After the strain on Jiang Dao’s waist eased a little, the recording team didn’t delay, and re-recorded the guest entry again.

There were no tricks this time.
Chu Yinlong came in normally and greeted the others.

After filming his entrance, the voiceover began, announcing today’s program:

“Today, we invited Mr.
Zhang, a famous chef in Nagisa City, to cook his specialty dishes for us.
For lunch, Mr.
Zhang specially prepared sweet and sour fish, Huaishan roast chicken, and languocai.
But not everyone has the opportunity to taste these dishes.”

“We’ve arranged three challenges.
Guests will be divided into two teams according to the color of their clothes.
When a team wins a challenge, they can choose one of the three dishes as a reward.
The team that fails can only get a packet of mustard or a salted duck egg.”

Hearing this, Jiang Dao couldn’t help frowning.
He glanced lightly from the corner of his eyes at Chu Yinlong, who was standing beside him.

They’re both wearing red, and are destined to cooperate with each other.

In order to eat delicious food, he can bend and stretch.

Also on the same team with Jiang Dao was Yi Bailu, who came over at this time, and inserted herself between Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong.
She smiled at them, and then turned his head to look intently at the recording team.

The voiceover continued to explain the rules of the game:

“Nagisa City is a famous hometown of martial arts.
The ‘Wulin Master’ Zhuhuai Temple that appeared in many martial arts works was created based on the kung fu of Nagisa’s Huaishan Temple.
Therefore, the challenges we arranged today are all related to martial arts.
The three challenges to earn lunch are ‘Stake Balance’, ‘Swordsmanship’ and ‘Footwork’.”

Hearing this, Yi Bailu capped her hands excitedly.
“Wow! With Brother Long on our team, isn’t it a sure win? Didn’t he spend years in monkhood at Huaishan Temple?”

“That’s not possible.” Beside him, Lu Yun shook his head with a tsk.
“It’s impossible for the program team to make us perform kung fu.
They should have played some tricks.
Besides, on our side, Xiao Tang is also quite good… right Xiao Tang?”

Tang Yao said with a smile: “As long as it’s not real martial arts, I think our side has a bigger chance of winning.
After all, we’ve been filming together for three seasons, and our tacit understanding is definitely better than theirs.”

Lu Yun and Tang Yao were more confident as they waited for the first challenge to be prepared.

The field doesn’t look like a sparring arena at all, but a pool filled with soft foam blocks with two cylindrical stakes about one meter high and about one meter in diameter.

“You call this ‘Stake Balance’?” Chu Yinlong couldn’t help laughing, and pointed at the two columns.
“Is this really a stake?”

The voiceover quickly announced the rules: “As you can see, the first challenge is the Stake Balance.
All three people in a team need to stand on the cylindrical stakes in the field at the same time, and the team that persists longer wins.
The stakes will shrink every ten seconds.
Once one of the three team members falls, it will be regarded as a team failure.

“It still shrinks?” Yi Bailu was surprised.
“How does it shrink?”

“Can we take a look first?” Tang Yao also asked.
“At least let us know how small it is? Otherwise, with Brother Lu, we’ll all be pushed down.”

Lu Yun said, “Tsk, what are you talking about!”

While speaking, Tang Yao and Chu Yinlong had already climbed onto the stakes on both sides and observed them carefully.

The prop master also cooperated to control the stakes getting smaller.
The outer layers of the stakes, which were about one palm length, slowly descended, disappearing into the foam blocks.
After four rounds, the stake was only 30 centimeters in diameter, fitting only one person easily.

“Are you sure you want three people to stand here at the same time?!” Tang Yao looked at the recording team in disbelief.
“Can we exchange Brother Lu for Xiao Dao?”

“Exchange!” Lu Yun feigned angrily.
“Brother Long won’t despise me like you!”

“Don’t change, I despise you.” Yi Bailu smiled and made up for it.

Of course, they couldn’t exchange team members.
The players were simply complaining about each other.

After a few more sentences, the two sides took advantage of the time when the props were reset, and began to discuss how to stay standing for a longer time.

“I think we still have a chance to win.” Lu Yun tried to find his own advantage, and dragged Tang Yao over muttering, “Look, we’ve both worked together for the third season, and Weiwei is also easygoing.
The two men on their side don’t know each other well, and Bailu is a female artist, which makes things inconvenient.
We have the advantage!”

Tang Yao glanced at him: “If you can lose half of your weight, we do have an advantage.”

On the other side, seeing Jiang Dao and Yi Bailu, Chu Yinlong asked, “How much do you two weigh?”

Yi Bailu didn’t hide it: “92 jin11 jin = 1.323 lb.
She’s about 121lb.“

Jiang Dao subconsciously replied, “75kg.”

“You?” Chu Yinlong was shocked.
“You’re how much?”

He looked at Jiang Dao up and down, a little confused.
“That’s not possible?”

Jiang Dao’s mind also turned at Chu Yinlong’s question – he had already switched bodies.

With his small body now, not only is he not as tall as he used to be, but he also has no strength.
Even if he’s not skinny, it’s impossible for him to reach 75 kilograms.

Although he didn’t know how heavy this body was, he immediately changed his words: “65kg.”

Chu Yinlong didn’t delve into it.
He turned his head and said to Yi Bailu: “You are not suitable to squeeze with us.
In this way, when we go up, while things are stable at first, sit on my shoulders.”

Yi Bailu blinked when she heard his words.
“Sit on your shoulders? Is this okay? I’m quite heavy.”

Chu Yinlong said, “It’s less than 100 jin, so it’s no problem for a while… Or, you don’t want to?”

Yi Bailu didn’t dare refute Chu Yinlong, and quickly waved her hand.
“Okay! I haven’t experienced this show yet, it’s not a problem!”

After solving the problem of Yi Bailu, Chu Yinlong looked at Jiang Dao again.

The corners of Jiang Dao’s mouth twitch.
“I’ll try to stick to you as close as I can, let’s try it.”

Chu Yinlong nodded, and added, “Let’s try now, so as not to be in a hurry when playing.”

However, the recording team did not give them a chance to experiment.

The two stakes were quickly reset, and a voiceover sounded without warning.

“Dear guests, please prepare, you have ten seconds to board the stakes.
After ten seconds, the timer officially begins!”

With a scream, Lu Yun turned his head and rushed into the foam pool.

Hearing this, Jiang Dao did not hesitate, and followed Chu Yinlong and Yi Bailu to the stake that belonged to them.

The stakes are not high, and are easy to climb up, but going up is just the beginning of the difficulties.

The challenge officially began.

Jiang Dao stood on the edge of the outer circle and gave the middle to Chu Yinlong and Yi Bailu.

Chu Yinlong half-kneeled on the ground, waiting for Yi Bailu to climb onto his shoulders, and then used his legs to stand up straight with ease.

“Wow! Look at them!” On the opposite side, Zhou Wei shouted.

“Good idea, you come too!” Tang Yao said, half kneeling on the ground.
He copied Chu Yinlong’s method to prop Zhou Wei on his shoulders.

Yi Bailu sat on a high place and shouted angrily, “You guys plagiarized our idea!”

Tang Yao staggered and stood up straight, bared his teeth at Yi Bailu, and said nothing.

At this time, ten seconds passed, and the first layer of the stakes slowly fell away.

Jiang Dao took a step closer to Chu Yinlong, facing him face-to-face, with one foot between Chu Yinlong’s feet, and stood on the smallest part in the center.

“Sister Bailu, you can put your legs on my shoulders.” Jiang Dao suggested.
“This way, Teacher Chu and I can stick closer.”

He then bent his body slightly to make it easier for Yi Bailu to change her posture.

Sure enough, after Yi Bailu put her legs on both their shoulders, Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong’s bodies tightly pressed together, and there was no gap at all.
They had to turn their faces slightly in the opposite direction, so that Chu Yinlong would not kiss Jiang Dao’s nose.

However, since Yi Bailu’s legs were still on their shoulders, Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong couldn’t turn their heads completely, otherwise they would kiss Yi Bailu’s thighs.
Therefore, Chu Yinlong’s lips could only rest on Jiang Dao’s cheek.

This distance is too close.
Jiang Dao can feel the air flow gently on his face with each breath Chu Yinlong took.

His nose filled with the fragrance of flowers emanating from Yi Bailu, and the faint fragrance of grass and trees carried by Chu Yinlong.
It was not pungent like sweat or other strange smells, which made Jiang Dao relax a lot.

He gradually discovered that the feeling of being next to each other was not as annoying as he had imagined…

It was actually a little… addictive.

Even through the clothes, it seems he can still feel the temperature of the other party.

Only then did Jiang Dao realize that he hadn’t been so close to anyone for too long.

When was the last time?

It should be when he was 7 or 8 years old… or 9 years old.
The last time he acted like a spoiled child to his mother.

Before Jiang Dao could sink into his memories, the stake under his feet suddenly trembled slightly, and the second circle shrank back.

Jiang Dao stood close to Chu Yinlong, and both of them stood as firm as Mount Tai.

There were a few exclamations from the opposite side, accompanied by Yi Bailu’s merciless ridiculing giggles.

But Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong couldn’t turn their heads to look.
They could only tell that the timer hadn’t stopped.
It should’ve been a false alarm, and no one fell.

Another ten seconds passed, and the stake shrank again.

Jiang Dao swayed slightly, and subconsciously raised his hand to wrap his arms around Chu Yinlong’s waist to stabilize his body.

The two pressed closer now, and both felt the pressure of hugging tightly between their chests and abdomen.

Chu Yinlong quickly turned his head and pursed his lips.

At this time, a series of screams came from the opposite side, followed by the sound of heavy objects falling into the foam blocks one after another.

Yi Bailu laughed from up high: “Brother Yao, don’t hit him.
Brother Lu did his best, really!”

Since the other side failed, they automatically won, so Jiang Dao immediately let go and jumped off the platform.

He turned his face away, took a slow breath, closed his eyes, and tried to dispel the feeling of hugging tightly just now.

He finally understands a little bit, why in his original world, when everyone was struggling to survive, there were still people who were willing to pay a few cans of meat for temporary greed.

It turned out that the feeling of being close to people is unexpectedly… nice.

“First challenge, the red team wins!”

The director’s voiceover interrupted Jiang Dao’s thoughts.

“Now, members of the red team can choose one of the three dishes for lunch.
Members of the white team can choose one of mustard and salted duck eggs.”

Hearing this, Jiang Dao suddenly returned to his senses.

Yes, he tried so hard to win just now for the food!

How could just a hug make him forget?


I wanna play in a foam pool now.

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11 jin = 1.323 lb.
She’s about 121lb.

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