Originally, Yi Shang was eating breakfast carelessly with a lack of interest.
When his phone rang and he saw that it was a message from Lin Xia.
It was like an instant adrenaline shot.

The moment he saw the content, he was confused.
Being cheated on?

Then he thought about it again.
Isn’t the day when Lin Xia first blocked him the day when he played truth or dare?

Looking at the little couple sitting opposite him, Yi Shang’s mood was brighter than that of the sunrise outside.
So it was like this.

“Why are you turning so weird from eating breakfast?” Xiao Zhang looked at Yi Shang who suddenly smiled and felt goosebumps in his heart.

“I think I’m too bright of a light bulb.” Yi Shang got up and went to a vendor to buy breakfast for his roommate.
“I’ll bring breakfast for them two, you can eat slowly.”

Xiao Zhang looked at Yi Shang’s happy backview and questioned, “Why is he in a good mood again?”

“Wasn’t he just looking at his phone? I’m guessing he saw someone’s message.” Xiao Zhang’s girlfriend said unclearly with food in her mouth.

“Shit!” Xiao Zhang’s voice jumped and attracted a lot of attention.
“He really has someone he likes!”

Although Xiao Zhang likes to tease Yi Shang, he knows Yi Shang very well.
The biggest thing that prevents him from dating is – troublesomeness.

Yi Shang always says that “If one person is fed, the whole family won’t need to worry”1.
Yet he seems to be searching for trouble.

Xiao Zhang was extremely curious about who the person was, but he had no clue.
The two ate and discussed passionately, though they came to no result.

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Yi Shang hummed as he carried breakfast back to the dorm.
He wanted to go find Lin Xia directly, but he remembered that the photography club will be holding a meeting to select photos in the afternoon, so he wasn’t in a hurry.

After all, he now knew what Lin Xia was thinking.
Even if not everything was under control, he should have at least 70% or 80%.

In the afternoon, the photography club will be selecting photos of the scenery items taken by its members.
Xuejie has edited the photos and they will be voting anonymously, one by one.

Yi Shang went late.
When he came in, he saw that Lin Xia was already there.
He found a seat behind Lin Xia.

When Yi Shang entered the door, Lin Xia noticed him, but his expression remained unchanged.
However, Lin Xia kept feeling that there were eyes fixed on him since Yi Shang’s arrival.
He secretly turned to look in Yi Shang’s direction.
As he expected, Yi Shang wasn’t looking at him.

It was probably his overthinking, he misunderstood.
People who crush one-sidedly always want to be the focus of the other’s eyes, but in fact, they are just one of many.

As soon as Yi Shang sat down, he saw a photo of the origami boat he took.
Looking at Lin Xia in front of him, he wondered whether Lin Xia would like the photo he took.

The origami boat was shot in the school’s wishing fountain.
Many students would fold origami boats and put them there.
As for what happened after, they were all picked out and thrown away by the janitors.
However, the enthusiasm of the students remained.
Every exam season, there would always be more origami boats.

In the beginning, the reason why Yi Shang took a photo of this small origami boat was that it had a very neat star.
When Yi Shang was still in high school, he also saw such a neat star once.

At that time, he mistook a classmate’s school uniform from another class.
The student drew a neat star on the cuff.
After getting back his school uniform, he also practiced hard for several days in his draft book, but he still could not draw it well.

Seeing this star at that time, he could not help recalling that memory.
In addition, it was well positioned and easily put together.
So he took it and sent it to his xuejie.

When Lin Xia saw the origami boat he folded on the screen, he didn’t know who took it.
A small thing in his life was accidentally recorded, it felt really exciting.
In addition, the picture was really well taken.
Lin Xia naturally voted for it.

The origami boat was part of the photos that made the cut.
Xuejie revealed the photographer behind all the selected photos.
Lin Xia saw that the name behind the origami boat photo was – Yi Shang.

The surrounding noise seemed to have disappeared.
Lin Xia could only hear his heart beating violently for Yi Shang.

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