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Thick-skinned transmigrator alpha chasing an unlucky cannon fodder omega.
Some family drama, face-slapping (and ML slapping MC), but an overall lighthearted read with mecha, bubble tea, fluff, and food.

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Qiu Zhenyang transmigrated into a book, entered an interstellar world, and became an alpha.

He silently looked at the young man under him with flushed cheeks and weak limbs, glaring at him with wide eyes.

This young man is the cannon fodder the original body1The consciousness or “owner” of the body before MC/QZY transmigrated broke off the engagement with.
And the pheromones overflowing all over his body indicate that he is about to enter estrus.

Do or not do?2As in f*ck or not.
They don’t do the deed in this chapter.

This is a question worth thinking about…

“Fuck! Get out of here!” The boy roared in a hoarse voice.

The corners of Qiu Zhenyang’s mouth twitched.
This small thing is quite feisty.
About to melt into water, but still able to yell so forcefully?

Raising his eyebrows, his eyes swept across the youth’s black hair and chestnut-colored eyes, his heart pounding rapidly as his mind spun.

With the assistance of his brain’s powerful learning ability, Qiu Zhenyang quickly sorted out the current situation.
He recalled that the world he traveled through was create from a writer friend – a piece of work about a scum gong3top/seme/tachi/1 and scum shou4bottom/uke/neko/0.

The plot was set in the interstellar era.
Under the rapid development of science and technology, human beings not only opened up countless galaxies, but also developed and mastered spiritual power to control mechas.
Lifespans also greatly increased.

Human genes also underwent complex transformations, and gender differentiation has appeared.

Those with outstanding physique and tyrannical abilities differentiated into alphas, occupying the top of the pyramid, and became synonymous with excellence.
Those who are petite and weak differentiated into omegas, which are extremely fertile.
Even males have wombs and can very easily conceive offspring.
Alphas and omegas are few in number, accounting for only 20% of the population.
The remainder, betas, are in the middle.
They are mediocre in all aspects, their fertility is also moderate, and they account for the largest number of people.

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Qiu Zhenyang transmigrated into the protagonist gong, with S-level mental power, outstanding talent, and a solid background.
At the same time, there is a male omega who ‘he’ has been pursuing for more than a year, that is, the protagonist shou.

As for the young man under him, Ling Mu, he was the cannon fodder who he broke off the engagement with after graduating high school to pursue the protagonist shou.

Qiu Zhenyang had a deep impression on Ling Mu, mainly because of his friend’s complaints.
This character was a cannon fodder to the point of being tragic.
Family, school, and society have all brought him great pain.
After a long time, became depressed from the pressure.
Her sister was kidnapped by the protagonist shou, and harmed to death by the protagonist gong.
The meaning of his existence is to bring some estrangement and misunderstanding between the main characters, and to assist their relationship a little before he dies.

In short, a poor little one.

“You didn’t bring any inhibitors?” After thinking for a while, Qiu Zhenyang asked a question according to the plot in his memory.

The low, hoarse voice lingered in his ears, making Ling Mu’s consciousness clearer.
He bit his lip hard, increasing the strength between his teeth until red droplets began to bleed out, but it also helped his mind clear up a lot.

“The inhibitor failed.” Ling Mu pushed at Qiu Zhenyang’s chest with both hands, looking up at the handsome young man who was pressing on him, keenly aware of the other party’s complicated emotions.
With a cold face, he turned his head away.
“Go away, leave me alone.”

Bah, who cares about you!

Qiu Zhenyang tsk’ed.
No wonder no one loves him, this guy has such a bad personality!

He pursed his lips, trying to move, but his body was out of control.
It seemed to be stuck to Ling Mu’s body.
His body was clearly full of explosive power, but powerless to move at the moment.

Through the thin trousers, he could even feel the high body temperature of the person under him, as the fresh floral fragrance in his nose grew sweeter and sweeter.
It was not disgustingly sweet, but light and seductive, tempting him to pick up and devour it.
The blood in his vessels also began surging, growing boiling hot.

The blood in Qiu Zhenyang’s eyes concentrated, turning bloodshot, as he licked his dry lips.
He couldn’t help but say, “You don’t have any inhibitors.
If you continue like this, you will directly enter estrus.
Let me help you contact a teacher.”

“No way!” With a suppressed roar, Ling Mu grabbed Qiu Zhenyang’s sturdy arm anxiously.
“I will be eliminated!”

The Interstellar Academy’s admission test lasts ten days.
If anyone stopped midway due to any non-objective reasons, they would be directly disqualified.

“It’s better to be eliminated than in heat5heat = estrus, right?” Qiu Zhenyang’s breathed heavily.
The piece of skin where they touched seemed to be burning.
He suddenly pinched the pair of wrists on top of Ling Mu’s head with one hand, and stared condescendingly down on the other party with gritted teeth.
“And if you are in heat, you can’t implicate other alphas and omegas!”

In this world, omegas in heat will not only stimulate nearby alphas, but also force surrounding omegas into heat!

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Even Qiu Zhenyang, who has strong willpower, can’t control himself at the moment, let alone other people! If someone came over later, the consequences would be disastrous!

“It’s none of your business! I’ll find a way myself!” Ling Mu snarled, looking like a fierce little beast.

The two of them have nothing to do with each other, so there is no need for Qiu Zhenyang to meddle in his business.

Despite Ling Mu’s fierce tone, his violently shaking body began to redden.
Although the arms under the short sleeves were not as white as other omega

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