“It’s useless to say so much.
It’s better to look at the facts and speak.”

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Qiu Zhenyang glanced at Zhuo Hang who was behind him.
The latter stepped forward to borrow a terminal from the principal and started up the surveillance video.

The principal was a little surprised.
He didn’t expect that Qiu Zhenyang would pull out the surveillance immediately.
After all, schools generally tend to settle things peacefully if possible, but once monitoring is involved, it means that one party does not want to settle peacefully.

Seeing the surveillance showing his mecha heading towards Ling Mu, Lin Nuo tugged on Weng Quan’s clothes with a guilty conscience.

Weng Quan pushed him away with a glare, and continued watching the video with a solemn expression.

Security measures in the training building are much higher than other buildings because it houses valuable mechas.
Zhuo Hang’s called up a total of four angles of videos, each one showing that it was Lin Nuo who headed for Ling Mu at the beginning, and knocked him down with his mecha.

After the videos disappeared, Lin Nuo couldn’t help voicing, “What about afterwards? Didn’t he hit me after?”

“Because that’s not important,” Qiu Zhenyang said naturally.
“You are the culprit.
Ling Mu beating you up is just self-defense.
After all, who knows if a lunatic like you will do something else besides knocking down his mecha.
Of course he has to strike first.”

Weng Quan wanted to retort, but had no solid reason.
Moreover, she was afraid of Qiu Zhenyang’s identity.

The Lin family has always wanted to befriend the Qiu family.
After all, the Qiu family’s financial and military power are at the top, and they play a pivotal role in the entire interstellar space.
Countless people want to befriend them.
It’s too uneconomical to tear faces with Qiu Zhenyang because of one Ling Mu.

Qiu Zhenyang knew some of the twists and turns in Weng Quan’s heart, and his sneer deepend.
“You have seen the surveillance video.
If there is no objection, I hope you can give Ling Mu an explanation.”

At this moment, the principal noticed the other two who came with Qiu Zhenyang were both alphas, not Ling Mu.
He had some impression of Ling Mu due to the problem with accommodations at the start of the school year, so he looked at Qiu Zhenyang and asked, “Why didn’t Ling Mu come? Don’t you two live together?”

Weng Quan was shocked.
Qiu Zhenyang and Ling Mu live together? What’s going on?

At the beginning, Qiu Zhenyang went to the Lin family to break off the marriage for another omega.
And now he’s messing with Ling Mu again.
What does it mean?

“Concussion, he’s resting.
If the principal doesn’t believe me, I’ll call Doctor Yu and ask her to prove it?”

Eyes twitching, Principal Jiang waved his hands.
“No, let him rest.”

Turning his head around the office twice, he looked at Qiu Zhenyang and Weng Quan reluctantly.
“Our school still advocates peace, and it mainly depends on both of your intentions.”

Because he knew the relationship between Qiu Zhenyang and Ling Mu, Principal Jiang directly let Qiu Zhenyang represent Ling Mu.

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Weng Quan frowned and glanced at Lin Nuo, feeling very uncomfortable.
It’s okay to deal with Ling Mu, what’s the point of involving Qiu Zhenyang? This is simply causing trouble for themselves.

Lin Nuo was sobbing and didn’t dare to say anything at this moment.

He can be arrogant and domineering outside, but it’s because of his parents’ protection.
How could he speak up in the face of Weng Quan’s glare?

Seeing that they didn’t make a sound, Qiu Zhenyang said indifferently: “The provocateur will be punished with a major demerit, and one year class suspension.”

“You, you’re going too far!” Lin Nuo couldn’t hold back.
Why should he receive a major demerit and be suspended? How will he face people in the future!

Qiu Zhenyang pretended to be surprised.
“It seems that you are not convinced? Okay, then I will submit the surveillance to the court this afternoon and sue you for intentional murder.
Are you satisfied?”

Yuan Chenyu chuckled behind him, and Zhuo Hang was also very satisfied.
As if treating Qiu Zhenyang’s words as truth, he added, “Hey, where is the court? I’ll search for the location.
Let’s go as soon as possible.”

Hearing the word “court”, Lin Nuo’s face paled.
Legs losing all strength, he tugged Weng Quan’s hand with hopeless eyes.
“No, no, mom, I can’t let them sue me in court.
I don’t want to go to jail, I don’t want to go to jail!”

Gritting her teeth, Weng Quan’s face was extremely bad as she looked at Qiu Zhenyang resentfully and said: “Young master Qiu, do you really want to do this?”

“I’ve already given you a chance.
It’s just a big demerit and suspension for a year.
It’s better than going to jail.
Aunt Weng, what do you think?” Qiu Zhenyang was very arrogant, but he had the support of the entire Qiu family.
How can he be afraid of a Lin family?

Principal Jiang thought for a while.
Although these were heavy punishments for Lin Nuo, they were indeed much better than going to court.
But he didn’t say a thing.
Everything depended on the results of Qiu Zhenyang’s discussion with Weng Quan.
Both sides have powerful family backing, and he doesn’t dare interfere casually.

Facing Qiu Zhenyang, who was obviously not open to refusal, Weng Quan bowed her head to the junior who was a generation younger than her for the first time in her life.

“Okay, let’s do it like this, thank you, young master Qiu.”

Weng Quan pulled Lin Nuo away with a cold face with a clenched jaw.

Having achieved his goal, Qiu Zhenyang thanked Principal Jiang and left with Zhuo Hang and Yuan Chenyu.

“Awesome Qiu Zhenyang! I thought that the Lin family would never give up.
After all, the Lin family is part of the Third Consortium.” Yuan Chenyu followed Qiu Zhenyang and patted him on the shoulder.

Zhuo Hang said flatly: “What about the Third Consortium, Zhenyang’s grandmother is the person in power of the First Consortium.
They can’t win in terms of money, let alone power.
How can beat the Chief Legion’s family?”

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Qiu Zhenyang smiled evastively.
“I’d rather they make a big fuss about it, so that Lin Nuo might be expelled directly.”

Yuan Chenyu rolled his eyes and said incredulously, “No way, you weren’t so ruthless before.
Seriously, how did that Lin Nuo mess with you and make you want to kill him?”

“He didn’t mess with me, he messed with Ling Mu.” Qiu Zhenyang’s tone was light, but Yuan Chenyu and Zhuo Hang, who were familiar with him, could hear the coldness in his words.

Thinking of the dog food they ate after coming out of the training building, the two probably knew why.

“Tsk tsk, is this how you are when you really like someone? My god, it’s so scary.
It’s completely different from when you were chasing Cheng An’an!” Yuan Chenyu couldn’t help marveling.
He also heard the words Qiu Zhenyang left Lin Nuo this morning.
No wonder Lin Nuo was frightened to tears.
Even him, an alpha, felt shaky after seeing Qiu Zhenyang’s expression!

Zhuo Hang nodded and patted Qiu Zhenyang’s shoulder: “It looks like you’ve really fallen this time.
If you need any help in the future, just tell us.
We’ll help!”

Qiu Zhenyang finally smiled with their support.
“Okay, then come and help me now.
The milk tea shop needs to open, hurry up and entertain guests with me!”

The pair wailed for a while, but after hearing Qiu Zhenyang invite them to the dormitory for dinner after the shop closed, they happily followed.

Because he was worried about starving Ling Mu, Qiu Zhenyang only opened the store until twelve o’clock.
The milk tea shop is doing well, and his prices are relatively high.
Even an hour’s turnover is equal to a half-day at other shops.

On the way from the milk tea shop to the dormitory, Yuan Chenyu was so shocked when he heard that Qiu Zhenyang was living with Ling Mu, his jaw almost dropped.

“Damn it, looks like the forums guessed correctly? You can do it, Qiu Zhenyang.
Not telling us this kind of big thing! Come on, when did you manage to win him over?” Yuan Chenyu pressed Qiu Zhenyang by the neck.

Qiu Zhenyang twisted his arm back and snorted twice: “Why should I tell you, so you can come to the dormitory to harass me every day?”

Zhuo Hang gave a thumbs up.
“Good brother, you know us well!”

“Hey, I say… It seems that the name of your milk tea shop is also very tricky, Yaoyao milk tea shop… The wood is the ‘mu’ from Ling Mu, and the sun is the ‘yang’ from Qiu Zhenyang.
Ah, you mean to let him press on you, ah?” Yuan Chenyu can’t do anything else, but his ability to dig gossip is quite good.[/mfn]杳 (Yao) = Ling Mu’s Mu (木) on the top, and the radical from ‘Yang’ (阳) Qiu Zhenyang on the bottom.[/mfn]

Qiu Zhenyang raised his eyebrows and smiled meanly: “Is it a problem if he’s on top of me?”

He considered many alternatives when coming up with the shop name, before finally choosing this one.
Even if it was just a milk tea shop name, he wanted to associate Ling Mu with him, showing that it belonged to the two of them.

Zhuo Hang had goosebumps from seeing his smile.
“F*ck, your smile is vulgar.”

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“Who are you talking about?”

Yuan Chenyu followed suit: “Your mind is full of dirty yellow things!”

Qiu Zhenyang went up and gave one of them a fist.
“You two are yellow! You two were crabs in your last life, and are completely yellow!”

Zhuo Hang ran and laughed: “Hahaha, finally embarrassed!”

Yuan Chenyu was beaten and cried out, “F*ck Qiu Zhenyang, you still beat us! Wait, what is this ‘crab’ thing?”

Laughing, the duo followed Qiu Zhenyang to the dorm.
After entering the door, they were ordered to keep quiet.
Qiu Zhenyang asked the pair to sit in the living room, while he went upstairs to check on Ling Mu.
Seeing that he was still asleep, he closed the door softly and went downstairs to make lunch.

Yuan Chenyu and Zhuo Hang were still very curious about Qiu Zhenyang’s ability to cook, and they followed him into the kitchen to watch him operate.

Thinking of the crowd today, Qiu Zhenyang was going to make four dishes and one soup.
When washing vegetables, he also talked about the game that he had mentioned to the two before, and shared the general idea.
Although it is based on the general model of games from his previous world, the situation here is different after all, so he rethought about many places.

After hearing Qiu Zhenyang’s plan, Zhuo Hang and Yuan Chenyu were both shocked.

“This game mode sounds very interesting.
If it is really made, I can guarantee that it will definitely become the most popular game!” Yuan Chenyu is a game fan, and can feel more about what Qiu Zhenyang described.

Zhuo Hang is also a whale1as in spending money on games.
Although he doesn’t play much, he loses money easily.
At this time, he also agreed.
“It feels a lot more interesting than the games I have played before, so what are you going to do next? The three of us have never been in the game industry.”

“No hurry, I will tell my grandma about this project.” Qiu Zhenyang took out a fish from the refrigerator and prepared to make fish soup.
“I will find the programmers for the game myself.
If you two want to become shareholders, just give me the money.”

He had to create this game.
After all, it was a game he made for Ling Mu.

Zhuo Hang and Yuan Chenyu looked at each other, their eyes were a little hot.
As rich second generations, it’s rare to feel so passionately about something.
If Qiu Zhenyang can really make this game, then the two of them can be regarded as veterans.

“Don’t worry, the money will be in place.
If you need any help, feel free to tell me!” Yuan Chenyu waved his hand, wishing to put his money in now.

Zhuo Hang has already started planning, talking about calculating the initial investment, while walking to the living room.

Seeing this, Qiu Zhenyang couldn’t help chuckling.
It seemed that no matter what world he was in, things are always more pleasant with friends.

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After lunch was ready, Qiu Zhenyang went upstairs to wake Ling Mu up.

What’s more surprising was that Ling Mu, who’s cold and stern when awake, was so cute lying in bed that Qiu Zhenyang’s nose bled!

“Mumu, get up and have a meal first, otherwise your stomach will be uncomfortable~” Qiu Zhenyang knelt on one knee beside the bed and called him softly.

Ling Mu seemed to be conscious.
Frowning, soft lips opened and closed gently, not knowing what he was muttering, and his rosy face shrank into the quilt.

Qiu Zhenyang’s heart melted when he saw it, and his voice softened: “Be good, get up and eat before going back to sleep.”

The dizziness from the concussion was more obvious now.
Ling Mu just wanted to lie down and do nothing.
But in order to get him up, Qiu Zhenyang pinched his nose and scratched his cheek preventing Ling Mu from falling asleep.
He could only hug the quilt and turn over randomly, protesting with a hum.

In the process of twisting, Ling Mu’s long legs and waist were turned out from the quilt.
Because the clothes he wore after taking a shower were relatively loose, white thighs and a slender waist exposed themselves under the wrinkled clothes, turning Qiu Zhenyang’s eyes red.

“Ling Mu, I’m going to kiss you if you don’t get up.” His voice was hoarse, and Qiu Zhenyang felt that the job of getting Ling Mu up was really happy and painful~

His threat didn’t enter Ling Mu’s ears.
The latter hugged the quilt even more tightly, and this time, his entire head was covered under the quilt to protest Qiu Zhenyang’s bad behavior!

“Tsk, this is your own doing, you can’t blame me…”

Muttering in his mouth, Qiu Zhenyang lifted the quilt and stuffed his head into the bed…


QZY: Mumu’s on top.

Ling Mu: Go die!

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1as in spending money on games

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