“As we all know, spirit beasts will lose their minds when they are injured and their energy is seriously insufficient.
Many people are worried that when spirit beasts lose their minds, they will harm other people.”

“When the pseudo-science of spirit beasts was prevalent, there was indeed such a hypothesis.
Therefore, spirit beasts that were the most seriously injured and most in need of care would be released into the wild and left to fend for themselves.
Through spirit beasts’ instincts and desire to survive, they would seek treatment.
The method of self-healing with needs.
But our spirit beast master Mingyou doesn’t think so.”

“When Mingyou and his partner spirit beasts met, His Royal Highness Prince Arthur was still a little sensible, and the other ten heroes were completely irrational.
For the specific content, please watch the video.”

“Spiritual beasts are the most powerful power users, but the most powerful power users are also people.
No matter what changes occur in their forms, they all have human hearts.
– Mingyou”

After Mingyou saw this recommendation, he quickly said, “I didn’t say it!” At that time, he didn’t even know that spirit beasts were supernatural beings, or human beings!

Arthur with bunny ears tied on his back hummed angrily: “I said you said it, you said it.”

Mingyou was very speechless and began to search for his famous words.
He didn’t say this sentence, he didn’t say that sentence, he really didn’t say these words! 

Hey, “Spiritual beasts are cute.
– Mingyou” he really said that, but the people are generally artificial, he didn’t say it, it must be fabricated by the media.

Mingyou found that if he continued to develop like this, he might become Mr.
Lu Xun of the Star Alliance.

I didn’t say that.

I really said that.

he was going to be a meme too.
Mingyu couldn’t help laughing.

The plush people clicked on the first video posted by this official account with a bitter expression.

“The big white bear dances with the cat?” Herman was petrified.

His Highness, in order to blackmail him, have he even spared yourself? ! He said this video had been destroyed? He lied to him!

The spirit beast partners brought back by Mingyou had not seen this video.
When they saw the black history of the iceberg bear, they immediately clicked on the video, wanting to see what the dark history was.

Polar bear knocking on a pot? Hello, Comrade Herman, I know you’re hungry.
We were very hungry back then, but isn’t it a little too unsightly for you to knock on the pot? Are you begging for food?

Wait, you’re already full, why are you knocking on the basin? You are still chasing His Highness to knock on the basin.
His Highness provoked you? Look at His Royal Highness’s ears, they are already attached to his head, almost invisible!

Oh, so you are a bear who loves music.
We know this.
You also invited Mingyou to knock the pot with you.
It’s really interesting… Really…

Hahahahaha Heman, you actually danced with His Highness, I didn’t expect you to be such a bear!

Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts fell to the ground laughing and slapped the ground with their claws, laughing until their stomachs were twitching and heaving, almost fainting.

Herman rolled his eyes.
Yes, he just dragged His Highness to dance? What’s wrong? This video had already been posted on the internal spirit beast live website once, and he had already lost face once.
Now, he didn’t care anymore.

Next time at the dance, he will simply invite His Highness to dance in human form, and then stomp on His Highness’s feet before inviting Mingyou to dance.

Herman the bear made a vicious plan in his heart that would cause public uproar.
Wasn’t it just pulling his own image and burning it with others? Who wouldn’t be like that?

Mingyou recalled seeing the bear-like scene, and his eyes could not help but smile.

Dabai lost his mind and memory, and still remembered that he wanted to protect Dahei.
He didn’t see Dahei for a few days, so he ran to find him.
The friendship between Dahei and Dabai was really touching.

He wanted to open the comment a little bit, but was a little scared.

The Internet was full of fish and dragons, and all kinds of people with rhythm make the network environment smoky.
Although Mingyou could fight with others on the Internet for a whole day with a keyboard in his previous life, as a keyboard warrior, he would never lose.
But now, he was very reluctant to see anyone say bad things about his partners.

He couldn’t help but use his own system as a weapon, and started to clean up this group of people who owed money.

System: [Sorry, the system does not have the function of keyboard warrior weapon, but if the host can provide a large amount of knowledge value, the system cannot develop this function immediately.

Mingyou ignored the system of asking for money (knowledge value), and plucked up the courage to click on the comments of the video.

Then, he harvested a bunch of hahaha.
Uh, can you guys say anything other than hahaha? I would like to see a few valid comments.

But the audience didn’t give Mingyou face at all, all their comments were hahaha, even if there were specific comments, they had to bring a use of hahaha suffixes.

Mingyu rubbed his eyes.
He suspected that these “Hahaha” had their own dubbing, which irritated his eyes.

“Hahaha, who is this big white bear! Give me a second, I want his information!”

“I searched, the black tiger is His Royal Highness Arthur, and the super cute big white bear who can knock pots and dance is Major General Herman, our cold-faced iceberg.
Major General Herman has always been the escort of His Royal Highness Arthur.

“Hahahaha, I made up 10,000 pieces of their fanfiction in my brain.
No way, I can’t do it.
Hahahahaha, but they are too good.”

“Isn’t it the little young man who only has a back to knock on a pot? Even if I only see the back, I think it’s so cute hahaha.”

“His singing voice is cuter, hahahaha, and super magical.
I can sing it.”

“The polar bear and the cat dance one-two-one hahahahaha, what kind of magical nursery rhyme is this, I have decided to sing this to put my child to sleep in the future.”

“Is this what a spirit beast looks like when it’s silly? Is this what a spirit beast looks like when it’s demented? Why is it so cute hahaha.”

“Go and see Mr.
Mingyou’s popular science.
He has the state of the popular science beast losing his mind.”

“There are too many words to read.
Is there a class representative to summarize.
No, I have to watch the bear dancing with the cat again.
It’s so cute.

“The representative of the class has come to a summary.
First of all, when a spirit beast loses their mind, they will become very simple, and the IQ and EQ will be close to that of children in kindergarten.
The smartest ever.”

“The lesson represents the second point of the summary.
The subconscious mind of spirit beasts will remember their most important things.
And every person who becomes a spirit beast, the most important constraint will always be that they still remember that they are human, so they will limit their animal nature.
Be kinder to humans than they were before they lost their minds.”

“The third point summed up by the representative of the class.
After remembering the second point, you can understand that after the spirit beasts lose their minds, they will take the initiative to stay away from crowds, in order to avoid harming ordinary people.
And at this time, they all rely on instinct, They are very sensitive to the ‘heart’ of human beings, once human beings are malicious, they will be very repulsive and run away as far as smelling the stench.”

“The class representative uses too many words.
Is there a more concise class representative?”

“Trash, how did you go to college.
I concluded that the spirit beast is very docile, unless you bite him, he will never bite you.
If you don’t know that the spirit beast is the most powerful power user, it is the same as us.
Humans and spirit beasts are simply the most qualified pets.”

“If you want to treat a spirit beast as a pet, you can, first of all, you have to become a spirit beast master.”

“I can’t afford it, I’m dying of laughter.
Look at the way they eat, who can afford it hahaha.”

“I don’t care whether spirit beasts are dangerous or not.
Anyway, where can we ordinary people come into contact with spirit beasts.
All I know is that His Royal Highness and Major General Heman are so cute, hahaha, I’ve watched it again more than ten times.”

“It’s already in my collection.
I’ll take a look when I’m in a bad mood.
His Royal Highness is number one in the world.
This dance step is simply too wonderful (brain blowing).”

“Yeah, this dance step that is supported by the white bear and dragged on the ground like a big mop is really wonderful hahaha.
But why is the black cat being dragged away by the Major General?”

“Looking at the Prince’s hind legs, one of them is bent very unnaturally.
Obviously, His Highness’s leg is injured.”

“Damn, I haven’t found out yet.
I thought His Highness was getting dragged away by the polar bear.
Is it non-violence and non-cooperation? His Royal Highness has a wound on his leg.
Major General iceberg dragged him away? Won’t he stop him?”

“Have you not paid attention to the popular science of spirit beasts? Spirit beasts are energy bodies, which are different from biological bodies.
The performance and treatment of injuries are also very different from biological bodies.
They will not be stimulated by the external environment.
His Royal Highness cannot move his legs.
It’s because of the Zerg energy inside, and has nothing to do with movement.”

“Why do you explain so much? They can’t understand it if you explain too much.
You only need to say one sentence.
The one who knocked on the pot is the only Spirit Beast Master of our Star Alliance, Mr.
Doesn’t Mr.
Mingyou know better than you?”

“Yeah, Mr.
Mingyou is watching, what are you worried about.
You don’t need to go through the program, everyone can just laugh hahaha.”

“After laughing, my heart aches.
After the spirit beasts lose their minds, they will become sensitive children who have lost their memory.
Don’t they need more care at this time? Is it too inhumane to keep them in the wild?”

“First of all, the spirit beast was very sensitive at that time and could read the hearts of people who approached him, which means that if you have malicious intentions in your heart, or even just pure fear, they will run away; then, so Mr.
Ming changed this content, the new Spiritual animal science requires special attention to spirit beasts.
At least public sanatoriums are no longer engaged in stocking.”

“As a staff member of a sanatorium, I have to come out and clarify.
The spirit beasts that are losing their minds are now taken care of by special people.
Everyone is rushing to take care of them, because once they read their minds and think that you are worthy of his trust, they will treat you well.
It’s so incredible, I’ll even turn out my belly to touch you hehehe.”

“That, touched the belly of the spirit beast, do we need to be responsible for him? For example, if you marry him, hehe.”

“I don’t know, so now the special protection of the spirit beasts has been robbed, and most of them are taken care of by the younger generation of their own family.
If ordinary people approach with a utilitarian heart, they will definitely be caught by the big fluffy tail.”

“It’s okay to be slapped in the face by the big fluffy tail.
Looking at His Royal Highness, I can’t wait to be slapped to death by that fluffy tail.”

“I’m different.
I want to pet His Highness the black cat’s tail.
This tail feels really good.”

“Since you guys want to fantasize, you should fantasize bigger.
If it was me, I would definitely be able to hold His Highness’s tail directly.”

“I will directly kiss the face of His Royal Highness the black cat.
Of course, I can also kiss the face of the polar bear.”

“Hahaha, are you fur suckers? It’s too much for you to kiss the face of such a cute spirit beast!”

“Speaking of baldness, have you noticed that His Royal Highness’s belly seems to be… um… you look at the screenshots.”

“I saw it, and I deliberately adjusted it to a low speed and watched it again.
Although His Royal Highness’s belly is only a little bit exposed, it can be seen that it is pink.”

“Pink? His Royal Highness’s belly hair is pink? Is it so cute?”

“You don’t need to show respect to His Highness, just say it directly, Your Highness! Your belly! Belly! Bald! La!!! (very loud)”

“The exclamation mark upstairs irritated my eyes.
Your Highness, your belly is bald!”

“I’m also in line.
Your Highness, isn’t your bare belly cold?!”

“His Royal Highness, the bald and pink belly is so cute!”


“According to my new class today, Mr.
Ming wrote in the book that spirit beasts will only lose a lot of hair when they are severely deficient in energy or injured, and usually lose very little hair under the energy cycle.
‘Dead hair’, the energy will dissipate quickly, that is to say, it will disappear immediately.
So raising a spirit beast is very worry-free, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up hair.”

“That’s right, His Highness was injured and malnourished, and he lost all his belly hair under the influence? It’s the same as the malnourished little stray cat I rescued.”

“His Royal Highness = stray cat?”

“Is there any difference between His Highness, who was driven into the wild to fend for himself because he lost his mind, and a stray cat? The difference is just a bigger stray cat.
Tigers are equal to big cats, no problem.”

“It’s so sad.
Our hero prince was driven into the wild to fend for himself.
His legs were lame, and he even lost all the hair on his belly.
Suddenly I couldn’t laugh.”

“Yeah, that’s why His Royal Highness doesn’t struggle when he was held and danced with the white bear? He was actually very happy to see his comrades in arms.”

“Will Mr.
Mingyou and His Royal Highness find all the other fluffy animals that were stocked in the future?”

Those who have watched the live broadcast will give you spoilers.
Mingyou will set off soon to find the ten heroes one by one.”

“Wow, is there a live broadcast? So where can I watch the live broadcast?”

“The live broadcast involves a lot of confidential content, and only spirit beasts and S-level power users can watch it.
However, the parts that do not involve confidential should be edited and put in this video column.
And it is said that this video column will also put a lot of daily life that is not in the live broadcast.
Envy, His Highness is so kind to you, he has never posted any of these.”

“Your confidential live broadcasts must be directly introducing various popular sciences, right? Ordinary daily life will not be shown for everyone to watch.
Hehe, wait for the next video, I don’t know how fast the video will be updated.”

“The official of the No.
1 live broadcast room said that the videos in it can be recreated or made into emoticons, and the copyrights are all open, but they are not allowed to be used for bad content and smear the hero.
If it involves smearing the image of the hero, they will be held accountable.”

“Who dares to smear? We pushed it straight away.
Just after the war was over, someone wanted to smear the heroes.
The heroes were all forced to retire with the honorary rank of reward.
Will they not let it go?”

“Yeah, even His Royal Highness Prince Arthur has resigned from the position of Marshal.
Now the position of Star Marshal is vacant, and it has become a position only available during wartime.”

“Such a cute big black cat, how can they bear to bully him? No way, I’m going to go to those accounts that say the spirit beasts are bad and scold them! The big white bear and the big black cat who can dance are messed up.
So cute and docile, are you willing to call others a beast with rabies?”

“That… Dahei, your stomach…” Mingyou hesitated.

The black cat was petrified.
He forgot that he still had a bare belly at that time!

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