Brows furrowing, Ling Mu moved slightly, trying to break away from Qiu Zhenyang’s hands.

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But the latter did not move and even exerted more strength, forcing Ling Mu to look into his dark eyes.

“Ling Mu, do you understand? The matter of estrus is no trivial matter.
If I’m not by your side, and you happen to be uncomfortable outside…” Qiu Zhenyang’s face darkened as he imagined the scene.
“In short, you have to contact me as soon as possible.
Otherwise, if something unexpected happens, I can’t forgive myself.”

The strength on his shoulders became stronger, making Ling Mu feel a little uncomfortable.

But at the same time, a feeling of being cared about rose up from the soles of his feet, tightly winding around Ling Mu’s heart, making it difficult to break free.

“Okay, I see, I know myself.” Ling Mu pushed him away.
The scar on the brow bone seemed to feel hot, and he quickly turned around and ran upstairs.

Qiu Zhenyang looked at his departing back and shook his head helplessly.
Forget it, he’ll pay more attention to Ling Mu going forward to try and avoid this from happening.
With this in mind, Qiu Zhenyang went back to the kitchen again.

Ling Mu didn’t go to Qiu Zhenyang’s room to wash, but waited for Ling Dang to finish before taking a shower.

The little girl couldn’t wait any longer, so she ran downstairs, and rushed to the kitchen to urge Qiu Zhenyang.

“Alright, alright, it’s almost done.
Ling Dang, help me tidy up the table first, and set up the tableware, okay?” Qiu Zhenyang just poured the soup out of the pot, and the braised fish still needs a little more time.

Ling Dang nodded, and brought the bowls and chopsticks out.
In order not to disturb Qiu Zhenyang, she also started up the sweeping robot after arranging the tableware and made it clean the living room.

When Ling Mu finished showering, Qiu Zhenyang’s last dish was finally ready.

“Okay, it’s time for dinner.” Qiu Zhenyang brought out all the dishes, and Ling Mu filled up the bowls with rice.

After everyone sat down, Ling Dang excitedly stretched out her chopsticks and picked up the most fragrant fish.
She liked the fish soup from yesterday very much, which is why Qiu Zhenyang made braised fish today.
The fish here is not much different from his previous world, apart from… the color being a bit strange, namely, the fish is green.

“Ah ah ah, it’s so delicious!” After taking a bite, Ling Dang’s eyes lit up, about to jump up with excitement!

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She really admires Brother Qiu so much – he can make such delicious food! It’s a hundred times better than nutritional supplements!

Qiu Zhenyang was amused by her exaggerated reaction, and gave the little girl a piece of fish belly, and said with a smile, “It’s good if Ling Dang likes it, I’ll make as much as you want.”

Ling Dang nodded happily, burying her head and bulging cheeks to continue eating.

Qiu Zhenyang took another chopstick and put the tender meat into Ling Mu’s bowl.
He looked up at the surprised look in the young man’s eyes and smiled tenderly.
“Ling Mu too, no matter what it is in the future, I’ll make it for you.”

Qiu Zhenyang’s eyes were too gentle and indulgent, making Ling Mu blush, and his chestnut eyes widened.
As if annoyed by his own reaction, Ling Mu directly made the same act of burying his head in food as Ling Dang.

“Pfft—” Qiu Zhenyang couldn’t help laughing out loud, and then Ling Mu raised his head and gave him two eye rolls.

After finally suppressing his laughter, Qiu Zhenyang lowered his head to eat.
But he couldn’t suppress the smile at the corner of his mouth.
Every two bites, he would look up at Ling Mu.
The other party seemed to be very satisfied with the food, eating in a hurry, and the corners of his mouth were stained with vegetable juice.

Qiu Zhenyang stood up slightly, raised his hand over the table, wiped the vegetable juice from the corner of Ling Mu’s mouth with his thumb, then sat back down and put his thumb into his mouth very naturally.

“F*ck you…” Ling Mu glared at Qiu Zhenyang shyly and annoyed, even his slender and tender neck turned red all over.

But when he met Qiu Zhenyang’s inexplicable gaze, he couldn’t say anything.
Ah ah ah!

Ling Dang on the side raised her head, revealing the lower half of her face covered with rice grains and soup, and tilted her head in doubt.

When the meal was finally finished, Ling Mu was almost dead.

He stood up abruptly when Ling Dang put down her bowl and chopsticks, and said, “I’ll take care of the bowls and chopsticks, you can go.”

Qiu Zhenyang didn’t fight Ling Mu either, knowing that he didn’t like to accept the meal freely, so he went to the living room with Ling Dang to watch TV.
After Ling Mu packed up and came out of the kitchen, he went to the kitchen to take out the dessert he made, and put one in front of each person: “This is dessert after dinner, let’s eat it while watching TV.”

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Small pieces of fruit adorn the delicate milk ice wafting with the sweet smell of nectar water, tempting one’s fingers to move.

Ling Dang touched her chubby belly and felt that she could eat a little more, so held the small bowl and directly began eating.

Ling Mu studied the so-called dessert curiously for a while, then scooped a spoonful into his mouth.
After tasting carefully, his eyes suddenly brightened.

Qiu Zhenyang, who had a panoramic view of Ling Mu’s reaction, heaved a sigh of relief.
It seemed that he liked it very much.

Ling Mu had eaten dessert when he was in the Lin family.
Before, when his mother just married into the Lin family, Ling Mu stayed at the Lin family for a while while the marriage contract with the Qiu family was being negotiated.
His food and drink during this time was also very good, but the people of the Lin family had a bad attitude towards them.

Dessert is something the Lin family eats every time after dinner.
There are also many desserts made of fruits, but none could compare to this dessert made by Qiu Zhenyang.

Ling Mu’s eyes suddenly darkened at the thought, and he quickly solved the entire bowl.

“I’m going to work.
Ling Dang, do your homework well, and I’ll be back later.” After bringing the bowl to the kitchen to wash, Ling Mu directly took a backpack and prepared to go out.

“Work? Did you find a part-time job?” Qiu Zhenyang hurriedly got up and settled his own bowl of dessert in two to three bites.

Ling Mu opened the door: “Yes, I found one.”

“Then wait, I’m also heading to the commercial street.
I’ll go with you.” Qiu Zhenyang didn’t care about washing the dishes.
After putting the bowl on the coffee table, he hurriedly changed his shoes at the door, and pulled Ling Mu out with him, as if he was afraid that Ling Mu would not bring him along.

After leaving the dormitory, Qiu Zhenyang followed Ling Mu.
Seeing that he was not very comfortable, he took the initiative to find a topic and said, “What job did you find?”

“Waiter.” Ling Mu didn’t look sideways.

Qiu Zhenyang blinked.
There are indeed many restaurants on the commercial street.
But as far as the cooking level is concerned… Can the food taste delicious?

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He was instantly curious, and planned to go to the store where Ling Mu worked to have a look, and then go to the supermarket.

Qiu Zhenyang was going to go to the supermarket to look at other ingredients.
Although there were a lot of ingredients in the refrigerator, some of them were unpalatable and not suitable for cooking at all, so he wanted to go to the supermarket to find some more.
He also wants to buy some condiments and fruits, especially since many fruits were eaten in the past two days.

And because there are kids in the dorm, he wants to buy more healthy snacks.
It is necessary to please his sister~

“I haven’t seen the school’s restaurants yet, take me in to see?” Qiu Zhenyang and Ling Mu walked side by side, and because of his height, he could see Ling Mu’s eyelashes on one side.
Those long and straight eyelashes were like a brush, which made Qiu Zhenyang’s heart itch.

Ling Mu squinted at him and frowned: “You can go see another store.”

“Why? I’ll see how your store is doing, so I can go back and reassure Ling Dang.
She’s a good girl; she didn’t say it, but she was worried about you.” Qiu Zhenyang used Ling Dang as an excuse without blinking an eye.

Ling Mu may not care about others, but his younger sister is his weakness.
Qiu Zhenyang accurately grasped Ling Mu’s psychology!

Even Ling Mu couldn’t find any words to refuse.
After a bit of awkwardness, he nodded reluctantly: “I’ll take you in, don’t disturb my work.”

“Okay~” Qiu Zhenyang’s eyes curved into two arcs.
As long as he can see Ling Mu working seriously, anything goes~

Ling Mu found a part-time job in a beverage shop.
Everything is fine.
Except… the drinks.

Qiu Zhenyang’s face contorted as he swallowed the drink he had dried, and quietly pushed the cup in his hand away.

Oh my god! Is this a drink? This is simply drinking Chinese medicine!!

He raised his hand and waved at Ling Mu, who was not far away.
The latter frowned, walked over and lowered his voice and said to Qiu Zhenyang, “What are you doing? Didn’t I say, don’t disturb my work?”

“No, I just want to order a cup of water, ok?” Qiu Zhenyang grimaced, looking extremely uncomfortable.

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Ling Mu pursed his lower lip, reluctantly believing his words, and went to the counter to pour a glass of water.

“Guest, your water.” Ling Mu brought the water to Qiu Zhenyang, then added the water to the purchase monitor on the side, and left without saying a word.

Qiu Zhenyang finished the whole glass of water to dilute the bitter taste in his mouth.
Sitting in his seat lost in thought, he checked on Ling Mu’s situation from time to time.

He is considering whether to open a restaurant here mainly because… the drinks in this beverage store are so bad, but can even have such good business.
If he opens a beverage store, it will definitely be better than this one.
Ah no, it will be much more popular than all the restaurants on the street!

There was a sudden noise that disturbed his thoughts.
Looking over, Qiu Zhenyang saw someone unexpected.

Cheng An’an actually worked as a waiter in this store.

After Qiu Zhenyang entered the store, he sat in a corner and followed Ling Mu the whole time, so he didn’t see Cheng An’an, and didn’t know if he knew he was here.

When Qiu Zhenyang looked over, he realized something happened to Cheng An’an, and Ling Mu was also standing beside him, with three overturned drinks at their feet.
The cups weren’t broken, but those colored drinks were spilled on a customer’s pants and shoes.

“My pants cost 2,000, and my shoes cost 13,000.
What did you spill on me?!”


The cliffy wasn’t intentional! I swears by the preciousss!

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