ready lived together, which was very convenient.

Ling Mu frowned, feeling awkward, and asked, “Is there any other way? This is too annoying.”

Teacher Yu tapped his fingers on the table twice, looked back and forth at Qiu Zhenyang and Ling Mu, and said, “Seeing that Student Ling uses pheromone stickers to block Student Qiu’s pheromone, you should only be in a temporarily marked relationship, right? The method I mentioned above is based on the fact that you are not completely marked.
If you want to completely get rid of the craving disorder, the best way is to use a full mark.”

Qiu Zhenyang was shocked, and his back straightened a lot.

Ling Mu’s mouth twitched.
Gritting his teeth in embarrassment, he demanded, “Change it!”

Laughing happily at the reaction of the two of them, Teacher Yu quickly raised her hand to cover his lips and coughed lightly, then said, “The only other way is to wash off the mark.
However, the application procedure for washing the mark is more complicated.
We can’t do it here, only regular hospitals outside can do it.
But I advise you to think carefully about this.
Washing a mark is very harmful to your body, and the cost is relatively high.”

Teacher Yu looked into Ling Mu’s eyes as he deliberately spoke the last sentence.
The latter’s expression changed slightly and did not answer.

Qiu Zhenyang was a little flustered, and quickly said: “Understood teacher.
Besides giving him some pheromone every day, is there anything else that we should pay attention to?”

“Pay attention to diet, don’t take nutritional supplements all the time.
Just eat more vegetables and fruits.” Teacher Yu wrote all the precautions on a medical record card and handed it to Qiu Zhenyang.

Ling Mu has been silent since Teacher Yu said about washing the mark.
He finally reacted, and in confusion: “Why are you telling him?”

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Teacher Yu laughed and winked at Ling Mu: ” Because I think he’s more worried about your body than you are~”

Ling Mu wanted to retort, but turned his head to see Qiu Zhenyang looking at his medical record card seriously.
The words got stuck in his throat and swallowed silently.

Qiu Zhenyang was relieved after leaving the infirmary, continuing to think about what to have Ling Mu eat this week.
According to Teacher Yu, it must be mainly vegetables and fruits.
But Qiu Zhenyang always paid attention to nutritional balance, so there were always lots of vegetables and fruits in the fridge.

“Remember to ask me for pheromones every day in the future,” Qiu Zhenyang turned to look at Ling Mu.
It was noon, and Ling Mu’s bright and clean forehead was beaded with fine sweat in the hot sunlight.
“But if you forget, I will take the initiative to give it to you.”

Ling Mu glanced at him and didn’t answer.

Qiu Zhenyang’s uneasy premonition widened.
Reaching out, he grabbed Ling Mu’s arm, and made him face him: “Are you really going to wash the mark?”

As soon as he thought of this possibility, Qiu Zhenyang’s expression began to pale, with painful eyes.

Ling Mu, do you really hate me so much?

“Not now,” Ling Mu glanced at him.
“I don’t have any money.”

He can’t even pay the money he owes Qiu Zhenyang.

Hearing this, Qiu Zhenyang sighed in relief while clutching his chest.
He doesn’t have money, that’s great~

Ling Mu looked at his actions.
After struggling for a long time, he was unable to hold back his words, and his expression turned solemn: “Since the mark at the test, the relationship between us has become very strange.
Don’t you think so?”

Qiu Zhenyang raised his eyebrows.
He’s always guided this strange relationship to happen, so he naturally knew.
However, he must not tell Ling Mu, so he just licked his lower lip, and did not smile.

Ling Mu’s heart was chaotic.
He had never experienced this, and probably won’t have it in the future.
After encountering Qiu Zhenyang, his simple thinking began to turn chaotic, and he didn’t know what to do next.
Reason told him that he should leave as soon as possible, but emotionally he was hesitant.

Yes, feelings.
He has no way to deny the throbbing of Qiu Zhenyang in his heart.

But he was afraid – the price of this throbbing was something he couldn’t give.

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Seeing Ling Mu’s silence, Qiu Zhenyang knew that he was on a razor’s edge again.
Fortunately, he read the original book, and has some understanding of Ling Mu’s psychology.
After thinking about it, he decided to cut to the chase, “Actually, I lied to you about something.”

Ling Mu’s long eyelashes trembled slightly, The hand by his side clenched involuntarily.

“I said before that I’m good to you because I want to make you a friend, but in fact, I do everything because I like you.” Qiu Zhenyang’s expression was very sincere.
Speaking of which, this was his first time confessing to someone.
Before transmigrating, such a love has always been optional for him, but now, he craves it.

Ling Mu’s heart skipped a beat at the statement.
Surprise flashed through his eyes, before he dodged his gaze away.
“Bullsh*t, I don’t believe you.”

Qiu Zhenyang smiled and lowered his eyes.
“I don’t blame you for not believing me given the past, but I know I was wrong.
Can you give me a chance?”

“Your change is too sudden, who would believe you?” Ling Mu snorted coldly.
He wasn’t stupid enough to be deceived with Qiu Zhenyang words.
Besides, he is very self-aware.
Doesn’t Qiu Zhenyang like Cheng An’an who is delicate and soft, and is disgusted by him who is bad tempered and ugly? Who would believe him so easily?

“I used to have a hole in my brain, and was blind.
You’ve seen everything I’ve done during this time.
If you still don’t want to believe me, then… that’s okay, can you give me more time? I’m not afraid of you testing me, I’m just afraid that you won’t give me a chance.” Qiu Zhenyang wanted to take out his heart and show it to Ling Mu – he really wasn’t that bastard from before!

However, no matter what he says, it was impossible for Ling Mu to accept him immediately.
Seeing that there won’t be time to make lunch if he doesn’t go back now, Ling Mu pursed his lips and turned around.

“Okay, don’t talk about it now.
Let’s go back first.”

Anyway, he lives with Qiu Zhenyang now, and even his part-time job is under his control.
Giving him a chance is not something he can control at all, okay?


QZY confessed!

…and was shot down.

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1homophone for the “free” that Ling Mu used

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