After returning to the resort, the recording team really gave everyone an hour and a half of free time.

Lu Yun and Yi Bailu pulled Tang Yao and Zhou Wei over, called a stylist they knew, and ran to Lu Yun’s room together to play games.

Jiang Dao didn’t go downstairs, but stayed in his room.
Laying on the big bed in the guest room, he scrolled through the phone left by the original owner.

Sure enough, as Zhou Wei said, in his mobile phone album, except for a few selfies, the rest were all Tang Yao’s photos, including but not limited to stills, portraits, selfies… He had to admit that Tang Yao is quite attractive.
With a handsome face and a strong figure, it’s no wonder he’s popular.

In contrast, the few Jiang Dao selfies interspersed between Tang Yao’s photos are not very flavorful.

In fact, Jiang Dao’s appearance in the book is not bad at all.
His face is thin but not weak, his nose is straight, his eye sockets are slightly deep, and his features are slightly exotic.
It’s just that his eyes are long and narrow, and slightly raised, and he has a sinister nature, which makes him unsuitable for interpreting good-natured characters.

The fragility of his delicate eyebrows and eyes unexpectedly fit the positioning of “vase”.

Looking at the photos of “himself” on the phone, Jiang Dao frowned and decisively deleted them one by one.

He felt that something was wrong with Chu Yinlong’s eyes.

Just this face – what wolf cub?

Even if he tries to be fierce, everywhere his face and body seems to scream words, such as, “I’m a little sheep” or “come bully me”.
If he’s thrown into the world outside the book, the original owner would’ve been skinned, eaten, and wiped clean countless times…

Well, actually there is such a plot in the original book.

Jiang Dao turned over and lay on his back, recalling that he once felt very happy reading the self-inflicted plot of the villain Jiang Dao being defeated and pushed out by others.

But now that he has transmigrated over…

Forget it, it is better to finish this five-year vase role quietly and retire to ensure his own safety.

Jiang Dao was thinking wildly when a buzzer came from the door, and Zhu Yao swiped his card to enter.

He frowned at Jiang Dao, who was lying on the bed with no image to speak of.
“Don’t lie down, get up and exercise.
You have to eat a lot at night, and need to consume energy in advance.”

Jiang Dao put the phone aside, and said lazily: “It’s enough with this afternoon’s activities of tearing the sticker.
I even had a fight with Brother Long.”

“You fought with Chu Yinlong? If he hadn’t gone easy, you would be lying in the hospital now.” After speaking, Zhu Yao pushed down his glasses and said again, “By the way, what’s the matter with you and Chu Yinlong?”

“Huh?” Jiang Dao was confused, “What can there be?”

Zhu Yao stared at Jiang Dao.
For a long time, he had no clue either.

“It’s best there’s nothing.” He said lightly, “Even if you like men, you can’t play in this circle, especially now…”

“Wait!” Jiang Dao sat up in shock, “What are you talking about?!”

Zhu Yao frowned: “I said you can’t play in this circle.”

“No, before that.” Jiang Dao was stunned.
“How do you know I like men?”

Judging from the description in the book, shouldn’t this kind of thing be kept concealed?

“Didn’t you say it yourself?” Zhu Yao was speechless.
“When the company first investigated you, you quickly admitted it.
It’s okay, the PR side has a record, so in case there’s any accident, it’s easy to handle.”

Jiang Dao: …

The original owner… good job.

He directly chopped the cabinet door down.1as in revealed it himself

As for whether the original owner’s sexuality will affect him, Jiang Dao wasn’t sure.

In the past, he spent half his life on the battlefield and had little chance to meet women of the same age.
Any occasional wet dreams he had were always hazy and indistinct.
Let alone gender, even the other party’s species was unknown.

In addition, the only thing he knew about love was from this novel.
Jiang Dao always felt that it was not a strange thing for a man to fall in love with a man.

If he really meets a man he likes, he can probably accept it.

“You haven’t stood firm in the circle yet.
It’s best not to have scandals now.” Zhu Yao’s tone was inhuman.
“If there is a situation, you must tell me, so that I can contact public relations to prepare.”

He then added lightly: “If you cause a scandal and cause losses to the company, you will also have to bear the loss.”

Hearing that a fine would be imposed, Jiang Dao immediately answered solemnly, “You can rest assured, within five years.
I won’t touch men.”

At seven o’clock in the evening, the recording team informed the guests to arrange their makeup and hair, and prepare to begin filming dinner at 7:30 p.m.

As soon as he stepped into the resort restaurant, Jiang Dao saw at a glance that the long table in the center was filled with small bowls the size of the palm of his hand.
Each bowl was filled with soups and stews, exuding tempting aromas.

After the camera and the staff were in place, the director’s voiceover introduced the history and culture of Nagisa water feast to everyone, and how guests would come forward to choose their dishes.

As the winner of the sticker tearing battle, Chu Yinlong didn’t have to make a choice.
He had a share of everything on the table.

As for the others, it wasn’t so easy to pick and choose.
Since there are only three servings of each dish, one of them must belong to Chu Yinlong, and once the remaining two are picked by the top-ranked guests, the remaining guests will have no choice.

Yi Bailu came in second from the bottom, and could only have the last three dishes.
Two of the dishes she wanted were very popular, so she turned to the other players, acting coquettishly: “Leave that to me? Okay? It looks so good, I’ve never eaten it before…”

At this time, it was Jiang Dao’s turn to choose dishes.

He followed Yi Bailu’s fingers and looked at the long table, and found that the dish was really exquisite, with attractive color and fragrant smell.

Jiang Dao didn’t even think about it, he reached out and took the small bowl of soup away.

Yi Bailu: …

Lu Yun was destined to not be able to taste a single dish, so he laughed at the sight.
“You’re amazing, Xiao Dao, you must be single, right… Hey, are you single?”

Jiang Dao glanced at him and did not answer.
He silently took away the dishes that he thought were good, completely ignoring the chatter among Yi Bailu, Zhou Wei, and Tang Yao.

Who’s kidding, since when has he backed down in front of food?

Moreover, the dishes are all limited, so if he releases water2going easy on others, he won’t be able to eat it himself.
Anyway, he doesn’t care about offending people, so of course, he chose what he wanted the most.

After picking out 12 dishes, Jiang Dao glanced at the long table reluctantly, silently bade farewell to the three dishes he had given up with eyes full of regret, and then returned to his seat to eat.

Although there are 12 dishes for dinner, each dish is not large.
Each dish is served a delicate, palm-sized, white porcelain bowl.

At the long table, before Tang Yao and Zhou Wei had finished choosing what they wanted to eat, Jiang Dao had already cleaned up three bowls of soup.

The cameraman in charge of filming the guests eating was startled, and quickly reminded Jiang Dao: “Eat slowly, eat slowly… Say a few comments, don’t be so focused on eating!”

Jiang Dao held a bowl and looked up at the camera.

“Uh,” he hesitated, then said, “This is very delicious.”

Cameraman: …

Seeing the camera’s expressionless face, Jiang Dao thought about it and added: “It’s just that this bowl is a little small, the meat is a little lacking, and contains too many bones.
It’s not enough to eat.”

My dear, that’s a bowl of duck bone soup.

Duck bone, do you know what a duck frame is?

Do you understand that the essence of duck bone soup is in the soup and not in the meat?

The cameraman held the machine, madly complaining in his heart.

“Also, it’s all soup and water.
It’s too easy to get full, and feel hungry again after a while.” Jiang Dao continued to add knives.

This time, even the director couldn’t continue listening silently – he raised his hand and covered his face with a wry smile.

Lu Yun, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help shouting: “Xiao Dao, what we eat is a water feast! Nagisa water feast! Can’t you see the director is about to cry? Why can’t you praise it!”

Jiang Dao frowned.
After a moment, he showed a positive smile: “The taste is still very good, I like it.”

After speaking, he picked up a bowl of meatball soup, and in three spoonfuls, swallowed all the meatballs in the bowl at one time, and then poured the soup and vegetable sprouts into his stomach.

Lu Yun was silent for a while, then reached out and patted the cameraman’s shoulder.
“Good luck.”

The cameraman’s face was helpless.

At the dining table next to him, Chu Yinlong let out a small smile.

After all the guests had chosen their dishes, the cameraman was finally saved, and the filming began to revolve around Tang Yao and Yi Bailu who talk a lot.

Jiang Dao quickly finished all 12 dishes that belonged to him.
Silently memorizing the name of each dish, he made a list of “dishes to taste again” in his mind, and inserted the three dishes that he could not eat at the top.

Fortunately, this is a world where money wins.
His current occupation is one in a relatively high-income group, so he should be able to enjoy his favorite foods for the next five years.

These are things he didn’t even dare to think about in his previous doomsday wasteland.

“Xiao Dao.” Suddenly, Chu Yinlong’s slightly lowered voice came from the side.

Jiang Dao looked back and saw Chu Yinlong beckoning to him, pointing to the empty bowl on his table.
“Give me that bowl.”

Jiang Dao was confused and frowned in confusion.

Chu Yinlong urged: “Hurry up!”

Although he didn’t understand what the other party wanted to do, considering they were recording a variety show and there shouldn’t be any danger, he obediently picked up the empty bowl on the table and handed it over to Chu Yinlong.

Chu Yinlong stretched out his hand, quickly took Jiang Dao’s empty bowl, and shoved an untouched dish on his own table into Jiang Dao’s hand.

Jiang Dao: …

Chu Yinlong explained to him seriously: “I can’t eat it, you help me finish it.” Then, he pointed to another empty bowl in Jiang Dao’s hand.
“Hurry up, again.”

Without a word, he used three empty bowls and exchanged them with three untouched dishes from Chu Yinlong – exactly the three dishes he had to give up earlier.

Smelling the tempting aroma of the three bowls of dishes in front of him, an inexplicable picture slowly took shape in Jiang Dao’s mind:

He seemed to see a cunning hunter set up a trap in front of him.
In the trap, hung mouthwatering food.
The hunter stood in the shadow of the tree by the side, admiring the prey that was about to throw itself into the net, with an evil smile that was growing larger and larger…

Jiang Dao turned to look at the hunter, oh no, to Chu Yinlong.

Chu Yinlong raised his eyebrows at him, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Dao looked down at the three bowls he received, and then at Chu Yinlong.
In the end, he picked up the bowl, picked up the spoon, and enjoyed these tantalizing delicacies.

What hunter? What trap?

Who’s kidding, this isn’t an apocalyptic wasteland full of danger.


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1as in revealed it himself2going easy on others

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