After grabbing their uniforms, the trio stood to the side and waited for the rest of the class to do the same.
Afterwards, they would return to the classrooms to put away their clothes and go to the auditorium to listen to the opening speech.

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Bored, Qiu Zhenyang leaned against the pillars in the corridor, still thinking about how to start his own business.

Yuan Chenyu and Zhuo Hang saw him deep in thought, and didn’t disrupt him, and chatted on the side.

All of a sudden, the distribution point, which was originally quiet, became noisy.

“Hey, isn’t that the school flower of our Interstellar Academy, the sophomore one!”

“Yes, yes, I saw the photos in the school forum! The real person is a hundred times better than the photo! But why did the senior come here, is he passing by?”

“F*ck, he’s coming towards us!”

Qiu Zhenyang wasn’t paying attention to the surrounding situation until a slender figure stood in front of him, raised a hand, and waved it in front of him.
Qiu Zhenyang came back to his senses.

“Junior Qiu, are you picking up your training clothes?” Li Zhen looked at Qiu Zhenyang with a sweet smile.
With his hands behind his back, he looked youthful and beautiful.

Qiu Zhenyang has a good memory, and nodded at him.
“Hello, Li Zhen.”

Seeing that he could say his name right away, Li Zhen’s cheeks flushed even more, and his smile became sweeter, and an extremely playful mouthful of white teeth hidden behind pink lips peeked out.

“Qiu, Qiu Zhenyang, I say, when did you idiot, know senior! Senior Li Zhen is the school flower of our school!” Yuan Chenyu on the side was drooling, staring straight at Li Zhen.
As expected of Interstellar Academy’s school flower – this face, this figure, and this voice are simply heavenly, okay!

Zhuo Hang next to him was not much better.
Almost all the alphas in their class looked over, forgetting everything else.

Qiu Zhenyang’s reaction was flat, and his tone was very ordinary: “Oh, we met yesterday.
A little accident happened.”

“Accident? I really want to have an accident…” Yuan Chenyu complained.
What’s so good about Qiu Zhenyang? He was so lucky, and became involved with the school flower as soon as school started.
He still had Cheng An’an he’s been chasing after for a year; can he not pick up stray flowers on the side?!

The rest of the class also looked at Qiu Zhenyang and Li Zhen enviously, wondering what their relationship was.

Li Zhen seemed to be used to everyone’s sight, and greeted the surrounding alphas generously, not timid or shy at all.

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“Ah, yes,” Li Zhen took out his hand behind his back after greeting him, and handed a bottle of water to Qiu Zhenyang.
“It’s very hot.
Here, this bottle of water is for you, it’s still cold from the fridge.”

Qiu Zhenyang’s eyes fell on the water in Li Zhen’s hand, but he didn’t pick it up.

Seeing this, Li Zhen quickly explained: “I don’t mean anything else.
Since you don’t want me to treat you to dinner, is this bottle of water, okay?”

“Senior has already come to deliver the water in person, Qiu Zhenyang, you really can’t justify it if you refuse!” Several boys on the side coaxed.
They weren’t blind either.
Seeing Li Zhen blushing like that, looking at Qiu Zhenyang with a shy and timid expression, who would believe that he had no other intentions?

Yuan Chenyu’s heart was sore, and he pinched Zhuo Hang aggrievedly.
The latter’s face turned green from the pinching.

Qiu Zhenyang lowered his head, the sun falling on the top of his head.
He had a slight smile, but his eyes made people feel alienated: “No need, senior.
I drank water before I came out.
I’m not thirsty, you can keep it for yourself.”

The smile on Li Zhen’s face froze instantly, caught in embarrassment.

“Hey Qiu Zhenyang, are you being too disrespectful? Senior Li is kind enough to give you water, why can’t you show a better face1as in not be so alienated/rejecting?!” An alpha couldn’t stand it, and came up to shout.

Li Zhen isn’t only a senior, but also a school flower of the academy.
Who knows how many people adore him! Not to mention new students, even many old students weren’t favored by Li Zhen.
But as a result, he hit a wall on Qiu Zhenyang’s side.2as in LZ refused many people/had no goodwill towards them, but the one time he shows goodwill, he’s rejected by QZY How could he bear it!

Qiu Zhenyang was speechless, how was his face bad?

Raising his hand to touch the back of his neck, Qiu Zhenyang said helplessly, “I’m really not thirsty.”

Li Zhen bit his lip and looked down.

Qiu Zhenyang thought that he was obvious enough, but the next second, something hit his chest.
Grabbing it in reflex, he saw it was the water thrown by Li Zhen! As for Li Zhen himself, he turned his head and ran away after throwing the water, and Qiu Zhenyang didn’t have time to return it!

Qiu Zhenyang: “…”

Zhuo Hang: “Wow.”

Yuan Chenyu: “Hmph, you stinky boy deserve this kind of shit luck!”

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Temples throbbing, Qiu Zhenyang glared at Yuan Chenyu and threw the water to him.
“Do you like it? Here, for you.”

Yuan Chenyu hurriedly took it, took the water bottle in his arms, and even exaggeratedly sniffed the bottle cap with intoxication.
“Ah~ Senior’s pheromone is really good.
It seems to taste like fruit~ Don’t know what kind of fruit it is~”

Qiu Zhenyang kicked him directly.
“Tsk, you’re disgusting!”

After this little episode, the students who finished getting their clothes returned to the classroom, and were then led by the head teacher to the auditorium.

An auditorium that can accommodate more than 10,000 people is really big enough, and it is also thoughtfully divided into three areas for alphas, betas, and omegas.

Qiu Zhenyang’s class was the first to arrive.
Having nothing to do, he simply stared at the door and waited for Ling Mu to appear.

After about ten minutes, the black-haired boy finally appeared in Qiu Zhenyang’s sight.

Ling Mu still looks icy.
His body is more slender than most omegas, and he is almost half a head taller, which made him stand out from the crowd.
There was almost no one next to him; everyone seemed to be avoiding him on purpose.
Qiu Zhenyang even saw a few omegas rolling their eyes with contempt at Ling Mu.

Qiu Zhenyang frowned.
Although Ling Mu had a cold expression, he usually won’t take the initiative to seek trouble with others.

Suddenly thinking of something, his eyes swept across Ling Mu’s class, and as expected, he saw Lin Nuo’s figure.

Hehe, as long as this guy is there, let alone Ling Mu in the class, even in the school, his reputation will soon stink.

Qiu Zhenyang was extremely uncomfortable thinking of this.

That Lin Nuo, sooner or later, he will have to pay back what he owes Ling Mu!

In the middle of his irritation, Zhuo Hang suddenly pushed his shoulders, leaned over and said, “Looking at Cheng An’an?”

Qiu Zhenyang inexplicably followed Zhuo Hang’s gaze, and realized that Cheng An’an was walking in behind Ling Mu’s class.
Zhuo Hang probably misunderstood that he was looking at Cheng An’an.


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Qiu Zhenyang responded lightly, but the meaning in Zhuo Hang’s ears changed.
He thought Qiu Zhenyang was deliberately pretending not to care and concealing his true emotions.

“I saw, what happened to the two of you? During the entrance test last time, you were acting wrong.
Did you quarrel?” Although Zhuo Hang knew that Qiu Zhenyang’s pursuit of Cheng An’an was mostly an obsession, after chasing for a year, there should be some real feelings.

Yuan Chenyu turned his head after hearing this, waiting for Qiu Zhenyang to respond.

“There’s no quarrel, it’s just… suddenly I don’t want to chase anymore.” Qiu Zhenyang shrugged.
Even if he was the protagonist in the original text, what could happen? His3Cheng An’an appearance was not to his liking, and his personality wasn’t either.

Since he replaced the original body, he has to follow his own direction.

Yuan Chenyu and Zhuo Hang looked at each other, and couldn’t help smiling at each other in surprise.

As expected of Qiu Zhenyang, changing on a whim, without giving people time to react at all.4original body is whimsical, e.g., when he pursued CAA for a year because he was rejected However, since he had decided, as brothers, they just need to accept and support him, otherwise, it’s better to go to hell!

The opening ceremony was boring and long, and didn’t end until lunchtime.

The bustling crowd moved towards the cafeteria.
Qiu Zhenyang wanted to ask Ling Mu to have lunch together, but there were so many people and he couldn’t find him.
There was no reply to the message he sent, so he could only go eat with Yuan Chenyu and Zhuo Hang.

Military training began at two o’clock in the afternoon.
After lunch, there was short break, so the three parted ways and returned to the dorms first.

When Qiu Zhenyang returned to the villa, Ling Mu was holding a bottle of nutritional supplements and pouring it into his mouth.
The small adam’s apple slid up and down, and Qiu Zhenyang couldn’t help pursing his lower lip.

“You didn’t see my message?”

Ling Mu licked off the liquid on the mouth of the tube, looked at Qiu Zhenyang doubtfully, and then clicked on his terminal to see Qiu Zhenyang’s message.

“Sorry, I didn’t see it.” Ling Mu threw the empty tube into the trash can with a strange feeling.

He has no friends, and his mother and sister don’t send him messages much, so except for spam messages, he hasn’t received messages from others for a long time.

Thinking that he had a roommate now, Ling Mu changed the notification settings.

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“Where’s your military training this afternoon?” Qiu Zhenyang turned on the air conditioner, sat on the sofa, and watched Ling Mu start up the cleaning robot and clean the windows with a rag.
Cleaning seems to be something he does often, and he was very good at it.

“The big playground, near canteen no.
3.” Ling Mu said while cleaning the windows.

Qiu Zhenyang smiled and said happily: “Then we are very close.
I’ll come find you during the break.”

Ling Mu’s mouth twitched, and he turned to look speechlessly Qiu Zhenyang.

“What the hell? You, an alpha, sweating profusely after military training, want to come to an omega class with pheromones all over your body? What are you thinking?”

“Of course I want to be with you for a while.”

Qiu Zhenyang’s words were smooth, but he was rewarded with a damp rag in the face immediately after speaking.

“Dumbass.” Ling Mu’s disdainful voice rang in his ears.
But there was a faint smile in that voice, which made the corners of Qiu Zhenyang’s mouth twitch.


QZY: Mumu called me stupid! But he sounded a little happy… What to do?! So conflicted…


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1as in not be so alienated/rejecting2as in LZ refused many people/had no goodwill towards them, but the one time he shows goodwill, he’s rejected by QZY3Cheng An’an4original body is whimsical, e.g., when he pursued CAA for a year because he was rejected

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