“Bang!” The surrounding students were terrified and did not dare make a sound.

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Lin Nuo slumped to the ground.
Eyes wide, tears streamed from his red eyes as his body trembled out of fear.

Qiu Zhenyang, who had finished dealing with the alphas, wiped the tiny wound under the corner of his right eye, and walked to Ling Mu and looked down at him quietly.

“Heh—” Withdrawing the hand that had hit the ground beside Lin Nuo’s cheek, Ling Mu coldly flicked the blood spilling from his hand.
Looking at Lin Nuo with extreme contempt, he said slowly and firmly, “I won’t beat you in Ling Dang’s name.
You don’t deserve it.”

After that, Ling Mu stood up and walked towards the stairs.

He really wanted to kill Lin Nuo, but the Lin family would definitely kill him if he did, and then there would be no one to take care of his sister.
He can do anything, but he can’t let his most precious sister suffer.

Qiu Zhenyang followed Ling Mu, paused for a minute when passing by Lin Nuo.
A small cruel smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, as he whispered to the person on the ground: “If you don’t want your whole family to suffer, don’t think about revenge, understand? After all, everything is your own fault, isn’t it?”

Seeing the two leave, Yuan Chenyu and Zhuo Hang naturally didn’t stay longer, and immediately left with a few friends.

The field was quiet for a while and no one made a sound, but the teacher hurried over to check Lin Nuo’s situation.
Along the way, he called a few class reps to maintain order, and then immediately dismissed the rest of the class.

When going down the stairs, Ji Qing pulled Cheng An’an with a look of fear on his face and said, “My god, Qiu Zhenyang’s expression was so terrifying just now.
I felt the hairs on my skin stand up.
My heart is shaking just thinking about it.”

Cheng An’an smiled slightly: “It’s really scary when he gets angry.

Ji Qing shook his head, and said with some pity: “It’s no wonder that Lin Nuo was scared to tears… tsk, but even if Qiu Zhenyang is terrifying, being scared enough to cry is embarrassing.
He must be embarrassed to death.”

An omega walking behind them heard their conversation and couldn’t help interjecting, “But that Lin Nuo is too much.
Not only did he deliberately knock down someone in a mecha and hurt them, but hearing Ling Mu’s words, it seems like he almost killed his sister in the past.
If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to stand it! I’d beat him to death!”

Another classmate responded: “That’s right, it was Lin Nuo who started it.
Hitting him with a mecha in public can cause serious injuries.
He doesn’t even let the other side fight back? Anyway, I think that Ling Mu was quite handsome.
Although he doesn’t look like an omega, but the way he beat people just now is really handsome! Saying he won’t beat him in the name of his sister, he’s so cool!”

“That’s right, that’s right, I think he’s handsome too!”

For a while, many omegas who watched the whole process were in awe of Ling Mu.

Although Cheng An’an listened to them with a smile, his eyes were always cold and dark.
Just as everyone was hotly discussing him, he suddenly spoke up: “It’s no wonder Classmate Ling Mu is very powerful; he used to fight often.
Not only with omegas, but alphas and betas as well.
Seriously, there was a time I wondered if he was a beta.
After all, he is really much stronger than us omegas.”

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Some others also raised doubts upon hearing his words.
“Yeah, I’ve never seen such a powerful omega.
He isn’t pretending to be an omega, right?”

“Why would he pretend?”

Ji Qing responded quickly, and immediately exclaimed: “My god, it won’t be to seduce Qiu Zhenyang, will it? Didn’t someone say that Ling Mu was marked by Qiu Zhenyang.
Maybe he wants to deceive Qiu Zhenyang by pretending to be an omega, drug him, and then make him mistakenly think that he marked Ling Mu?”

Some omega expressed doubts: “Do you think we’re in a book? How is there such a fantastical thing? Ling Mu doesn’t look like a person who can do that.”

“Why not, it’s not impossible.” Ji Qing frowned and looked at Cheng An’an for approval.
“An’an, what do you say, Qiu Zhenyang chased you for a year, so why did he suddenly change targets? It must be something Ling Mu did!”

Embarrassed, Cheng An’an grabbed Ji Qing’s arm and persuaded: “It’s alright, don’t talk nonsense, how sjpi;d I know this, this…”

With that, he pulled the person and hurried away.




When Qiu Zhenyang caught up with Ling Mu, the latter was limping along the boulevard next to the training building.

There was blood on his right leg and right hand.
Half of his body resembled a demon from hell, and the icy expression on his face made people shy away.
The students who saw Ling Mu’s appearance were all scared and walked around him.

In Qiu Zhenyang’s eyes, it was as if Ling Mu was separated from this world, getting further and further away from him.

Immediately filled with a strong sense of unease, Qiu Zhenyang pursed his lips, walked quickly to Ling Mu, and squatted down with his back to him.

“What?” Ling Mu’s tone was much better than when he talked to Lin Nuo before, but it was still a bit dull.
Seeing Qiu Zhenyang’s inexplicable movements, the corners of his eyes twitched and he wanted to turn around.

“Come up, your leg is injured.” Qiu Zhenyang looked back at Ling Mu, with an attitude of non-refusal in his eyes.

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Ling Mu didn’t want Qiu Zhenyang to carry him, so he lifted his injured leg.
“It’s just a little bit of skin trauma, no need.” He has been injured much worse and lost even more blood in the past, but was still able to walk to the hospital alone.
His body is much better than before, and there’s no need.

Watching him continue forward, Qiu Zhenyang stood up and couldn’t help sighing.

It’s not a good thing when his omega is too strong.
It makes him completely useless!

Just when Qiu Zhenyang stood up in regret, Ling Mu’s body in front of him swayed twice without warning, and he was about to fall to the ground.
Qiu Zhenyang hurried forward to catch him from behind, shouting anxiously: “Ling Mu! What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?”

Ling Mu leaned against Qiu Zhenyang’s chest for a moment in a trance, and after a while, his brain cleared.

“It’s okay, maybe I hit the back of my head when the mecha fell down.” Ling Mu shook his head and pushed Qiu Zhenyang’s chest to get up.

But before he could push him away, Qiu Zhenyang bent down directly, wrapped one arm around Ling Mu’s back under his armpit, and the other around his knees, and hugged him up.

“F*ck, f*ck! Qiu Zhenyang, let me down!” Ling Mu was so frightened by his actions that he hooked Qiu Zhenyang’s neck with his left hand under the sudden weightlessness.
He wanted to push his chest with his right hand, but there was blood dripping out.
Seeing Qiu Zhenyang’s white shirt, he didn’t do anything.

Qiu Zhenyang ignored Ling Mu’s yell, and walked towards the infirmary with ease.

“Qiu Zhenyang, are you tired of life? Why are you doing?!” Ling Mu struggled to jump off, it was too embarrassing!

“Either I piggyback you away, or I carry you away, choose one.” Qiu Zhenyang was angered, and his words were equally harsh.
This guy says he’s okay? If he hadn’t followed, Ling Mu would have fainted on the ground just now!

Ling Mu, who hadn’t noticed his anger, stubbornly clenched his neck.
“I choose neither.
You let me down!”

Qiu Zhenyang narrowed his eyes.


Okay, continue holding him like this!

Qiu Zhenyang, who has excellent arm strength, just held Ling Mu and walked like he was flying.
His arrogant princess caught a lot of attention for a while.
The students who passed by had eyes wide, and some of them were quick enough to pull out their terminals and snap a photo.

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Yuan Chenyu and Zhuo Hang ran after them not expecting to see this picture of abusing single dogs.
Yuan Chenyu immediately raised his hand to cover his eyes and shouted, “Oh shit, dad is blind.
Son, come and help dad.”

Zhuo Hang was disgusted: “Who are you calling?”

“The son is calling dad.” Yuan Chenyu fell directly into the trap.

“En, my son is good.”

Yuan Chenyu thought about it and looked at Zhuo Hang, “Ah, that’s not right! Damn it, Zhuo Hang, you set me up, I’ll kill you!”

“You want to be a father with your IQ? Not in this lifetime.”

The two laughed and turned around and walked away.
Instead of wasting time eating dog food, they might as well go back and think about how to deal with today’s matter.
After all, a public fight is a big deal, and they need to think of a solution.

On the other side, Ling Mu felt his face was going to burst into flames.
Too many eyes were focused on him, making him uncomfortable.

But Qiu Zhenyang didn’t let him down, and even hugged him even tighter!

“F*ck, I choose piggyback! Piggyback! In desperation, Ling Mu had no choice but to settle for the next best thing, pinching the back of Qiu Zhenyang’s neck with his hand.

Qiu Zhenyang hissed at the pinch, and stopped angrily to look at the person in his arms: “I have to change because you want me to? Do you really think I have no temper with you? There’s an additional condition now if you want to change; who made you refuse me earlier?”

“What condition?”

Qiu Zhenyang’s expression didn’t change: “Kiss me.”

“What the hell is this?”

“Hmph, then don’t come down.” After speaking, Qiu Zhenyang continued to walk.

“Stop, stop, I understand! You let me down first.
How can I kiss you in this posture!” Ling Mu gritted his teeth and stopped fighting, feeling that he was completely led by the nose.

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Qiu Zhenyang, whose trick succeeded, hugged the person to a corner, and let him down after he was sure that there was no one around.
He doesn’t care about prying eyes, but Ling Mu does! Qiu Zhenyang took great pain to quietly enjoy Ling Mu’s first active kiss.

After putting the person down, in order to relieve the pressure on Ling Mu’s injured foot, Qiu Zhenyang also supported his waist intimately.

“Let’s kiss.”

His anger just now hadn’t completely disappeared, and his face was still stern.
Ling Mu didn’t even have a chance to regret it.
In the end, he was still a little afraid of Qiu Zhenyang.
Whether it was his superior pheromone and mental power that overwhelmed almost all alphas, or his absolute power like a god of war when he beat people just now, it made people feel jealous of this normally smiling boy.

However, the reason why Ling Mu was still willing to stay by his side is that Qiu Zhenyang never really forced him, let alone hit him.

Taking a deep breath, Ling Mu looked at the handsome face in front of him, frowning and considering where to kiss.

Anyway, he didn’t say where to kiss, so… just kiss his face casually, right?

After making up his mind, Ling Mu stood on tiptoe, turned his head slightly and kissed Qiu Zhenyang on the cheek.

But at the moment when his lips were about to touch the fair skin, Qiu Zhenyang moved slightly, bowed his head sideways, and their lips met!

Ling Mu’s eyes widened in shock.
Before he could react, Qiu Zhenyang grabbed him by the waist and wrapped him into his arms.
Their bodies slammed into each other, followed by sucking that was so hot that the soul shuddered.
Lips to lips, tongue to tongue, Qiu Zhenyang pressed the person into his arms, wantonly savoring those soft and sweet lips.

“Hmm…” Ling Mu clenched his fists and hit Qiu Zhenyang twice, but instead of making the latter let go, his lips and teeth went deeper.

The sticky sound of water intertwined between the lips of the two, and the force of Ling Mu’s beating turned softer.
His eyes gradually blurred, and the strong and tender kisses made his scalp numb and his head dizzy.
Everything around him seemed to be getting farther and farther away from him, until Qiu Zhenyang embraced him softly and devoured him wantonly…


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