Chapter 8 : Hot Pot


Seeing that he didn’t mind, Ye Jin found a mask for him to put on, and then opened the live broadcast room.


The situation in the live broadcast room was the same as last time.
Many people hung in the live broadcast room, and when Ye Jin started broadcasting, the barrage immediately flew up.


Ye Jin has become accustomed to watching the fast barrage.
After habitually introducing himself, he begins to introduce the food to be made today.


“Good afternoon everyone.
Today I will teach you how to cook delicious food that can be learned by handicapped members at noon today.
This is definitely the easiest.”


[Anchor anchor, I want to know when your food city will have new food? ]


[Want to know +1 How many delicacies is the anchor planning to release? I’m afraid I won’t be able to grab it.]


[My guess is that the anchor is not on Xing Wang today.
I’m curious when it will be a new addition.]


[I want to know what he’s cooking today.
Every time the anchor says it’s simple, to me it’s hard to be a thief.
I’m the handicapped party that the anchor said.]


[This is the anchor who has been buying hot searches? Are you that ugly to wear a mask every time you live broadcast? ]


[Sunspots is thick upstairs, we’re not here to see your face.]


Ye Jin saw that many people were asking about the online store, and patiently said: “Let’s start from today.
The food to be made today is hot pot.
This delicacy can be transported, and it is guaranteed that you will learn it as soon as you learn it.
Now, we will prepare the ingredients for the hot pot.”


All kinds of meat prepared in advance were sliced ​​and placed on the plate, and the newly bought fish meat was also sliced ​​and placed, followed by the more expensive vegetables in Interstellar.


After everything was ready, Ye Jin took out the various spices and spice substitutes that he had finally found and put them on the cooking table.


“This is a good thing I found in the Interstellar Mall.
It’s called chili and it can be paired with many ingredients to make a delicious food.”


“This is onion, yes, it is a new vegetable that just appeared in the mall yesterday.
It is also an ingredient that most food needs to use.
Iis is very spicy and pungent, and it can make people’s eyes.”


Ye Jin said that he picked up a black ball the size of a ping-pong ball, and introduced it to everyone: “This small black ball is sesame seed.
Don’t avoid eating it just because it’s ugly.
It was used in big dishes in Ancient Earth but it was only the size of a grain of rice at that time.”


After Ye Jin introduced a large number of ingredients on the cooking table, the audience in the live broadcast room was silent, and a barrage was posted.




Ye Jin looked at the motionless barrage, thinking that there was a problem in his live broadcast room.


Just as he was about to close the live broadcast and reopen it, a netizen slowly sent a question mark.


Afterwards, everyone greeted them as if the live broadcast had just started.
The barrage was filled with hellos.


Ye Jin looked at the barrage silently with a question mark in his head.
He finally understood what was going on, and told everyone the same thing with a serious face.


Only then, the audience in the live broadcast room stopped asking questions, and began to actively ask questions.


[Jin Jin, this is sweet, salty, numb and spicy, can you really eat it when you mix it? Will it not be poisoned? 】


【What are these strange things? I tasted the red and most beautiful chili pepper, and now I have tears and snot coming out.


【It’s too miserable, wouldn’t it be the sister who tasted garlic last time upstairs? ]


[It’s me.
You’re right, I want to taste everything.
It’s me who doesn’t remember what to eat or not.


[These things are really not simple at all, right? Look at the piled up cooking table, this handicapped party is intimidated! 】


【I just want to know how to make these delicious, none of them are delicious.


【Oh, I’m afraid you’re not being grandstanding, are you? What’s the odd thing? ]


[Don’t cook if you don’t know how to cook.
Are these things people can eat?]


[Is the anchor not afraid for the backlash by treating the audience as a fool? The research institute has just researched something that he has never seen before but he already says he can do it.


【What happens when you just researched it?Is it not allowed for people to study and figure it out for themselves? 】


【That’s right! Some pink eye diseases should be treated at home and come back soon! 】


Ye Jin looked at the suddenly noisy live broadcast room and persuaded: “Everyone don’t quarrel, you come here to enjoy the food, right? You will know how it tastes when I make it.”


He poured oil into the pot, waited for the oil to reach the bottom of the pot and heat it up.
He added the chili, onion and ginger slices and stir-fried again.


He then addee the various ingredients introduced before in turn, because there is no chili oil, he left that step.


When all these ingredients are put in, the aroma of the fried base is very rich and warm.


The viewers who were still questioning in the live broadcast room were immediately hooked by the strong and ferocious fragrance.
They were madly brushing the barrage in the live broadcast room.


[Ahhhhh, this fragrance is too aromatic, even more aromatic than the marinade of yesterday’s knife-cut noodles! I want to eat.
I want to eat so much! ]


[It’s really fascinating.
The taste is really unbearable and I can’t help but keep drooling all the time]


[I was so greedy that I opened a tube of nutrient solution, but it didn’t work at all, so I’m still greedy]


[Next time before he cooks it, I will never say it’s bad.
Every time I get slapped in the face, my face is so swollen that I can’t see anyone.]


[Trust in Jin Jin! He makes delicious food! ]


[I say you fans are too good at blowing.
No matter how good the smell is, it is useless to eat it.]


[So many messy things are mixed together, who knows if it will be okay after eating, anyway I dare not eat it.


[The anchor is afraid that he won’t be able to do it, so he is fooling us with a show? ]


[The black fans couldn’t stand the loneliness and ran out.
You really are everywhere.


【What hospital did the rabies patient sneak out of? How can you bite someone when you open your mouth? You are not afraid of death, we will despise it! ]


[If only Jin Jin had set up a housekeeper, so the black fans could be banned directly]


[Don’t talk nonsense with them, just report the rumors directly.


While the audience was arguing in the live broadcast room, Ye Jin had already started to prepare the bottom of the clear soup pot.


Ye Linan and Fu Chen had made eye contact in the living room.
They were also attracted by the domineering aroma of the hot pot and couldn’t sit still.


Ye Jin, who was preparing the bottom of the clear soup pot, saw a person and a dog come in, and tilted his head in confusion and said, “Why are you all coming to the kitchen?”


Of course, the audience in the live broadcast room also saw that Ye Jin suddenly had a guest in the kitchen.


Seeing Lin’an, the live broadcast room, which was originally quiet, exploded at this moment, and they all asked Ye Linan’s identity.


Ye Lin’an glanced at the screen in the air, then turned to Ye Jin and said, “I came to the kitchen to see if I can help.”


Ye Jin glanced at the kitchen and said shamelessly, “Okay, Brother Lin’an, please help me wash the Yuān Yang pot.”


After speaking, Ye Jin continued to make the bottom of the soup pot, and took the time to answer everyone about Ye Lin’an’s identity.


After Ye Jin had boiled both pot bases, he poured them into the Yuān Yang pot and added water to start cooking.


One side was the red and spicy soup base, and the other side was the mushroom soup base, the flavors of both sides were the same.
Attracts the crowd in the live broadcast room.


[Jin Jin, Jin Jin, what’s next? It can’t be let’s drink soup, right? ]


[Definitely not, didn’t you see that there are still ingredients that are not used? ]


[My saliva can’t stop falling down, I really want to eat it soon ah woo woo woo]


[Look at the top delicacy in the live broadcast room, and then look at the nutritional supplements in your hand.
It’s really hard to eat it! ]


[+1 Now I don’t want to drink nutrient solution at all, I just want to eat delicious food]


Ye Jin looked at the anxious crowd in the live broadcast room and explained: “Don’t worry, wait a little longer, the ingredients are put in when the water boils.


The hot pot is cooked while eating, and no matter what ingredients you have, you can put them in the hot pot and cook.”


As he said that the soup in the pot had already boiled, Ye Jin put the more difficult-to-cook meat first, and said while putting it away: “In the case of hot pot, you can prepare the ingredients you want to eat at home, I only sell the base ingredients here.


And the hot pot base material only needs to be boiled, then you can put the ingredients you want in it, and you can start eating after the food you put in is cooked.”


After Ye Jin put the ingredients in the soup on both sides, he added: “The white ones are not spicy, and the red ones are spicy.
You can taste the taste first, and buy a suitable base according to your own preferences and acceptance.


I have these two bases today.
In the afternoon, only ten new ones will be listed in the food court, and we will draw three more copies, two will be drawn from the contribution list, and one will be drawn together.”


“Because there are a lot of people, only one person will be selected from the live broadcast room.
There are still a lot of copies though.
Thank you for your understanding.


Let’s taste the taste first, and we will start the lottery later.”


After Ye Jin finished speaking, the audience in the live broadcast room was boiling, and the special effects of gifts exploded one by one.


The live broadcast room was full, attracting batches of new fans into the live broadcast room.


Otherwise, our chances of winning the lottery will be getting lower and lower! ]


[I’m sorry, this unlucky person has no hope for herself, I can only try hard to eat.]


[Unlucky person +1 Trying hard to eat.]


[This red soup base is really super spicy, but it makes people addicted, I cried while eating]


[I prefer clear soup, very fragrant, The soup is also delicious and the side dishes in it are delicious.


[Clear soup + 1 The red soup is too spicy.
Tears came out of my mouth as soon as I put it into my mouth and I couldn’t accept it]


[I just thought the red soup was delicious.
It was very enjoyable, and had a feeling of being unable to stop! If only there was a drink.


[I like both clear soup and red soup, but I don’t know if I can grab it.
I’m afraid I can’t eat it if I have money.]


Seeing that the time was almost up, Ye Jin couldn’t let Ye Lin’an wait there and said, “Next, let’s draw the lottery, start with the two on the contribution list, and then draw one in the live broadcast room.”


Ye Jin took advantage of his free time to make all three base materials for the lottery.
When lottery results came out, Ye Jin looked at the winners and congratulated them one by one.


“Congratulations to the contribution list: Qingqing and Internet surfing.
Congratulations to the live broadcast room: Fēiqiú is my deity who won the lottery.


Please fill in the address for the three background forms so that the food can be sent as soon as possible.”


Some of the viewers who heard the results in the live broadcast room were elated, but of course most of them were downcast.


【Ah ah ah ah ah, I won the lottery! I actually won! I won for the lifetime! Woo Woo Woo]


[Envy, jealousy, hate! Why didn’t I win! Do you have to change your name to win the lottery? ]



Learn more

[This unlucky person will not win the lottery even if he changes his name, look at me as an example.
woohoo woohoo]


[I want to know when Jinjin’s food court will be available in the afternoon, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to grab it.
woohoo woohoo]


[To the winners, I can buy them at a high price.
can you give me a little bit?]


[Can you give me a little bit.
+1 For the high price purchase, even for a mouthful of soup! ]


[I just want to know whether the winner is clear soup or red soup.]


Ye Jin saw that someone was curious about the soup base that won the lottery, and explained: “This lottery has both types, and the same goes for the ones on the food court.”


After speaking, Ye Jin looked at the time and said, “Okay, that’s it for today’s live broadcast.
I want to entertain friends today, so I’ll stop it first.
Today’s soup base will be available in the mall later in the afternoon.
The winners should also remember to fill in the receipt information.”


Turning off the live broadcast, Ye Jin brought the Yuān Yang pot to the restaurant, and Ye Linan also helped put various ingredients on the table together.


Ye Lin’an laughed as he looked at the table full of ingredients: “Xiao Jin, isn’t your hot pot too rich? Can we just finish it for the two of us?”


Ye Jin looked at the innocent Ye Linan with a wicked smile, “Brother Lin’an, don’t worry, you’re sure to finish eating, I’m afraid there won’t be enough.”


Ye Linan looked at Ye Jin with a wicked smile, he was a little suspicious, how could the two of them eat so much?


After the two sat down and officially started, Ye Linan was captured by the spiciness at the bottom of the red soup pot, but he couldn’t stop eating while sweating profusely.


In order to save his face, Fu Chen was reluctant to run to the bathroom even if he was grumbling in his stomach due to the domineering aroma of the hot pot.


Meanwhile Xing Wang became lively again because of Ye Jin’s hot pot meal.

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