The more coincidental thing is yet to come – Cheng An’an also took the same course and the same teacher as them.

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When Qiu Zhenyang and Ling Mu walked into the classroom side by side, Cheng An’an, who was sitting at the big table near the door, looked up and saw them.
Ji Qing, who was beside him, also saw them, and couldn’t help saying, “An’an, isn’t that Qiu Zhenyang? “

Because alphas, betas, and omega were mixed in the classroom, everyone was more cautious.
Although Ji Qing’s voice was not loud, many people heard it, and their gossiping eyes peered over.

Qiu Zhenyang paused uncomfortably, while Ling Mu next to him walked straight to the back seat without turning.

“Xiao Mumu, wait for me!” Qiu Zhenyang hurriedly followed, but he almost bumped into Ling Mu’s back.

“What did you call me?” Ling Mu turned to stare at him, his eyes fierce.

“I… um, I called you Ling Mu, hahaha.” Qiu Zhenyang laughed awkwardly.
After calling him that for a week in the dorm, he got used to it.
At first, Ling Mu beat him every time, but later he got tired of it, and didn’t bother.
As a result, Qiu Zhenyang couldn’t change his words for a while.

Hearing Qiu Zhenyang correct his speech, Ling Mu snorted coldly.
Tugging the backpack straps on his shoulders, he continued to walk to the long table at the back of the classroom and sat down.
Qiu Zhenyang naturally followed.

Seeing Qiu Zhenyang following Ling Mu, Cheng An’an seemed calm, but in fact his hands under the table were already clenched into fists.

The mecha parts research course, as the name suggests, is a course to study mecha parts.
Because of the particularity of the course, in order to allow students to more fully observe and study real mecha, students are divided into groups.
One hundred people are divided into ten groups of ten.

The teacher first introduced himself to everyone, briefly introduced the course, and then started grouping them.

“There are two boxes here, everyone will come up to draw.
Whichever number they pick will be your corresponding group and table.” The teacher put two boxes in front, and everyone went up to draw lots one after another.

Qiu Zhenyang followed Ling Mu and took one, and when Ling Mu turned around and opened the note, he took a quiet glance.

Oh wow, 7.

Qiu Zhenyang opened the note in his hand and took a look.



Qiu Zhenyang suddenly closed the note in his hand again.
Seeing that Ling Mu had already gone to table 7, he quickly followed.

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In the aisle, he saw a few classmates who were also walking towards table 7.
Qiu Zhenyang approached an alpha who was in his class and pressed his shoulder: “Hey buddy, what’s your number?”

The alpha was a little puzzled: “7.”

“Come, come, change it with me…” Qiu Zhenyang quickly handed his note, and at the same time gave a benefit, “I’ll bring you fried chicken on Monday.”

Hearing Qiu Zhenyang’s offer, the boy’s eyes lit up immediately.
As if he was afraid that he would regret it, he snatched the note from Qiu Zhenyang’s palm, and shoved his own note over.
“It’s a promise.
Bring me fried chicken and a bottle of milk tea!”

Since Qiu Zhenyang brought the fried chicken and milk tea during the military training, the whole class has been thinking about it.
Those who were fortunate enough to try told people how delicious it was every day, making many drool from the descriptions.
They begged Qiu Zhenyang to make it a little more, but Qiu Zhenyang didn’t do anything, and even Zhuo Hang and Yuan Chenyu couldn’t eat any.

“Okay, okay.” Qiu Zhenyang promised.
As long as they can change groups, anything goes~

Holding the exchanged note, Qiu Zhenyang walked over to table 7 with satisfaction, and sat down beside Ling Mu triumphantly.

“Oh, what a coincidence, you’re also in group 7!”

Ling Mu glanced at the person who had a secret deal with Qiu Zhenyang.
He saw everything just now…

Rolling his eyes silently, Ling Mu chose to ignore him.

Qiu Zhenyang, who was ignored, was in a good mood and leaned back in the chair to watch the remaining classmates still drawing lots and looking for their seats.It wasn’t until someone walked to the table and sat down next to Qiu Zhenyang that the latter finally stopped smiling.

“What a coincidence.”

Cheng An’an smiled at Qiu Zhenyang, gentle and pleasant.

Qiu Zhenyang glanced at him, and said without a smile, “What coincidence.
It’s only a one-tenth chance, how is it a coincidence?”

Ling Mu raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

Cheng An’an lowered his eyes, brushed the hair from his ear, smiled and said nothing.

After everyone was divided into groups, the teacher first used the virtual screen to introduce some simple parts to everyone, explaining materials and combination methods in detail, and then let everyone begin hands-on practice.

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When the teacher’s voice fell, the center of the table lowered, and a miniature teaching mecha rose up.
Although the teaching mecha has shrunk down a lot, it is still very large, and everyone stood up and observed.

“You can disassemble the external parts of the mecha by yourself.
The first-level detachable parts I just mentioned are relatively simple.
Everyone can try it.

Table 7 consists of five alphas, three omegas, and two betas.

“Wow, this is the first time I’ve touched the mecha.
It’s so handsome.” Ji Qing, who was grouped with Cheng An’an, looked at the mecha in front of him excitedly, and couldn’t wait to touch it.

Cheng An’an smiled at him, but when he turned around, the corner of his eye was on Qiu Zhenyang.

He pursed his lips, and moved his hand on the mecha’s leg to the right, just within Qiu Zhenyang’s line of sight.

The fair and slender arms appeared in the eyes, and the skin that would be bruised once touched was smooth and dazzling, which made people yearn to reach out.
Qiu Zhenyang paused for a moment, then quietly turned his body towards Ling Mu.

Cheng An’an pursed his lower lip, and his hands exerted force.

With a click, the armor on the knees was torn off.

“Oh, An’an, be careful.
Didn’t the teacher say that the parts at the joints should not be moved for the time being.
Our level is too low to try.” Ji Qing was startled by Cheng An’an’s action and called out directly, causing people looked up at them.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Cheng An’an quickly bowed his head and apologized to everyone.

An alpha named Wang Shuo glanced at it, waved his hand and said, “It’s alright.
We’re going to learn it all in the future, so it’s ok to take it apart first and have a look.
It’ll be fine, we can find a teacher later.”

Cheng An’an smiled at him gratefully.
Wang Shuo only felt sweet in his heart, and he couldn’t hold back the smile on his face.

The alpha on the side leaned over and smiled at Wang Shuo: “Yo, hooking up with the class flower of class O1? Look at you.”

Wang Shuo kicked him and glanced at Cheng An’an in embarrassment.

“What are you talking about, we have nothing to do with each other! Besides,” Wang Shuo’s smile dropped a little, and his eyes moved to Qiu Zhenyang beside Cheng An’an, “It seems that he has a boyfriend back from high school.”

Wang Shuo’s voice was not too small, and everyone at the same table could hear it.
For a while, except for Cheng An’an and Ling Mu, everyone else’s eyes focused on Qiu Zhenyang.

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Qiu Zhenyang’s expressionless face was full of sarcasm.
Wang Shuo clearly felt the pressure of his mental power when he raised his eyes.

“You misunderstood.” Just when Qiu Zhenyang was about to speak, Cheng An’an took the lead in saying, “I have nothing to do with Zhenyang, ah no, I have nothing to do with classmate Qiu, just a slightly better relationship.”

Wang Shuo He closed his mouth and stopped talking.
Looking at the alpha beside him, he buried his head and didn’t say more.

The rest of the group also immersed themselves in their work, and the group quieted down for a while.

Qiu Zhenyang was very upset when Cheng An’an robbed his opportunity to explain.
After all, those things were done by the original body, and he couldn’t deny it.
He could only get closer to Ling Mu, and take a deep breath of the floral fragrance beside him, and try to calm down his beating heart.

Originally there wouldn’t be anything to do, but in less than ten minutes, Cheng An’an had already dismantled three parts, which the teacher didn’t talk about today.

A beta complained a few words in a low voice, and was immediately refuted by Wang Shuo: “Everyone is touching a mecha for the first time, and it is inevitable that they will make mistakes.
Do you have to be so harsh?”

The scolded beta fell silent.

Cheng An’an apologized and said that he would focus elsewhere.
As a result, he ran directly to Ling Mu’s side, and just touched the part Ling Mu had just installed.

“Are you f*cking sick? If you don’t know, don’t make trouble, scram!” The grumpy Ling Mu scolded directly.

When Cheng An’an messed around before, he didn’t provoke him.
But now he ran to his side to make trouble, Ling Mu can’t tolerate it any longer!

“You are an omega, why do you have such a stinky mouth!” Wang Shuo suddenly shouted.
“Things you haven’t learned require more reading and practice, what kind of attitude is this.”

Several other alphas also helped speak up.

“That’s right, just let it go if you can’t pretend.
What are you complaining about?”

“Don’t blame others for sucking.”

Ling Mu didn’t bother fighting them, and spit out one phrase: ”A bunch of idiots.”

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“Who are you talking about? Ah, who are you talking about!” Wang Shuo was determined to help Cheng An’an speak, so that he could have a good impression in front of him.
He suddenly felt he had lost face from being scolded, and shoved the person beside him and rushed over.

Cheng An’an stood in front of Ling Mu in a panic, and said to Wang Shuo, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, don’t be angry!”

Then he turned around and apologized to Ling Mu, aggrieved.
“It’s all my fault, it’s my fault, I’m too stupid, I’m sorry, classmate Ling Mu…”

Ling Mu didn’t care about him, and shook his fist at Wang Shuo through Cheng An’an: “It’s you who said it.
Whining and complaining, let me hit you!”

The good class was disrupted by Cheng An’an’s actions, making Ling Mu the target of public criticism.
Qiu Zhenyang’s forehead furrowed as he stood beside Ling Mu and picked up Wang Shuo’s collar in the process.

“Is there something wrong with your brain? Is your judgment so poor? Can’t you see who the troublemaker is?” Qiu Zhenyang narrowed his eyes slightly, and a red light appeared in his black eyes.
“If you want to fight, go outside, I will accompany you, but if I hear you say something to Ling Mu again, I’ll make you eat shit!”


CAA, does slapping yourself in the face hurt?


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