s fate still fresh in their minds, the gossiping netizens didn’t dare to sleep.
The dedicated marketing agencies also didn’t dare to put down their phones, lest they miss out on the big news if they were not careful.

Song Yunran kept refreshing the page, looking at his list of followers, first from the company’s employees to the company’s artists and finally to the netizens of all walks of life.
It almost rose by a hundred thousand or so before he skimmed the corners of his mouth as he decided, with a little satisfaction, to leave make do with this for now.

A hundred thousand or so was better than the hundred or so people in his circle of friends.

He quickly uploaded the photo, typed in the content and clicked send.

It was all done in one go.

In a flash, netizens who had stayed up late waiting for the big news saw the first Weibo post sent by the president of Xinghe Entertainment on their home pages.

[Song Yunran: Yay, received a gift].

The picture attached was a talisman that didn’t look explosive no matter how you looked at it.

The netizens were left speechless.

Within a few minutes, they quickly drowned out Song Yunran with comments.

[That’s it? You made me wait until 1am to show me this? Rubbish blogger, take it down.]

[But they didn’t say they were going to break any news, did they?

[I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to take a selfie or not, but what’s the point of posting a stupid amulet.]

[This is my son’s first time on Weibo and he’s a bit shy, so I’ll criticize him when I get back.]

Song Yunran’s intentions were so good, but he didn’t expect the situation to be like this.

What’s wrong with you guys?

You don’t think this is a good photo? You don’t think this amulet is particularly nice? You’re not curious about its origin.?

This generation of netizens are too unprofessional.

Song Yunran simply took the matter into his own hands.

He switched to a small messy account and typed a comment: [So who is this gift from?].

Such an insignificant comment quickly sank into the sea, attracting no attention.

Song Yunran was so disappointed that he had to depressingly brush up on the cats and dogs on the front page of his small account.

It took a while to realise that there was another small red dot at the bottom of the page.

It had been a long time since Song Yunran had joined the Dizzy group by mistake, and he had not communicated with the people in the group.

He stared at the little red dot and clicked on it, and found that there were still only eleven people in there.

It was a very shabby number, with no substitutes for a football team.

However, the conversation in the group was much more active than last time.

[I don’t care, it must be from Qin Ke].

[What’s the deal with sending amulets? Is Ran Ran unlucky lately?]

[If he was lucky, he wouldn’t have been blocked at the office, right?]

[Uh, I think the owner of the group is one of the people who blocked him?

[…… What is it? Chu Xiao Chen has been buried in my heart, and I know I did wrong in the past, so please don’t mention my brain-dead black history again.]

Of the other ten people, most were people who had turned from pink to black on Chu Xiao Chen.

After mentioning that name, everyone was inevitably enraged and re-whipped the scum before turning the conversation back to the two.

[But didn’t Qin Ke also lose his resources a few days ago? It was blown up and taunted for quite a while, I think he should buy a talisman too.]

Song Yunran was stunned to discover that there was this, he hadn’t even heard Qin Ke mention it at all.

In fact, if you think about it, it’s normal, director Tan Ming’s films are undoubtedly a good piece of pie for the entertainment industry.
When it was first rumored that he was going to make a new film, many agencies were working on it, both explicitly and secretly, thinking that even if it didn’t work out in the end, it would be good to get some heat.

Unfortunately, no one could have foreseen that it would be the unknown Qin Ke who would win the first male lead in “Jianghu Lu”.

Sometimes people are so contradictory.

If you lose to an actor who is more popular than your own favorite artist, you can still comfort yourself that it’s okay.

But if you lose to an unknown actor, it’s a huge insult.

Those actors who put themselves in the spotlight a while ago were, of course, ridiculed by netizens who were not too happy about the situation.

Their fans, on the other hand, took it out on Qin Ke, and when news of the falling resources came out, they naturally seized the opportunity to criticize.

Song Yunran had seen a lot of this kind of drama in his previous life and was supposed to be used to it.

But when he saw that someone had included Xinghe in the joke, his heart as a president couldn’t stand it.

You can look down on Qin Ke, but you cannot look down on his father.

He spat out in his heart, thought about it for a few seconds and then quietly corrected his wording.

No, you can’t look down on Qin Ke either.

The next day, he urged his assistant to contact Bai Waning’s assistant as soon as possible.
He couldn’t wait to get Qin Ke’s new endorsement.

The assistant was indifferent.

This Xiao Song couldn’t calm down whenever he encountered something related to Qin Ke.

He contacted the group’s special assistant as a matter of course.
The other party had probably received Bai Waning’s message a long time ago and didn’t ask any more questions, directly sending over the information of the two brands that needed to hire a spokesperson asking Xinghe to choose a suitable one.

Before Assistant Tang even read the information, he first asked, “Can’t we have both?”

After all, this was something that Xiao Song had specifically instructed, and he still wanted to do the best job possible.

The special assistant said coolly, “Assistant Tang, Chairman Bai also has a bottom line.”

Assistant Tang ended the call with a grim smile, thinking that this was all I could do for Xiao Song.
He opened the email from the special assistant, then took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes, put them back on and looked again, finally froze in place.

Menswear and a fast-moving beverage.

Both were national brands that were quite established and well known in the teenager’s minds.

Assistant Tang had to admit that he actually felt a little restless.

The treatment was too good, what if Qin Ke was under too much pressure and did not perform well at that time.

When Chen Jing received the message from Assistant Tang, she was sitting in the same car as Qin Ke, leaving to attend the script reading of “Jianghu Lu”.

She had spent more time with Qin Ke than Assistant Tang and was more aware of his character, so she did not have the same concerns as Assistant Tang.

Only after reading the information, she still reasonably offered her opinion.

“I recommend you go for the fast-consuming beverages.”

Chen Jing showed him the interface she had just searched on her phone, “The last spokesperson for this menswear brand was a professional model, someone who could walk the big shows at fashion weeks year after year, and was particularly good in both photos and visuals.
If the new endorser were to be you, it’s likely that people with an agenda would use it as a deliberate comparison.”

Yet Qin Ke only smiled calmly after hearing this.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ve never been afraid of being compared to others.”

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But I try not to deviate from the author’s narrative.
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