ighing helplessly, Qiu Zhenyang felt that this matter must have something to do with the post Yuan Chenyu sent him last night.
But escaping isn’t a solution, the store can’t stay closed forever.

“You go in through the back door first, and I’ll deal with it.” Qiu Zhenyang asked Ling Mu to go first to prepare for opening.

Ling Mu glanced at him, didn’t say anything, and headed to the back door.

Looking at the huge crowd in front of the store, Qiu Zhenyang took a deep breath and walked over as naturally as possible.

“F*ck, here he comes!” The people standing on the periphery saw Qiu Zhenyang and immediately reminded the rest.

“Ah, ah, he’s really handsome!”

“My god, I’m going to climb the wall, I’m sorry!”

Hearing these words, the corners of Qiu Zhenyang’s mouth twitched speechlessly.

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“Well, are you all coming to the store to drink milk tea? If so, please don’t crowd the door and cause inconvenience to others.” Qiu Zhenyang took out his terminal.
Seeing the bustling crowd finally started to line up, he walked over to open the door with a sigh.

Even after opening, there aren’t enough seats inside for all these people.
Qiu Zhenyang could only take out the chairs from yesterday and continue to let some people wait outside.

Although many people in the thread were clamoring to confess to Qiu Zhenyang yesterday, they were speechless in front of the real person.

Besides, there are so many people now.
They’re embarrassed to disturb his time, and basically focus on the food in the store instead.

After eating, they gathered more fans for “Yaoyao Milk Tea Shop”.

“It’s really delicious, how is this made? I’ve never eaten something so delicious!”

“I usually eat a lot of meat, why is the taste completely different? This tastes so good! It’s so fragrant!”

Soon, all the guests who came because of Qiu Zhenyang’s good looks were captured by milk tea and fried chicken, and the topic of discussion became food.
After Qiu Zhenyang posted the business hours in the lobby, almost all guests protested without exception.

“No way, it’s only open for such a short time?”

“Four hours a day, junior, don’t you have to make money?”

“If there are not enough staff, I volunteer to help!”

Many people expressed their willingness to help, but were all rejected by Qiu Zhenyang.

“I am honored that everyone likes this restaurant, but I am still a freshman after all, and studying is the most important, so I will limit the business hours.
These two time windows are during meal times, which is more convenient for everyone.
Later, I’ll buy a few food delivery drones, so if it’s inconvenient to come here, you can place orders directly online.
But the number will be limited each day.”

Hearing Qiu Zhenyang’s words, everyone understood.
After all, they are students too, and everyone had similar schedules.
The business in Qiu Zhenyang’s store is so prosperous, it’s really exhausting to not limit the hours.
But the most important point is that he really doesn’t lack this money!

After closing the shop at 1:00 p.m., Qiu Zhenyang sat in the lounge and ate fruit with Ling Mu.

They had already had lunch before they came, but because it was a little early, they also snacked on some fruit.

Qiu Zhenyang looked at the terminal while eating.
He had already placed an order for a food delivery robot last night, and is going to order a few more food delivery drones now

After Ling Mu finished eating, he took out the homework box from the schoolbag he brought over in the morning and started to do his homework.
The mecha-related courses they chose didn’t have much written homework, it was more hands-on homework.
For example, this black box about the size of a takeaway container contains their assignment.

“This mecha is so realistic.” Qiu Zhenyang heard the sound and looked over, and saw Ling Mu remove the thin plates above and around the box, and an ultra-small mecha model appeared on the table.

Ling Mu squinted at him: “A model costing 10,000, can it not be realistic?”

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Qiu Zhenyang choked.
As expected of the Interstellar Academy, even homework models are so expensive, they are very rich!

According to the teacher’s request, Ling Mu carefully removed the parts on the model one by one, and kept those parts that had not been taught yet.
Because the model is very small, the relative difficulty also increased a lot, which is much more difficult than in class.

The bottom plate of this homework box has a memory function, which can record the operator’s actions.
After handing in the homework, the teacher can see whether it is done by himself or not, and can also analyze and score the student’s steps.

While dismantling the model, Ling Mu asked Qiu Zhenyang, “Have you finished?”

“No, I have time when I get back in the evening.” Qiu Zhenyang shrugged.
Although the original body didn’t like mechas, he was born in a Legion family.
He was trained and nurtured by his father and brother, and knew a lot about mechas.
These tasks were no problem at all.
Someone else might take an hour, but he could do it in ten minutes.

Ling Mu continued to do his homework, and his serious and focused appearance made Qiu Zhenyang’s sound of eating fruit soften.

The lounge was very quiet for a while, filled only with the sound of Ling Mu dismantling the model.
After finishing the fruit, Qiu Zhenyang lay on the sofa and looked at him, gradually closed his eyes, and took a nap.

When he woke up, Ling Mu’s homework was almost done, and the two went back to the dormitory together.

After dinner, Ling Dang played in the dorm herself, while Qiu Zhenyang and Ling Mu went to the milk tea shop again.

The food delivery robot that he ordered online finally arrived, so Qiu Zhenyang tried it out.
The two of them really felt much more relaxed with the robot, and there was no longer the situation of being so busy at noon that their feet did not touch the ground.

“Go back first.
I’ll go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for tomorrow first.” When the store closed, Qiu Zhenyang urged him to go back first.

Ling Mu’s movement of pulling the door paused, and he said with a light expression: “I’m going with you, there are too many things.”

“Not much, your husband is very good.
I can handle it!”

“Qiu Zhenyang, do you want to die?” Ling Mu’s kick was neither light nor hard, and he walked away without looking back.

Qiu Zhenyang smiled and locked the door of the store, whistling to the supermarket.

He really wanted Ling Mu to accompany him, but he was a little tired at noon today, and because he didn’t get a good rest this afternoon, he wanted Ling Mu to go back first so that he could rest early.

After all, he’s my wife, ah, my future wife~ As a good husband, I feel distressed~


T/N: The author has a habit of leaving mini-theatre like interactions between QZY/LM  or QZY’s internal thoughts at the end of a chapter…

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