the ability of old spirit beast to move in a short time.” Arthur added, “but this energy injection is only one-time.
The power of the heart is the power of emotion, if there is no other drug treatment, only long-term infusion of emotional power can completely relieve the symptoms of geriatric disease.”

“It is impossible to expect every spirit beast to have such good friends and relatives as Uncle Zong.
Mingyou is already developing a new routine for the treatment of geriatric diseases.
A medical examination machine that monitors the physical condition of spirit beasts in a timely manner, and provides special nutritional supplements based on the results of the examination.
With medicine and food, coupled with a specific frequency of massage, can stimulate the energy body of the spirit beast and restore the energy flow that has been solidified by age.”

“Although it can’t compare to the power of the heart, the best part of this recovery process lies in its universality.
The knowledge of spirit beasts that Mingyou learned is for the general benefit of spirit beasts.
Using technology to benefit spirit beasts, Let all spirit beasts enjoy benefits even without spirit beast masters, this is the wish of Mingyou and their hometown.”

“All the machines and recovery packages will be available in unlimited quantities in the merit store.
The price is not too expensive for spirit beasts.
It is enough to equip each family with one.
Special spirit beast food and medicines that will be consumed for a long time will be cheaper.”

“The merit store is on the shelves first, because now every machine needs to be prepared by Mingyou himself, and the output is very low, so priority is given to the spirit beasts who have contributed to the Star Alliance.
If the merit value is not enough, you can queue up to make an appointment first, use money to purchase.
Every month, we will ship according to the order of appointment.
When the merit store products are on the shelves, the purchase link will be released at the same time.”

Arthur dutifully advertised.
He didn’t expect Mingyou, who was completely indulged in the fur of a hundred spirit beasts, to remember advertising.

“Because the price of this equipment is too expensive, and it is a health care package that has not been tested for many years, the Star Alliance will not force it.
If the Spirit Beast Sanatorium wants to purchase related equipment and food, please apply to the Star Alliance government.
Priority is given to the distribution of goods to spirit beast sanatoriums.”

“The related costs of public nursing homes are reimbursed by official funding; private nursing homes are discounted for the first time.
We will announce the nursing homes application online and directly cut the queue before all purchase applications.”

Arthur showed his signature sunny and confident smile.
This smile used to be the light on the battlefield.
As long as they saw his smile, the spirit beasts believed that they could win no matter how painful it was.
Now seeing this smile again, the spirit beasts believe that a new light has arrived.

“Crush, rush! Buy, buy, buy! You have to consider the timing when you ask a little spirit beast master to treat yourself, you don’t have to think about buying a machine!”

“We have all experienced the upper body, the old prince, and after one treatment, his body feels a lot more comfortable.
This kind of immediate effect, if you don’t buy it, you’re not a spirit beast!”

“Is the sanatorium priority for distribution? The public sanatoriums in the Star Alliance government directly pays the bill, so will the sanatorium be able to use these instruments immediately? Now you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Since the cost of purchasing equipment in public nursing homes is fully reimbursed, why not just force the installation? Directly install it in every public nursing home, I don’t understand.”

“People in the industry, who are interested, will be anonymous first.
This matter has a lot of interests and power involved.
Everyone who understands understands it.
In short, just think about the place that comes to your mind at the first time.
If you don’t understand, don’t ask.
Well, this can’t be said directly.”

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“I understand, I understand.
Thank you, old lady.
Anyone with a discerning eye will understand it.
His Royal Highness has worked hard.”

“Hehe, what are you talking about? Some people use ‘rules’ to prevent His Royal Highness from doing good deeds.
It’s like they withholding military rations, saying that they need more tests before they can send them to us.
But at their level, Detecting a ghost? It’s a joke.”

“Yeah, let’s eat first and then eat well.
They didn’t give it to them directly, and they said that the military ration was for our own good.
He sighed in the sky, and His Royal Highness even went to military court.”

“The younger generation in their family were starving on the battlefield.
I said that this power and money can’t be taken away when they die.
What good will it do to them by killing the best younger generation?”

“People are selfish, and not everyone has feelings for their descendants.
Those people are not responsible to the country and the people, and obviously they are not likely to have too many feelings for their relatives in life, maybe illegitimate children.
There are a lot of them, just like breeding.
After a few excellent juniors died, wouldn’t it be possible to bring out a few not-so-excellent juniors? Anyway, it has nothing to do with them, they provide a little bit of genes.”

“That’s it.
So they don’t blame our juniors for revenge after they come back.”

“As the dean of the sanatorium, I have already placed an order.
I hope the instrument will be in hand soon, I can’t wait.”

“The number one is indeed the old dean’s sanatorium.
After the equipment is used up, it will be left directly.
According to the tone of the anchor’s live broadcast, the old dean became his first spiritual beast teacher student?”

“It’s normal for the old dean to cause this kind of miracle to become a spirit beast master.”

“Actually, the first spirit beast master of the Star Alliance should be Mr.
Gu Hai, right?”

“Don’t say that name, I have a heart attack.”

“It’s not necessarily, maybe it’s the queen.
Her Royal Highness Hans, who was born with a pure special ability spirit beast, and can be suppressed by the realm and forcibly not transformed into a beast for twenty or thirty years.
Surviving the most extreme and harsh conditions, the Queen’s care must be the biggest factor.”

“Don’t talk about the queen, I have a heart attack.”

“One day, I will catch the inner ghost, and then personally press his head and execute it in front of the King monument.”

“Shoulder slap, there are many spirit beasts with this idea.
At that time, everyone may have to draw lots to decide who will implement it.”

“Wow, everyone’s fur is so comfortable.” After Mingyou turned off the live broadcast, he showed an infatuated look.

Today, he slaughtered a hundred spirit beasts, and he was so happy! Mingyou was addicted, so Arthur, who was conscientiously advertising and bringing goods in the live broadcast room, was not angry.

“Come out with me.” Arthur sneered.

Mingyou: “…Dahei, I can explain.”

Arthur grabbed Mingyou’s collar and dragged him out.
In addition to Mingyou’s partner spirit beast, there were only the white tiger and the old dean in the room.

“You won’t stop him?” the old dean worried, “Mingyou didn’t do anything bad, why is Arthur so fierce?”

Mingyou’s spirit beast partners showed schadenfreude expressions.
Should! You should teach a lesson to Mingyou, who couldn’t walk when he saw a new spirit beast!

“Are you jealous?” The white tiger lay down at the feet of the old dean, “You are too stingy.”

Mingyou’s spirit beast partners laughed in their hearts.
The vinegar jar was not qualified to say such a thing.

“Dahei, I was wrong.” After being carried to the next room alone, Mingyou immediately lowered his head to admit his mistake, “I will absolutely control myself next time.”

Arthur was exasperated: “You apologize very quickly every time.”

Mingyu continued to lower his head.
Of course he has to be quick, otherwise what would he do when he makes a mistake next time? No no no no, he will definitely not make a mistake next time.

Arthur sighed.
What should he do with this promiscuous Mingyou? “Write a review.” In the end, Arthur could only hold it high and put it down gently.

He was reluctant to fight, and he was reluctant to scold.
If he slept in separate beds, Mingyou would suffer from insomnia.
He was very worried, and in the end it was himself who suffered.
There was really nothing to do with Mingyu.

Seeing that this matter was mixed up, Mingyou hurriedly put on a flattering smile on his face, and pinched Arthur’s shoulders: “Dahei, after I treated them, I accumulated a wave of knowledge, and now I have exchanged one good stuff.”

“What good things have your educational light brain unlocked?” Arthur asked.

Mingyou smiled and said, “A spirit beast move.”

Arthur: “…A power move can make you so happy?” Was he here to make him laugh?

Mingyou hurriedly said: “This move is not an ordinary supernatural move, it is a move that can only be used by the cooperation of spirit beasts and spirit beast masters.”

“This move is a great move.
By applying energy fluctuations to the sound and recording it with a special energy crystal record, it can achieve the effect of curing other spirit beasts.”

“That is to say, the healing sound of the spirit beast can be recorded on the record, and the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance have one copy! Isn’t this amazing! This is the prototype of a spirit beast healing instrument!”

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Mingyou tried his best to explain the power of this move.
In “Elf World”, the injured beasts would recover quickly as long as they entered the hospital.
The secret to making the elves recover quickly is the Healing Device that expanded the healing fluctuations of the spirit beasts.

For spirit bodies, their treatment was also different from that of the biological body, so the various healing tricks would be much more effective than the drugs that acted on the biological body.

Even the effects of the medicines they could find were not as effective as the healing tricks that the powerful beasts had.
However, it was difficult to find powerful spirit beasts who knew how to heal, and medicines were the mainstream method of treatment.

The machine in the hospital that expanded the fluctuations of the healing spirit beasts solved the problem of insufficient numbers.

In the Star Alliance, spirit beasts and people had the same origin, and in the field of healing, the principles were similar.

The medicine he found was similar to a medicine that could treat or relieve the symptoms, but it was definitely not as powerful as a spirit beast’s healing trick.

The energy fluctuations originating from the spirit beasts themselves coyld be better absorbed by other spirit beasts.

But before, spirit beasts were all malnourished, they did not dare to used powers indiscriminately.
S-level healing power users were very rare.
It was very difficult for non-combat power users to break through the bottleneck and turn into spirit beasts.
Occasionally, S-level healing power users become spirit beasts and almost lost their ability to heal.

The reason was that the structure of an energy body was completely different from that of a biological body.
To heal a spiritual beast, the healing system must explore.
But they didn’t have enough energy to support them for a lot of practice.
So in the end, they could only switch to the combat system.

The combat system could rely on the energy body to rampage, or directly release energy waves, which could be used without training.

Spirit beasts were almost all born with the ability to use energy, so in principle, as long as they were spirit beasts, they could learn one or two skills to restore themselves and others – the powerful self-healing ability of spirit beasts could actually be regarded as a passive ability to heal itself.

Mingyou was now helping his partners train healing powers, so that they could transform into spiritual veterinarians and help other spiritual beasts heal.

This kind of treatment was much more intuitive and faster than the power of his heart.
The power of his heart was to increase the self-healing ability of the spirit beast itself, and to remove other repelling energies.

In exchange for this good thing, Mingyou could start to study the universal spirit beast treatment instrument, without his partner spirit beasts running and breaking his legs.

Song of Healing, this kind of super power healing skill, his spirit beasts could learn it.
As long as the singing was recorded with a special synthetic energy crystal, the energy crystal itself could provide energy fluctuations to release skills.
As long as there were enough synthetic energy crystals, his spirit beasts only needed to record a song to heal many spirit beasts.

After he had thoroughly researched the principles of Healing Records and made further modifications, he might be able to develop the most rudimentary Spirit Beast Healing Instrument without relying on the system.

Mingyou trusted the abilities of the researchers in his own research institute more and more.
He believed that as long as he started, these scientists would definitely be able to quickly come up with the second generation, third generation, and x generation of improved spiritual beast therapeutic equipment, and let the spiritual beast therapeutic equipment become a must-have instrument for in homes and hospitals.

After listening to Mingyou’s words, Arthur was also a little excited.
With the Spirit Beast Healing Instrument, the future of the Spirit Beast was truly bright.
They could definitely win the final victory in this bloody battle.

“Secretize it first.” Arthur said, “After it can be mass-produced in small batches, it will be put directly into the meritorious store… No, it can’t be like this, it will take effect too slowly.”

Arthur paced back and forth and came up with a better way: “This year, we will go to the Maple Leaf Star to celebrate the New Year.
You step up and help us learn the song of healing.
We will hold a concert with the song.
Healing records are sold as souvenir s until they find out for themselves.”

Mingyou asked, “Why so much?”

“This kind of thing subverts common sense of many people.
If you sell it directly, some people may be skeptical.
Sometimes, people believe in the gossip that is passed on by word of mouth.” Arthur said, “And the spirit beasts who can come to our concert, They must be die-hard fans.
After they get the record and feel the power of the record, they will promote it harder than I spend on advertising.” No money neeed.
Arthur thought to himself.

Although the things Mingyou had developed were very profitable, he had to spread a large booth and spend as much money as he earned.
Now, he had sold all the private property that he could sell, and put it all into the industry chain related to spirit beasts.

Although the Star Alliance government had injected capital, Arthur wanted very little capital injection, in order to prevent the upper echelons of the Star Alliance, who were not pure, from having the right to speak in the spirit beast industry.

After the Star Alliance occupied most of the market in his industry, he would release the equity division and allow more capital to enter.
Now it was the hardest time, save a little when you can.

Not only him, but his subordinates also invested almost all the money they could use, and rejected the family’s request for capital injection.

They all hoped that this company, which represented the future hope of the spirit beasts and the Star Alliance, could go more steadily.

Therefore, the richest person in their family now was Mingyou.
Mingyou was purely technically invested.
The money he spent on the construction of the enterprise can’t be splashed, but it was enough to raise a bunch of spirit beasts like them.

In other words, the eleven spirit beasts in their family were really being raised by Mingyou.
Now he was not short of money, and pocket money was given by him.

Mingyou gave pocket money to his partner spirit beasts every month, and there were big red envelopes on New Year’s and festivals.
They didn’t want to take it at first, but Mingyou said that if he didn’t take it, he was not considered a parent, so they had to take it.

Now…it smells good.

They took Mingyou as their boss and paid them wages.
In fact, in its essence, it was almost the same.
They lived together, and the money for the live broadcast, of course, everyone had a share (cheeky).

“Ah.” Arthur was about to go back with Mingyou when he suddenly yawned and turned into a liger uncontrollably.
Mingyou and Arthur looked at each other.

Mingyou let out a scream, carried Arthur into the room, and began to assemble a treatment room on the spot: “Dahei!!! You cheer up!!!”

Arthur: “?????” What was he howling, how come he looked like he was dying.

Ah sneeze, sneeze! Hey, why was his back a little itchy, so itchy! Something was coming out of the body!

Arthur’s face was terrified.
I’m not really dying, am I? ! No, no, no? Why! I didn’t do anything!

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