Before getting on the aircraft to go to the hospital, Qiu Haolin asked the other soldiers to return to the army, leaving only the driver on his side.

Ling Dang’s situation wasn’t optimistic, and is worrying especially as more time passed.
Fortunately, Qiu Haolin had some experience.
After using the medical equipment to perform a simple inspection, he determined that there was no danger to her life.
Ling Mu and Qiu Zhenyang breathed a sigh of relief.

The driver drove the aircraft to the nearest hospital.
Inside, Ling Mu sat beside Ling Dang and looked down at her with eyes full of distress.

Qiu Zhenyang sat next to him.
At first he didn’t feel that anything was wrong, but he finally realized the abnormality when a scent of flowers emanating from Ling Mu’s body wafted into his nose.

“Ling Mu, are you not feeling well?” Qiu Zhenyang raised his brows and put his hand on Ling Mu’s palm, finding it was terribly hot! The latter turned his head to look at him slowly with dazed eyes and flushed cheeks, appearing very wrong.

Qiu Haolin also got up, coughed lightly, walked to the farthest seat and sat down, reminding Qiu Zhenyang, “His pheromone is not quite right.
Did something else happen when he was in the Lin family?”

Almost immediately, Qiu Zhenyang remembered the syringe filled with unknown liquid, and cursed in a low voice.

“Lin Yuhan instructed his subordinates to inject me with something, but Ling Mu helped me block it.
That guy never said what it was!” Qiu Zhenyang was annoyed.
If something happened to Ling Mu, he would never forgive himself in this lifetime!

Seeing his younger brother’s painful expression of regret, Qiu Haolin’s heart also sank.
“Don’t think about it.
We’ll be at the hospital soon; Ling Mu will be fine.”

So many messed up things happened making Qiu Haolin have a headache.

“I can’t control… pheromones…” Ling Mu held Qiu Zhenyang’s hand painfully, nails sinking into his flesh.

Qiu Zhenyang could only grit his teeth and hug him tightly.
There was nothing he could do.
As Ling Mu said, he couldn’t control his pheromones.
They continually spilled out from the glands behind his neck little by little, like a perfume bottle that was knocked over, a light tinge at the start, and gradually filling the whole space.
All corners of the aircraft were stained with the smell.

Pheromones are quite nasty things.
At the same time as Qiu Zhenyang was anxious and worried, his possessiveness as an alpha also exploded, tightly hugging Ling Mu with crimson eyes, and releasing his own pheromones to cover Ling Mu’s scent.

The other two people in the aircraft were hit by these two pheromones and felt uncomfortable.
Qiu Haolin’s brows furrowed, but he was fine.
However, the driver couldn’t hold it anymore.

Noticing it quickly, Qiu Haolin immediately got up and walked towards the driver.
“Stop the aircraft, I’ll drive.
You can take a taxi back.”

Controlling the aircraft to stop on the side of the road, the driver’s feet were practically floating with relief when he exited.

After he left, Qiu Haolin immediately restarted the aircraft and rushed to the hospital.

The onset of Ling Mu’s situation was too fast.
His whole body turned red, the veins on his neck and forehead swelled, he looked as though he was about to explode.
At the same time, the pheromone on his body accelerated to overflow, and even Qiu Zhenyang’s pheromone could no longer suppress it.

“He may have been hit with a pheromone destroyer, and the pheromones in his body are disordered.
Quickly mark him and give him a lot of pheromones!” Being older and more knowledgeable, Qiu Haolin knew something about these things, and immediately reminded Qiu Zhenyang.

Hearing this, Qiu Zhenyang grabbed Ling Mu’s neck as fast as he could, and opened his mouth to bite the blushing gland.

Ling Mu’s body shook wildly, but after the alpha pheromones entered his body, the shaking gradually calmed down, the overflowing omega pheromone retracted, and even the red tide all over his body slowly faded away.
The tense muscles relaxed, and Ling Mu finally caught his breath.

Qiu Zhenyang thought that was enough, but as soon as his teeth left Ling Mu’s glands, his pheromones overflowed again.

Ling Mu’s expression turned painful again, and was even accompanied by ***.

“Brother! It’s not working!” Qiu Zhenyang shouted anxiously, without the slightest composure.

Qiu Haolin shouted: “Keep biting! Don’t let go before we get to the hospital!”

Pheromone destroyers are banned drugs.
No one is allowed to make or sell it in the Federation.
Currently, it is only used by the military when interrogating prisoners.
This kind of drug is almost always lethal for alphas.
While less effective on betas and omegas, it also causes great pain.

Qiu Haolin looked at the road ahead with cold eyes.
It seemed that it was necessary to check the Lin family after going back.

Qiu Zhenyang bit Ling Mu again, continually injecting his own pheromones.
Seeing that the person in his arms calmed down, Qiu Zhenyang felt a lot more at ease, but his hatred for the Lin family only grew.

He will bring down the Lin family one day!

When they finally arrived at the hospital, the doctors and nurses who had been instructed by Qiu Haolin were already standing at the entrance.
As soon as the aircraft stopped, they immediately transferred Ling Dang to the medical bed and sent her in first.
On Ling Mu’s side, a doctor went to the aircraft and injected him with a reliever.
Qiu Zhenyang was then allowed to let go and went down with the weak and feeble Ling Mu.

Both of them were sent to the emergency room.
Sitting outside the emergency room, Qiu Zhenyang waited with a pale face and clenched fists.

Qiu Haolin, who had called his father, came over and patted his younger brother on the shoulder.
“Don’t worry, it will be fine.
The damage to the omega is not great, and it will be over in a few days.
Although it is inappropriate to say this now, I’m still very grateful to Ling Mu.
If it weren’t for him blocking the needle for you, you probably wouldn’t have been able to leave the Lin family at all.”

Qiu Zhenyang shook his head, not wanting to speak.

Seeing this, Qiu Haolin could only sit down against him and wait with him.

It’s just that the long waiting time will only make people more anxious.
Qiu Zhenyang ruffled his hair irritably, and then clicked on the terminal to access the information on the Lin family.

He would never let them go, let alone Lin Yuhan.
Therefore, he needs to know himself and his opponent in order to gradually disintegrate them and defeat them in one fell swoop!

However, the information on the Internet is limited.
In the end, Qiu Zhenyang had to ask Qiu Haolin, “Brother, can you get more detailed information about the Lin family?”

Qiu Haolin nodded: “Okay, I’ll let my subordinates do some digging, and pass you a copy when they’re done.”

“Thank you.”

“Zhenyang, you…”

Hearing Qiu Haolin’s rare hesitation, Qiu Zhenyang opened his mouth again, “What’s the matter, brother? Just tell me if there’s something.
There’s no need to hide anything between us two brothers.”

Qiu Haolin glanced at the emergency room.
“When we were on the phone before, because you said the situation was urgent, I didn’t ask clearly.
Are you really sure that you want to be with Ling Mu?”

Seeing Qiu Zhenyang about to open his mouth, Qiu Haolin immediately raised his hand to stop him: “You can answer after thinking it through.
I watched you grow up, and I know your preferences and personality well.
Ling Mu shouldn’t be the type you like, right? I hope you won’t hurt him again.
You were very resolute when you broke off the marriage back then, so it’s hard to believe you now.”

He had to explain to Zhuo Hang and Yuan Chenyu first, now it’s his brother, and his parents most likely later.
Qiu Zhenyang suddenly felt his head was big.
However, in order to have a bright future with Ling Mu, he still answered seriously:

“Brother, I know what I’m doing, and I’m sure that Ling Mu is the person I like.
Everyone’s favorite type may change with age.
After entering university, I matured a lot and gradually realized that Ling Mu is truly the person I like.”

The two brothers chatted for a while.
Qiu Zhenyang spit out some sincere words, and was also lectured by his brother not to be too impulsive and to consider the consequences before acting.
However, Qiu Haolin was gratified at the current Qiu Zhenyang’s behavior.
After all, he watched his actions all the way from the school to the Lin family to the hospital, and knew that his brother wasn’t making things up.

As they were talking, the door of the emergency room on Ling Dang’s side opened.
Qiu Zhenyang stood up with a bang, went up to the doctor and asked, “Doctor, how is Ling Dang?”

The doctor took off his mask before speaking.
“The patient is all right.
Thanks to your first aid, she just needs to rest for a while.
The child has good resilience and will soon be able to jump around.”

Qiu Zhenyang thanked him, and his heart was half relieved.

“Brother, you accompany Ling Dang over first to the ward.
I’ll wait here for Ling Mu to come out.”

“Okay.” Qiu Haolin followed the doctors and nurses and left first.

The waiting time for a person seemed to be longer.
When the emergency room where Ling Mu was in finally opened, Qiu Zhenyang was so anxious his eyes were red with blood.

“Ling Mu!”

Seeing the nurses pushing him out, Qiu Zhenyang immediately rushed to the side of the hospital bed with anxiety written over his face.
The man on the bed was wore an oxygen mask, his face was bloodless, and he was sleeping peacefully, making Qiu Zhenyang’s heart unbearably soft.

“How is he doing?”

The doctor is experienced, and his tone is very kind: “Don’t worry, pheromone destroyers are not fatal for omegas.
You brought him over in time and gave him a lot of pheromones, so his situation is not bad.
We have neutralized most of the drugs, but he will be more sensitive to pheromones for the next few days.
Try not to let him get too close to other people.”

Qiu Zhenyang choked.
“I am his alpha, can I get close to him?”

The doctor smiled: “You can’t, only betas can.”

“How long will this last?” Qiu Zhenyang asked depressedly.

“It’s about three or five days.
It depends on his own ability to recover.”

Qiu Zhenyang followed the nurse pushing Ling Mu to the same ward as Ling Dang.
Qiu Haolin also came over to check the situation.

When they were about to leave, Qiu Zhenyang suddenly thought of a question: “Wait, doctor.
I took him to see a doctor before and they said he has a pheromone craving disorder and needs my pheromone every day.

“Ah, don’t worry about this matter.
Although the destroyer caused a lot of pain, it also resolved his pheromone craving disorder.” The doctor was a bit in awe.
If it weren’t for the drug being banned, he would want to take some to study it.

Qiu Zhenyang’s expression was a bit complicated.
After thanking him dryly, he sat down on the chair beside Ling Mu’s bed with a sullen face, and even moved a small distance away, not daring to get too close.

Although the problem of the pheromone destroyer has been solved, the disappearance of the pheromone craving disorder is a bit troublesome…

Alas, Qiu Zhenyang sighed…


That’s right, QZY.
No more taking advantage of Mumu!

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