Zhao Siyu smiled and said, “Yes, Jiaming is the artist in my hand.
After joining the company, Jiaming has always told me that the person he admires most in the performance class in the school is you.
It is always a pity to think that you have not been able to sign a contract with a professional team.

  Qin Ke smiled reservedly.
  He had long known that Zhao Siyu would come to his door on the day of the “Joyous Occasion”, and he also knew that Zhao Siyu had come through Cheng Jiaming’s introduction, but the previous life Zhao Siyu was late, and he had already signed a contract with Xu Ping at that time.

Qin Ke subconsciously touched his right shoulder.
Even through the costumes of the crew, he was able to touch the intact bones there, rather than the old wounds who is always relapsing and feel painful on rainy days like before his rebirth.

  Qin Ke remembers very clearly that his fame rose after the filming of “Joyous Occasion”.
The second film he took after that was the martial arts film of a big director.
He played the second male lead in it, while Cheng Jiaming played as his brother.
The role can only be counted as the male number 5.
  One day Qin Ke had an accident while filming a Wuxia movie.
He fell directly to the ground from the air and fractured his right shoulder on the spot.
As a result, he had to withdraw from the crew and be hospitalized.
  After the operation, Qin Ke carefully recalled the accident, and always felt suspicious.
Soon after, Xu Ping told him that the crew found out that Cheng Jiaming had done tricks on him during the filming of that Wuxia movie.
  Because Cheng Jiaming is jealous of him.

  It is difficult for Qin Ke to describe how he felt when he learned the truth.
  He never thought that less than two years after graduation, Cheng Jiaming’s mind had become so distorted.
  ”I already have a company that I want to join .” Qin Ke quietly refused, “Sorry to let you come for nothing.” Zhao Siyu was taken aback when he heard the news, and asked curiously: “Which company do you want to go to?”
  Qin Ke said: “Xinghe Entertainment.”
  Zhao Siyu: “???”
  Why is it Xinghe Entertainment again!
  He has had very bad luck over the past two years.
The artists in his hands are not up to each other.
Cheng Jiaming, who he originally had high hopes on, also couldn’t live up to his performance.
Last year, the boss said that a friend’s son was about to sign under him.
  Thinking of the latter, Zhao Siyu was depressed.
  That was the child of the chairman of the Ningdong Group.
He originally expected this young master to rely on his family’s relationship to secure resources, and he would have been able to get his share of the profits by helping him, but who knows that at the beginning of the year, he suddenly turned down his offer.
  Only a few days ago, when he saw a hot search, Zhao Siyu discovered that there was an extra Xinghe Entertainment under the Ningdong Group, then he vaguely understood.
  Zhao Siyu persuaded: “You probably don’t know that Xinghe Entertainment was specially purchased by Ningdong Group to support their young master.” Qin Ke tightened his lips, feeling that Zhao Siyu had a great misunderstanding of Xinghe Entertainment.
  Song Yunran, who happened to be nearby, heard these words, and was stunned for a moment.
While thinking to himself which son of a bitch was slandering his company, he hid behind the wall and observed secretly.
  Then he saw the agent of the previous life, still saying to Qin Ke: “If you join this company, you will have a hard time in the future.
Surely the young master will only choose the remaining resources for you.”
  Song Yunran “…”
  What’s the matter with you, Zhao Siyu? you’re on your own now.
Song Yunran, who used to want to enter the entertainment industry with a full heart, has been reborn, and now the one standing behind you is the overbearing president Song Yunran!

  The information update is so late, you still want to deceive my cheap son?

Song Yunran was still thinking about hearing Zhao Siyu say bad things about him during this lifetime, so he planned to continue to hide behind the wall and wait for a better time to jump out and hit Zhao Siyu in the face.

It’s still too early, but Song Yunran suddenly remembered that in the second year after he first entered the industry in his past life, he heard that Qin Ke was almost killed by another artist in Zhao Siyu’s hands.

  At that time, he still didn’t understand what kind of deep hatred is needed to do something like that.

  Later, he figured it out in his dream.
It turned out that Cheng Jiaming has a very good family background, so he always got along with Qin Ke with the superior attitude of giving charity.
However, he did not expect that Qin Ke would become popular with “Joyous Occasion”, so Cheng Jiaming embarked on the path of psychopathy.
  To put it bluntly, he is the villain who was deliberately set to act as a demon to promote the plot.
  It’s the protagonist anyway, it’s normal to suffer a little bit.
  However, at this moment, Song Yunran heard Zhao Siyu speak again.
  He said: “I’m a friendly person, and I have analyzed all the pros and cons with you clearly.
Just give me a word, would you like to sign a contract with me?”
  Song Yunran was shocked and jumped out before he could think about it.
“No signing!”

The two outside were taken aback by him.
  Zhao Siyu almost sat down on the ground.
In comparison, Qin Ke was much better, but raised his eyebrows in surprise.
  Zhao Siyu reluctantly stabilized his figure: “Song, Song Yunran?”
  He had only seen the information of the young master of the Ningdong Group, so he was not particularly sure.
  ”Yes, it’s me.”
  Song Yunran quickly stepped forward in between to block the two, then turned around and told Qin Ke, “You are not allowed to sign this contract.”
  Qin Ke was momentarily stunned.
  It was getting dark, and the afterglow of the setting sun hung over Song Yunran in the evening.
He opened his arms and shielded Qin Ke from the confused Zhao Siyu.
With the firm expression on his handsome face, he was like a big … rooster protecting it’s chick.
  Zhao Siyu was baffled and subconsciously asked ” Does this have anything to do with you? ”
  Song Yunran said angrily: “Why not.”
  If he had arrived half a step late, Qin Ke might already be tricked into Wancheng!
  Since the plot sets for Cheng Jiaming is destined to blacken, then Wancheng Entertainment is not a brokerage company for Qin Ke, but a dangerous Tiger Lair.
Song Yunran didn’t want his cheap son to lack arms and legs, which would lower the average level of their family’s appearance.
  Thinking about this, Song Yunran decided to make a quick decision.
  He immediately said to Qin Ke: “I agree for you to join Xinghe Entertainment, don’t worry, I really am a good boss, and I will definitely be responsible for your future to the end.”

  After all, you are stupid because of me, he added in his heart.

Zhao Siyu was dumbfounded.
Qin Ke, on the other hand, looked at Song Yunran who has a serious face and slowly raise the corners of his lips.

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