gle area, from Zhang Mingyun’s reaction, you can see that he has a lot of background, and he doesn’t know what kind of organization it is.


Ye Jin just arrived here a few days ago.
He didn’t know all the forces of the Fu Er Xing, and there was no one around him who could talk to him about the situation.


***Fu Er Xing = Xing means star.
So it’s the name of the star they live in***


Fu Chen looked at the man sitting on the sofa in a daze.
Of course he heard what Zhang Mingyun said just now, and of course he also heard about the situation in the Fu’er Xing Triangle.


The triangle area is the most chaotic area on Fu’er Xing, where all kinds of people gather, and it is also the breeding ground for sin.


The reason why it is called the triangle area is because there are three black organizations there, whom balance and suppress each other.


The existence of the triangle area has been a concern of the imperial government for many years.


Since the high-level change of blood in the triangle area three years ago, it has been stipulated that they will not extend their hands outside the triangle area.
Of course, if people from outside enter the triangle area, it is impossible to say.


But now the people in the triangular area actually stretched their hands outside again, which made Fu Chen wonder if there was a big change in the triangular area.


Fu Chen looked worriedly at Ye Jin sitting on the sofa again.
It looked like he had to find time to send a letter home.


Ye Jin thought about it and decided to first go to someone to inquire about the situation in the triangle area and figure out what to do next.


The next day, Ye Jin went to the appliance store early in the morning to get the pot.
This time, he didn’t bring Bai Bai.


He thought he should ask Brother Lin’an about the situation in the triangle area.


And not long after Ye Jin went out, Fu Chen also opened the window and ran out.


Ye Lin’an became worriedly when Ye Jin asked about the triangle area: “Xiao Jin, what are you asking about the triangle area? It’s not a good place.”


Ye Jin recounted what happened yesterday, and saw Ye Linan’s face darkened with a serious expression.


Ye Jin also comforted: “It’s all right, Brother Lin’an.
Don’t worry.
It’s just two days away, I will think of a solution.
I just have to understand what the situation is like in the triangle area.”


Ye Linan told Ye Jin about the situation in the triangle area, and finally said: “Xiao Jin, if you have anything that can’t be solved, you can come to me, although I don’t have any great skills, I’m still good at protecting my little brother.”


Ye Jin looked at the person who comforted him with a serious face, and felt a little moved.
He has always been alone in this world.
Although there is Bai Bai by his side now, he can’t speak after all.


Now that he can make a friend, Ye Jin feels very happy.


“It’s alright.
Don’t worry about me.
There will always be a way to deal with them.
If it really doesn’t work, I can still call the police, after all,


I’m still a minor, as long as I don’t sign the transfer agreement, even if something happens to me, the house will only be taken away by the government and will not fall into the hands of those wicked people.” Ye Jin stated with a smile.


Ye Lin’an’s eyes flashed with distress when he heard Ye Jin’s dejected words, and then he reprimanded: “Don’t talk nonsense.
Nothing will go wrong.
You will be fine!”


Ye Lin’an realized that he had said the wrong thing.
Seeing that Ye Jin didn’t want to hear it, he didn’t continue talking, but brought over the that Ye Jin ordered yesterday.


When Ye Jin saw the Yuān Yang pot that Ye Linan had brought over, his agitated mood due to the triangular area finally got a little better.


He took the pot and looked at it carefully, and said to Ye Linan happily, “That’s really good! By the way, Brother Lin’an, why don’t you come back to my house with me, and when it’s ready, you can eat it together, there’s no one in my house anyway.”


Ye Lin’an’s eyes flashed joy when he heard this.
But he asked with a sullen face, “Aren’t you afraid that I’m a bad person who want to get close to you? Why are you so careless when you invite people home like this!”


Ye Jin looked at Ye Lin’an said with a smile: “I don’t know, I think it’s easy to chat with you, and I feel a very good feeling after spending a long time with you, I still trust my own intuition, you shouldn’t be a bad person.
Bad guys aren’t as generous as you are.”


“You! What an absurd reasoning! Come on, wait for me outside! I’ll clean up the house and go back with you.” Ye Lin’an waved his hand and said.


After Ye Jin went out, Ye Linan came to a wall and knocked and said, “He’s in trouble.
Remember to find someone to solve it, or we’ll get into trouble.”


After a while, there were two knocks on the wall.
Ye Lin’an turned around and walked out the door.


When Ye Jin brought Ye Linan back home, Fu Chen’s side had already arrived home.
Hearing the faint conversations outside the door, Fu Chen’s face darkened as he thought of Ye Jin’s acquaintance seeing him sleep would be better.


Before the two entered the door, he ran onto the sofa and pretended to sleep.


After Ye Jin invited Ye Lin’an into the house, he put down the pot and asked him to sit first, while he was preparing the ingredients for the hot pot.


Before the live broadcast, Ye Jin thought that since there were guests at home, and he didn’t know if the other party would mind, so he asked, “Brother Lin’an, I will broadcast live when I’m cooking, I don’t know if you mind?”


Of course Ye Linan knew that Ye Jin live broadcasts, and immediately shook his head and said, “It’s alright, you can broadcast.
I’ll just wear a mask.
It’s fine.”

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