“God, you’re really joking with me…”

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After carrying Ling Mu on his back and finding a cave to hide in, Qiu Zhenyang sat on the ground, helplessly rubbing his forehead.

Fine, he transmigrated over.
Doing, or rather not doing such things, right after he transmigrated is only thanks to his strong mind.

After silently complaining, Qiu Zhenyang moved his body uncomfortably.
Lowering his head, he glanced at the wet clothes on himself and Ling Mu.

The test site where they were located was a small planet specially developed by the Interstellar Academy.
It was mixed with various natural scenes, such as, deserts, rainforests, mountains and rivers.

In order to find this cave, Qiu Zhenyang carried Ling Mu from the rainforest to the mountains.
He finally found a relatively safe cave, but his clothes were soaked by the humid climate of the rainforest.

When entering the test site, except for uniformly distributed clothes, knives, and timers, one can’t bring anything with them.
Naturally, there are no extra clothes they can change into.
Omegas have poor physique, and very few omegas will take the test.
Of those who attend, most will find and choose an alpha to group with.
There are very omegas who travel alone like Ling Mu.
If he continues wearing wet clothes like this, he will definitely get sick.

“We have to make a fire.” Qiu Zhenyang murmured, taking out a knife from his boots.
Glancing at Ling Mu once more, he went out to find materials.

Fortunately, many things in the interstellar era are different from his original world.
Making a fire is not as difficult as drilling woods and sticks together.
Finding some coal tree branches and leaves, smear a layer of animal fat, and put it under in the sun for a couple of seconds, and a fire is ignited.

After raising the fire in the cave, Qiu Zhenyang quickly took off his clothes and put them next to the fire to dry.

The jacket issued by the academy is quite thin, and will dry quickly, but his inner shirt will take a while.

Qiu Zhenyang thought for a while, and got up to pull the wet clothes on Ling Mu’s body.

Just as he lifted his inner shirt, his pupils shrank, and his face completely sank.

“Why are there so many injuries?” The boy’s dumb and depressed question sounded in the cave, and obviously no one responded.

Slender fingertips carefully touched the terrifying bruises on Ling Mu’s upper body.
These were obviously from being beaten or pinched.
The wounds were bruised and black, and hurt to look at.

Ling Mu, who was in a coma, trembled slightly when his wounds were touched.
His brows furrowed even tighter, obviously in pain.

“Tsk, his mother is really good.”1This sentence is sarcasm Qiu Zhenyang was a little irritated.
After stripping Ling Mu, he covered Ling Mu with his newly dried coat, and brought the other clothes to dry off with his inner shirt.

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Ling Mu was short of water.
When he went out just now, he picked some juicy fruits, which were just enough to feed Ling Mu.

Qiu Zhenyang knelt down beside him with the fruit.
Holding the person up with one hand, he pried his lips and teeth open, pressing the fruit against mouth.

The beautiful red juice slowly flowed into Ling Mu’s mouth with a squeeze.
More overflowed, dripping from the corners of his mouth, flowing over his delicate neck and exposed shoulders, and disappeared under the coat.

Ling Mu, who was clearly in a coma, was still furrowing his brows, seeming unconscious and fierce.
But such a weak appearance was even more moving.

Qiu Zhenyang stared blankly, his adam’s apple rolled up and down, making an swallowing sound.

“…fuck.” When did he suddenly become so lustful! Even if Ling Mu’s appearance suits his appetite, he can’t be such a beast!

As man and heaven waged war in his head, Qiu Zhenyang gritted his teeth and fed Ling Mu three or four pieces of fruit.
Then he put the man down gently and fled back to the other side of the fire in a panic.

Intending to think of something to divert his attention, Qiu Zhenyang couldn’t help but recall the story about Ling Mu in the original text.

The injuries on Ling Mu’s body were all caused by his mother.

Qiu Zhenyang’s father, Qiu Zhang, is a general of their federation galaxy, and Ling Mu’s father, Ling Bingqian, was Qiu Zhang’s former adjutant.
In a war five years ago, Ling Bingqian died heroically to save Qiu Zhang, and Ling Mu also became a child of a single-parent family.

In order to repay Ling Bingqian, the Qiu family gave Ling Mu’s mother Dong Qiulan a lot of money in addition to the pension the empire gave to the Ling family.
But Dong Qiulan was not a thrifty woman, and quickly squandered the money, which soon ran out.

With no money, Dong Qiulan clung to Lin Zhiyuan, the candidate heir of the Federation’s Third Consortium, trying to be his second wife.
The condition he gave to marry her is for Dong Qiulan to go to the Qiu family and let Ling Mu get engaged with their youngest son, Qiu Zhenyang.

Qiu Zhang is a good boss, and he is also grateful for Ling Bingqian’s sacrifice, and finally agreed to Dong Qiulan’s tears.

Thus, the original body and Ling Mu entered into a marriage contract.
This is also the reason for the original body’s hatred of Ling Mu.
He protested many times, asking to break off the marriage, but was rejected by his father, worsening the relationship between father and son.
The original body and Ling Mu got engaged when they were fourteen years old, but they only met a few times.
Every time they met, he would shoot Ling Mu an expression of disgust, and the latter would not take the initiative to appear in front of him.

But even with the marriage contract, Dong Qiulan’s attitude towards Ling Mu still grew worse and worse.
Every time she was angry with Lin Zhiyuan’s first wife and son, she will vent her anger at Ling Mu and his sister, beating and scolding them.

Later, the original body began to pursue the protagonist shou.
After graduating from high school, he even disregarded his father’s face and broke off the marriage contract with Ling Mu.
Enraged, Dong Qiulan beat and scolded Ling Mu and his sister even more, and later sold her young daughter to human traffickers for money!

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In order to save his sister, Ling Mu searched for help everywhere but to no avail.
When he was desperate, he went to the Lin family.

At that time, it happened that Lin Zhiyuan’s illegitimate son, the protagonist shou, was just recognized by the Lin family.
After Ling Mu was rejected and humiliated by Lin Zhiyuan, he violated the rules of Capital Star, and kidnapped the protagonist shou with his father’s mecha, in order to threaten the Lin family to find his sister.
At that time, the protagonist gong and shou were in love.
The original body was annoyed, but for the sake of his lover, he used his family power to find traces of the trafficker, and Ling Mu rushed over directly.

As Qiu Zhenyang remembered the plot, his heart felt more stifled.

When Ling Mu arrived, it was too late; his sister had already become a cold corpse.
She was a brave child who was discovered by the traffickers when she was running away.
She struggled with all her strength and was beaten to death, and was unable to meet her brother until she died.

The death of his sister was the last straw that broke Ling Mu.

There was no more light in front of his eyes, only cold and ruthless darkness.

No one would have thought that Ling Mu rushed directly into the trafficker’s black den and started the mecha’s self-destruction program.

Because his father’s mecha is a military combat mecha, its self-destruction program is extremely powerful.
If it self destructs, Ling Mu and the kidnapped protagonist in the mecha will have no chance of survival, and those nearby traffickers will not be able to escape.

But in the end, Ling Mu was crushed by the powerful mental force of the angry protagonist gong, who controlled the mecha to kill him.

As a cannon fodder, Ling Mu’s life ended just like that.

Qiu Zhenyang took a deep breath, propping up his head in one hand, and looked at Ling Mu involuntarily.
The young man by the fire quietly with closed eyes breathed very lightly.
He didn’t notice it before, but now looking closely, he discovered a 2cm long scar on Ling Mu’s right brow, slanting across the end of the eyebrow, adding a hint of a ruffian’s air.

He had a vague impression of this scar.
It should also be made by Ling Mu’s mother.

In fact, in his previous world, Ling Mu’s appearance was comparable to those of the popular little fresh meats.
Although he is not 1.8 meters , he is more than 1.75 meters tall.
Perhaps in the interstellar era’s aesthetic, he is too tall, not delicate in appearance, nor cute in character, but for Qiu Zhenyang, such a boy is what he likes.

He couldn’t help thinking, if there was no mess from breaking off the marriage, mother’s hatred, and grief over his sister’s death, would Ling Mu die?

After all, he is such a smart and strong person.
If he hadn’t reached a dead end, how could he have done such a stupid thing as kidnapping.

After thinking about it for a long time, the boy on the other end finally made a move.

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“Hmm… hiss!” Ling Mu was very vigilant.
The moment he woke up, he sat up hurriedly and looked around.

But the tingling sensation on his neck was so obvious that his face twisted, and he covered the wound behind him with one hand.

The wound had apparently been treated with some broken herbs.

“That’s water grass.
Chewed up and applied, it can reduce inflammation, and it can also block the pheromones I left behind.
Don’t get rid of it.”

The sudden sound startled Ling Mu.
Turning his head to see the calm Qiu Zhenyang, the previous memories filled his mind.

“You marked me???”

Facing the boy’s angry gaze, Qiu Zhenyang shrugged innocently.
“I couldn’t help it.
At that time, either you choked to death or I lost control.
I couldn’t think of any other way except for temporary marking.
Could it be that you have a better solution?”

Ling Mu’s liver hurt with anger, and his handsome face gradually distorted.

Panicking internally, he really couldn’t think of any other way.
But admitting it made him uncomfortable, and lose all face!

Seeing his distorted expression, Qiu Zhenyang smiled secretly in his heart, and then handed him the clothes that had dried off.
“Put on your clothes first.
Our clothes were wet just now, so I took them off to dry next to the fire to prevent you getting sick.”

It was only then that Ling Mu noticed that he didn’t even have any clothes, and his cheeks flushed bright red.
Gritting his teeth, he snatched his clothes, and quickly put them on with his head lowered.

Seeing that back facing him, Qiu Zhenyang’s eyes swept across the white and thin back unscrupulously, and suddenly he said something mysteriously: “Don’t worry, I will be responsible for you!”

The boy’s movements paused, and then he replied coldly.
“Don’t need it, get out!”

After Qiu Zhenyang went to the Lin family to break off the marriage contract, he was beaten in public by his father and vomited blood.
He was sent to the hospital to lie down for a month and was discharged before the entrance test.
Seeing such persistence, even Ling Mu was moved.
He felt that he must have true love for the rumored omega, but now Qiu Zhenyang actually said that he was responsible for him? Who believes him!

“I’ve already given you a temporary mark, how can I not care?” Qiu Zhenyang had a natural expression on his face.
“Whether you admit it or not, we already have an unspeakable relationship.”

Gritting his teeth, Ling Mu turned around to glare at Qiu Zhenyang.
“You are talking nonsense! You called off the marriage, so what are you pretending for now?”

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Facing the angry glare, Qiu Zhenyang didn’t dare to touch the tiger’s butt2aka, poking the angry tiger = provoking LM any more.
He rubbed his nose embarrassingly and sat down.
The cave became quiet for a while, except for the rustling of Ling Mu’s clothes.

“Hey, I apologize to you about the marriage contract.” Qiu Zhenyang blinked, planning to build a good relationship with Ling Mu first.
After all, he was the first person he saw after transmigrating, and someone he cared about when reading the original book.
Qiu Zhenyang didn’t want to make trouble with him.

But Ling Mu obviously didn’t want to accept his apology and ignored him.

Qiu Zhenyang was a little frustrated.
“Why don’t you respond, I’m embarrassed3尴尬 means to be overwhelmed or embarrassed in face of a difficult situation like this.”

Ling Mu took a long breath, feeling his head hurt.


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1This sentence is sarcasm2aka, poking the angry tiger = provoking LM3尴尬 means to be overwhelmed or embarrassed in face of a difficult situation

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