Trigger Warning: Homophobia, Bullying

It came time for the shooting on Sunday.
The club set two themes, a school campus theme and an ancient costume theme.

The most commonly blue and white uniform was used for the school campus theme.
It wasn’t as glorious as other uniforms but the result was excellent.

Lin Xia looked at Yi Shang in school uniform.
In a trance, he saw the Yi Shang in high school and the memories covered in dust came back to him.

In the second semester of his second year of high school, there were two PE classes a week, and it was a joint class with other classes.
There was one time when Lin Xia and Yi Shang were in the same class.

The weather was getting warmer and warmer.
During PE class, everyone put their school uniforms on the soccer goalpost on the sports field.

Most of the boys weren’t careful enough to mark their school uniforms, so they often took the wrong one and wore each other’s uniforms in rotation.

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Lin Xia made a mark on the left sleeve of his school uniform – a star was drawn with a black pen.
There were also cases of it being taken mistakenly by his classmates before, but Lin Xia will go searching for it.
Over time, everyone knew that the school uniform with the star mark is Lin Xia’s, and there was never a case of it being mistakenly taken again.

After the PE class that day, Lin Xia, as usual, went to the goalpost to get his school uniform.
He indeed found a star mark, but the mark was on the inside of the right sleeve.
He figured that a student had probably taken the wrong one again.

Other school uniforms were all taken by other students one after another, and this was the last one left.
Lin Xia smelled a familiar scent on this school uniform and mocked himself for acting like a fool.
Even this made him think of Yi Shang.

He reached into the pocket of the uniform to see if there was anything to identify its owner.
He found a student meal card.
The name on it was one that repeatedly appeared in Lin Xia’s mind.
It was actually him.

Lin Xia took the school uniform to Yi Shang’s class.
When he arrived at the door, he asked a student at the door to call Yi Shang.
Lin Xia heard the student he didn’t know shouting, “Yi Shang, Lin Xia wants you.”

Lin Xia had always been famous in school, first because of his grades, then because of his sexual orientation.

As soon as the voice fell, Lin Xia noticed that the eyes of people around him immediately gathered on him.
The noise in the classroom also faded away.

“Who’s Lin Xia?” Yi Shang asked.

At this time, a person in Yi Shang’s class said with a bit of sarcasm, “It’s that famous star student who likes his best friend, that ga-…”

He didn’t finish saying the word, but others still understood.
Instantly, there was a lot of laughter.
Some people also tried to stop these boring jokes.

Lin Xia had been indifferent to these rumors after his sexual orientation was known to everyone.
But no matter how strong his heart was, he still felt particularly uncomfortable in front of Yi Shang.

“Mind your business, stop making noise.” Yi Shang frowned to stop it, he didn’t like this kind of uproar.

Yi Shang heard about the recent rumors, but he didn’t care too much and he didn’t know why this star student came to him.
He got up and went out.

Lin Xia looked at the blue and white school uniform worn by Yi Shang.
He just wanted to get it over with and didn’t want to cause trouble for Yi Shang.
“Student, look at your left cuff, is there a star?”

“What?” The sudden question made Yi Shang a little confused.
Of course there’s a star, after all, he drew it there himself to avoid taking the wrong uniform.

Following Lin Xia’s words, Yi Shang raised his hand and looked at the left cuff.
There was indeed a star.
Looking at the star, he suddenly realized, this star was very neat, plus, his star was supposed to be on the right.

“You took the wrong school uniform.” Lin Xia saw Yi Shang’s reaction and knew that this school uniform was his, so he reached out and handed it to Yi Shang.

“My bad buddy, I also drew a star on the sleeve.” Yi Shang explained.
He quickly took off the school uniform and handed it to Lin Xia, then said with a smile, “I thought I lost my meal card, I didn’t think I took the wrong school uniform.
It feels pretty nice to get my things back.”

“No problem.” A shade of red climbed up Lin Xia’s ears.
He took his school uniform and could still feel Yi Shang’s temperature on it.

“What’s wrong? You’re in awe?” Yi Shang stretched out his hand and waved it back and forth in front of Lin Xia.

“No.” Lin Xia was pulled back to the present by Yi Shang and subconsciously retorted.
He slightly puckered his lips and moved his eyes away with a guilty heart.

“You haven’t seen me wear a school uniform, right? Such an ugly uniform, but I look quite good in it, right?” Yi Shang started getting cocky, his peacock feathers were pretty much out.

“Mn, I’ve never seen it.” In fact, he had seen it thousands of times in reality, and also in his dreams.
It’s just that Yi Shang didn’t know.

“I’m also seeing you wear this kind of school uniform for the first time, it looks pretty good.” Yi Shang complimented subtly.
Looking at Lin Xia in a high school uniform with a gentle smile on his face, he was definitely the highly admired star student of high school girls.
He asked, “You had many pursers in high school, right?”

“Not really, everyone was busy studying.” Lin Xia said that the truth, nobody really broke through that layer.
Rather than getting into a relationship, they enjoyed the feeling of secret crushes and strived to improve themselves.

“Was the learning atmosphere that strong? My school too.” Yi Shang put his hands in his pockets, “I remember we were in the same city? Which high school are you from?”

2 High School.” Lin Xia transferred to No.2 High School for his third year.
So he’s speaking the truth when he said he came from No.
2 High School.

“I’m from No.
1 High School.” Yi Shang had never really cared about the outside world.
It’s just that he heard it many times so he had a vague impression, “I remember our year screwed up so bad back then.
In previous years, the city’s first place was always taken by our school.
Unexpectedly, the first place was won by someone in your school that year.
Who was it?”

Lin Xia downplayed it, “Me.”

Yi Shang was somewhat surprised.
No wonder Xiao Tang said that Lin Xia was a top student.
Although there was no shortage of top scorers in this school, he was still from the same city and even liked him, Yi Shang inexplicably felt a little fluttery.

At the same time, he also had some doubts.
He never had a shortage of outstanding individuals who pursued him before, but none of them made him feel this way.
Perhaps Lin Xia was indeed a little different.

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