Ch12 – Don’t do anything to him

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Just after returning from Ying Qianqiu’s world, he had then seen the protagonist of the Western fantasy novel.
Although it had only been a holographic projection, it was enough to shock Ji Ning to the point where it took him a while to recover.

This meant that the Western fantasy world was also showing signs of merging with the current world.
Of course, Ji Ning didn’t think that its appearance as a game was just a coincidence, not to mention that the setting of the game was exactly like the plot of the novel he had lived through. 

In the Western fantasy novel, Ji Ning’s identity was of a necromancer, the villain of the early parts of the novel who had a gloomy and cold-blooded personality but also acted as a mentor to the protagonist Lai Senger.

In the original novel, the necromancer took a fancy to Lai’s talent and, disregarding the fact that he was a disciple of the Temple of Light, kidnapped him to his lair and forced Lai to follow him in the study of undead magic.
As his subordinate, Lai lived an extremely miserable life.



Seeing the holographic projection of the blond boy, Ji Ning naturally recalled these events.
But inside that world, he had already obtained the right to modify the novel’s plot.
In order to conquer Lai he, of course, didn’t follow the original plot.

In the holographic projection reflected by his terminal, the handsome young knight wore a sword on his waist, standing straight.
His smile, full of vigour, was both gentle and relaxed. 

As time passed, the boy changed his posture like a game character on standby, pulling out his sword and performing an intricate movement.


A string of words and two options suddenly appeared in front of Ji Ning.

「You took a fancy to Lai and wanted to make him your disciple.
Unfortunately, others had also discovered Lai’s talent.
In fact, anyone with an aptitude for magic can see how rare Lai’s magical ability is.」

「Lai has been highly valued by the Temple of Light and became the youngest knight in the history of the temple.
After his sixteen year old coming of age ceremony, the Archbishop of Light will personally impart sacred knowledge to him.
In the future, he will surely stand at the head of the church.」


「But you only care about your own desires and don’t concern yourself with your future disciple’s origins, what do you decide?」

「One: Enter the temple, overpower the bishop and knights and steal Lai Senger back to your house to do whatever you want with him.」

「Two: Continue to create incidents, forcing the temple to send out knights to solve them, until Lai Senger is sent.」


At first glance, it was clear that the first option was unreliable, but in reality, Ji Ning would not choose either of them.
Without knowing the consequences of playing the game, he did not dare touch it recklessly.
What if he was dragged inside of it? 

“Ji Ning?”

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As the bathroom door was open, Herinos had seen the changing light and colours inside.
When he entered, he saw the projected figure.
He raised an eyebrow, “What is this?”

“It’s a game.”

Ji Ning explained it briefly, then he pulled his terminal off, intending to keep it out of sight.
He didn’t want to touch that strange thing at all. 

“Playing games as soon as you wake up?” Herinos laughed.

Ji Ning shook his head, “It’s an advertisement, but I can’t close it.”

“Really?” Herinos’ eyes flickered a darker colour, he picked up Ji Ning’s terminal, “I’ll take a look.”

Ji Ning immediately stretched out his hand to get the terminal back, this was about the protagonist of another world, how could Herinos play with it, what if he found out something? 

But for once, Herinos didn’t obey Ji Ning’s wishes.
He raised the terminal above Ji Ning’s head and said, “Look, a new speech bubble appeared.”

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Al Rlcu aliafv tlr tfjv ab rff jcv kjr jijgwfv ys atf yibbvs gfv ifaafgr jqqfjglcu lc atf jlg.


「If the player does not choose within two minutes, the game will automatically execute the first option by default.」

Lbk vbfr atja kbgx – atf olgra bqalbc lr rlwqis ab vlf! 

Al Rlcu tjvc’a qgfvlmafv atf ujwf kbeiv obgmf tlw ab wjxf j mtblmf.
Po la mtbrf atja relmlvji bqalbc, atfgf’r cb afiilcu ktja mbeiv tjqqfc.

“This game seems interesting.
It’s up to you to choose, I’ll press the option.”

Herinos stared at the red writing for a few seconds then pulled a face, “Which one do you want?”

Ji Ning shook his head, “No…I have a bad feeling.” 

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.
If I choose, the player should be me, right?”

Herinos glanced at the options, “The first option doesn’t seem sensible.
It’s not accepting an apprentice but putting a target on your own head.
I would choose the second one, creating accidents.
What do you think?”


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Ji Ning didn’t answer, but to Herinos’ mild surprise, stood up on his tiptoes and pressed the second option. 

He couldn’t let Herinos choose for him.
On one hand, it was out of a consideration for the confidentiality of the mission – he could not reveal the secrets of novels and worldhopping.
On the other hand, Herinos had taken care of him.
If the game really became problematic he would feel guilty to let Herinos suffer because of him again.

He decided on the second option, because that was what he had done the first time inside the Western fantasy world, pretending to be various ghosts inside the village in order to attract the knights to investigate.

「You selected, ‘Create Events’」

The blond boy in the projection changed his position, his expression becoming more lifelike. 

As if receiving bad news, he frowned, nodded slightly and saluted solemnly, “Yes your Excellency, I understand the situation.
I will set off for Pidi town immediately, please rest assured.”

「After causing more than a dozen incidents, Lai was finally dispatched from the temple to Pidi town.」

「Delighted, you waited in Pidi town for your future disciple to throw himself into your trap.」


「Please look forward to unlocking more events and options…」

After making the choice, a series of text quickly flashed by, before the text and projection disappeared and the terminal returned to normal, without anything bad occurring.


But neither Ji Ning nor Herinos believed the matter was over so easily.
Herinos took Ji Ning’s terminal and checked it over and over again.

“That game isn’t normal, you shouldn’t play it by yourself.
Please come to me if it appears again.” 

Ji Ning nodded, there was no reason not to agree as he had already decided to tightly hug Herinos’ thigh.

“If that’s the case, I’ll come and stay at your place for a few days.” Having already decided this, Herinos laughed softly, “Would that be okay?”

“I’ve never disliked it before,” replied Ji Ning.

Hearing his answer, the blood prince appeared stunned, as if he wasn’t quite used to their closeness.
His eyes filled with tenderness but just as he was about to speak, Ji Ning’s terminal vibrated. 

Herinos looked at the message displayed and his smile faded.
After a few seconds of silence he handed the terminal over, somewhat reluctantly, “It’s Gu Chen.”

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Ji Ning took it.
In his message, Gu Chen had explained that since the filming was over, he would soon be leaving the hotel.
He wanted to say goodbye to Ji Ning before he left, and asked when Ji Ning would have the time.

「I’m free now.」

Ji Ning replied casually.
He should be fine for now.
He had to sort the problems of Ying Qianqiu and Lai out later, but for now he didn’t want to think about them.
He just wanted to relax a bit. 

Gu Chen soon arrived in Ji Ning’s room, wearing a black trench coat that elongated his figure and gave him a mature and elegant temperament.

As soon as he saw Ji Ning, the unfriendly expression on his face melted away, leaving a smile as gentle as spring water.

“Senior, how are you feeling? You got drunk so quickly last night, you really startled me! Do you still feel uncomfortable?”

Recalling the previous night’s drunken sip, Ji Ning felt hot with embarrassment, but he maintained a casual expression, saying lightly, “I’m okay.” 

“I brought some medicine for Senior, if you feel uncomfortable, please take it.”

Gu Chen placed the medicine on a table.
After speaking with Ji Ning for a bit, he appeared to notice Herinos for the first time, and nodded.
“Hello Mr Herinos.
Thank you for your hard work in taking care of Senior last night.”

“It is only expected that I take care of Xiao Ning.”

Herinos put his arm around Ji Ning’s shoulders and curled his lip, “But I can’t think why you should care so much for him.” 

“Senior saved me, I can’t help but care about him,” said Gu Chen calmly, “I don’t want anything to happen to my Senior, don’t you agree?”



Herinos narrowed his eyes as they flashed a deep red.
He didn’t like what Gu Chen was implying.
Just last night, after he had kissed Ji Ning in front of him, Gu Chen had been silent for a while before speaking.

“Are you two lovers?” 

Herinos raised his eyebrows, but before he could answer, Gu Chen continued, “That doesn’t seem to be the case.
It’s just your own unrequited love, Ji Ning only likes you as a friend.”

Suddenly his tone and attitude changed, the sharpness he had hidden under his gentle appearance finally released.

“So don’t force yourself on him, otherwise sooner or later, you’ll end up hurting him.”

“He’s a public figure and you’re his closest friend.
I hope you will take that into consideration for him.” 

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“Don’t hurt him.”

Having said this, Gu Chen turned and left the rest area, leaving only Herinos and Ji Ning.

Ji Ning remained asleep.
Herinos stayed silent but his hands were tightly clenched.
After a while they loosened, leaving four, slightly bloodied marks on the palm of each hand.

Don’t hurt Ji Ning? 

He’d already broken his entire body.

So this time…he could never make that mistake again.

Gu Chen left gracefully and by the time he returned to the crowded party, his face was all smiles. 

But his mood had still not calmed down.
Seeing Herinos kissing Ji Ning, he couldn’t help feeling angry, his emotions flaring out of control.

He couldn’t explain exactly why he was so angry, the reasons felt complicated and even he didn’t understand all the emotions he was feeling, but he knew he was unwilling, even jealous.

Was he jealous of Herinos?

He felt reluctant to admit it. 

That’s why he had spoken so harshly, to hide his true thoughts.

But in that case, what did he want?


The author has something to say:

Gu Chen: although I changed the script to kiss Ji Ning without permission, it was purely for the sake of my work and had no other purpose. 

Poor Gu Chen, he never stood a chance, did he?

My sweet Lai, I will see you again later!!

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