After Mingyou finished facing the wall, he jumped up and went to prepare a feast.
Now they had found a lot of ingredients to replace spirit beast fruit, he named the ingredients with familiar names, such as radish and cabbage.

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“Aren’t you going to rescue Dacheng who was beaten by Dahong?” The black cat had a pocket hanging around his neck, inside was a little snow leopard curled up into a small stuffed ball to sleep, “Don’t you like the red panda the most?”

“No, I like black cats the most.” Mingyou replied reflexively.

The black cat sneered: “You really don’t want to save him?”

Mingyu was silent.
He really liked the face of the red panda, but this panda was too rude, it would be good if he was to be taught a lesson.
Mingyou was a little moved when Dacheng held his tail and said with his watery eyes that he could use it as a pillow.

Was his affinity for spirit beasts so high? Dacheng was about to come? At this time, Dahong rushed over and said that when Dahei had something to leave, everyone took turns, sometimes together.

Dacheng: “You? You all added up can’t compare to the hair of my red panda, the biggest cute god in the entire Star Alliance.
I alone am enough, you guys can cool off.”

If only this sentence was enough, he also commented on Dahong.
From his asymmetrical ears, to the fact that the fur on Dahong’s face had improved, the fur on the wound had not grown, to Dahong’s pointed tail, in short, go to the side ugly beast, don’t compete with this red panda, was he worthy?

After Mingyou heard this, he sighed again in his heart.
A cute little panda, why did he open his mouth?

“Xiaohao’s biggest problem is his mouth.
If it wasn’t for his mouth, he would be doing research in the Academy of Sciences.
How could he go to the battlefield.” Dazi came over, “What’s the meal?

“Soup for today’s dish.” Mingyou said, “Although you are more efficient at absorbing pure energy, you need to take into account delicious taste and everyone’s hobbies.
It doesn’t matter if it hurts energy absorption.”

Just like his previous life, who didn’t know that eating fried chicken skewers and soda was not good for health? But it was happiness.
If only energy was required, his family’s spirit beasts would eat energy crystals and spirit beast juice every day, what’s the point of life?

After listening to Mingyou’s words, Dazi was silent for a long time.
Was their life… a little too extravagant? Wasn’t the biggest wish of a spirit beast to eat eight percent full? In this big family, they had started to eat well and eat for pleasure? Was this really good?

“You don’t have to eat it if it’s not good.” The black cat glanced at the purple horse, “There are enough energy crystal tubes in inventory, you can eat whatever you want.”

Dazi the horse: “…I just feel a little uncomfortable with a life that is too happy.”

Mingyou smiled and said, “You’ll get used to it after a while.
I don’t know your taste now.
I think you may not know it yourself? In the future, if you have a special favorite food, remember to tell me, so I can make a menu for you.”

The purple horse nodded.
He finally knew why his comrade-in-arms would stay by Mingyou’s side even if Mingyou had given him an extremely earthy name.
Just for the sake of eating, it was okay.

“The seasonings required for your special menu have been prepared, and the live broadcast can be started.” Mingyou said to Dahei.

Special menus related to each person’s attributes and physical status.
Spirit beasts were equivalent to secret weapons.
If they revealed too much information, they would be targeted, so Mingyou had done a good job of keeping secrets, revealing all the things that the public spirit beasts would have.

The black cat nodded, and the string around his neck swayed like a cradle.
The little hairball stretched out his limbs, belly up, and slept more soundly.

Mingyou hadn’t started a live broadcast for a long time.
Although the viewers in the live broadcast room knew that Mingyou was very busy, they were still very sad.

They heard that the little Spirit Beast Master had started to set up a research institute, was there no time to live broadcast? Was there no way for them to taste the special dishes of the little spirit beast master through holographic empathy in the live broadcast room? Sad.

Someone had already brought the rhythm inside, indicating that Mingyou was now the secret weapon of the Star Alliance and would not be exposed again.
When it was hidden by His Royal Highness, they received a special reminder.

The live broadcast of No.
1 Nursing Home has started, and their little anchor Mingyou was already online.
Why don’t they come and take a look? Look, they must look! Unimportant work and unimportant tasks were temporarily interrupted, and a large group of plush people were rushing into the live broadcast room!

“Hello everyone, I’m Mingyou, the anchor of the No.
1 Nursing Home’s live broadcast room.” Mingyou said with a smile, “First of all, I want to apologize to everyone.
During this time, I was writing the basic teaching materials of spiritual beasts, and I had to thaw Dacheng and Dazi.
There was no time to live broadcast, so everyone has been waiting for a long time.”

“Now that Dacheng and Dazi have been thawed, as usual, when a new spirit beast comes home, I will broadcast a big meal and a welcome party, and this time is no exception.”

“Come on, let the protagonists of our welcome party, Da Orange and Da Zi appear!”

The audience in the live room began to frantically share inside information.
“Dacheng and Dazi… Only those two are left.
They are finally back.
All ten heroes are back, it’s great.”

“The color of the font has been changed.
Today it is Huo Ritian’s orange! Let me see the little panda!”

“Ah, little panda! As long as Huo Ritian doesn’t speak, he is the cutest!”

“I don’t understand your group of red panda fans.
Can you stop swiping and go to your Huo Ritian’s private forum?”

“What are you guys talking about? Shouldn’t we be discussing the new basic teaching materials for spiritual beasts? This is the rhythm that is about to change!”

“Change, the spirit beast masters can fly with confidence, and the spirit beasts will always follow.”

“Mingyou, come on and write textbooks.
I’ll give every child at home a copy!”

“I have already asked my media company to prepare the draft.
I believe that Mingyou will never overturn the ship.”

“The animation company has followed suit.
I have already arranged the project team.
As long as the new teaching materials for spirit beasts come out, the relatively simple content will be compiled into children’s animations.
His Royal Highness said that spirit beast masters and spirit beasts must start when young.”

“Are spirit beast masters and spirit beasts going to be preschoolers now? Is it more difficult to get a preschool education certificate?”

“According to what I have seen from the live broadcast room, if a spiritual beast is seriously injured, the best treatment is to degenerate.
I think the staff of the nursing home will have to take the preschool education certificate in the future.”

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“Okay, the big brother kindergarten is here.”

“The most difficult kindergarten to enter is the kindergarten of the little spirit beast master? I don’t know how to enter.
Military merit? Tax payment? Or credit value?”

“It is estimated that it is an invitation system.
The anchor will accept whoever pleases the eye.”

“I think I look cute, can I apply for an interview?”

People who wanted to bring the rhythm of “Mingyou is so young and so young, can you read the textbooks written in more than a month” were speechless.

Could you guys look like a nerd? They haven’t read this book yet, so “Spiritual Beast Masters can fly with confidence, and Spiritual Beasts will always follow”? What about their independent thinking ability as the Star Alliance elite?

The spirit beasts sneered.
Independent thinking was how they like to think.
Why did they believe in the little spirit beast master, was that the so-called independent thinking? Was it not called independent thinking as long as it did not conform to their ideas? Claw.

“Dacheng, aren’t you coming out?” After Mingyou’s introduction, Dazi appeared proudly with his head raised, but Dacheng, who was usually the most arrogant, huddled in the corner and refused to come out.

As Mingyou turned his attention to Dacheng, Xiaotian, who was controlling the camera, gave a close-up of the big orange in the corner.
A cute little panda, why was the tail scorched?

Mingyou was silent for a while, and then said to the audience, “Just pretend you haven’t seen Dacheng.”


“Wait, what’s wrong with Huo Ritian? Was this an injury on the battlefield?”

“It’s still smoking, certainly not.”

“No, no, no, no? At the little spirit beast master’s house, can he still be injured?”

“Is this collective bullying? Who did Huo Ritian provoke? Oh, Huo Ritian, it’s alright.
I’m sure everyone was provoked.”

“You just woke up and you owe your mouth? This flame, is it not provoking His Highness or Mingyou?”

“It’s okay to offend Your Highness, but to offend Mingyou, Huo Ritian is courting death!”

“The non-spiritual beastmaster asks weakly, why are you not at all sad when the ten heroes are injured? Don’t you think that the little spiritual beastmaster didn’t take good care of Dacheng?”

“Back upstairs, the fights between spirit beasts are normal.
This skin trauma will heal in a few hours.
However, if the fur is burnt and bald, it will take a while.”

“There is an anchor room, and it is estimated that they will grow up in a few days.
They fight with measure.
Huo Ritian’s character…you will know when you meet him.
When he doesn’t speak, he is a good person, but it’s a pity that he has such a mouth.”

The spirit beasts were seriously explaining to the non-spiritual beast audience that this was the mutual friction between spirit beasts, which was not considered an injury, Mingyou asked the robot to bring a basin of water and paused to prepare the banquet.
Groomed Dacheng.

Mingyou was wiping his fur, and he reconciled the flame energy on Dacheng’s body with the power of his heart.
When the black ash was wiped off, and the warm orange-red fur was exposed again, the burning of his wound was no longer felt.

“Don’t make a big deal.” Mingyou touched the red panda’s ears, “Isn’t it the first time you’ve been beaten?”

Dacheng said sullenly: “It’s him who is stingy.”

“If someone said that your face is round like a plate, eyes are small like beans, and your belly is so fat like you are three months pregnant, would you laugh at him or scratch him to death with your claws?” Mingyou squeezed the tip of Dacheng’s ear, “Occasionally owes a few words to a friend is proof of a good relationship, but to say it all the time is uneducated.”

Dacheng: “…Am I still your favorite red panda?”

“No, my favorite is Dahei.” Mingyou said, grabbing the black cat’s grinning head, and kissing the cat’s ear.

The black cat’s ears flickered twice, and he said, “It’s okay, he resists beating.
Doesn’t it mean that hitting is kissing and scolding is love, and loving is kicking with your feet? If he gets kicked a few more times, he can understand our love for him.”

Even Da Zi nodded silently.
Dacheng was not too young, it was time to change the problem of his mouth.
Although Dacheng hugged himself and was wiped clean, he did not speak because his big tail, which had become charred.

Mingyou patted Dacheng’s head: “Dacheng is so cute, even if he doesn’t deliberately say weird things, it’s enough to attract the attention of others.
Well, don’t shut yourself up and help me handle the ingredients.”

The black cat had to take the children, and the other fluffy cats must work together if they wanted to eat, except when they were injured or sick.
This was the rule that everyone set.

Even Dahei with a child needed to use his supernatural powers to help Mingyou handle the ingredients.
The black cat was an all-rounder.
Wherever something needed to be moved, the omnipotent Dahei was super easy to use.

“After introducing Dacheng, let’s introduce our new members.” Mingyou brought the camera close to the pouch around Dahei’s neck, and gave a close-up of the little snow leopard who was sleeping with his belly turned over.

At this time, the little snow leopard not only spread out his limbs and slept, but also showed half his tongue, which he forgot to put back.

“Diandian has ended the dormancy period, but he has been undernourished for a long time, so he is a little bit fierce when he turned into a cub.
Now he can’t even chew meat strips, so he can only drink milk.” Mingyou stretched out his finger and poked the side of the little snow leopard.

The little snow leopard licked his mouth reflexively and retracted his tongue.
He smashed his mouth twice, his little claws scratched his stomach, and he continued to sleep with one little paw on his stomach.
If this was a man, this series of actions was too unsightly.
But if this was a little kitten, it would make all the audience go crazy.

“Damn it every day! This one is His Highness Hans, right? In the entire Star Alliance, only His Highness Hans is a snow leopard! How can His Highness be so cute! The old aunt’s heart is going to burst!”

“Silently replace the orange of the red panda with a little special effect.
Why is His Highness so cute.
I will no longer be black with His Royal Highness, and I will smile on my face.”

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“Looking at the little one sleeping, I want to sleep.
This sleeping look is so healing.”

“I recorded the sound of Diandian’s sleeping.
His purring is so cute, I really want to move the kitten.”

While the audience was talking, the little snow leopard seemed to think about the familiar taste.
He hummed twice, and slowly opened his eyes a little.
“Mi.” Little Snow Leopard opened his mouth and called.

The audience was struck by lightning.
Why was the cub’s voice so magical? They all wanted to stretch out their paws to touch the cute little snow leopard.

“Are you hungry?” Mingyou took out a bottle of milk with the right temperature from his pocket.

“Mi!” The little snow leopard smelled the smell of bottled milk, and immediately widened its eyes, claws toward Mingyou.

“Don’t worry.” Mingyou stroked the little snow leopard’s stomach with his fingers to check whether the little snow leopard absorbed energy last time.
Even if a spirit beast could eat and drink, it would not affect the body shape, but if the energy intake was too much at one time, unable to absorb it, and it would cause various discomforts.
Like sneezing.

Kittens should pay more attention to the amount of energy intake each time, otherwise they will get sick if they panic.
When Mingyou was rubbing the belly of the little snow leopard, the black cat put holographic empathy on the little snow leopard in a wicked way.

Of course, holographic empathy could only be turned on if one chose it.
If they didn’t want to be a little snow leopard at this time, they could turn it off.
But the spirit beasts did not hesitate to activate the holographic empathy.

Mingyou’s energy made the spirit beasts feel so comfortable that they wanted to collapse into a ball of fluffy liquid, followed his slightly cool fingertips and injected it into their belly.
A high-ranking official who was inspecting saw the spirit beasts watching the live broadcast in his military camp, as if they were doing exercises.

“What happened to them?” a senior official asked.

The adjutant said: “Mr.
Mingyou has started a live broadcast.
They probably have sympathy with the little snow leopard who is being rubbed by Mr.

A high-ranking official said angrily: “As spirit beasts, they actually turned their stomachs and were rubbed by the anchor in the air! What about their dignity? Bulge (艹菜艹)! Who turned off my special reminder!”

Adjutant: “…” Sir, please don’t scold others for lack of dignity while watching the live broadcast in a hurry.

Did they want to go to the next itinerary? He knew that, so he turned off the special reminder.
A Lieutenant was difficult to be.

“Very good, very good, absorbed very well.” Mingyou carefully rubbed the belly of the little snow leopard with his fingertips, the little leopard squinted and made a grunting sound, “Drink more milk, absorb more energy, a little bit will definitely help Grow into a beast as beautiful as Dahei.”

Little Snow Leopard opened his eyes: “Meow!” Dahei mother!

The black cat: “…”

Viewers enjoying being rubbed by Mingyou: “…”

This, this… What was His Highness Hans talking about? It must be that the kitten’s language was different from theirs.
Did they hear it wrong?! Definitely not what they imagined, right?

The little snow leopard turned over, licking his claws and saying, “Mother Dahei, I am hungry.”

“I’m not hungry, you’re hungry.” The black cat, who used to correct the little snow leopard hundreds of times a day, was now broken and squinted, like a novice mother who had lost her dreams.


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