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Seeing the sticker with the three words “Chu Yinlong” swaying in front of him, Jiang Dao couldn’t hold back.
Taking two steps forward quickly, he pressed his fingers on the slightly raised edge of the sticker.

Chu Yinlong’s body trembled, but he didn’t look back.

Jiang Dao’s fingers pinched harder on Chu Yinlong’s back, but he didn’t continue the pulling action.

This short moment, for some reason, seemed to linger.
The two were deadlocked, and no one moved.

Until Chu Yinlong chuckled lightly and turned his head to look behind him.

Jiang Dao slowly let out a breath, retracted his hand, raised it lazily to his ear, and took two steps back.

“Why not tear it?” Chu Yinlong asked.

“You did it on purpose.” Jiang Dao tilted his head and stood loosely, “Test if I will betray you?”

With Chu Yinlong’s skill, he could definitely fight back the moment he moved forward.

Chu Yinlong smiled: “Why are there so many tricks? We’re just playing a game.
I gave you a chance, but you didn’t tear it.
No regrets?”

“We’re playing a game, what regrets?” Jiang Dao replied.
He thought about it, and then said, “Actually, I really want to know how far I am from you now.”

Chu Yinlong is a kung fu star who has just won the Best Actor Award, and has a background in real martial arts.
Although he is definitely not as good as the warriors in the world outside the book, in the Jiang Dao’s current circle, his strength should be at or near the top.

Therefore, he wants to use Chu Yinlong as a benchmark to test his strength.

“You want to fight me?” Chu Yinlong was a little surprised, “Are you sure?”

“Sure.” Jiang Dao nodded, “You don’t have to hold back, I want to see our difference, not ask you to be my sparring partner.”

Hearing this, Chu Yinlong looked at Jiang Dao up and down with interest.
After a long time, he chuckled lightly.

“Okay.” He nodded and took a few steps back.
“I won’t hold back.
Whenever you’re ready.”

Jiang Dao’s eyes suddenly became serious.
His waist bowed slightly, his posture was not defensive, but one of readiness to attack.

On the opposite side, Chu Yinlong didn’t say a word, his feet suddenly exerted force, and he charged straight towards Jiang Dao.

In an instant, the two staggered in the field, making a muffled bodily collision.

Jiang Dao took a few steps back, and reluctantly shook off Chu Yinlong’s force.
A red mark appeared on his arm – the short collision and breakaway just now almost shaved off a layer of his skin.

“Not bad!” Chu Yinlong praised from the bottom of his heart.
“Your reaction is very fast.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he did not give Jiang Dao a chance to recover, and rushed forward again, hitting Jiang Dao with both hands.

His movements were so fast that even if Jiang Dao could see the route clearly with his eyes and think of countermeasures with his mind, his body couldn’t keep up with the rhythm at all.
In the end, when he was dodging, Chu Yinlong grabbed his elbow.

Jiang Dao didn’t hesitate.
Seeing that he couldn’t escape, he simply did not retreat but moved forward.
He suddenly approached Chu Yinlong, trying to use his joint skills to force the opponent to let go.

However, in the next second, Jiang Dao was picked up by Chu Yinlong and thrown out.

Picked up…

And thrown out…

As he flew through the air, Jiang Dao couldn’t help swearing.

Is this the perspective of the weak chickens who were beaten up by him before?

In a confrontation with such a clear power disparity, skills are of no use at all.
One can’t escape even if they want to, let alone fight back.

Fortunately, this body is very flexible.
He barely stabilized his body when he landed, and did not fall directly to the ground.
However, Chu Yinlong still held his arm firmly, not giving him the slightest chance.

The only gratifying thing was that Jiang Dao could still barely protect the sticker behind him.

“Tsk, you’re quite difficult to deal with.” Chu Yinlong said with a smile, “Are you a cat? So flexible?

Jiang Dao was too tired to speak.
He could only roll his eyes in response.

Chu Yinlong exerted his strength again.
Jiang Dao’s feet were unstable, so he simply took advantage of the situation to fall down, using his legs to twist Chu Yinlong’s knee joints, and finally brought down this man who seemed to be infinitely powerful.

However, in the next instant, Chu Yinlong rolled his legs and pulled his hands, turning Jiang Dao over and pressing his face down on the floor.

Chu Yinlong’s knee rested on Jiang Dao’s back waist.
With both hands, he held Jiang Dao’s arm behind his back, and smiled: “Isn’t this self-inflicted?”

Jiang Dao lay on the ground and struggled twice, but was unable to break free.
He simply gave himself up and slackened his body and spread out on the ground.

“Too… miserable…” His breath was unsteady, showing weakness and laziness, “I won’t fight… I can’t beat you at all… You can tear it.”

Chu Yinlong smiled and stretched out Jiang Dao’s back.
He tore off the sticker, patted Jiang Dao’s shoulder again, and comforted him: “You’re pretty good.
I thought I would be able to beat you in five seconds, but it took so long.”

Jiang Dao was too tired to get up, so he simply turned over, lay on his back, and looked at Chu Yinlong: “You…really didn’t hold back?”

Chu Yinlong looked down at Jiang Dao: “Should I have dislocated your arm?”

Jiang Dao pouted and was about to say something, but Chu Yinlong grabbed the conversation: “Also, didn’t you hold back?”

“Me?” Jiang Dao was stunned.

“Well, I feel like you didn’t do your best.” Chu Yinlong said.
“Before, I thought you wanted to bite my neck… That’s called not holding back, right?”

Jiang Dao: …

Sorry, he really wanted to bite.
After all, in the apocalyptic wasteland, the mountains and rivers are already exhausted.
In order to survive, teeth are also weapons to be used.

But if it is just to learn from each other, biting is too much.

“It’s over, let’s go,” Chu Yinlong bent down and stretched out his hand towards Jiang Dao.
“Go back.”

“Ah…” Jiang Dao lay on the ground, exhaled a long breath, and made up a random excuse, ” I’ll rest for a while, my back hurts.”

“Back pain?” Chu Yinlong frowned and squatted down beside Jiang Dao.
“Where is the strain?”

After speaking, he stretched out his hand and pressed Jiang Dao’s waist.
“Did you pull it again just now?”

At this moment, the director walked into the door with several staff members and players.

Seeing Jiang Dao’s blushing face, thin sweat, disheveled clothes, and weakly lying on the ground, next to Chu Yinlong, who was reaching out to touch Jiang Dao’s waist, the group of laughing, talking people suddenly became quiet.

“Anyone know first aid?” Chu Yinlong didn’t seem to notice the embarrassment in the air at all.
“Check Xiao Dao’s injury.”

Hearing this, Jiang Dao, who was about to sit up, relaxed his body silently, and lay back.

At this time, he was pretending that his injury had recurred, because he was too tired to get up… Now, I don’t know what everyone would think.

It’s better to feign to the end.

“Cough, what’s going on?” Lu Yun broke the embarrassment and asked, “What happened to Xiao Dao?”

“He wanted to fight me one-on-one.” Chu Yinlong said.

“He did” Lu Yun widened his eyes and turned his head to look at Jiang Dao lying on the ground.
“Xiao Dao, what were you thinking of, challenging Brother Long?! After eliminating me, did you feel invincible?”

Jiang Dao gave him a blank look, too lazy to speak.

The guests made a few jokes in good faith, and the medical staff came to check on Jiang Dao’s injuries.

After a period of rest, they took a few more close-ups and interviews.
Finally, the recording was complete.
The director informed everyone to take a break and prepare to return to the resort to record the dinner portion.

“The recording went well today, we didn’t have to rerecord too much.”

In the car on the way back, Lu Yun stretched his waist and said with a smile: “The filming won’t start until 7:30 for dinner, so we have more than an hour of free time when we go back… Do you want to play Black?”

“Okay, okay!” Yi Bailu responded first, “Brother Lu, you haven’t been online for a long time, can you still play? By the way, Weiwei and Xiao Dao should also play, right? Xiao Dao?”

Jiang Dao was puzzled: “What?”

Yi Bailu said, “Zhu Shen, do you want to play?”

What pig1Zhu sounds like pig in Chinese?

Jiang Dao was confused, frowned, and shook his head.
“Not playing.”

Yi Bailu immediately turned his head and asked Chu Yinlong, “Brother Long? Are you playing?”

Chu Yinlong said lightly, “I won’t.
You guys have fun.”

Yi Bailu didn’t let it go so easily: “It’s not difficult, we can take you, a group of five.”

Chu Yinlong refused: “No, you young people can play.”

Silence fell in the group.

Tang Yao couldn’t help complaining.
“That’s right, you’re almost 50.
I won’t admit that you and I were classmates in the future, you’re too old.”

Lu Yun also laughed: “I say, he should be 2 years younger than me.
Why do I call him ‘Long Ge’ so naturally… Hey, you and Tang Yao are classmates, so you’re also 28 this year?”

Tang Yao continued to hold out: “Who is his classmate? He’s 50 years old this year.
Weiwei and I are both only 19.”

Chu Yinlong: …

Everyone laughed and started joking with each other about ages, and who’s underage.

“Seriously, the youngest person in this car is Weiwei, right?” Yi Bailu was curious, “I remember his nineteenth birthday just passed in March.”

“It should be.” Lu Yun nodded in agreement.

However, Zhou Wei shook his head: “Jiang Dao is a month younger than me.”

At this moment, the eyes of a carload of people were all focused on Jiang Dao.

Jiang Dao subconsciously sat up straight, his expression did not change at all: “En, my birthday in April.”

At least, that’s what the ID card left by the original owner showed.

“It’s good to be young.” Lu Yun sighed.
“I think when I first debuted, I was also an 18 year old little fresh meat…”

“Just you still a little fresh meat?” Tang Yao was rude, “A meatball is more accurate.”

Yi Bailu giggled and said, “When it comes to speaking out, Brother Long is the real young one.
Looking at the movies he acted at that time, I think he must have had a bunch of older sister fans and mother fans at that time.”

“That’s right,” Tang Yao looked at Chu Yinlong, “it’s rare for a child star who debuted at the age of 8 to not have a disability…Unfortunately, his face is not disabled, his personality is crooked, and his temper is too grumpy.
All those fans were scared away.
Now his fans call him Father Long, and no one dares to provoke him.”

Yi Bailu disagreed: “No, I think Brother Long is quite gentle.
Today, Xiao Dao attacked him, and he wasn’t angry.
I think the rumors are untrue.”

This is why she gradually dared approach Chu Yinlong.

Hearing what she said, Tang Yao snorted twice.
“You’re too naive, Bailu.
He’s abnormal today.
Usually, he’s quite scary…”

“Enough is enough.” Chu Yinlong glanced at Tang Yao lightly, “Do you want me to hate you?”

Tang Yao was not afraid.
Grinning at Chu Yinlong, he took out his mobile phone and secretly sent a message: “I think you really care for Xiao Dao.
If someone in your crew couldn’t get up, won’t you scold them? You’re even kind enough to ask for a doctor today?”

Chu Yinlong took a look at his phone, and then snorted disdainfully.

“You just focus on recording the show well.”

“See if I don’t scold him if he dares act squeamish on my set.”

Tang Yao received the message, tsk tsk shook his head, reached out and patted Jiang Dao sitting in front.
“Come on, Xiao Dao, I’m optimistic about you.”


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1Zhu sounds like pig in Chinese

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